2018 Peter Rabbit Movie McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

Tweety nice hey guys today we have Peter Rabbit McDonald's Happy Meal toys super super fun it says jump in for an awesome new adventure so let's find out what's inside of this box what's our first toy we have the number two toy it says Peter Rabbit marble games I wonder how that works ok so here's a marble game and we have Peter Rabbit on the left and Benjamin on the right and the goal is to get as many of these little white marbles into this little hole underneath them you guys see that right underneath there and then we can see who's the winner I guess I should turn it this way so let's start this over and have Benjamin on the left and Peter on the right and let's see who can get the most enormous FIFA wins because down here you can see who gets the most in so let's see Oh Benjamin just got when you see that trying to balance this it's Benjamin I got that one so let's see who the winner is is it a tie I think it might be a tie guys so actually no Peter Wong look we got one two three four five for Peter and only four for Benjamin we'd have a winner super fun and by the way to get these balls back out so you can play you just simply turn it over and they'll fall back out like that because there's little holes right there super awesome just keep doing that until all of them come forward let's see what else we have inside the box we have the number for Peter Rabbit news ball toy ok so here is our foosball toy and we have Peter Rabbit right there and I am not good at foosball at all I cannot play this game so here's a little carrot and you're supposed to I think shoot the ball out and Peter Rabbit supposed to be the goalie I guess and try to prevent it from hitting the end here where the goal is so oh my gosh well I guess he lost her it he so it goes into this little hole right here on that side you see that and then you kind of shoot it out and Peter Rabbit can it went in again so I'm not a very good Foley up there he lost again so for those of you who are good at foosball maybe this is the game for you oh he lost again okay so that is a foosball game and I'm sure this is probably not the correct way to play it but since I'm not playing it right Peter Rabbit keeps losing here so let's grab our last ones out of this box and we have the number one toy it's Peter Rabbit hula let's see if we can play this one so this set comes with six rings three green and three orange and we have Peter Rabbit that stands right here with the arms out and arms don't move oh well I guess they do they spin and it's kind of like that carnival ring toss game so you're just supposed to toss these and see if you can get it on his arm so there's one was that cheating let's see see if we can there's another one over his arm actually it's quite easy oh I got one on his ear let's see how this last one shows oh my gosh this last one can be come on here it come up rate these are standing there doing nothing and I'm selling a bit cooperate the last one got to be the hardest I think this one should count for like 100 points or something so let's find out what's in our second box here Peter Rabbit Roger so this set comes with three targets plus we have a carrot launcher and you have Peter Rabbit so we've supposed to put the carrots on to the launcher here and then we press this button to aim it or to release it and we have a fifty point one so here's our 50 point target and then you have a 30 point target and you basically fold it like this and then pop this middle piece back like that so that they will stand it's kind of like the trunk of a tree so we have 50 30 and then we have a 15 point one and this one looks like it's the biggest one so we'll see what our score is after I aim it and see what happens so so here we are I'm going to turn these maybe I should turn these like that and then I'm going to just press this and see how the carrot launches are you guys ready let's see which one should I go for I'm gonna go for the 50 oh my goodness it hit the 50 and then the 30 fell down is that even fair let's try it again let's go again I like it hit the 50 and the 30 fell down hey no cheating here let's go again let's move these out of the way and see if the 50 will fall over okay let's go there we go yay so we can aim for the 50 now let's try the 30 since the 30 wants to fall down so much let's try the 30 oh yeah we got 30 and 15 we got 45 points this one is super fun I love a launcher toys from McDonald's they're super fun so let's see let's try there we go awesome ok let's see what else we have here's number five we have Peter Rabbit challenge catch let's see oh my gosh so look at his face here let's see how does this challenge catch work okay so here is Peter Rabbit and a challenge let's see if we can move his arms you can't really move his arms but the challenge is to press him into this little launcher and then we're supposed to turn him and I don't know how many times you're supposed to turn him so I'm just gonna turn him a few times and then we press one of these buttons oh my gosh and the challenge is to try to catch him before he lands so oh my gosh he doesn't go very high let's see if you spin him a lot he just popped out let's see what happens if we spin him a lot see if he'll pop higher for us to catch so let me press this button okay so I think part of the game is that you don't know which button will actually release him so you don't know when to actually try to catch him so let's see Oh see by spinning him a lot he doesn't go up much higher so you gotta be like really quick to get this so I spun it a lot and it didn't seem like he jumped any higher let's try you see that this button did not work this button did not work this button didn't work see so push it down getting the spin and see which one I wonder would happen if I held the button down longer maybe that's what it is like she just popped out okay okay so yeah it is a surprise factor because I'm pressing this one really hard and it's not working oh I missed it again so he flew right off the table so let me know in the comment section if you happen to have this toy and if you are able to catch him and here is our less Happy Meal toy oh this one's a mane it's Peter Rabbit warm names number three so here's the maze and I'm gonna set it down in a little bit but I just wanted to show you this because otherwise there's going to be a glare from the lighting you can use this carrot to adjust this will amaze like that and this side too but this little ball goes into that dip right underneath Peter Rabbit and we're gonna help it get to the carrot and there's a little hole right there too so there we go so it goes in there it starts there and then we try to use this to get the ball to the carrot let's see if we can do this nope we are so close yay look that was super easy super awesome well guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comments section which one of these Happy Meal toys is your fave see you guys in the comment section 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