10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation

Hello and welcome back to English with Lucy I’ve got a pronunciation video for you today and it’s all about 10 words that you might be pronouncing incorrectly So, let’s get started Ok so the first word is this one! How would you say it? it’s not fru-it There are not two syllables there We actually pronounce this word ‘fruit’ fruit So many students make the mistake of saying ‘fru-it’ or fruiiiit, fruiiit But no, it’s just fruit And fruit is my favourite food The next word we have is this one So many students actually pronounce this how they would pronounce it in their own language Probably the Italians and the Spanish more than anything But we pronounce this not cha-os not cha-os But chaos We almost add a ‘y’ sound ‘chaos’ It was an absolute chaos The same with the adjective form.. it was ‘chaotic’. Ok, number three, we have… Now I remember learning to spell this word when I was at school and thinking ‘wow, that’s a crazy spelling’ because it’s so different to the pronunciation Now I’ve heard all different pronunciations for this word I’ve heard kuwew, I’ve head kyooyoo But really we just say ‘queue’, ‘queue’ one syllable, and everyone knows that British people love queueing, queue, to queue, there is a queue The verb and the noun as well Now on to number four and this one always makes me laugh when people say this cause it is really difficult to say. it is… this one Now I hear people say ‘crips’ I used to work in a cafe with a lot of foreign workers and they would always say ‘Where are the crips?’ and I’d be like ‘crips? are you talking about crepes?’ We say ‘crisps’ This ‘sps’ sound is very difficult for some people to say so you need to practice this in the mirror before you brush your teeth every night…crisps Ok number five is this one If you like cooking then you should have seen this word before And most people say resips or reseeps But it should be recipe So it’s very irregular this word normally when an e is on the end we don’t pronounce it but in this case we do recipe, three syllables OK, number 6, this one.. OK, so many people pronounce this incorrectly. they want to say every syllable so they say com-for-ta-ble but really it’s comfortable comfortable, so it’s not com-for-ta-ble, it’s just comf-t-ble OK, so we actually lose a syllable there. the same goes for number seven which is not veg-e-ta-ble vegetable not ve-ge-ta-ble vegetable vegetable similarly we have number 8 very important word, if you don’t know this word then you’re crazy cause it’s a big part of my life I hear many people say ‘cho-co-late’ or cho-co-late…choco…choco but we say chok-lit chocolate So it’s just 2 syllables and I understand it’s quite hard for many people to pronouce but, you wanna speak English well you got to practice so chocolate…chocolate OK and my last two are days of the week so number nine…this one… not one of my favourite days of the week but it’s very important to pronounce it correctly I always hear Tu-es-day tu-es-day When in reality it’s Tuesday choose, like I want to choose what I’m having for breakfast this morning Tuesday, not tu-es-day, Tuesday and then the last one…. Another day of the week not wed-nes-day….Wednesday not wed-nes-day…Wednesday So that’s it for this pronunciation lesson I really hope it helped you and hopefully you can now pronounce these words more confidently You will need to repeat and practice again and again and again but that’s part of learning a language so get started now! make sure that you connect with me on all of my social media it’s all here and I look forward to seeing you in class very very soon! mwah!

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  2. Thank you very much for your video. I'm Italian and you have a nice pronunciation of italian mistakes!!!!

  3. I was in need of an English class and was watching some videos on the mmmEnglish page. But you appeared in a video and talked about your channel. Wow! I freaked out! You're very chic, you're the most chic teacher in the world. I started watching videos from your channel and it seems I started learning better, maybe for the pleasure of watching your wonderful classes. You should get a lot of comments and you might not even read this one. But if you read, know that you are the best and most upscale English teacher in the world. Congratulations!

  4. Those are familiar words that can pronounce easily by many..lol…next time choose more dificult words to pronounce.

  5. I'm Algerian and i pronounced all the words correctly 😁😁 big clap for me por favor 😀✌👐👐

  6. She’s so beautiful 😍 she could be reading a recipe for beans and I’d watch intently
    Her face is mesmerizing

  7. I am an Indian lived all life in India never travelled abroad. I came here thinking I'll learn something. I was happy to see a white woman. But I learnt zilch. Thanks but no thanks.

  8. English: a language in which –

    1. you don't pronounce words the way they are written;
    2. you don't write words the way they are pronounced;
    3. you don't pronounce silent letters;
    4. you pronounce absent letters; and
    5. every vowel is often pronounced as another vowel.

  9. English is a language in which breaking the rules of pronunciation is also a rule!

    But she makes the language look beautiful. 😆

  10. There is no British English, only regional accents, and southern accents have no greater claim on being the 'British' accent than northern or regional ones. Your southern biases are showing. There are plenty of British people who pronounce all the syllables in words like comfortable, vegetable etc. and they are usually far better at pronouncing their vowels properly. If they're in the minority then why are their accents called common? And if they're more common than your accent, and they clearly are, then how do you claim to be speaking British English?

  11. Don't listen to her. Wed-Nes-Day is pronounced Wed-Ns-Day (Wedunsday) by far more British people than say Wens-Day any day, including Wednesdays.

  12. Perhaps we could address some of the peculiar American pronunciations. Examples:- tremolo; combat; composite.

  13. About days, Actually the most difficult is Thursday. Took me quite long time to get the "th" and "rs" sound right. I'm italian 😂😂

  14. How on earth can you put yourself forward as a guide to English if you preface your sentences with "So,…." So is consequential, it is NOT the beginning of each bloody sentence!!

  15. Anytime there's a good looking chick with an English accent she's getting my attention every time here in the USA.

  16. Finally I’m good at something, I pronounce everything you mentioned correctly and I’m so proud😂.

    Actually I found out that I pronounce “pronunciation” wrong, I say “pronouncation”

  17. Algún Latino ??

    Creo que estoy solo 😢
    Like si veniste por

    Saludos desde Costa Rica ❤❤

  18. I am a native English speaker and pronounce it veg-i-teble so what's up with that. Honestly it might be an American thing. I pronounce comfortable as cum-furt-uh-bull as well.

  19. Whenever each word Lucy presented how to pronounce. I was like it might be different from what I have been saying all these years.
    Apparently I passed all except the word "Tuesday".
    Not badly as 3 syllables for the above said word.
    Instead of 'chooseday' I used to say 'Tooseday'. "Tah tah"

    Btw, I am Indian.

  20. Hi Lucy, I'm new on your channel. Nice lessions. In the past after viewing different videos from persons in UK, Scotland and Welsh, I mean, that the pronunciation of "stunning, sunset, up, but" is very different. I'm a German and I think, I've learned the american pronunciation. Can you make a lession for the U letter with the words stunning, sunset, up etc. perhaps with welsh and scottish pronunciation, too. Thank you very much. Bye Carsten

  21. How YouTube show me it after I've search pronunciation "Samhein"? Irish and english aren't even same language group. It's celtic for irish and german for english.

  22. I expected some kind of epiphany, instead I got a pronunciation session aimed at beginner English speakers.
    Anyone who knows English well enough to actually understand what she is saying will almost certainly know how to pronounce these words.

  23. I from Ukraine , and i try to speak on British accetion , and i speak a lot of word so true , specialy comfortable , the days of week , and chocolate

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