11 Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

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  1. In my opinion and experience, extended water fasting using snake juice and a strict carnivore diet will heal your body and restore your health.

  2. 1. Get adequate sleep
    2. No grocery shopping when hungry
    3. Chew slowly
    4. Use smaller bowls
    5. Start meals with salad
    6. Drink water before meals
    7. No sugary drinks
    8. Eat fiber rich food
    9. Eat small portion of food
    10. Eat without electronic distraction
    11. Store unhealthy foods out of sight

  3. I am a monumentally slow eater which is good and bad. If you combine that with eating a high fiber diet (salads, fruits, etc), it's great for preventing you from eating too much (usually) but also takes FOREVER to finish eating. I don't have time to eat breakfast before I leave for work so I wait till I get to my desk and it takes me a good 3 hours to finish a salad, then it's almost time for lunch. LOL!!!!!!

  4. 1. Get proper sleep (8-8.5 hrs. a night)
    2. Stay on the outside isles when grocery shopping (going out to eat is an expensive way to get fat)
    3. Eat slower
    4. Use smaller plates and bowls when dishing out food
    5. Start your meal with a lite salad 🥗 instead of bread
    6. Drink water before meals
    7. Eliminate sugary drinks
    8. Eat fiber rich foods (you’ll stay fuller longer)
    9. Serve yourself smaller portions, take half your meal home when dining out.
    10. Don’t eat while distracted. Examples: television, phone or reading a book.
    11. Keep the treats and unhealthy snacks like chips out of sight.

    Thanks for the tips!

  5. My husband is notorious for woofing down his food (or is it wolfing) down a meal very fast🤔 Woof actually makes sense cuz you’re more likely 2c a hungry dog 🐶 devouring a meal than a hungry 🐺 , and you can imagine a dog gulping down a meal as if in a single woof. 🐾

    I, on the other🖐️like to take my⌚chewing my🍲. One good thing is we almost never drink sugary drinks, instead we gulp down copious amounts of H2O and squeezed 🍋

    Good points guys! 😊

  6. Thanks for the tips! I'm not trying to lose weight but know people who are. My bad habits (it's just as bad if not worse) is my sodium intake. I don't like sweets but LOVE, salty, sour and spicy foods. I CRAVE it all. I put loads of salt on grapefruit, lemons, etc or I put loads of hot sauce on nearly everything. Believe it or not, just this week I started cutting way back because I've been noticing puffy hands and face. At 40 I'm realizing I can't get away with those eating habits anymore. 🙁

  7. I always want seconds so I learned to leave part of the meal in the kitchen, then I can go get that little bit and be satisfied.

  8. I really love Brad"s saying about eating out. I enjoy eating out every so often, but when I look around at the other patrons I can't help but notice that probably 85 percent are overweight and maybe 50 plus percent are considerably overweight at most restaurants.

  9. Diet is what you eat – type and quantity . 4,5 and 7–11 are diet changes. Unfortunately, you can do those and not lose weight. The two that help the most are #1 and #6, . but plain water consumption should 2-3 liters/day and drunk not just at meals but at wake and a small amount before bed, with clean water replacing most nonmedically-mandated other liquids.

  10. My son for Christmas Brunch.., “Momma may I please have the ‘Jethro Bowl’ with southern grits as a base and he just LoveZ it! Why not, lol it’s Christmas 🎄.
    Other than than that, portion control is a must! Thank y’all ✨💯

  11. There is a chiropractor on youtube who put out a video which said that you need to be asleep somewhere between 11pm and 1am and that you should never get more than 6 1/2 hours of sleep – or it is bad for you.
    The hardest thing for me is getting to bed at night – life gets in the way. . .

  12. Top tip: get severely ill. Please rename to 11 ways to get fitter… seeing my 42 kg terminally ill mom every day is a great reminder that weight loss is a result and not a goal.

    Otherwise solid tips btw 👍

  13. I am the slowest eater on the planet, hands down. If I'm in a room of a hundred people having dinner, I will be the last to finish. It's embarrassing.

  14. I do exactly the same as your wife. I find the chips and chocolates anywhere when I have a nibble craving. Hahaha. This video was just so myself and my husband, as we sleep 6 hours, and he has the small mouth so I am finished with my food by the time he is half way. And I do the small bowl thing and my husband doesn't. And we do the doggy bag thing with leftover restaurant meals. We used to go out a lot, but we hardly ever do now. And yes when I go to the grocery store I sometimes go hungry and so too does my husband and we love the quick already ready meals from the deli that we just have to dish up and eat.

  15. Growing up in the fifties here in the uk we ate from dinner plates much smaller than these days but our dinner plates are much smaller than in the USA. And your restaurant portion sizes are huge compared to ours. The old saying needs to be back in fashion, " All things in moderation".
    We need to enjoy our blessings of plenty of all good foods in the west but not allow its abundance to control us. And all these fads like Keto, low carb, high carb only encourage people to eat too much. Having said that, each persons metabolism is different and it's not difficult to learn how much we need daily to suit our individual requirements. Thanks guys for good down to earth info. God bless.

  16. I stopped eating foods with high fructose corn syrup for several reasons, but one of them is that it supposedly makes a person feel hungry. Every since I stopped eating with high fructose corn syrup I don’t get as hungry and I eat a lot less. I eat slow, which a friend always gets on my case about, plus he complains that when eat in a restaurant that I only eat part of my meal and take the rest home, but now I see there’s nothing wrong with that….lol.

  17. Drink a cup or 2 (not measuring cup) of green tea with gensing(for non-sugar sweeting) (no sugar) mixed with 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar!
    This helps weight so much green tea boost metabolism while ACV reduced hunger urges and burns fat! Its a Double whammy!

  18. Watching this definitely makes me have second thoughts. I'm doing it all wrong. I'm one of the pizza knocker-offers. For me, I don't eat all day so finally when I get to have dinner it's like not being able to breathe and finally get oxygen. I need to quit my job . . .

  19. Great tips. The key for me is portion control. I eat anything I want, but only half of it. That way, I never feel deprived. If I crave something that's less than healthy, I eat a little and stop. My craving is satisfied, usually, and I don't go overboard. Eating something else trying to satisfy the craving never works. If it's not what I'm really craving, I'll just keep snacking on almost-good-enough food until I've eaten far more calories than if I just gave in to the craving to being with. Most of the time, I don't even have to think about my diet. I've lost 18 pounds and have 20 more to go. Thanks for the reminder! ~ Lisa

  20. Eat protein! Protein is satiating! Every morning I drink 8 oz of a protein drink for breakfast, (around8:00), and I'm not hungry until 2:00 PM.

  21. Jethro's bowl and granny yelling at him; chasing after him! Thank you both for the advice you give that has always helped me….

  22. Along with number 8- Consider eating MORE food that is lower in calories. Vegetables have a 10th of the calories per pound of meat. You can eat unlimited vegatables without gaining weight.

  23. Of course we remember the Beverly Hillbillies. These are great tips, guys. I think I’ve heard all of these before but not all at once in the same place.

  24. I learned from the time I entered 1st grade, if you don't inhale your food, you don't have time to eat it. It's pretty much taught at that time because kids have a really small lunch time window, in which they have to wait in the line, get their food, eat their food and get back to class. This window gets smaller the higher up in grades you go. I know my brothers had an awful time during high school, as they had to walk all the way across the school, wait in line, get their lunch, eat, walk back, all in 25 minutes. I was lucky because I had orchestra, which was right next to the cafeteria, so 25 minutes wasn't horrible. Many workplaces are just as bad. Sure, a 30 min lunch break is "normal", however if you have to leave for whatever reason to get your lunch, you may have just a few minutes to actually eat it. My brothers still wolf down their meals, the habit is so ingrained. After I went on disability b/c of my MS, I naturally slowed down my eating. The bad thing is, my nieces and nephews that have just started school, I can see them getting into the "I must finish this meal ASAP" habit, and I know it's because of the school lunch time issue.

  25. Go for lactose free half and half in your morning coffee Brad !!Use butter in coffee and tea every time too !!

  26. Go for lactose free half and half in your morning coffee Brad !!Use butter in coffee and tea every time too !!
    Before main meal drink water mixed 1 or 2 tablespoons of wirh ACV !!
    —(” >)/—

  27. I entered!

    I also thought the tips were good ones, especially the one about don't bring home things you shouldn't eat from the store. It's very true, if it isn't in the house, you won't be eating it! Or as a friend put it, "Don't let the enemy over the threshold."

    But I actually don't just stick to the perimeter at the store, instead I like to walk up and down the aisles to get extra steps in. My shopping mostly stays on the perimeter though….

    I also do food logging with the LoseIt app and weigh myself daily. Staying honest with yourself is important too!

  28. i go to the store after work every day for the food i need for that day…no extra food in the house. no snacking. obv too time consuming for some lol.

  29. I’m usually pretty self disciplined but at Easter time my husband knows that if he doesn’t take his leftover chocolate to work it’s not going to be there when he gets home! I can’t control myself with Easter chocolate 🤤

  30. here's a way for people to lose weight without Diet or Exercise : STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL ! Dead serious. i Quit because i wanted to clean up my system,i quit for 4 months and wound up (without trying) losing over 20 lbs !!! Alcohol is Inflammatory and causes what is known as Visceral fat build up. Visceral fat is not only bad,but dangerous also.

  31. I lost weight due to a health issue that seems to be much better now.

    Doctor weighed me last week.

    I lost weight and did not mean to.

    I need to gain back my 10 or so pounds. Not healthy to be too skinny.

    I have good appetite and am a foodie.

    Am having to eat low carb to bring the A1c down. Cannot be eating carbs to gain weight.

    Everything is for the overweight. No good info for thin people.

  32. Hey, B& B, Jethro was also using the LARGEST Pyrex mixing bowl- a bowl that was not even intended as a serving bowl!

  33. I’m 77 female and retired. I worked night shift 30 years. I go to bed at 10:33 and sleep until I wake up then get up I don’t get up to go to the bathroom at all and I usually sleep until 8 or 8:30. I do use a cpap which helps me feel pepped up in the morning.

  34. A certified health trainer reveals a variety of secret smoothies for proven weight reduction

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  36. Hi everyone. I’ve lost 40 lbs. over the last six years, 30 over the last three, 20 over the last 1.5, and 10 over the last six months.

    The REAL key, is to make changes that are permanent, changes that aren't so extreme that you will eventually have to stop.

    Well, I have to say that the best way to loose weight is always with exercise. However if you want to loose 10kg without working out, then reduce your sugar and increase protein. Increase your vegetable intake and lean proteins including legumes, beans, fish, vegetable proteins. don’t eat after 630–7pm and fast for 12–14 hours before you eat something else. Cut out sodas, juices, diet drinks, artificial sweeteners, and do not use a lot of caffeine. One to two cups of coffee is ok. Additionally, don’t use chemicals like fat free or chemically treated low fat foods, and do not use boxed or processed foods. Good luck!

    Email me [email protected] and i will personally tell you the SECRET how i get out from WEIGHT ROLLERCOASTER. Have a good day, XoXo

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