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Hello friends welcome to www.fitnessrockers.com Whenever we talk about bodybuilding diet we normally listen to a myth that only non-vegetarians can build good muscles but its not right There are many famous bodybuilders who are actually vegetarians In this video we will cover 10 vegetarian foods for bodybuilding which will break this myth We will start with Indian herbs which are very beneficial for bodybuilding and lean mass gain. and you will be surprised to know that these herbs are very popular in bodybuilding world already First one is Ashwagandha It is also known as Indian Gingseng, a powerful herb. Ashwagandha is very effective in boosting testosterone naturally which in turn increase the strength & make muscle building a very easy task It strengthens the heart muscle, controls cholesterol &improves cardiovascular health Its a very good anti depressant herb. Second super food for bodybuilding is asparagus Worldwide bodybuilders uses it before the competetion to give their body a ripped look Due to incomplete Amino Acid chain it is treated as incomplete source of protein but its become complete if eaten with brown rice It is an easiest, cheapest and effective way to load protein & healthy carbs after a heavy workout. As a post workout brown bread with peanut butter is an awesum option for extra energy during the workout one or half banana can be consumed as a pre-workout Eggs are among most popular bodybuilding food sources But some vegetarians consume eggs and some not so we keep this bodybuilding super food in last of this list.

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  1. can you please make a video how to take this diet. in which form ,, schedule if someone goes gym in evening or morning.. now it's summers,, so what is the best way to use this.

  2. Hi, ur giving excellent information, thanks for all that information, am confused about taking Ragi so kindly tell me whether Ragi will have complex carbohydrates or normal carbohydrates

  3. Vegetarians (not vegans) can go for egg whites which is a clean & great protein source. By the way, most of the eggs which are purchased from mass-produced farms & grocery stores are "unfertilized"…hence, they are vegetarian (technically speaking).

  4. your all video best helpful for us.you are giving us good knowledge for bodybuilding and fitness.i subscribed to your channel.and i will telling my friend about your channel.

    thank you so much

  5. actually u know noting about vegetarians and vegetarian foods…..there are numerous protein rich diets which are very imp for vegetarians and u didnt mention them…. and that is sattu ,chana,all types of pulses, rajma-the king of pulses paneer,tofu,mushroom,soyabeans which has 2 times more protein than chicken…………and much more….u know nothing.and ..just wanna make money by uploading these shits and make fool out of illiterate ppl…

  6. i am vegetarian but i want to eat non veg but i dont eat non veg i tried one time that time i had vomiting so plz tell me how to eat non veg for bodybuliding

  7. सर जी अस्वगन्धा सतावरी कैसे ले जिसे बोड्डी बने

  8. if u thinking meat and eggs are good for bodybuilding u r fools damb animals killer im gonna kick your asses

  9. Thank sir ,,,,,but please ye btaye ki hme # Ashwaganda or shatavari khane kese hai matlab quantity and time or kab or kese khane hai,,,,,,,

  10. Mera height 5feet 8inch hai weight 45kg hi hai mai 4 bje sota huun subah mai 11-12 bje jagta hai plzz bataiye ki kaise mai apna wajan badha sakta huun

  11. अश्वगान्धा को कैसे कहना है?
    मतलब दूध से या पानी से ओर कब कहना है खाने से पहले या बाद। सुबह या शाम को या दोनों टाइम ?

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  13. Top 10 veg food ke liye vip beauty and fitness channel bhi dekh sakte hai
    Ye video ka link hai

  14. E sovi sije kahne se agor pet ges bonta he to kia koru mene aoshoghonda kuhb kahne se mere pet ges bonta or ful jata he lekin 2ya 3 din ogor oshogohndha nhi khake vi dekha to pet me ges nhi bonta bese muje roj ges ki prblem nhi he lekin ashoghndha khanse hi hota he me kia koru sar

  15. १० घंटे पानी में भिगोया हुआ देशी चना भी बहोत बढ़िया खुराक है।

  16. Sir agar hum sirf chana, ya mung ka chila khate he to usme methionine Kam Aur lusin jyada hota he to hum subah sirf yahi khate ho Aur roti Aur sabji ya phir chawal Aur sabji dopahar ko khate he no ho amino acid subah Kam Aur jyada the wo dopahar ko sarir ko mil gaya subah Aur dopahar ke khame me alag mil to jata he to complete protein ho Gaya na sir, agar hum subah chana khate he aur pure din bhar anaj nahi khate ya phir phal khate he tab comple protein nahi hpta please reply me bahot cunfuise hu

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