10 Foods You've Been Eating Horribly Wrong..

what's up YouTube today I'm going to show you 10 foods you're eating wrong so first things first let's start off with this mango a lot of people eat mangoes differently but there is a really really really easy way to do it so let's cut our mangoes into thirds boom boom the centerpiece is usually the hard part we don't want that we want is the soft outer edges we're gonna cut it into squares a lot of people do these especially in the Philippines it's just like one of these hacks we kind of grew up with but we're supposed to make squares by cutting it vertically and also horizontal and once you cut the mangoes into squares or rectangles like this flip it so that way it kind of just stretches it out and then you can just eat it and that is simply how to eat a mango correctly of course you can eat it anyway why like take this it won't be as like cooking is this what do you do with the center piece you want to take off the peel if I just cutting around it just like that and then just eat it make sure you give this video a big thumbs up because these hacks will change your mind next up is eat banana okay there are many different ways to eat a banana obviously the normal ways you take this piece and you peel it the only thing bad about this is sometimes you peel it which gets this weird like just looks really awful a proper way to do it instinctively is to peel it from the bottom monkeys do this naturally that's just an easier way to do it like I do is pinch it on the top and then peel from there it'll be naturally peelable like that Oh once again let me show you that again pinch the top it'll peel very naturally if you did not know that another way to eat it this is how orangutans zenit for some reason they just bite right in the middle Wow obviously it's not like the best thing to do cuz you will eat the shell but that's just how a regular ten is you I don't know why another thing you do is take this piece remember pinch no matter what happens as long as a pinch and peel your banana completely perfectly so just like the banana the Apple is supposed to be eaten differently a regular person eats an apple like this sometimes that's not correct that's wrong the real way to eat an apple is flip it upside down and you're supposed to eat it from the bottom because the bottom contains the most nutrients and that is the one that's supposed to be eaten yeah a little bitter but you know what they say if it doesn't taste good probably healthy if you hear from the bottom you get all the nutrients all the vitamins all the minerals and your Apple can you never fruit that starts with a letter A and ends with the letter X so the next food we have our chicken wings there are two parts the wing and the leg here all right we're gonna start off with the chicken wing itself this always contains two sets of bones if you want optimize eating the wing all you want to do is grasp it from the side twist it okay until one bone breaks boom once you twist it a bone should slide right out which would be this bone right here so what that does is the skin and the flesh detaches from the bone therefore it's all loose and this one stick here for this one bone and then from here what you want to do is one single scoop put in your mouth take it out easy hmm all the meat should be right there and that's probably the easiest way and the cleanest way to get the chicken right that's how to eat that one really really well for this one it's a different concept okay what you want to do is pinch the top here you'll just want to peel just this part just to get that part loose you see how this bone is now just extending the way it is right now to want to do this alright so the next food I'm gonna show you how to eat correctly is strawberry take some strawberries and there's a reason why they're called strawberries cuz you gotta utilize a straw save the turtles make sure you recycle pick your straw you take your strawberry check this out all you want to do is put the straw right here and make sure it goes through and then you kind of just push it upwards and then when you press it up with some more like this boom just like that it should take away the leaf on top which is pretty cool now you can just eat the strawberry whole to maximize the amount aren't you ready for the next one so regular people all killing orange by taking your finger and just peeling it like that there's a simpler way to do that okay takes a little bit of effort but not too much effort which orange sideways all you want to do is cut a circle okay you want two circles this time one here and the one on the other side cut a nice little circle one circle on this side you want to reciprocate that and do it on the other side go back two circles and then connect the circles with a line right here okay just the tip like yes from there should roll out to be a perfectly good orange see okay guys so since we're on the topic of orange we're gonna do this orange juice here there's a proper way to pour the orange juice most people pour the ones just like this it's really unstable and really like crazy it was like Google you don't want the walkable you want so what you want to do instead of pouring the orange just like this turn the orange juice so the top side is on top poorly this love and care alright so next up we have a potato okay a great way to peel a potato you wanna cut make a line right in the middle so that way it exposes the inside but the potato in boiling water after potatoes been cooking in the water if you want to do is take the potato out and then you want to submerge it really quickly into some ice water just let it cool once it's super ready to be cooled all you wanna do is slightly just peel the peels it should be easier to peel the peel might be just easier just to do it on the water just because it gets so hot and goes underwater and becomes super cold so you wanna do yeah see how it's easy just to peel it all off just like that you want to confuse the potato a lot make it super cold too cold so that way the potatoes doesn't even know if it's hot or cold just like that and while that a perfectly peeled potato just like that I think use that so prerelease anything you like for now just gonna put it back here states he'll be on the video see what happens are you ready there are many different ways people eat Oreos a lot of people who are ELLs like this um some people like taking out the two crusts and then just mmm licking off the center pieces and then this guarding the chocolate pieces that's the most unhealthy way to do it the proper way to eat an Oreo so put on your forehead and then move your face until it reaches your mouth all right next up we have Kit Kats ok a lot of people eat this differently some people break them into pieces and eat it one by one some people like me like to annoy people and just eat it always like this but the most efficient way to eat a Kit Kat is this first let me know in comments down below what's your favorite candy – actually Kit Kats so well you can do is take a singular piece like this and then jump off the chocolate on the perimeters once you've done this a Kit Kat comes in seven layers so from here you can break it off layer by layer hmm and just eat it like that way you can savor your Kit Kat for as long as possible especially if it's just a one singular bar yeah you could be like me and just alright next up we have V cupcakes okay let me show you another efficient way to eat a cupcake okay what you can do is take off this bottom piece here take a knife cut the center of it like this pick this bottom piece that you cut off put it on top and there you go you have yourself an Oreo Wow like a sandwich because sometimes if you eat it from the top like this it's just too much icing okay a lot of people hate icing like maybe it's just too much so if you saturated with chocolate or whatever it tastes a lot better you guys know what this is it's garlic a lot of people have a really rough time peeling the garlic and they do it one by one or maybe they chop it off pop it and crop it the proper way to peel the garlic skin is to put it in a bowl grab another bowl put on top and then shake it wrap it and violently kinetic energy we'll just peel it right off skins and whatever should be all out and then what you're left with our ghostly cloves garlic you don't have to worry about the skin and your food or whatever is that cool luckily you can do the same thing with corn okay put your corn in the bowl like this right there just shake it and then it'll peel right off and then there you have it you have yourself a perfectly peeled off corn that's amazing Wow luckily you can do the same thing for a watermelon that is right you can do the same exact thing for this bad girl hopefully it works so there you can see that the watermelon has been completely cracked I mean if you do it too violently it's gonna like crack the way it does like right now but it does work and it is perfectly fine and safe to do moving on I have something cool also I'm gonna bring out the grapes so the proper way to eat grapes of course wash it just like that a lot of people eat grapes like that what you want to do is grab a grape pinch it right here just like that and then it'll make a little hole on top and then what you want to do from here is continue to peel the skin off that way it just looks like a very skin that's great just eat it all right next up we have an egg first things first it is impossible to crack an egg like this you squeeze it as hard as you can there's no way to do it there's no way you can crack an egg using your palm it is impossible that is a fact I dare you to try it bitch this egg is boiled stick a knife cut a little hole under the tip top of the egg like this once you have your hole completed right here I'm gonna cut a bigger hole from the top just like that you want to cut another hole on the other side really tiny though nothing too crazy what you want to do from here you just take the tiny hole and you blow onto it and the egg should pop right out into my pot just like that and you have yourself a perfectly question is does it work for a raw egg let's try it out crack the top here yes it does work for a ride alright for my last exercise we have a pineapple and if you stay till the end remember at the beginning I said wait to see what happened to the potato the potato so this pineapple there is a hack okay a lot of people don't know how to peel a pineapple well let me show you how to do that real quick you want to start right here pick a side I'm gonna pick this side slowly and steadily just chop the outer skin of it you don't want to pierce through it all the way but just enough for it just to pierce right in the middle like that and just like this it should look like that close it up and just like that the pineapple has turned blue thank you for watching let me know hey Jesse

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