welcome everyone dr. Mandel here if you only could imagine how many millions of people worldwide drink coffee every single day now for some people coffee is the single largest source of antioxidants out ranking their vegetables and fruits for the day now there's no question that coffee carries one of the highest amounts of caffeine that's what gives you that jolt that spark allows you to focus not everyone is equally sensitive to caffeine some can sleep better and some can as a general rule stop drinking your coffee after 3:00 p.m. because it can interfere with your sleep if you have to drink some tea or decaf by all means try to avoid that sugar in your coffee sugar is linked to all sorts of serious diseases like obesity and diabetes sugar will cause inflammation throughout the body so try to use a natural sweetener if all possible if you're worried about where your coffee was grown you should also be worrying about pesticides choose a quality organic brand drinking too much coffee can cause adverse side effects now everyone has different tolerances but if you're experiencing internal problems you need to be aware that caffeine can be the culprit understand that the average cup of coffee contains around 95 milligrams of caffeine so if you're drinking several cups of coffee a day it may be important to understand how much caffeine you are assimilating spice up your coffee with some cinnamon not only will it help the flavor but it will help your health cinnamon can help lower blood glucose cholesterol and triglycerides particularly in diabetics be aware of your artificial creamers these are highly processed and contain questionable ingredients there is a lot of debate about low-fat creamers although you may want to consider full fat cream to your coffee preferably from grass-fed cows you could also make your coffee bulletproof today this is the healthier version of what everyone is doing this has butter and coconut oil which contains medium-chain fatty acids studies have shown that this is beneficial affecting the blood lipids lowering triglycerides and raising HDL s the advantage of these fats help keep your energy pumping and will make you full you might want to consider getting on the bandwagon and calling in the collagen collagen is essential for the health of our body this protein rich connective material is what makes up all our tissues and bones this protein boost will not only kick-start your day but it will keep your skin hydrated and support your joint health you might want to add some cocoa to your coffee cocoa is loaded with antioxidants and associated with all sorts of health benefits particularly reducing the risk of heart disease brew your coffee using a paper filter brewed coffee contains Cavis dal this can raise cholesterol levels in the blood brewing your coffee with a paper filter will lower the amounts of Cavis tall but we'll let the caffeine and beneficial antioxidants pass through there is no doubt that coffee does have amazing health benefits for our body I hope that these tips were helpful for you please share them with your friends and family leave your comments below and most important make it a great day I'm dr. Alan Mandel

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