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– I know it’s a lot of jump rope. I know but trust me it’ll be worth it. Trust me it’ll be worth it. – Hey, this is Tim Hightower, NFL veteran, and look, I spent years working
with the best of the best in order to help me be my best and now I wanna bring
that information to you. Whether you’re a beginner
or whether you’re advanced, you need a little push
and you wanna level up, I’ve got something special just for you. It’s “Wellness Wednesday”. Let’s do this. Hey, what’s up? Tim Hightower, “Wellness Wednesday”, and I’m back on the track. Two things you need. A band, a jump rope. I love this jump rope. It’s one of the things that I swear by with my training when I was playing, but even when I’m done playing. We got a nice circuit for you today. We got a combination of
planks, of jump roping, and of some strength exercises. So, one minute jump rope. If you wanna start with
30 seconds, either way. But follow along. We got one minute, we got
30 seconds of an exercise. We’re gonna go continue. If you need to take a break,
take a break as needed. Follow along, let’s get to work. A few things on a jump rope. You need good jump rope. Try not to get a cloth
jump rope, get a good speed jump rope that way you get
a good amount of resistance. When you’re measuring jump
rope, this is a little bit too tall for me. You want it to fit right under
your armpits, right here. So if it’s a little too
tall for you, wrap it around right, wrap it around
your wrist or you can just tie a knot in it and just
make sure it kind of fits right up under your armpits. Alright, start just basic jump rope. We got a minute. Let’s go. Just start two. You can start here. For those who are a little
more experience with jump rope you can alternate feet. Just like the Ali shuffle. Back and forth, here. You can go forward, back. You’re doing a nice good, nice good rhythm. Think toes, on the balls of your feet you don’t want your heels
touching the ground. On your toes. This is working your cardio, halfway. Keep going, it works your cardio. I’m going to think twist my wrist. I don’t want to think, swing my arms. I want the action to come from my wrist. Allows you to tone those
arms, get a good rhythm. This is burning those calories. All right, you’re almost
there, 10 seconds. Come on. All right, three, two, one. All right, push ups. Now for an advanced
version, you can always add, I like to add the band. We can start out here. We go wide, in. Wide, in. You’re going, remember your knees. Wide, in. Or you can use the band. 30 seconds, ready go. Wide, in. Wide, in. Come on I’m thinking my push ups. Keep going. When I’m thinking my
push ups, I keep trying to keep my elbows going back. Not out, it’s going to
put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Elbows back. Try to keep them tucked or slightly out. Elbows back. All right, 30 seconds. Almost there. Here, all right, stop. Back to jump rope. You need to take a quick break. Take a quick breather. If not, back to jump rope. One minute, let’s go. Ah. Back here, see. Research actually shows, helps you actually makes
you a little bit smarter. It challenges your motor control. It challenges your working different parts at a time. You’re working your
balance, your coordination. You’re working your mind. All those types of things helps to make you
smarter, you gotta think. Your body’s gotta figure
it out, it’s gotta balance. Your halfway, come on. Yes, it can make you smarter. Check it out. Come on, almost there. Come on. Come on. 10 seconds, come on. Remember you go here. If you wanted to do
double leg, that’s fine. Three, two, one. Good. Next one, my good old friend, plank. We’re going plank to squat. Knees in, knees out. So we go here. First we’re going to bring the knees in. Here and then out. Here and out. 30 seconds, let’s go. In, out. In, out. There you go. In, out. Make sure you’re thinking
as you’re doing it. Keep going. My core’s tight, my core’s tight. I’m bringing my legs out. If I can get my heels to the ground, I get my heels to the ground. So I’m in, if I can bring
these heels to the ground, great if not, I’m just touching the toes. Right here. Right here. Remember, if you need to
take breaks in between, that’s fine. 30 seconds, back to the jump rope. Let’s go, back at it. They say just nine minutes
of jump roping a day can equal, you can burn
the same amount of calories as you do running for 30 minutes. Just nine minutes. On average, you can burn anywhere from 10 to 15 calories a minute. You’re burning calories. You’re burning fat. But you’re also building muscle and you’re building endurance. You remember when you were a
kid, you used to skip rope, do double dutch, stuff like that. You didn’t realize how good of workout you were getting, did you? There you go. Oh, I feel my arms burning. My arms getting toned. Two, one, time, good. Next one, let’s grab our band here. Remember we want to combine cardio with strength training. The best way to burn fat, build muscle. So I’m going to step
on this band right here try to get a good tension. The key is keeping tension on the band. So, pull it up like
this, I’m going to squat. Squat down, push over in front of me. Push up ahead, okay. Squat down, push up. Push up. Whoo. Squat down, push up. Push up. Trying to keep tension, so
if I go here, there’s slack. My muscles not working. Time under tension, if you
want to keep your body, your muscles under tension. Remember here, I can feel
this already right here. Keep going, keep going, come on. Keep going, come on, 10 seconds. Come on, keep going, keep
your elbows tucked in push it up. Three, two, one, good job. All right, we’re back to our jump ropes. Now I know, you’re thinking
how many more jump ropes I got. We’re almost there, we’re almost there. Let’s go, back here. You need to take a break, take a break. If not, we’re go back here. Staying light, on the balls of my toes. It’s okay, if you stop, keep going. I don’t need to jump high. I need to just jump high enough for my feet to clear the rope. It’s working my calves, it’s
working my foot and my ankles. Athletes, this is great. Helps with foot and ankle problems. If you all was having an ankle sprain, you got to strengthen up that lower half. 10 seconds. Strengthen up those toes. Strengthen up those feet. Strengthen up those calves. All these muscles here. All right, now let’s get this core going. We’re going to rotate, cross
the body to knee crunch. We’re going to start here
in this bear crawl position. I’m going to rotate to crunch it here. For added challenge, I can
kick it out to the side here and touch. Either way, I’m here, I’m here, I’m here. Or, I’m here. Keep going, 30 seconds. I’m here, let’s go. Come on, here, either way. Here, get those obliques going. Come on. You’re almost there, you’re almost there. Come on. Whoo, shoo, 30 seconds, you’re
almost there, keep going. Twist, twist, challenge after challenge. Let’s go back to our jump ropes. What else is this good for? Even if I’m training for a marathon. Jump ropes are great. I don’t always have to pound the pavement. This is a better option,
it’s easier on my joints. It’s easier on my muscles. But yet, the way it forces me to breathe, it’s a great cardio workout. So you’re increasing your
cardiovascular system. You’re increasing the oxygen. You can hear me breathing hard. The way you’re able to pull in oxygen. More oxygen, better workout. Halfway, come on. That’s what you want so you don’t have to go running everyday. So I can do burpees, I can do jump rope. Come on, almost there. Come on, you feel the rhythm. Come on. 10 seconds. Almost there. Next, whoo, catch your breath. We’re going to go on lateral lunge. So I’m going to step out. Alternate lateral lunge. Key thing here, I want to pivot to back, toes straight ahead and I want
to push, I want to push up. All right, so stepping, push. All right, push, push, push. I don’t want my knees over my toes. I want to keep my knees over my shoelaces, and I want to use my glutes to push. Push, push. Thinking like I’m jumping, push. Push, yeah, push, there you go. You feeling real good about yourself? You can push, you can get
a little rhythm to it. Push, push, yeah. Push, whew, I feel it. Whew. Feel it, come on. Finish strong. All right, a few more. Come on. You pressed play. You’re here to stay. Stay with me now. Come on. All right, back to jump roping. I like to mix it up, coordination. You have a line, I can go
over and back over the line. So it’s not getting boring or repetitive. I can go forward and back, right? I can challenge myself. I can move back, right? I can move forward. I can run in place. I can go single leg. Mix it up, have fun. Whatever you like to do, do
you want to just stay here? Stay here, that’s fine. Remember on the balls
of your feet, halfway. Shoo, shoo. There’s a reason why top
athletes all over the world boxers, basketball, football,
baseball, they love to jump rope. Come on, almost there. Shoo, shoo, Breathe, make sure you’re breathing. In through your nose,
out through your mouth. Let’s go, good. Almost there, stay with me. Come on. You gotta take a couple deep breaths. Whoo. I like to talk to
myself when I’m working out. Come on, Tim. Come on, I deserve this, I can do this. I can push myself. All right, we got wood choppers. So let’s grab our band again. Let’s come here, over the front. We’re standing on it. Remember, tension, tension
is what we’re creating. So, I’m going to go here, all right? I’m going to pull in
front of me, boom, okay. Going here, boom, that rotation. I need the rotation. Come on. We’ll go 15 seconds one side, we’ll switch and go the other side. I want to think I’m
twisting my core, my arms and my core. So here we go. Core, tight, tight, tight, tight, yeah. Switch up, other side. It’s great to work this side but we also want to get those obliques. We also want to get those obliques. Now we’re other side, boom, boom. Boom, come on. Ah, ah, ah, come on, ah, ah, ah. Keep going, 15 seconds, keep going. 15 seconds each side, challenge it. You got to take a deep breath, come on we’re almost there. We’re almost there. Let’s grab that jump rope. We go three more things. Three more rounds, you with me? You with me? All right, let’s go. Come on, jump rope, back to jump roping. Come on. Ah, Whoo. Remember if you stop, it’s okay. If I stop, it’s all right. Just get back to it. It’s okay. We keep going. Remember I’m turning
my wrists, not my arms. Turning my wrist, think turn my wrist. I like to get a good rhythm, good balance. Again, I’m strengthening
my calves, my feet, my ankles, my core, my shoulders, my legs. I’m halfway there. Come on. I’m getting a full body workout. It’s good for my heart,
it’s working my mind. Everything is working. Shoo, and I’m pushing myself. I’m that much better today
than I was yesterday. I’m that much better than
I was 10 minutes ago. Shoo, come on, keep going 10 seconds. All right. We got row. Back to our bands, all right? All you need. You don’t need a fancy gym membership. You got a jump rope, you got a band and you got a little determination. Let’s go. Standing on the band, all right. Let’s get a good grip. Rows. Shoo. Breathe Tim. Breathe Tim. Talk to yourself, come on. Keep this constant tension on the band. Ah squeeze, there we go, squeeze. Notice I don’t let it
get all the way slack. I keep a good tension on it, right there. Squeeze, squeeze, come on. 30 seconds, come on, squeeze. Come on, hit it to back, hit it to back. That good athletic
position, hit it to back. Shoo, I feel my glutes still working too. Hit it to back, squeeze, shoo. I like to breathe, breathe, you gotta breathe when you work out. Don’t hold your breath. Breathe, shoo, whoo you’re getting oxygen to
your muscles when you breath. It allows them to work longer. It allows them to work stronger. When you breathe you get more oxygen. You get more blood flow
through your muscles. Shoo, all right. How many more you got in you? Come on, you got two more in you? You got two more rounds
in you? I think you do. Come on, two more rounds. Whoo. Back to jumping rope. I know
it’s a lot of jump rope. I know but trust me, it’ll be worth it. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. Ah. Whoo, shoo, ah, ah, ah. 20 minutes, 20 minutes is all it takes 20 minutes, come on. You can give it 20 minutes. Whoo, shoo, whoo. I’m going to travel a little bit with it. And move back, let’s move back. Let’s keep our mind
guessing, our body guessing. We can’t stay the same, we gotta get better. We gotta get better. Halfway, come on. We gotta get better. Everyday, I got to get better. Everyday, I push my self
just a little bit more. Come on, balls of my toes.
Stay on the balls of my toes. Stay light, whoo, shoo, whoo, shoo, shoo, 10 seconds, come on. Five, four, three, two, one. Come on. Reverse lunge, this is
great for your glutes, hamstring, overall balance. Stepping back, boom, stepping back up. Okay, just like that. I don’t want my knees over my toes. Or my knees right over my shoelaces. Chest up, straight back down. For added challenge, balance, come up, balance, come up, balance. All right, but remember I’m
thinking now from the bottom, use your glutes, push, right. Push, tension. I got to
think tension come on. Keep going, tension, come on. Halfway, come on. Ha, whoo, shoo, come on, almost there, almost there. Whoo, shoo, come on. Keep going, 30 seconds. Finish strong, last one of the day. You got it in you. Yeah, you pressed play,
you’re here to stay. You clicked on us cause
you want to be better. You clicked on this video,
because you wanted to be better. I wanted to be the best that
I could be on the field, and I want to be the
best I can be in life. So I gotta push myself,
I gotta push myself. I won’t waste your time. So don’t waste your time, push yourself, come on. One more. Let’s go, jump rope,
come on, stick with me. We’re going to start out
double leg, double feet. Stick with me, stick with me. Double feet, all right. Let’s try to twist it up. Alternating every other foot. Ali shuffle. It’s all right, keep going. Ali shuffle. Right foot, left foot, right, left. All right, stick with me. All right, side to side,
double legs, side to side come on. It’s the last set, halfway, come on. Side to side. Ah, forward and back. Stick with me, stick
with me, almost there. Single leg, single leg. All right, let’s finish strong. Let’s run in place. Come on. High knees, high knees. Shoo, 10 seconds, come on. Ah, ah, ah, three, two, one. Put the jump rope down. Let’s go, let’s go, come on. Let’s go, let’s finish. Whoo. Who likes to dance? You like to dance? Ah, let’s get a little break
dance plank going here. So take a deep breath. Come on, finish strong. Ah, I’m going to go here. All right, I’m kicking my foot here. I’m going here. If your good staying
right here, that’s fine. If you want to get a little jump with it, that’s fine. If you want added challenge, go here. All right, either way, 30 seconds. Here, keep going, shoo, whoo. Or there, there. Ah, ah, shoo, come on, you can do it. You can do it. I’m going to take a quick
break, it’s all right. Let’s get back to it. Come on finish, we got 10 seconds. 10 seconds with me, lets’ go. Ten, nine, eight, come on, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Whoo. (clapping) Hey, you got better today, I got better today. We got better today. Try the work out, submit it to me, let me know what you think. Send me your workout. Let
me know what you think. Need some coaching tips, send it to me. Challenge your friends,
we got better today. I’ll see you next week. Till next time. Be the best you. (organ tones) Hey, thanks for tuning in. Please hit that subscribe button. And let me know below, give
me some comments below, Let me know. What is it that you like, what
is it that you’d like to see. Trust me there’s more to come, everything committed, designed
to help you be your best and accomplish your wondrous goals. See you next time.

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