283 B Physical Medium Scott Milligan Trance Q&A Fundraiser for Demelza House 20 December 2018

I like to extend the warmest and affection to all wherever you stand in time may the light of the Eternal Spirit unless it keeps you all to guide you on the path of your abdominus to the endless sunshine better Mitchell may we stand one day in the golden shores of eternity and embrace one another as equal spirits as we stand and look upon your earth and see how at this sacred time of year of the gathering of the festivities there is still divided and conflict within your world our dream for you as the new year bells toll is for peace and love to come to humanity and to come to all of you and may you stand in the land of peace no more war or suffering that has been brought about by man’s inhumanity to man may we give wisdom to those who claim to speak upon you to speak for you to stand for you as you represent the contraries that you are residents of may we also ask for peace and wisdom come to those who have misjudged who may not see the world which you see they believe that the greatest lie that has ever been written or spoken his death death is not a lie it can be the painful truth frees you from the husk of your earthly life each of you who are listening to these words have come to the realization as someone who you love has gone from this world and now stands in eternity in your world people leave you in our world people join you join you to step three from the hands of time free from all pain and suffering you are not divided by language or kala of sexuality you are all equal in the light of the Spirit it is only when you walk with this earth below your feet and the warmth of the Sun that shines upon you you start to find individual allottee but also you may find ways to divide you from the circle of light that was given to you at the moment of your birth so as we look upon the festivities you call this time Christmas we used to call this type of celebration but now as I stand from the showers of eternity we call this time the festival of life this is when the world is brightest because the spirit of Christmas is to love one another to bring those who have been divided or have migrated to other contrabass together for one day to sit around the table to enjoy the feast that God however you understand God to be has given the family and talk in I ask you now as we approach this time as you have done so with great love and encouragement to consider those who are less fortunate that oneself at this time of year as you may rest your head upon the pillow they may risk their head underneath the Stars and to fill every drop of rain to be forgotten by oh well hidden as others will ask spare a kind thought to those who are learning to stand again if it is your will allow us to come with to give healing to those who are in need comfort to those who have lost family and I ask you now as we approach the end of this year what will you do differently when the new year bells toll as you say once more I have survived another year the year that you have lived has been written and the ink is dry you have within your hands a new opportunity to write another chapter of your existence what will you do differently what knowledge will you gain by sitting quietly and allowing the God source of your soul to allow itself to move to the very surface of your being and allow the spirit to move you to animate you so that this year that approaches will be a time of change for all humanity No matter if it is human or animal allow the light to shine for all to realize you are equal equal cut from the same gossamer by the head of God some may see this as a time of reflection as you are opened in the tapestry of life the word God may not sit comfortable everyone but if I said God Islam may love sit well with all as each of you listen not through your life there are times where you may feel that you are abandoned or alone you are never alone even though we move too fast for your eyes to see we speak – softly for your earthly ears to hear but if one could move their perception maybe there you glimpse eternity you may not be able to hold our hands at this moment but doesn’t stop us sitting next to you embracing you bringing happiness to the soul that resides within I ask you now as I stare upon this dusty mirror as I come to the end of my benediction and my speech to you all I say to you you’ll never drink the ocean dry but as a feeling that calm and you may be just a spark of light but you come together now has made a collective consciousness that has brought much light oh well it is only when we blow out the candle we can truly find the light of the Sun to blow away distractions and therefore you face mouth and face the truth that man can never die your bodies may be borrowed from time borrowed from the earth but the soul belongs to eternity and the memory will come with you when you close your eyes and embrace death as an old friend we drink the cup that death has poured himself and we will celebrate the life and who you are and as you have left footprints in the sands of time we will walk shoulder-to-shoulder into the great light the great light of God but as I speak of God once more God is not a bearded gentleman that sits upon the throne in judgment God is light light brings all life to this world as spiritualism comes to save you from the insanity of false idols who was brave enough to stand and ignite the flame of curiosity to start the spark that has turned now into a blazing inferno that has touched the four corners of your world but as the fire burns like everything in night what has a beginning must serve its purpose I pray that spiritualism and who you are striving to seek out the truth stricken for the shores of our world allowing those gifted individuals to become our voice a voice that we have lost and slowly we are finding in your world once more if you are to stand to represent us stand in your truth and allow our thoughts to move through your consciousness if you are to sit in the manner like the one we love may we dust your consciousness and allow us to speak with you to those who wish to listen to words but if I say to you that any thought that insult your intelligence may be burnt away from your consciousness may I say to all of you if any of my words command you oh say you must I can never tell you what you should or should not do I can only advise you I could never rob you of the journey that leads back into eternity I can advise you as I say but it is up to you if you wish to embrace these words or allow them to collect dust within your consciousness I understand the purpose of this gathering and I say to all of you there are no answers there only questions that will lead you to a greater question another after that will be written another enigma but must be address but I say this to you as I had now proceedings into the care and keeping of your world I thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you now I must confess to you all that there is no difference between you and I the only difference is that I have walked this earth commanded by time but now my life is a distant memory and I am free of time even as I address you now I did not open the statement and say good morning good afternoon or good evening I said where you stand in time but if I was to say to all of you what is your time you will all be different from one another so time is a faith it lies to you and that time can’t even get time right itself not saying once you die you know the absence I say once you have given yourself to death your view upon subjects free of human emotion seems to become greater and your thirst for knowledge becomes an agreeable first no matter what you devour you’ll constantly ask for more so once again now as I have sufficient hold upon his mind Nick my friend I trusted you our I’m very well thank you Eric is lovely to hear from you it is always pleasing you know to experiment in such a way but once again I say this form of communication perplexes me but I do not see you but I can’t hear you I can hear and through the sound gives birth to color and therefore I can see you but when we sit in the same residence I see you but to understand even though we are separate from contrabass a collective consciousness has brought us together with a purpose that God Himself only as the answer of why maybe that if it is within my capability to reach out to God and ask so and if I have the answer may I deliver it to you all make my friend I have to also say to you I will only stay from movement by I allow another to also assist in this proceeding ok thank you Eric we’ll just proceed in the usual manner ok you’re going to start with with questions first of all is that right yes right so who has who has the first question that they’d like to ask Eric if you can raise your hand and if you don’t have if you don’t have a cameras that means I can’t see you you can type in the chat room but please make sure you keep your microphones on mute until they come to you so wave to me if you have a question that you like to ask Eric I understand you got more than one place of focus Mike I have many places tonight is a rather large group so just bearing here I have to say we outnumber you that’s nice tonight that’s really nice tonight okay so let me just wait to me if you’ve got a question you’d like to ask Eric if not I will continue to proceed with thoughts okay I can’t see anybody with a question no but I do have so just one second we do have somebody hey they are going to unmute you okay you can ask Eric your question okay I was wondering how do you lift in the afterlife how must we imagine that life is there what will you do over there do you have a similar life like we here we were education is the afterlife all love and light that’s what I’m wondering about oh my friend ins thank you for your kind inquiry and hate you for being brave to start our journey I have to say to you probably by the end of our journey we will have many questions but as you have asked for my view and allow me to then elaborate in the life that you live that when you come to the time of the mortal death as you close your eyes to this reality you awaken within our world the state of familiarity as you first make your transition is very much like how your environment is days if not weeks before your deaths you are the same person but you are freed from pain and ailment the residents that you have within our world is very familiar to and if you desire to have a different residence then so be here whatever you think will become the reality and don’t for one moment ever believe that if someone feels the afterlife then that becomes reality and I think that his fear is wiped away from your consciousness when you move into the transition state of death I myself reside accustomed to what I witnessed with my family that surrounds me we do not have day or night over here it is an endless sunshine if you are to ask me as I look upon your year if you are to consider time what appears to me to be only a moment can be a year to you and therefore we do not mourn when we come to our side of life of the people we leave behind the time of separation is only a brief moment to us that can be eternity for you if you were always wanting to say but where I’m able to soothe the ears of those who wish to listen over here you seem so sweetly if you wish to draw but were unable to grip a pencil or to have the inspiration to splash color upon the canvas in our world you can draw you can paint and express yourself and every drawing will hang in a marvelous location for others to see for creation that um it is a place that allows you to fulfill all your desires but when you receive this knowledge and you consider what you truly wish in life you can achieve it in your vow and therefore let you have your transition you move into the state of morality and your duties begin I myself attended a place called the halls of learning which is very much like a Lima rain but not full of books it was of light whatever I desired to man I stepped into the light and instantly solved it which made me curious to learn as much as I can to further my own understanding of progression but when one is ready you seem to shed another layer of your consciousness and we call this process the second death and this is where you move from the state of familiarity into the greater world of spirit you see in the horizon your destination but it will take a moment for you to accept it and remember a moment to us can be many lives in your world we are not governed by time but may I say mr. meu you have already seen the golden shores of eternity before you were born therefore you know your environment the only difference is that when you return home you have lived an earthly life and identity has taken on by the life you share your knowledge with others who may not live the life like you so I say this to you ah well is the reality and your world is the dream and one day you’ll wake and welcome into the night and you will be reminded of the place you have been where you have gone and where you have returned I hope that has covered not only one question but provoked many more I thank you for your kind inquiry let us move along thank you okay wave to me if you have a question you’d like to ask Chris welcome welcome to you there we go I’ve I’m trying to unmute you just bear with me a second you’re doing a sterling drop my fit for some reason it won’t let me unmute you Chris can you try and muting it yourself yeah no okay well perhaps perhaps you can type your question in the chat room and and I will outcome and I will relay the question to Eric for you after the next question you just click on chat you should be able to type it and I can see that daniel has a question let me let me just find you Danielle and we’ll come to you there we go let me just unmute there we go you know you can ask Eric your question hello Eric hello my dear I trust that you are well I am well Eric there are people looking on Facebook right now listening to your words that’s I’m sorry it’s it’s other people who are looking and listening to your words and there is somebody who asked a question if it’s fine that I asked that question to you it makes no difference at all I hope they would like to hear my response I’m pretty sure they are Karen Jaffe asked I seem to have lost my question I would like to know please from Eric of the spirit team why do children under 25 years old leaves the earth plane early well I have to say to you my friend but anyone who is spirit that comes to the earth must also return to our world it saddens us to see such pay as such joy comes as we weep tears of sadness as you are born to this world as you weep tears of joy knowing that a gift from God has been given to you tears of sadness come and fall down your cheeks as their life comes to an end and we weep tears of joy to welcome them back into the light but then we look over our shoulders and see the pain the pain of those who have migrated from your world I have to say to you that the physical form is fragile the physical form is not able to sustain the supreme power of the Spirit and therefore it can only live in harmony with one another for a short period of time but I say to this to cherish each moment whilst you still live under your son the time of separation does occur maybe through cause-and-effect a course of action may affect outcome from some with stupidity or anger or suffering may cause harm to another and therefore end delight within your world if I was to say why does God allow I say with the most kindness of thoughts with the most kindness of words God doesn’t allow mankind allow but I say this to you is it not a beautiful thing to have a gift of life even though they may snots it physically at the table but when time passes when it is your turn to transition my my you’ll never be separate again the children that come to our well are careful the children that come to our world still attend school the only difference between a child in your world and the child in ours when children the fall they simply stand again and they are not her they’re not in pain they do not suffer from disease or ailment but in your world the body is fragile they continue their learning they continue to some torture they stand with you and hold your hands as you rest and coddle you that night it is sad you know if we are able to continue physical phenomena in your well to bring it back into the night for you to see your children and you’ll never feel the pinch but death has caused himself so I say this it can’t breathe through calls and effect it can’t be through out loud or situation or environment but may we think for a brief moment that you were able to know them but remember they will always walk with you and when it is your time I say this with confidence they will be at the front of the queue to welcome you into eternity I thank you for allowing me to hear a question that
wasn’t your own and I thank you for showing the gift of kindness let us move on up thank you Eric there’s a question that that’s been sent to me by Bob he says in the past and he says daniel has stated this but I know that both of you have spoken about this in the past people barbaric so cruel and barbaric people such as Adolf Hitler when they die they don’t enter the spirit world as most people do rather they’re instantly absorbed into the light as soon as this are you in to expand on that a little further of course I can’t make it as it is been asked and we have answered on many occasion whatever we do in life is Navon stroke of a master’s brush of the portrait of who you are if you have kindness and goodness then the palette is rich with power if you have caused in just and suffer then the palette is full of darkness when one comes to the end of their transition here and indeed moves into the station familiar ality great healing is given to the mind and therefore it is wiped away of the situation of the life they have lived when they have reached an understanding if I can call it that they will be taken to the halls of learning where they will gaze upon the portrait and then themselves will judge how their life has been and they can be the harsh judge of them all when we talk about individuals that have caused mass harm within your world it serves no purpose for them to dwell within the state of familiarity they instantly absorbed into the light you may say that even though they have done crawl things they are rewarded by not going through the nails of consciousness within our realm but look at what they have missed out on look at what they have been robbed of the experience to find spirituality they do not exist anymore they are not an individual drop of rain they are now exalt into a great enlightened those who have been affected by the individual that has cast the first stone you may seek answers why should still live but indeed that when you take a mortal death as you move into the greater world of spirit that thought is moved away from you you’re only reminded of things when you come back to speak to this world that is why that certain individuals always stop to say I have a gentleman here who has cancer and we are reminded of that did we have that so we are only reminded of death when we come close to you to speak with you but it is only a brief moment but these individuals serve no purpose in our realm now I say this to you I don’t want you for one moment to then polish or false to think now that I have done such in just I will be absorbed you will not but as you sit here now contemplating these words you have started to enrich the covers on the Masters panic ready to bring another stroke of your portrait I always use myself when I consider these forms when someone makes a portrait of yourself you only see the error and weakness but others who know you say that is a beautiful portrait oh look how wonderful no does it not show you then the harsh judge is yourself but there are certain individuals that have caused mass exodus and therefore on Larry rare occasion their exalt into the life you can hunt for eternity you will never find this one have I expanded enough on you or have I repeated my steps once more that I was wonderful thank you Eric Bob smiling and putting his thumb up so I guess he’s very happy with that response thank you interesting how people can commune when they lose their voice I could speak on this should know that I myself when death came to be I lost my voice within your world only in certain occasions that I was able to find my place but how then others to say it must be my imagination I am NOT an imagination I am NOT a specter or a phantom I am someone I am spirited and therefore my life is real let us move on though thank you Eric okay who has the next question for Eric just waiting me please okay we’ve got two people raising their hands okay let’s go to George just bear with me George I’m just trying to find you okay George I’ve onions the longest time I’ve been silent hello hello my friend I trusted you I well yes I am thank you very much my question is do you believe that physical mediumship is coming back into our world and what advice would you have for it I say this to you when one uses the word believe it gives room for doubt I say this with great confidence and say I know it is starting to return but it is in its infant stages once more learning to stand we ask each of you who desire to commune in such a manner to allow dare I say time to be a friend to sit to create the environment that allows us to move through the thought of your mind the fog of wants and desires to perform X to win your confidence for you to then realize that we are indeed interested in you I say this to you as a modern world continues to evolve we master bold with it and therefore we must look at different ways of communion even though that every form of communication is a facet of a diamond and if you remove one facet of the diamond the diamond will never be home it will never spark or be so I say this if you wish to perform like monkeys then please do not knock upon our dog if you wish for us to move into the ocean of your now and prove without doubt of life be of life then so be it I am concerned how many people approach the subject do you know what people ask us often is there anyone there surely after all these years you would find something else to welcome us with if you are sitting you know we are there what has moved you to sit to surrender yourself that evening to be of service service to humanity as we serve God and together as two streams become the rhythm allow us to move you from south but it seems to me that your world is so key for verification of our reality trying to capture our thoughts with technology which can be a terrible distraction we ask you if you are to create the sanctuary for us to stand together remove the very thing that in treasons us I myself do not understand the modern world but I have loved through the short time that the young man has surrendered his mind to person you threw it to accommodate because I wish to serve humanity but I say this to you circles of light are being formed but they are kept secret for now until it is time we do not want unnecessary attention but on fragile minds as they are learning to unfold their gifts like the petals of the most perfect hour that awakens to the light and the warmth of the Sun ready to release his fragrance upon humanity don’t be in a rush to have eternity and if you do not achieve it in your world then you will achieve it with enhance we need to say of since to continue in our reality to attain higher knowledge to then cascade it into your world I hope that has satisfied and I thank you for your kindness thank you thank you George okay who has the next question for Erik just just wait wave at me Carla let’s come to you okay Carla hello Erik and thank you for speaking with us all today that is very kind of you my dear that I trust that you are well I am thank you I would like to ask you about reincarnation as well as do we actually have a soul contract do we agree on our
life path even though we have free will once we are born here onto earth well I say this to you with great a fondness for your environment if it is a contract what happens if you break the contract what happens if you do not fulfill the agreement if I was to say to you sign this and you will suffer terribly you will not know what it is to love you will not know what it is to walk will you freely sign it I say this to you this one that you have said so contract is merely a word you have great potential but the destination is the same to the golden showers of the term until you were given a gift of night and therefore you take each day but of course there is influence from our world but is also the soul within you grows to bear the tension it starts to awaken and slowly starts to overshadow doubt your brain is there to disarm you no grain is there to tell you you cannot do it because the brains function is to keep you alive and therefore it has created a soul contract to say well if you fall and break yourself it was meant to be to control you now once again the subject of reincarnation has met me and I will stand and face it and saying that reincarnation exists but not in the manner that many of you believe reincarnation like karma like so concept like God even the devil and so on and so far our words for you to conform to conform to be obedient title on D to conform to try and be the best that you can be because if you do not you will be permanently I myself have never been privileged and not to meet anyone that has come back the earth in the manner that many believe we come back to your world to support you can I tell you a little story which I took great enjoyment when the young men became too big too big for his own ego many years ago this young man decided to sit and throw a moment had an experience an experience where he saw himself as a different person experienced himself standing in a different time stuffing his clothes with straw and then going off to battle when he tells a story he says he won many battles in actuality IDO he swung his sword once missed and then ended his knife was cut down by another it was very moving to the young man and the young man awoke from this state and said this must be my past life I understand reincarnation and when we were able to get a greater hold on his mind I delivered the killer blow young man has a dear friend called last sip of that walks with him to teach him spirituality and Lao si decided to reveal his life to be young men because they are so in true Laos his life seemed to mirror the feelings of the young one but through me young one’s ego he said this must be my past life it was not it was his guides life the one that teaches him spirituality how to understand this you have asked my view and I say once more I have not been privileged to meet someone who has been given the opportunity to return to your earth in the manner that has been written by the hand of man the part of life is progression if it is to be what is written if someone murders one then in the next life then the balance must come into harmony what did that person do so wrongly to be a victim if you will of that environment what will the soul learn from it when they look over their shoulder and to see their families crumble to the floor and scream why then if they are to reincarnate straight away then why is it that certain individuals as mediums are able then to commune with them is it not the purpose of all life for every drop of rain to return to the ocean I hope my dear I have not offended you or any who hear these words but I say this to you karma reincarnation certain words are merely words that have not been understood but have been said you must follow this to conform when aren’t you as you have said free will and if free will is a rope may I say this again with great if it is a rope you have one hand on the rope and you talk with all your might and we have many hands on the rope and we stand still as you tug and with satisfaction you say it was my decision I thank you for your kind inquiring my death let us move along thank you Eric I take who has the next question for Eric just I will answer this question and I will redraw to allow another who is like a disobedient dog at the Dome but if him away saying it’s my turn thank you very much I’m just find somebody with their hand okay let me see your hand if you have a question you’d like to ask Eric okay Eric I don’t see and I don’t see any hands but I do have I do have a quest a few questions I’ll ask the next one Eric can you please speak of the lower realms if there are such realms in the spirit world you to understand that the densest form of I Fisher is you earth it is the most dense s but of course you know if you are to ask me of the spiritual realm the spiritual realm beyond your earth is indeed the state of the morality this can also be used as the terms of the astral the etheric realm but it is only compasses in one it is like the links in an ever-growing chain that each link must be forged and held until it serves his purpose then the link is broken and then the next stage becomes the most densest form so may I say this to you at this moment within the spiritual realm we say it is the etheric the Astro of a state of familiarity given many names but the same purpose once the earth has served its purpose and the last one is truly then the earth has served and therefore will cease to be and the state of immorality will be the first stage of a movement of the journey back to eternity once again I say to you all but every individual drop of rain that falls from the mighty sky must find its way back into the ocean becoming one one conscious one supreme thought I hope my faith that has absurdly quieted and I say to all of you in your understanding I wish you all well in your journey may you have the merit minh on Christmas morn may you also remember those within our world as we assemble around you and continue to celebrate the life we have lived and thank God that you were a part of it I thank you on behalf of the Austin wish circle for allowing me to speak with you in such a way and I hope for one moment but I have become your friend I hope that I had not insulted you but giving you the opportunity to see what is around the corner so I will fall silent in this way and I thank you for your indulgence as I allow another to speak in my stead thank you Eric I thought I was never going to speak it was supposed to be my turn my turn to talk to you but he wouldn’t allow me to speak until we run your reasons do you think for one moment of how I sound cannot answer certain questions but those who are beaten in the company of the office English Circle know that I come to you to help you in your understanding and of course if I’m allowed to bring back anyone who loves you you know when to do the phenomena manam through him when the conditions allow me so now me to share some thoughts with you before I answer certain questions before time gets too much for me and I have to redraw and allow him to return to bump his gums this time of year I world stands with you but we will never rest like you rest there are always people come in to our shores death himself will never get tired as his sole purpose is to give you the moment of relief from the form that you are I look into your world now and see as the chasm of night is drawn your world is so dark at this moment seems to have lost its way there is great negativity through thought you know people seem to hurt one another people seem to be quite strong in thoughts and opinions of one another but do not think for one moment that even though your world is dark we’re not there anything you say you have to wait until the light of the Sun goes to its place of rest for you to see the stars that have always shined for you that is like us you know when we leave you it seems that the light has left but it has always been there as a star that shines for you like four stars you can’t touch but our light can touch you and therefore you’re always in I reach you know we sometimes more can stamp and you hear us or we walk softly by your side not wanting to disturb you you know your families and your friends assemble here in this four great place of learning saying that’s finally their thoughts are being heard once more we have to work always through the minds of Sethna ones and we have to see you why you see that you don’t remember when you sleep where you come to and we thank God sometimes you don’t because if you truly knew I don’t think you would live the next day I think you’ll decide to do yourself in and come over to our world now because there are certain people who are listening to this words I want to share a thought when it comes to those who have taken their own life and people say they may be punished they are not punished they given great healing so it helps them to move from their world to ours lot of people when they come to our world always say I didn’t realize how much I was loved until I came to the shores so use this knowledge to know that each day you say to one another how much they truly mean to you as mr. Eric has said sometimes it’s hard from our world to try and speak to you we get told wear a thick of your imagination we’re not your imagination as he says we’re more alive now than we ever were we still retain our personalities of course as you will so if you were shrinking Wallflower and you want to gain communicate from the people like in you may need assistance and that’s why I’m there for you I’ll speak to anyone you know because I love your world and I love humanity and nothing brings me greater joy than to serve you serve you in the most humble way I seek nothing in return besides your love and if I can have your love I’ll be the richest man in eternity you know didn’t have much but I do have much new so without taking up your precious time mr. Nick let us carry on for a few moments before we all have to fall silent okay thank you Danny always nice to have you with us well I’ve always been didn’t make I’ll stay behind him–as waiting fiddling me thumbs and all and he even chairs supposed his mind and mr. Heric speaking through him so the boss hair I was standing there CEMA wait a moment wait a moment chimes bridge just don’t coming on it’s my turn it’s my turn not that I’m griping like hahaha okay but just bear with me I just need to I did see something with that with with a hand up and I lost them now if you have a question then please let me let me see your hand I hope I haven’t killed them I see brandon has a question for you let’s go to the stage Brandon Daniel nice to meet you how’re you doing well I’m very well mate nice to speak with ya likewise I have a question about the power of thoughts is it possible for someone on our side to construct an object’s through thought and for you guys to see it and feel it on your side yes of course mate because what your thoughts become our thoughts as well this is why we know sometimes when bad things are going to happen to your world because forth precedes action you know we hear it and we try and stop it as much as we can but of course that we can be powerless you know sometimes we don’t have enough strength to make it known to your world so we’re Christmastime as you give presents to one another you can always send a thought of something and it all can come to us but it may not come in the way you think it we may want to expand it you know of course you know in our world we don’t eat or drink the Hopa because we come close we’re reminded of certain things so when I’m in the chair thinks of whiskey he sends it to me I make it a barrel you know a barrel turns to a notion but it’s just because I’m reminded of what things are a thought his love you know does last fall sick carry on carry on Brandon yeah just one other question can you help all of us visualize as you were waiting for Eric to speak like what you were what you were doing your environment were you standing right next to Eric well yesterday standing behind him because he became the principal voice I was standing by mr. Eric remains on his shoulder saying come along come along and just moving backwards and forwards now I know that you can’t see but behind him is a bloody great big tree that’s not a tree I don’t know what it is it doesn’t look like a tree it doesn’t smell like a tree but underneath the tree there’s something there it’s got some giggle juice underneath it’s called alcohol and I wanted to see what it was but it’s not the brown stuff night but the good stuff it’s that one which is my water so as I was preparing myself I was looking at things in your world and looking at things like he was producing within his mind like Heath all of this wonderful thing I’m having a tree but what he thinks is not his reality what I see behind him but if anyone says it’s nice when he takes credit for it many one says is the bad one he always Baines mr. Darin so I was just standing behind mr. Alec twiddling my thumbs like that preparing myself by thoughts to learn my thoughts into the vibration so that I’m able to mein capture his mind and continue to speak without dropping the thoughts and allowing him to return
ok Thank You Daniel you’re welcome mate thanks Daniel okay who has the next question for Daniel M’s just let me see your hands it’s a search term a Bitcoin you know mr. annex won’t slide on the other Rossiter’s I think Rossiter’s waving frantically unless just a mute Rosita and she can ask a question it’s very nice shape ukyo company you know love that’s very nice thank you likewise Daniel someone said to me once that physical mediums cannot have cancer can you please give your opinion or reflect on that a little bit well being a physical medium like that make your special love it can make you more fragile you know because it’s the last thoughts which is being used if you look back in history and you know yesterday you’ll know that there has been several physical mediums or I can’t see you know mr. Leslie Flint miss Chang Yuson Minnie Harrelson and the extension say be a worker for world doesn’t make you gonna have a longer life now but of course when something happens to you when a vibration is an anomaly with yourself anymore it can cause disharmony therefore we have to work a little bit harder to continue to work with you but to understand laughs we will never put out in the morning like an empty bottle if you’ve got something wrong with you we’ll be there to help you as much as we can so if someone says their physical mediums don’t get cancer that’s a light of our kippers ukyo is vulnerable with everyone else bring your eyes of Christ and you’re tied to a chair like and we’re starting to move things around you you’re more vulnerable then the power that’s being caused to contain the seance it can be detrimental to the physical body so we have to count for pain ectoplasm to make sure it doesn’t burn so you still fundable like everyone else laughs you gotta go somehow you know laughs you want to irritate it here sometimes when they’re reminded of how they came over they have competitions they say how I had a heart attack and you everyone says well I will stand and you can even go oh and they seem to have conversations like that I go in like a wrecking ball and say look I said I respect me eight you know we mount brains I had until I saw it on the floor then when somebody said you didn’t there bunch brains well I’ll tell you what it took a little while for that to wash away our tail there’s always someone you love the bathroom you love well thank you very much you’re welcome mr. Nick I think this is the best you’re going to get from me you’re doing fine thank you Rossiter mr. Ned expects a nice my turn let’s see if we can find you one more question okay who has a who has a question they’d like to ask Daniel let me see your hands let me see your hand if you have a question I’ll just Deena let’s come to you okay and us you can ask Daniel your question now Justina can you hear me she’s lost her voice God lover yeah I have a muted you we should be able to hear you no okay let’s just see if we can find something you couldn’t do mate is for her to give you your question and in our another occasion you know when he’s tied to a cello when I’m walking around doing something like you can always ask me and I’ll answer it okay we’ll do that if you want to type your question and send it to me to see we can do it we can arrange to do it that way okay let me see let me see the hand of anybody that’s got a question okay Karen’s waving let’s go first go to Karen hello Nick hello Luke all right dad keep that damn map you want some pretty paper love so you wanna say leverage you know eivol things are good in your eyes in your world lab thank you yeah Elvin ruff me words because it’s Christmas right I wanted to ask I think up forgive me if I’ve got it wrong I think it was nicely Flint it may have been nicely but there wasn’t a medium famous medium that actually watched some watched someone go into a lift he was going to go into a list do your own lab straightaway you know Casey yes sorry yeah Casey and basically they’re all auntie’s didn’t go into the list and I’m they live plumber said the question is how when does the when does the or start cook you know so so leaving the physical body and as regards to visitations in preparation is it weeks is at months or is it days before that spirit you know let the person know that they’re ready to go home well I have to say to you maybe the soul starts to redraw its power after two to three weeks before death but also the call comes to our world almost eight months beforehand there we know that the transition time is starting but when we look at it when is an accident you know we’re through cause and effect or a disaster the process starts to accelerate you know that the power stops to read rule much more quickly but of course if you are to think of this in time that we are not governed by time thought is instantaneous therefore they are there ready to welcome you even know that the soul is starting its transition now of course when he comes to the moment of death just before your last breath your soul powers already start it’s the rat rod it’s already on the shores but the offeri court must be severed and that comes with the last breath it becomes severance and once if sevens then nothing under the Sun will ever bring you back you know but of course sometimes the cord is stretched and like something that stretch you come straight back and that’s why people have these out-of-body finger Union Bobby’s died and come back you know but of course when the soul starts to feel the change that it is coming either thought has proceeded action or at the moment of impact the moment of impact the soul has already been taken as the impact as the card so therefore those who are thinking at the moment did my family member the one I loved suffer no they did not if it was a quick the sudden moment it was like closing their eyes and waking them and realizing them that they’ve come over and they say I don’t know what all the fuss was about you know dimes easy dying’s easy is livings difficult but if you want to talk to me lemon because to speak we can speak back to you almost at the moment of our death if we are in a coma all have a certain illness we can speak back straight away even knew that we haven’t taken our fully transition then there is your suffering and certain illnesses it may mean that they’ve lost their thoughts or they may sleep for long time they come to the shores of our world but of course when they wake or you see them and say that’s my mother or father sitting there today then it’s more of them back but of course when you have someone who has this affliction of an element’s and maybe a slow goodbye he gives you the opportunity to savor each moment even though it is distressing for the individual they’re only becoming distress when they are reminded that they have done something wrong or they’re different or that’s not the way of life it’s also distressing for those who are left behind where we have to give great healing to if I could be bold and I know it’s not your question that but I’m gonna come in and say it anyway we don’t need rescuing you know these people and form circles and say go into the light we war with laughter we do but we know the intent behind it so it’s never wasted you know but sometimes we rescue you not the other way round so I say to you the McCall comes that preparations must be made for your arrival that’s why certain people who are going to be left behind may have dreams and pathetic dreams of prophecy that they say that they think something is happening with this one here he says at Christmastime the Christmas before his father came to our world he was staring at him you know he said I don’t know why but I was staring at my father and I was taken in every moment something was making him aware on the morning of him still standing knee his thumb will say that he was looking at his dad and was taken in each moment not knowing why maybe something then was telling that there was time for transition can you change this process by having this knowledge sadly sometimes you cannot so I’ve answered your questions now if announces it in the plane this way I could possibly do you know I play and chat on anyone’s toes like you certainly have Daniel thank you you’re welcome another great thank you laughs you were silenced before you’re able to finish but I understand the reasons why you know has time slips for our fingers like water I like to thank you you know from behalf of all those who stand with us this night to stand with us to show you that it is possible that a group of souls that can come together hub of a common populace a purpose there to save and to support one another as some of you may be aware that hymn seances that I control the phenomena manam as I said and I hope the children come back at Christmas along with May but we stand there and bring healing to those children they may not have had a happy Christmas but the light that is gathered around in a time of celebration of this sales gives healing to the masses and on a night like this when it is not a sales but is still communion you have created a light that has come to a healing balm to those in your world and as we approach the Christmas time may we approach it with love within our beans may you love one another may peace come to one another and may we understand that if you are loved you truly cannot die the greatest words that have ever been written is that you survived the mortal death this has always been and always known but certain individuals will say that this is a lie people say it’s wrong to just stab the dead but the Dead started it first by disturbing the living so we’re back which allow us to look softly upon your doll and I hope you welcome us as we welcome you and we will hold you for eternity those who are experiencing Christmas this sign he may have had children come to our world celebrate their lives still decorate more trees still put presents underneath and think of those who you love and bring us close to you as you open your gifts and your trinkets and may one day as we come to visit you one day you’ll visit us and you’ll remain and you’ll never leave us again I like to thank you kindly for your generosity but time is against us and I must fall silent I hope and I wish you all well Merry Christmas and a festival of light to you all thank you very much Daniel you’ll just say quietly and allow him to return you okay Nick yes we’re good we’re good do you want to just say quietly for a couple minutes let me just get my glasses you know waiter some explaining about the mails the house okay yes as as many of you will know each year when we do the the Christmas tree sales is we bring toys into the sales room they’re touched by the spirit world and they’re they’re given to children that Daniel and the rest of the Austin wish circle in the spring will bring forward their children that haven’t experienced a very pleasant time at Christmas while they were here on the earth plane but they get to unwrap the toys the scientists in the spirit will take your fairy copies of them so they can take them with them and afterwards we take that we take the toys and the donations to demelza house which is a children’s hospice for terminally ill children and i can tell you that you’ll that your kind generosity for tonight’s demonstration has raised well in excess of seven hundred and fifty pounds that in addition to all the toys that have been donated here and at other locations will make them a marvelous time for those for those children that may not be with us for too much longer so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done and for making that possible and for everybody in the Austin wish circle do you have anything to add to that Scott because I just don’t nothing to say I think it’s it’s very heartwarming to know that people are considering other people at this time and I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time to be with us this night and to understand that this is only a small part of the work that we do and without people like you people like me wouldn’t be able to work in such a way and I think that you guys are the evidence of spiritualism and mediumship is more alive today than it ever has been but you have come on here and to investigate but with Demelza house before it to be for a charity and for a cause you are the embodiment of spirituality because you are giving to children that you may never meet in this world but you may meet in the spirit world when you don’t need obviously pass and so you’re going to have an army of children wait in there to say thank you so on behalf of the Austin wish circle I want to thank you for allowing me to work for you and thank you for supporting such an awesome awesome cause at this moment in time so thank you so so much thank you Scott for all your hard work this evening it was a tremendous evening and for the rest of you I hope you really enjoyed it and if you’d like to join us again we’re doing it all again on the 11th of February and you go to the same place where you signed up for this and you can register for the year for the 11th of February date and in addition to that Scott and I have been working to open the Austin wish shop where we where we sell lots of ice for mediumship for physical mediumship and if you want to go along to that it’s Austin wish shop dot com you’ll find you may find some interesting things in there and we’re going to be adding to that as we go through the new year but thank you very much for joining us and hopefully we’ll get to see you all again on the 11th of February thank you guys and thank you and happy Christmas and be safe this year and I hope you have a lovely lovely new year and I hope to shake your hands or hug you in whatever place it may be so all the best and thank you to Nick for giving up his evening to do this and you know thank you for supporting this wonderful charity I pleasure thank you very Christmassy Merry Christmas.

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