15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)

100 thoughts on “15 BEST 6Pack ABS Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)

  1. I just completed this workout and idk why the more I train the more motivated I am. I’m 15 years old and been starting to do workouts last week and it’s been hard. But today doing this workout I felt more strong. Ik I have a long way but it feels good to see results

  2. I watched your videos for a while and I ask myself what exercises would i have to do and for how long to get your body💪
    PS my english is bad because i do not speak english mutch🤣

  3. definitely my favorite youtuber. i’m 12 and trying to get a six pack and build up some arm muscle and chris’ videos are the most effective

  4. Adding to @brandon turner's comment

    1:49 Chair Sit Ups x20 (x10 each side)

    2:24 Plank Core Up & Down x20

    2:49 V-Ups x20

    3:31 Toe Touches x20

    4:00 Crucifixes x20


    4:42 Russian Twist x20

    5.14 Plank Knees to Elbow x20 (x10 each side)

    6:03 Side Plank Raises x20 (x10 each side)

    6:39 Side Boat Hold Crunch (x10 each side)

    7:13 Switching Mountain Climbers x20


    7:45 Laying Leg Flutters x20

    8:13 Laying Leg Raises x20

    9:02 Seated In&Outs x20

    9.30 Laying Knee Raises x20

    10:22 Laying Circle (Circular Leg Raises) x20 (x10 clockwise & counter clockwise)

  5. Today’s storm didn’t stop me to get out and try this killer workout.. it’s was great,
    waiting forwards for the next one 😁😁😁 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Love your vids Man you are then best on YouTube and I love these videos when u say u can do it “anywhere” and everyone is saying I look so good now and I don’t just look better I fell better too wayyyy better‼️😁😎🤩

  7. Found your vids yesterday, just starting to get into working out and these type of vids are great! I’m not a huge fan of just going into a gym and lifting weights so this variety is awesome. Thank! 💪🏼😁

  8. Upper abdominals 4x
    Chair Sit Ups 20x (1:45)
    Plank Up & Down 20x (2:25)
    V-Ups 20x (2:50)
    Toe Touches 20x (3:30)
    Crucixes 20x (4:00)
    -Obliques 4x
    Russian Twist 20x (4:42)
    Plank Knees To Elbow 20x (5:14)
    Side Plank Raises 20x (6:04)
    Side Boat Hold Crunches 20x (6:39)
    Switching Mountain Climbers 20x (7:13)
    -Lower Abdominals 4x
    Laying Leg Flutters 20x (7:46)
    Laying Leg Raises 20x (8:13)
    Seated In & Outs 20x (9:02)
    Laying Knee Raises 20x (9:30)
    Laying Circles 20x (10:22)

    so i can c w/cut scrolling down
    cred @Blaze0917 L

  9. I'm 13 and I'm working out for 1 year…now I have only 4 big abs but my question is why do most peoples have 6 to 8 abs while me have only 4?

  10. What is the name of the song you use at the beginning of your videos? (Cómo se llama la canción que usa al Inicio de sus videos?)

  11. I was looking for something like this and it gets recommended. Funny how its uploaded 18 hours ago, almost like a delivery. Now ill start doing these at home. Didnt had 6 packs since middle school 😅

  12. forget about your sixpack you fool.
    you look like some tatooed escapee from sing sing prison…yea i know, you think the women like that bullshit and like every other simp for women you turn yourself into a walking freak…take a hike….

  13. I am very grateful to you because if I am not in my training center I am watching your videos and each video according to my training plan, the routines are very good, keep going guys, we are a great global calisthenics community

  14. Your vids inspire me so much because I’m working to try to get to the NBA one day and right now I just had surgery on my acl about two months ago and I’m trying to work on my arms abs and calf muscles and I’m already doing my legs at therapy and thank u so much for the inspiration u give me.good vid keep it up

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