1992 Norwegian SR92 24 Hour Combat Ration Vintage MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

this is a Norwegian Armed Forces sr 92 combat ration between both boxes it weighs two pounds nine point seven ounces or 1182 grams it contains 3500 calories total pack a has 20 120 calories pack be thirteen hundred and eighty calories pack a is your main component it has two main courses two packs of biscuits and a pack of raisins along with various accessories salt and pepper and sugar pack B this thing has actually it's printed in English on one side Norwegian on the other but pack B has top spread beverages soup sweets and a napkin this 24-hour ration is 27 years old let's see how well it held up and check out the eight pack first so right off the bat two packs of crackers they're so stale they're like they're mushy wheat crackers and then standard crackers 100 grams each a little utensil packet little matchbox so let's get the mains out so that feels perfectly fine best before 1995 but look what happened a 27 year old box of raisins just sitting there raisins that are not you know in shelf stable packaging that's to be expected that's all for pack a okay now four pack B oh wow nice another pack of raisins that kind of did the job these look even worse let's see what it may have affected Nescafe gold that feel is fine the Mane's over here by the way are 130 grams each this says caviar that's no good mackerel and tomato best before April 2002 that's pretty incredible it had a best before date of 10 years it was built to last it might actually still be good that being said I doubt it and here's Jam oh wow that's a shame look at how that just opened so easily that's insane hold on there's still tons of moisture still in that pad a GM Tetley tea original blend oh cool appleson marmalade so orange marmalade I'm guessing oh boy citrus drink that's hardened up and you get a couple of those a bunch of beverage bases that are just toast tomato soup with croutons I can only imagine how nice this thing would have been had it been in good shape still you get two packs of Coca and then fruit soup which feels fine that makes this entire effort worth it along with a special military chocolate only in Norwegian rations and then a plastic bag for your loose components or to improvise with other things that's it okay so there's everything laid out let's first start off with breakfast okay and for breakfast roomies starting the day off with a real bang got a tuba caviar cod fish eggs orange marmalade mackerel and tomato sauce and Pat a strawberry jam to go along with those wheat crackers and standard crackers a box of raisins and some hot chocolate and Nescafe gold instant coffee all right let's get sat on your tray nice okay so let's first start off with that coffee nice freeze-dried crystals looking good in the hot chocolate that smells okay a slightly stale and questionable smell okay sugar cube salt and pepper and a sugar packet looks to be a multivitamin random piece of plastic that just ended up in there that's not part of anything okay so then the raisins oh wow looks like something grew on them would you like a handful of raisins whole day definitely don't look normal that's why we're gonna move right over this Jam which is like open I'm not gonna eat any look at that it looks fine oh it actually oh no it doesn't smell fine it smells pukey and metallic with a sweet strawberry smell to it I need to sit for the coffee hmm that's smooth somewhat robust a little bit acidic actually that is fantastic coffee I mean Nescafe cold never fails they always do it right that's slightly different than the modern version or it's just changed over the years it's a little bit more acidic the hot cocoa smells a little bit stale you want to sip that very lightly I'm gonna go back to it I don't get any kind of onset you gotta be careful you move slowly with it that seems okay creamy delicious hot chocolate and a lot like switz mess let's see how the mackerel fillets and tomato sauce are a lot of liquid you know try that out doesn't smell inedible unfortunately the macarons made of sauce that is evidently gone bad sort of thing you feel like the scent particles 'el it's sticking your nose and you'll smell it all day this is fermented it's not terrible it's like an acquired taste little pieces with orange pulp a nice fleshy texture that's different and interesting I love stuff like that too bad about the strawberry jam and and even more so about this and then for the wheat crackers and standard crackers look at that they're soggy it's like a sponge cake oh and these look how it shrunk so those are like a whole meal oh it smells like a terrarium look at this this smells like a terrarium with like a dead frog that right there those were just like crackers before they were they were crackers now they now it looks like fudge you're like bread pudding or something yeah I need an army mocha with all this going on it smells like algae or something in a terrarium with a dead frog I'm getting this enjoyable they actually here let me finish this real quick this no he's that robust an acidic coffee I mean it's oddly acidic and Nescafe gold is not usually like that I believe it's maybe either changed over time or whether blend was different back then the dried milk didn't go bad that's a definite surprise and I mean it's just like a perfect cup of you know standard cup of hot chocolate it's not like super high in quality but it's a standard nice pleasing cup of hot chocolate actually it goes perfectly considering it's very smooth it goes perfectly with the acidic you know instant coffee well that was an interesting breakfast there's pretty much a cup of coffee and a nice Kappa army Mochaccino so I'm gonna take it right over to lunch okay and for lunch our main course is going to be a 130 gram freeze-dried beef and potato casserole some tropical fruit soup army energy chocolate some Tetley tea and then a berry drink mix alright so let's get sat on your tray nice in case let's first start off with that beef and potato casserole couldn't quite tell if there was a hiss or not Wow look at that peas and carrots pretty much a beef stew from the looks of it it smells a little bit off and you shouldn't have smell with freeze-dried means I didn't really hear it hiss it looks good very yellow just doesn't smell a hundred percent I mean it does say that's before 1995 so freeze-dried food typically lasts longer than you know projected dates but it's one of those things you gotta be careful I've actually gotten so hot Air's there's definitely cheese in there before I stir that in [Applause] then the tea I always tend to like my freeze-dried manes on the thicker side because you end up having like that thin gravy tends to thin out the flavor you can always add more but you can't take that water out once you put too much in not bad says to rehydrate for four minutes so I'm gonna close it up give this a little bit of taste here it smells okay like that's a cheese sauce a very strong cheese sauce is thick I think just on the tip end of still being edible but I'll know for sure after a bite here to stay in the chocolate I'm gonna try and keep this packaging don't know when I'll find one of these again looks okay wow that's awesome that's in great shape I mean there's surface bloom but that's beautiful and then this I don't have any hopes of this being in good shape and this is how I want it check this out see if this will work this way that almost looks like ham yeah it's some kind of berry maybe blackcurrant also not going to try it out or mix it just it's it's just not hmm oh man that's actually really good yeah that's blackcurrant mmm geez well that's the way to enjoy it maybe I should shouldn't do that though a little bit of a permeation there you can kind of see it just that little bit yeah not going to eat any more of that okay fruit soup why didn't I add less than 200 milliliters hmm it's still really good but it could have been thicker had I just added like maybe three ounces instead of way too much there's like a pulp and it's I think Apple but flavored it tastes like pineapple it's delicious it's not like save RCW frou soup with the pectin powder actually even if I added only three ounces I don't think this would be thick you know the way that I've had fruit soup the first time and this is more traditional actually and something you can find and buy in stores in Norway that is terrific beef and she is in potato casserole with red bell pepper so little piece of that peas and carrots you know that is still edible it's unbelievable it's like super overpowering cheese hmm it's just odd there's too much cheese it's like having beef stew but with an overbearing cheese sauce and actually this does not work in there at all texture wise I'm not even gonna eat that I'm not joking like I'm putting that like over here because the last one just got caught on the roof of my mouth I decided to add a little bit more water to this we mix it in let's see if this is any better and less overbearing with cheese no it's actually worse the cheese itself no joke is like movie theater nacho cheese that's what it tastes like and even more so since I've added the water it's under all that cheese which is almost like a processed American or cheddar and is what it tastes like under all that I just taste a very light onion and that's it the beef the peas the carrots all rehydrated well the beef is lean and of good quality if you're a huge fan of cheese if you're and I love cheese this is just that's too much let's try out the tea motele that's late Musti you know me there's water dripping somewhere smell okay so then the fruit soup nice tropical flavor not overly sweet lot of it's settled so then the chocolate it's in great shape excellent quality dry what a treat I'm gonna finish this up and we'll take it over to dinner okay we're back with dinner lunch wasn't so great that cheesy mashed potato beef stew is just not quite my thing but we're gonna be given this fried fish and potato casserole a look I believe it's Pollack and if I'm wrong that's going to force me to eat that entire box of raisins so I hope it's some kind of fish and potatoes otherwise another packet of hot chocolate some tomato soup a citrus beverage base all right so it's good sat on your tray nice in case let's first start off with that freeze-dried Maine really hoping it's fish thanks hits oh yeah that's fish that's a relief even though that's freeze-dried it's a very strong dish smell it's pretty much like a fish chowder look at this corn looks like some kind of cream sauce freeze dried Pollack peas potatoes actually I was nibbling on the chocolate bringing some over for dinner that stuff's awesome it's add just a little more water there we go this will be perfect that's well mixed let's go ahead and check out that tomato soup oh that smells like it's gotta be the croutons something's really stay on that pack [Applause] then this the citrus drink mix artuz Iraq that looks okay actually hmm that's fine I could reconstitute this with hot water but just tastes weird I mean vitamins are some sort of flavoring that has turned or changed over time hmm this is like a Kendal mint cake almost but instead of mint its lemon and then it's more granular Wow that really shouldn't be good at all it's it's not really but the idea of it being good at some point in the past this is pretty much like your dessert hmm let's see seems okay wait let's go for a crouton oh my gosh it's a stainless crouton ever had that's what's going on clear the palate there a little bit I wasn't sure what to do this is ready looking good it's like a fish chowder and potatoes it's much better than the last Maine I think it held up better last one was just on the brink or potentially even starting to get spoiled the cheese was just too much this now this is just right it's like a US meal cold weather beef stew but instead of beef a fairly delicate white fish and then kernels of corn the fish almost seems fried I believe that's where translated this held up very well cause a huge piece of bitch that hydrates so well that seemed almost seemed fresh it's like you know it's freeze-dried but it's close man this is like the incredible comfort food hmm the flavor balance is perfect it's very subtle it's just like an onion and garlic and not too much sodium and I believe that they got to keep that sodium content relatively low you know and it seems like the tomato soups pretty mild this is a cold weather ration pretty much you know freeze-dried means it weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces I mean like I didn't do the math but it seems like it would take a lot of water to get this thing you know fully rehydrated with the drinks and all probably takes least 70 ounces of water to fully rehydrate everything the ration was innovative see that two boxes one says menu on the other one says menu 12 you have these interchangeable components to make the perfect ration that you want you know what the menu lineup is it's like okay maybe that'd be box you'll love menu 12 but say like that a packed menu 12 you don't like that then a packed menu 10 is your favorite interchange then it's complicated and bulky probably cost more to produce well I suppose I saved the best for last year this Maine definitely makes this entire rash an experience that's how I feel even with that bread that's filling a couple pieces of fish like that one over there they're just a bit tough but other than that not bad so this was a Norwegian Armed Forces SR 92 combat ration from 1992 hence the title innovative but a bit too complicated I'm drinking hot water out of a cup didn't hold up too well but gotta say what an experience let's save this for display with the raisins and in like 20 years on my eat one this save this well anyway this is Steve 1989 I hope you like the video now we can Mack at you it's something new her old alright cool see you

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  1. Quit your shit Steve you won’t eat 27year old raisins but you’ll eat 120 year old beef found from a rusty can

  2. Well…with a tshirt like that, you could get a free bowl of soup! !! Oh…it looks good on you though!! Lol

  3. I love seeing new videos from you again. And I especially like how you have kept it in your own same format / genre. It works – it’s entertaining and informative and some of your reactions are priceless.

  4. I tend to shoot for the videos with 25+ years on the MRE. I like looking at reviews of MREs older than I am (28)

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