10 Minute Daily Back Program That Can Change Your Life (Physical Therapy)

33 thoughts on “10 Minute Daily Back Program That Can Change Your Life (Physical Therapy)

  1. H A P P Y F A T H E R ' S D A Y to both of you generous, giving, great men! You are a blessing to all.

  2. Can you gents please do a video on severe arthritic hip impingement? Happy Father's day to you bothโ€ผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

  3. I have a anterior sternoclavicular dislocation of my right side,can you show us exercise to fix the dislocated joint with out surgery.

  4. Love this channel. Do you guys have any specific exercises/stretches for people who have had Lumbar Fusion (L5-S1) surgery??

  5. Good! You got right to the exercise. ( Sometimes the intro takes too long ) Alex was a nice addition, his witty comments fitted in with your regular humor. It was nice to see different angles. I liked the script of the names.

  6. Could you please, please make these available in Canada via amazon? I would buy several for myself and family if I could get them shipped here. Thank you.

  7. Bob and Brad, Iโ€™m going though some pool physical therapy. I realized that as I got deep in the pool to relax that I have a really really tight diaphragm and belly. I realized that It makes it difficult to take a deep breath, and when I do relax my body to get oxygen in, my first couple ribs and upper chest feel very tight. Do you have any advice to get my breathing fixed? At this point I have an extremely ingrained faulty motor pattern, so what process can I follow to make this better? I notice that itโ€™s causing tension in my hips as well.

    I know you all are probably busy for a personalized answer, but maybe it will get you guys some content. Have a great day.

  8. I have a double hip replacement. Is it safe to do the hip flexor and hip rotator exercises? I'm going to skip those.

  9. Hey bob and brad I have a sore sport in my lower right back that has been hurting for 8-9 months and itโ€™s really affecting my athletic activities. Any ideas on what it can be?

  10. I'm betting money this is a subject you've already addressed but I can't find it so I'm just going to ask.
    I'm 48 and have Behcet's Disease with hypermobility. A could of years ago I began having hip and tailbone pain. It's excruciating and has put me in bed. I've finally found out that it's called Pubis Symphisis Dysfunction. Apparently physical therapy is the only way to help it. Have you'd got a video that would help? If not would you consider making one?

  11. I had a knee replacement in 2014. Can I use that glide thing you guys showed with Rosie after her knee replacement? My knee doesnโ€™t bend too well.

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