10 Foods You Can Waffle Hack – Experiment

oh my gosh it's screaming today we are going to be putting random things in this waffle maker I just want to know and find out will it waffle it cut us off with this just plain cake I've never used the waffle maker before this is how you do it I've never used the waffle maker before so I hope I'm going okay blows it and then over time it should become a waffle Oh welcome back while I was gone I bought two more waffle makers because I have a feeling this one's going to break so just look at that that is amazing pancake batter it does make a waffle as you can see obviously it probably just tastes like a waffle it's tough mmm delicious comment down below what do you want me to put the waffle maker I'm gonna start reading comments and food okay so we're gonna start a little bit slow my scrambled some eggs here it makes a nice noise at least alright just do that like this I'm sure it's gonna be an egg waffle pretty soon here while we wait for the eggs we can actually use the other two that I bought let's put a pizza in there just here just like that give it a little push for this one over here we have some sushi okay what do you think as sushi does and a waffle maker just like that there we go all right while we wait on those I think the egg is ready to go give this video a big thumbs up woah look at that Wow look at this egg waffle that is pretty cool yeah put some syrup in here let's try it out Wow yeah tastes like McDonald's tastes like ice it's amazing you hear this is linked mmm-hmm wait oh just kidding this is thing is coming from here let's check on this this is sizzling pretty hard over here three two one oh this looks delicious pizza how you doing oh the sushi is ready waffle sushi is ready so let's pop this sushi out and the tuna you see the tuna house like a hamburger now I don't know what happened to it a smiley face oh wow this looks like a very very nice bagel bite that is amazing wow that looks so good and look at this waffle maker nothing it's super clean still you guys we're wondering what the other side looks like I'll flip it over for you just so you can see the other side of the pizza looks like that it looks like a waffle can't be a waffle without syrup right grab some pizza scissors yes that was right they make scissors for pizza I've ever even seen I go to Pizza video no Pizza gadgets video it's pretty cool the slicer the slicer right they can slice the pizza one good solid fluid motion like this and they have yourself a slice a pizza here you go yeah this is delicious wow so the next three things we have are bananas bacon and stay so if you don't know how to cook steak it's really easy sometimes with salt slap the salt in there close that whoa next up we have bacon this is gonna be really cool all right we can do a cross stitching of the bacon of course this supposed to like intertwine it but yeah little bit diagonals just buzz whoa close it up well let that do its thing and we're gonna move over here to the banana side now I do spill in the gaps you gotta try your best to squish it all okay all right let's check on the steak close it let it cook oh no the lights so many things are happening with the lights oh I think I short-circuited the whole building all right guys it's been about like 20 minutes we bought two more waffle makers just cuz I feel like these are gonna break pretty soon so if you guys need a waffle maker I got you look at the steak looks pretty good is it cooked let's find out was that well done yeah it's super well done delicious all right let's check it out here we go Wow I am impressed this is pretty good Wow they all fuse together Wow okay so this is what a bacon waffle looks like let's move over to the bananas I'm so scared with this one this has been there for a while long it's like boozing our there one banana oh dear the bananas didn't really work too well with me so I'm sure it's still delicious cuz it's a banana we're gonna try it did you know you need at least 4,000 grams of potassium a day it's a lot what's up y'all I'm your host marshmallows just kidding it's me guava juice huh I know we're gonna I start with this one we have here a Big Mac though that's good that right here and then we'll try to squish it as much as possible we all want to know what happens with chicken wings and waffle maker right put a couple here like why I can hear it sizzle oh here we go open the buns it's like this perfect cheese man we'll just cover it up just like this close it all up I'm moving on to this one we're probably gonna break this we have some gummy bears they're gonna put some gummy bears on here all right who knows maybe it's gonna be really cool close it all up just like that and last but not least we have marshmallow just like this so this one I'm not sure what's gonna happen just close it as is and come here Big Mac how are you doing over here buddy whoa that looks so delicious Wow this turned out really well oh look at that look at the gummy worms doing this thing right now see I told you that's going to break 3 2 1 Wow look at this gummy bear all right they're delicious oh look at the marshmallow oh my gosh here we go oh wow grilled cheese 3 2 1 whoo it's a weird-looking grilled cheese but whoo that's hot Wow look at that Oh mmm Jim a pal man I think my favorite one so far this is Big Mac totally blew my expectations look at that the whole bottom side just looks like a waffle hmm yo delicious my second favorite is going to be the gummy bears waffle here this here this hmm I still like this one better Oh mm-hmm I ate it and then my high blood pressure kicked in we're down to three waffle makers left so we have Orbeez we have bubble gum and then we have some dry ice we're gonna start off with the Orbeez start pouring some Orbeez in here oh all right that's all I could do here we're gonna try to close it up it's gonna make some noise this don't be alarmed quick question what do you think will happen to the Orbeez let me know in the comments down below do you think it'll shrink do you think I'll get bigger or do you think it'll stay the same now your best to put these bubble tapes in here oh my gosh I'm scared I would let's try to close it dry ice is just ice that is dry ice here oh yeah by the way do not touch dry ice with your bare hands I don't know why I did that oh my gosh it's screaming it's like mad at me is like I don't close go back here to the Orbeez let's open it you remember your answer bigger smaller are the same if you said the same you are completely correct now if you add salt to the Orbeez like that and then put them in excruciating amounts of heat what do you think will happen will it shrink stay the same or get bigger let's check the bubble gum the bubble gum doing whoa yeah yes you can waffle bubble gum let's check on the dry ice oh you okay dries oh it just literally just shaped it it didn't really do anything to go back to the question is it the same smaller bigger if you said the same you are correct so for this one we're gonna put some ice cream specifically this drumsticks what is your favorite ice cream let me know in the comments down below guys ready let's close this up stay there and we have here a nice cake just like this how you doing oh my gosh look at this it looks like soup yeah very good so this should be done right now let's check in on it oh just cake looks amazing yeah the moral of the story is you can make waffles out of anything no matter what it is regardless if it's bacon eggs bananas steak waffles pizza a Big Mac or chicken wings then we're all the story is we are all one no matter what you put in a waffle maker we all turn out to be Stacy

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