10 Facts About Nutrition

Hey guys, this week I am back with the facts and I have 10 Facts About Nutrition for you. Fact #1: Fluid intake depends on your body weight. It is recommended that you drink 35 ml per kilogram of body weight. But, if it’s hot outside, maybe you did some extra hard physical activity today or you’re somebody that sweats a lot, you are going to want to make sure that you increase that number and maybe also have a beverage with electrolytes like coconut water. If you think water is boring try adding some cucumber, lemon, or even mint to pump up the flavor. Fact #2: Broccoli is anti-aging. Broccoli helps the formation and cross linking of collagen which is
going to lift and tighten your skin. Plus, it’s full of Vitamin C and a scavenger for those
cancer-causing free radicals. So, don’t forget to incorporate broccoli in your diet. You can add some raw florets to a fresh green salad. Fact #3: Adding spice to your food dishes will cause you to eat less. Why? Well, neurotransmitters are
released into your brain causing you to feel satisfied quicker.
So, try adding some rosemary to a veggie or poultry dish. I love rosemary, it’s my favorite. Fact #4: Raisins reduce inflammation. Now, these dried grapes have a soothing anti-inflammatory effect due to the salicylic acid that is found within them. But, BEWARE…. they are full of sugar, so you want to make sure to pay attention to your portion size. What I like to do is sprinkle some raisins onto my salad, it tastes really good. Fact #5: Bell peppers contain a double dose of Vitamin C. Bell peppers actually contain two times more Vitamin C than the same quantity of oranges. One of my favorite dishes
of all time is stuffed bell peppers- try it! Fact #6: Some veggie are more nutritious when cooked. Tomatoes, for example. Cooking them increases the Lycopene which is known
to fight off some cancers. Good news, even pizza has cooked tomatoes. Fact #7: “Fruit” can be misleading. Sometimes when you go to the store and buy fruit juices or fruit yogurt it’s not really containing all that much fruit. So, you want to
make sure that you’re paying attention to the variety that you’re buying. But, just to ensure
try juicing your own juices or adding fresh fruit to plain yogurt
instead. Fact #8: Minis make you eat more. I’m talking about the
little mini candies. So, for those who think that they’re doing
themselves a favor by eating the smaller bites are actually indulging 30
percent more then if they just would have went with their favorite candy bar in the regular size. So, a tip for you is, don’t be afraid to
indulge every once in a while but, go for the regular sized one to prevent
overeating. Fact #9: Go for spicy. Cayenne pepper and chile reduce your appetite and activate your metabolism. That’s due to the capsacin that is found in these spicy foods. So, try adding a dash of cayenne pepper to your greens juice, or maybe fresh chili pepper
flakes to your homemade pasta sauce. Fact #10: Mold on food. If you find mold on bread, cheese or fruit it’s not always best if you just remove the mold and eat the rest of it. Sometimes the mold spores can already spread to the
rest of the food. So it’s best to just throw it all away.
The only exception is jam with a high sugar content. You can take a spoon and remove the mold and still be
safe to eat the rest of it. Apples, bananas, pears, kiwis and avocado have a really high-volume of ripening gas, called ethylene, so you want to make sure that you pay attention when storing other fruits
and vegetables with those. Although it’s really common to store apples and bananas together, that can actually make them mold faster. So, make sure you keep those apart from each other. Now that you have these 10 Nutrition Facts, I hope that you use them and implement them into your healthy and fit lifestyle. Remember to tune in the entire month of July for lots of fact on fitness and nutrition. Check out last week’s video.

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  1. cool facts; though, it's probably just me but I find that i get hungrier and eat more when eating spicy food. 

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