Hi I’m Michelle Vo, today we are gonna continue the 2nd part of Weight loss workout Now Let’s start! What do you think? It’s great right? Then don’t forget to click like, share and subscribe to my channels! Thank you so much for watching and see you again!


  1. I just found your channel a few days ago and I'm loving it! I'm now able to do a workout at home while my baby girl joins in and runs around with me! X

  2. You are great! I was waiting for some belly dance, and it was also in it! I am waiting for your videos! Greatings from Hungary!

  3. wow.. i feel so energized!!! best zumba ever.. can i know how much calories that we burn throughout the workout? thanks Michelle Vo!!

  4. Desde que conocí tu página hago ejercicio todos los días ! Muchas gracias ! Realmente me encantan tus videos !

  5. I just discovered it and it is love at first sight! Hope it will help me to lose some extra kilograms… keep your fingers crossed for me!

  6. I don't love – I ADORE these videos. I just wish we could get back the one hour video that was pulled, but in the meantime I will just do both 30 minutes workouts. THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!

  7. hey! dear , i jst love dis zumba .. i never knew exercising could be this fun.. 2 3 weeks of doing zumba ws vry much fun bt since last week i dnt why i m getting severe stomach pain aftr first 10 mts of workout it lyk frm my navel to chest. y does it happen ??? plz reply soon ❤❤

  8. I'm back again for another truly inspiring workout. My second workout video with you.
    Thank you Michelle for making workout fun cool. My time flew once again. I am going to keep dancing with all your dance workouts till I master every single move!!!
    I'm learning some new steps and I'm soo enjoying getting fit with you!

  9. I enjoy this a lot! Love the music the steps although its quite difficult , but manageable .. hope for more videos speacially for Curvy body and hiphop

  10. how many calories do we burn during this workout. And BTW your workout is awsome it helps me losing weight. Thanks😄😄😄😄 hope you I'll reply 😊😊

  11. I sweat a lot in this video and I follow all the way to the end..even if some of the moves in can not do exactly like u, but I had fun doing it.

  12. hi michelle! i love this work out video. just finished dancing to it! you are amazing. it's like attending to my fave zumba session while at home..i have started dancing to your videos since last week and i am feeling pretty amazing..hope i can lose weight after amonth maybe? haha

  13. Michelle, you are great. Thanks for making these videos. I have lost a lot of belly fat and I am in the process of reducing it more.
    Thanx again. Love from my side. <3

  14. es la primera vez que hago 1 de tus videos y me ha encantado, muy divertido ademas que medio aprendí a bailar 😂 pero sobre todo también trabaje mi cuerpo 😎✌ gracias!

  15. awesome! I waas looking for some zumba workouts, but there is not much, and here you are! with such fantastic material. Thank you for sharing!

  16. i see you from argentina, your videos are helping me a lot with my weightloss plan ❤ thank you so much!

  17. this is so amazing and i want to say that while you are exercising cover your tummy with vasline or whatever then wrap it with a plastic bag,…………………………………………michelle vo i luv ya and your channel

  18. its my first time to join zumba with Michelle Vo here in youtube….love it to shake with her..soo sweat love zumba💪💪💪😄😄

  19. I started doing fitness since 3 weeks, to lose weight.. tired looking for fitness videos on utube.. But now i found you, you make workout so much easier and funnier for me.. No need to search videos now.. Ive subscribe to your channel. Thx a lot..
    Im from Mauritius Island.

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  21. The best zumba videos I've seen! You keep it fun and simple 😊 just tried part 1 yesterday and now part 2

  22. The first time i did this exercise i can just do it in 7 minute and out of breath but then after 2 days doing it i can finally did it in half an hour THANK YOU SO MUCHH ! ♥️

  23. #2 today after 15minutes on the bike and it has been both fun and challenging. I love your music choice and its perfect that you only lead with your bodylanguage so one feels like dancing in a club and the 30minutes just fly by.
    For me the best danceworkouts Ive found on YouTube! Love dancing with you!
    Greetings from Vienna!

  24. Thank you Michelle for sharing all your wonderful and very helpful videos. You made exercise fun and easy 🙂 Power on !

  25. Michelle,thanks for your workout.i lost about 3 kilos after i think only 2 weeks.keep helping us.anyway,i am also in Vietnam.

  26. Hey its really amazing..i strtd just 1week back..i feel myself very light weight…i thnk i lost 1kg by now…simply supr..amazing workout videos….just today i strtd 2nd video of urs….love u loads…….

  27. and im still using it for my everyday zumba routine!! more power to you michelle thank you so much for the amazingly fun zumba video

  28. you are soo underrated , because your videos are amazing and your dance routine arent like the others , I LOVE YOU and thank you for aall you do for us , yoou are amaziiiiiiiiiing really all love from MOROCCO

  29. Hi! I did work out with this video during 5 month. I succeed reduce weight by thirteenth kilograms During February 2018 to June 2018. But since then I don't see this video By yesterday. nonetheless, my weight not increase a lot. I think it is because I lost weight by exercise. I really appreciate you. I starting again exercise when yesterday. I'll see this video again. This video is really good.

  30. I love you ma'am. Today was my second day of work out… and i enjoying alot with you… lets see after 15 days.. wil tell u my result.. love from India

  31. Hey.. I have been doing your dance workout #1 for 3 days now . .Is this level 2 workout. Or should I do both of them together

  32. Just discovered yours on YouTube its amazing. Burnt a lot. Thanks to keep my body fit during holiday. Love to see the next Video on.

  33. actually I was bore doing her zumba #1 again and again so I thought to see on any other channel as I did not know about ur #2 and #3……….but I did not find any vid better than this

  34. Kind of amazing! I love dancing and I hate working out at the gym so i was looking for something to turn hate into love and you gave it to me! And you gave me a run for my money as well with the moves! Looking forward more of this videos!

  35. Michelle…I'm still working out to your wonderful videos. Lately though, I've noticed commercials coming and interrupting your routines. It's not safe for the heart to have to stop when we are in the middle of a workout and have to pause and then skip all the ads. If there is any way you can get rid of the ads, it would help our hearts. Please. Love to you. A faithful subscriber from USA.

  36. Just like everyone else, I have been doing 6 days a week! Love it!! thank you! Do you Zumba every day or do you take a break on Sundays?

  37. Michelle!! Can you bring back the first one of this series?? It's missing and it my FAVORITE!! I sweat SOO much!!! They took it down??

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