2018 MRE Pepperoni Pizza MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Ration Taste Testing

and here it is considered the holy grail of all MREs menu 23 pepperoni pizza slice let's check this out real quick though there's a lot code at the bottom eight zero four five the 45th day of 2018 as a inner wrapper as well alright so right off the bat got a hot beverage bag flameless ration heater MRE spoon chocolate protein drink powder look at that 12 grams of protein 36 grams of sugar Italian breadsticks trans fat-free got our standard accessory packet cheese spread with jalapenos nice that's like gold oatmeal cookie also trans fat-free [Applause] pepperoni pizza with cheese and sauce it's a pretty long list of ingredients yeah with 30 years of development Natick food labs has corrected the issues with shelf stability early versions like this one I'm going to show you that one had moisture oxygen and pH issues that would make the pizza mold you know get moldy before the three year inspection cardboard sleeve for the last item cherry blueberry cobbler then the accessory packet its salt a moist towelette sugar coffee instant type to spray dried they brought it back I'm sure that's gonna be much better than coffee and some type three creamer chewing gum same old roll of toilet paper and matches that's a serious layout of food all right so let's get this out on your tray nice okay so we're gonna first start with this pizza okay let's see if we can get this in there too these fr h's don't have a lot of space so it's a tight fit this is not going to fit in there as well so let's try out the cherry blueberry cobbler this cobbler will be great heated up anyway oh yeah this is what's supposed to go in with it perfect fit nice and snug that's definitely doing its thing already [Applause] let's check out this oatmeal cookie I smell rich cinnamon and like a little bit of nutmeg really smells like a doughnut and then for the coffee I can't believe they brought coffee and some safe to spray dried back that smells almost identical to the old spray dried not quite as much of a powder I'm gonna leave the creamer and sugar out right and then this chocolate protein drink powder it calls for 8 ounces Wow smells rich of chocolate and very sweet [Applause] shake this up a little bit you can use this as the rock or something just prop it up that still has a few more minutes Italian bread sticks and jalapeno cheese spread that seems like a nice combo Wow I smell basil and oregano like right off the bat look at those so they're scored it's where you get for breadsticks it's a perfect allotment of cheese spread for three of the four breadsticks that's great we can try one on its own oh yeah it had a little bit left jalapeno cheese spread it blows bacon cheese spread and standard plain cheese spread right out of the water so much flavor so let's check out this coffee instant type – wow this is a near-perfect coffee that is a robust lightly acidic next to no bitterness no sugar or creamer required instant Joe you can't go wrong I think it'd be perfect with this cookie I mean having dessert first no rules against that that has a fair amount of shortening it's not overly sweet little bits of roughage with the oats it's a very crunchy cookie with a fair amount of cinnamon and nutmeg mmm when you're waiting for your cobbler and pizza to heat up this is the perfect thing to do you just have your coffee and your cookie this is a decadent combination truly followed up with a sip of this chocolate protein drink oh wow that is an overpowering slight chemical flavor with a chocolaty cheapness overtone that's the only way I can put it that doesn't taste very normal okay so let's check out this Italian breadstick one without cheese first there's a light sweetness to that it's very soft it almost seems malleable Cayenne addo e did you roll this into a ball now you practically can look at that it has like the texture of sliced white bread light flavor of onion oregano and again basil it's a really nice imitation breadstick it's the closest that you're gonna get to one in a ration Wow this is genius with the jalapeno cheese spread I feel like my head's can explore this is which flavour the jalapeno it's a little bit spicy with that creamy artificial cheese I could eat these so fast this requires very little effort to chew you don't have to put the cheese right on it could have the cheese in one hand squeeze it out and eat the cheese with each bite of this if you're on the go it wouldn't be too difficult to do I think this is ready oh yeah it's nice and hot Wow a perfect flameless ration heater here's the pizza thirty years in the making oh that smells like some freshly heated up frozen pizza look at that got the fresh pack yeah pepperoni some chunks and then some flat slices up there and the cobbler wow that was definitely the thing to do heating it up look at the a sweet and inviting smell of primarily cherry here's the grand finale well this is better than some frozen pizza out there oops cheese went in the cobbler speaking of the cheese this is a special mozzarella put in the never H and it can't melt you put in the microwave or the oven it'll burn before it melts little pieces of pepperoni as a great texture let's get another piece can't tell if it's pork or beef paintsville's savory not overly dry pieces of pepperoni in 2017 are still issues with this pizza and they shelved the project they would take the pizza and they put it in this hot box that was a hundred degrees Fahrenheit for six months it was a perfect replication of how the Pisa would look in three years and the pizza turned brown it didn't affect it nutritionally it's just government didn't want to give soldiers brown pizzas this is supposed to boost morale not decrease it you know a soldier doesn't want to open up MRE Pizza it's a highly anticipated item you know soldiers were asking for it since the birth of the MRE back in 1981 it was a it's pretty much fall or you know they just couldn't pull it off so the last thing the government wanted to do was give him brown pizza even though tasted fine and it had you know full nutritional value that oxidation was visually unappealing the bread the sauce the cheese and that pepperoni together not getting moldy that's amazing check out this cobbler oh yeah this is perfect heat it up there's like dough mixed in with it and it's not mushy they're pieces of cherry and blueberry the fruit isn't mushy that dough that's mixed in with it that actually is one of the best desserts in a ration so this Emory had two desserts the oatmeal cookie and this cobbler the cobblers not overly sweet hmm I just hit a little crunch of something that was nice Wow yeah it's like a dough or crust that's mixed in with it or like an imitation type crust it's a shortening flavor hey I think those are little nuts in there maybe little chunks of pecan pecan pecan same thing depends on where you're from this is a menu guys are gonna be fighting over trying to get trade and probably to regular other menus for one of these things I can see it now and finish this – real quick I just thought of something here take the jalapeno cheese spread put it on this pizza oh man that was perfect right there that was that was the way to go next time I get one of these MRE pizzas I'm gonna take the cheese spread and put it on the pizza or at least half of it save the other half for those breadsticks none of this is thirst provoking because I totally forgot about this I didn't even need a drink but gotta get your protein this ration this is the was seriously one of the best MREs ever made and you know why all the components are great I'm gonna want to eat them all and that's what the MRE is all about you have to consume every component to get your nutrition but if you don't have those components you're missing out so you have to eat the whole MRE menu 23 incredible this pizza was worth the wait and it's finally happened it's no longer a rumor palate with some MRE gum that gum it's a lot better when it's fresh that's pretty right there a strong peppermint but not too strong the gum base itself is a little bit firm when you chew into it it's kind of tough so this was the newest MRE menu 23 pepperoni pizza slice I want to thank Mike and his family and chappie from battle box for making this happen I also want to give a shout out to Chris the staff and the kids at Camp Barnabas it's a special needs camp that helps people out with all kinds of disabilities and Chris hit me up he asked me if I give can't Barnabas a shout out those are amazing people but again thanks to Mike and his family for making this one happen this was an amazing experience I'm glad I could share this with everybody this is Steve 1989 I hope you like the video I'll be coming back at you with something new hurled all right cool see it you

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  1. Bridgford makes some packs for UK forces I remember they made the Jam filled roll and some of the sweet packs in some of the 24hr rat packs.

  2. I mean reality u would have the cookie and the coffee for breakfast. The protean and bread sticks for lunch then the pizza for dinner maybe the cob too but save that for tomorrow when ur hungry again.

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