2018 British Single Meal Ration Pack MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

this is a British Armed Forces single meal ration pack it weighs one pound 14 ounces or 850 grams it's designed as an eight-hour ration and it's used on missions where pack weight reduction is required and also during training the main difference between it and standard 24 hour operational ration packs other than its size is the inclusion of the flameless ration heater let's check it out right off the bat we've got a small accessory packet got a tropical fruit and nut mix 25 grams here's your frh see how well this thing performs use your main Wow look at that it's different than a standard ORP main built-in gusset pasta bowl and yay minced beef with pasta and tomato sauce some raisins sultanas and currants fruit mix stem ginger oat biscuits so that sounds nice [Applause] you get two apple flavored energy drinks caramel cereal bar and a feedback and prize draw entry form so then this accessory packet you get your classics ORP sport some tissue paper a pack of v6 chewing gum that wet-nap and then a three-in-one coffee and three and one tea that's pretty handy instant both of them cool okay so there's everything laid out that's looking pretty good all right so let's get the sat on your tray nice okay so we're first start off by heating up this pasta bowl and yeah there's your eating element while that's doing this thing we're gonna check out that coffee and tea wow that's definitely working look at that [Applause] I'm gonna try out this caramel cereal bar pair it up with that coffee have the oat biscuits with the see look at that thing kind of shiny whoa it smells like caramel strong mmm that is delicious a little bit of an oat and Rice Krispies kind of crunch and texture it's very satisfying and there's dried fruit in it I think those are raisins it's sticky you'll want to keep it in the wrapper you don't want to hold it directly like this this coffee it smells excellent that's a nice robust and creamy little cup of instant coffee right there it's not overly sweet this match made in heaven I gotta say the caramel bar a little bit too sweet and sticky but it's not too hard on your teeth it's really easy to eat it tastes amazing so the next Apple energy drink this thing has electrolytes oh that's strong of Apple gotta say it's pretty tart and tangy smelling I really like the fact that this Apple beverage base is not overbearing with food coloring I mean look at it it just looks like a slightly off tone apple juice and that tastes amazing that right there that's some of the best military ration beverage base there isn't too much food coloring it's not overly sweet but still real sugar is used that's perfect so then the stem ginger oat biscuits are these they actually maintain their shape this is a new ration to is just made earlier this year a very slight ginger smell mostly smells like oats pair it up with some tea a tea on its own Wow these three in one's the coffee and the tea they're a nice change up from the standard teabags and then single serve coffee and then sugar and cream or having to finagle them hmm the stem ginger root biscuit has a slight ginger spice moderate sweetness it's really Pleasant I mean they're nice on their own they're a little dry but if you dunk them in the tea softens them up just right they're not too dry then hmm what's nice is they don't just break off into the tea they maintain their shape you know the ginger part of it it builds up the more you eat it it accumulates on your palate viii all five of them in a row with that tea that that would definitely wake you up these have a fair amount of roughage with ginger that's that's really good nice for a ration that in conjunction with dried fruit it's not gonna be too rough on your digestive system and the smell coconut right off the bat and dried banana Wow look at that yes hiya golden raisins standard raisins banana coconut peanuts that's a nice and healthy looking trail mix right here banana chips that's what I wanted to go for it first they're not too hard or crispy they have very little flavor though that's okay because they're not tooth breakers either the pineapple slightly fibrous and sweet and fair amount of pineapple flavor the peanuts I think they're just ever so slightly roasted peanuts and unsalted a little bit bland the raisins they're kind of dry and flavorless I think there's a golden raisin and see a couple of them yeah they're the same the papaya that's the most flavorful thing in there they have that prevalent and unique papaya flavor little everything hmm you know everything together doesn't work it's kind of strange it's a coconut on its own tastes like grass let's check out the raisins sultanas and currants well that smells so sweet you know I feel like only one way to go the tropical fruit mix there we go leave that oh yeah sweet rich flavor the the currants are what really make it pair it up with this I think it's gonna do a big favor for that tropical mix huh it's weird though I can still taste the coconut you know what it doesn't save that the coconut ruins it so then the main course that frh it just heated this up but it's not overly hot either I mean it's it's equalized on heat but holding it like this it's not too hot that's pretty good Wow I can smell that tomato sauce right away [Applause] so that sound the little macaroni pasta bits are really soft the tomato sauce it tastes kind of cheat and canned he could use some kind of hot sauce or something it's still easy to eat the pieces of beef are like tiny minced pieces tropical fruit and nut mix that's kind of awful even when you add the extra raisins sultanas and everything it seems nice at first but then you just get that coconut flavor and it really does it takes it tastes like you take blades of grass and pull them out of the ground and then there's like the white part at the base it doesn't have the chlorophyll and like if it wiped off the dirt or wash off the dirt and bit into the grass that's exactly what that coconut tastes like it does not taste like coconut at all this smells like it but it doesn't taste like it so back to this pasta bowl and yeah it's not amazing it's strange I want a nice hot meal but I don't want to finish that that's never a good sign any military ration out there it's it's designed for the whole thing to be eaten and if components aren't that great the soldiers not going to finish that component so not that great stem ginger ooh biscuits these are on point I just want to go back to this this ration could use it again built-in gusset beverage bag that you could drop into the flameless ration heater on the other side of the main course and on that heating element so you could at least have one out of the two of these drinks hot I'm not too fond of the pasta blown yay and for this Spearmint v6 chewing gum Oh like kind of kind of hard to chew and even though it's spearmint that's just a little bit overpowering and the gum base itself a little bit too firm definitely will clean your teeth and get your saliva glands going so this was a British Armed Forces single meal ration pack definitely worth checking out if you can get your hands on one of these I think there are 10 different menus you know menu nine it's kind of a mixed bag this ration definitely serves its purpose it'd be great for training missions something like this it's a lot less bulky than a standard ORP and that might fit into the role of certain missions that that ORP would just get filled stripped and only half of it would get eaten so yeah not a bad ration well anyway this is Steve 1989 I hope you liked the video I'll be coming back at you with something new or old alright cool see ya you

40 thoughts on “2018 British Single Meal Ration Pack MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

  1. I had to live off of that single ration pack menu for a week and it gets shit after he first time you eat it

  2. The meals in British ration packs aren't great as of late. Most of us normal working class squaddies just want meat, veg and potatoes with a bit of gravy.

  3. Steve honest question, after the excitement of these mre’s, do you get bored of eating/ preparing normal meals?

  4. I'm curious about that "feedback & prize entry form".. when you're on a tactical operation, can you just drop that in any mailbox or what?

  5. 11:55 – Imagine sitting in a field and eating the white stem parts of grass with Steve… “Metallic undertones”…

  6. “Nice hiss” and “Lets get it on a tray” now unremovable from my brains hard drive. Gee thanks Steve! 😂 It’s a huge talent to make an MRE so damn entertaining.

  7. I recommend that the Army use Hob Nobs in future, the kings of dunkers especially when it comes a good hot Brew !!!!!

  8. Steve: dunks biscuit in tea.

    Us brits: ( wolf of Wall Street style chanting) “ one of us gooble gobble, one of us gooble gobble we accept you one of us”

  9. A common flavor/Ingredient I have noticed in rations is Apple. As some who is severely allergic to apple I would be screwed lol.

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