25 INSANE Food Scandals That Actually Happened

in simpler times most families ate whatever came off their farm and sold the rest however in the modern age most everyone gets food from the supermarket with large production lines pumping out food for the masses problems are almost inevitable while most scandals have been harmless in rare cases food contamination has led to death curious about what issues have cropped up over the years well I'm Mike with list twenty five and here are 25 insane food scandals that actually happened 25 rotting frozen meat in China in 2015 there was a major crackdown on meat smugglers in China in one bus they found 500 million dollars worth of meat that was way past its expiration date some dating back to 1970 often the smugglers wouldn't refrigerate the mean causing it to thaw and freeze several times between shipments 24 bottled tap water people will buy bottled water usually do so thinking it's at least filtered and not coming from the faucet however many water bottle companies don't even filter their water even if it does come from tap water you might want to think twice before shelling out the cash for a certified plastic bottle 23 Krispy Kreme doughnut club in England a Krispy Kreme advertised doughnut club they were running called KKK Wednesday their abbreviation stood for Krispy Kreme Club but little did they know KKK also stands for a notorious racist gang in the US they quickly apologized for it and removed the ad 22 noodles with high lead levels in India Nestle's Maggi noodles had a huge market share in India until news broke out that they registered seven times the allowed amount of lead in the food it killed their brand resulting in multi-million dollar sales losses 21 beef flavored fries leave it to McDonald's to sneak in foreign ingredients into things like french fries though most people would assume french fries is a vegetarian food they'd be wrong if they ate at McDonald's after being sued for fraudulent claims McDonald's came out admitting their french fries had a trace amount of beef flavoring they included in their nutritional information as natural flavor twenty Iraq poison grain disaster in 1971 the Middle East was undergoing a drought which almost became a famine with Iraqi farmers wanting wheat Mexico offered their high yielding varieties mexi pack to transfer the wheat across the ocean they put a mercury based fungicide on it the wheat arrived late way after planting season and the Iraqi farmers didn't know what to do with it so they fed it to their livestock in children before long many people were rushing to the hospital because of mental illness when word spread the wheat was bad people threw in the water contaminating it and killing the wildlife 459 people died and thousands of others suffered permanent brain damage 19 olive oil fraud if you have olive oil in your kitchen you might want to double-check that it isn't fake it was discovered recently agro mafias in the Mediterranean have been Hocking fake olive oil under the extra virgin olive oil type but diluting it with sunflower oil the University of california-davis researched olive oil off the shelf and discovered 69% failed to meet international standards 18 beech nut fake apple juice in 1997 beech nut got busted for selling essentially sugar water intended for babies when they claimed it was a hundred percent apple juice they had to pay a two million dollar fine 17 subway chicken only fifty percent real the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did a study and discovered Subway's chicken only contained 50% of chicken DNA in contrast chicken found at a butcher shop would be a hundred percent researchers discovered subway uses soy fillers to make up the other 50% 16 just mayo inflated sales environmentally friendly and vegan startup Hampton Creek went under fire for inflating its sales of its product just mayo by buying back their own product they bought back more of their product than they earned and used the numbers to fool investors 15 cumin substituted with nuts in Britain a food standard agency probe discovered in Britain that the cumin on the shelves of supermarkets had undeclared traces of nuts due to a cumin shortage many belief suppliers replace the cumin with nuts to meet demand undeclared nuts put allergy sufferers at great risk 14 burger king and horse mean while Burger King might claim to use 100% beef that might not always be the case after it was discovered trace amounts of horse DNA were found in the beef products of Burger King they moved quickly to cut ties with the Irish meat supplier that shipped the partially horse filled product 13 mad cow disease crisis in 1986 mad cow disease was discovered in England since then more and more came to light about the damage it can do to humans who consume the meat of cows with the disease including the potential to contract creutzfeldt-jakob disease many countries and companies banned England's meat due to the crisis twelve fake eggs in China in 2012 scammers in China sold eggs on the market cheaper than in the supermarket but people who purchased them later discovered they were fakes in order to make the eggs look weel the scam artists would create a mold and use resin starch coagulant and pigments 11 KFC mystery meat in China KFC was an unstoppable force in the market but the reputation took a big hit when it was discovered a meat supplier they used called shanghai husi food co used meat that fell to the ground and also mixed fresh and expired meat together 10 Quaker Oats radioactive oatmeal a group of former students at MIT was awarded a large settlement after it was discovered they were unwittingly fed radioactive oatmeal in the 1940s and 50s more than 100 students were fed the oatmeal as a part of an experiment nine exploding watermelons in China a farmer in China used a growth accelerator called for core federal on his watermelon crop too late in the season and was traumatized to find them exploded like land mines all over his field while agriculturists claimed the chemical is not harmful to human health because of their sensitive nature it shouldn't be used on watermelons ate Taco Bell meat not too many people were happy to discover Taco Bell's me it was only 88% beef on their website Taco Bell admitted to it and stated they also put in FDA approved additives for flavor and texture 7 Supermarket chicken with water and additives at certain grocery stores like Aldi and Asda frozen chicken breasts are pumped with water and additives in a process called tumbling while the industry states the process makes the chicken more succulent very few consumers know they're purchasing a product with large quantities of water included 6 glow-in-the-dark pork found in China a man in China discovered his pork meat glowing blue in the dark he said it looked like fireflies researchers said it was likely the pork was fed a high amount of phosphorous and that anyone who sees this shouldn't eat the meat 5 rat meat sold in China as lamb a gang of traders in China bought up a bunch of rat Fox and minks flesh and then sold it as lamb they doused the meat in gelatin red pigments and nitrates before selling it on the market the Ministry of Public Security cracked down on the operation and 63 people were arrested for Hardy's fresh bun scandal when Hardee's arrived in Pakistan in 2009 it released a series of ads one of which was called fresh buns in it a woman's hand is firmly grabbing to conveniently-placed buns the innuendo was not lost on anyone three pink slime in 2012 ABC News did a report on lean finely textured beef and called it pink slime resulting in a massive firestorm the general public was disgusted and fast-food restaurants tried to distance themselves from the product even though the USDA defended it as being safe to consume it crushed the industry losing four hundred million dollars in sales and forcing them to shut down three plants however in recent years the product has been making a comeback – mud pepper most people don't think twice where their pepper comes from when they sprinkle it on their food but in this case it was probably smart to wonder in China a vendor was baking mud pies outside and then selling them as pepper he said it wasn't illegal because the fake seasoning wouldn't kill people one LED paprika in Hungary paprika is a major spice which cooks use in many of their recipes so consider their horror when they found out dozens of people were dying due to lead laced paprika the contamination was discovered in private paprika mills the lead was apparently being used to make it look more appealing to consumers authorities arrested 60 suspects in total but the damage had already been done with many customers requesting no paprika be used in their meals enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the bottom right so you don't miss out on new ones every Monday to Friday share them with your friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more lists check out 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20 thoughts on “25 INSANE Food Scandals That Actually Happened

  1. I have to ask as I hear the tune in another video and I'm trying to track down the music…

    At around 0:30 I clicky jingle sounds what is that tune/beat/sound?

    Literally honestly wanna know ^_^
    Anyone who knows thanks in advance it's just too catchy

  2. McDonald's used to cook their fries in beef tallow. They were better tasting and better for you. You info is bad.

  3. I remember when the McDonald's used to put Beef flavoring in their fries, that is what made them taste so great. After they took it out, their fries were not as good and just like everyone else's. McDonald's should have kept the beef flavoring and told the vegans lump it. What are vegans going to a burger place for anyway.

  4. It's disgusting what people do for money …. Money and greed is gonna be the death of humans .It gets worse by the day . There are some serious dark days ahead For humans .Thankfully I don't plan to be around then. Just take a look at how long it took them to get lead banned in gasoline Because it was poisoning the entire earth. The big oil companies Fought tooth and nail In they didn't give a rats ass What it was doing to anybody… Look at tobacco companies …Hell look at what the banks themselves did In 2008 ….Pathetic … A lot of the food nowadays is deluted with poison Just so somebody can make a few extra bucks and live that lavish lifestyle

  5. Krispy Kream donuts in England never heard of the KKK in America? I'm calling bullshit on that one

  6. gerbers apple juice for babies.. once exposed this company showed how evil it really is and now scams people with insurance, perhaps the most evil industry aside from banking mankind has ever known.

  7. Oh, and how many times were McDonalds & KFC sued for using trans-fats in their cooking oils for years causing a wall of slime to build up on everyone’s veins and how many of your relatives from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s had brain aneurysms and heart failures??!! What about lead in gasoline- we were all walking through vapours of lead in the 80’s & 90’s, likely still are!

  8. The Chinese Conspiracy is Real! Don’t buy anything from China, or Dollar Stores since they sell a lot of cheap unregulated products…

  9. Dont knock subway ill eat there any day They never claimed it was 100% chicken meat, you buy frozen, boxed chicken and it too has harmless fillers. Subway bread is healthy they made a stand on that, Mcdonalds and Burger king said they will continue to serve unhealthy chemical bread. (their bread kills me i forgot the name of the flour they use but it is deadly.) Subway doesn't trip my allergies. Subway is clean, I have talked with their executives at their conventions if all this vid can find wrong in Subway is a little filler in the chick Pattie then "I'll take a foot long meat ball sub, 6 inch chicken sub, 3 peanut butter cookies, foot long tuna extra onions and salt THANK YOU! Oh yeah make that a foot long chicken sub. Subway is clean and the best , I have kept a close eye on them. For 30yrs,. EAT SUBWAY!! And yes I know and subscribe to all knowledge of food conspiracy and I still highly recommend SUBWAY! Hardees Wendy's, Hibachi buffetts. If you're a cannibal you may want to try mcdonalds and burger king. if you like 4 month old aged South American low grade beef(probably with fly eggs in it) from old dehydrated cattle buzzard meat do the taco bell that's why they put all that musky seasoning to hide the taste of caragon rotten flesh, they did get in trouble for serving very low grade dog food type meat. But I'll take a Philly steak sub please, THANK YOU! What?? !! Oh I thought someone said something negative about Subway.

  10. Jack in the box had several sandals in the series with their meat involving horse meat and kangaroo meat if I remember correctly.

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