3 Chest Exercises You’ve NEVER Done! (CHEST WORKOUT)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So let me set the stage here for you. Maybe
a long time ago someone gave you a Barbell set but you don’t know what to do with it, because you want to work your Chest but you
don’t have a Bench to go with it. Well today I’m going to cure your problems
because I’m going to show you 3 exercises that you can do to build a bigger Chest without
needing a Bench and all you need is a Barbell. Alright, so I’m going to take you through
each one. I’ll walk you through why I like each one of these exercises and exactly how
you should be doing them. Ok so first up, who knew you could be do Incline
Presses with a Barbell stuck in the corner of a room. And notice, the Barbell will be stuck in the
corner of the room for all 3 of these exercises. It’s very very simple to do. Just take a drop
cloth, something that you’re not going to ruin your walls with, stick it in the corner,
stick your Barbell on top of that, and now you’ve got the perfect Landmine setup
to do these 3 exercises. The Barbell Incline Press here is great because
not only is the natural arc of the Barbell going to be more favoring an Incline just
because of the corner it’s stuck in, but it also gives up a shot to change that
just a little bit more by altering the position of our feet. And you can see I start off in a Split Stance
position or a Lunge position. When I’m in this Lunge position, I drop the
leg back on the same side that I’m going to be pressing. This allows me to angle my body back just
a little bit more, just enough to get about a 60 degree incline to do the perfect Incline
Dumbbell Press now here done with a Barbell on one side. Next up is one of the craziest and best exercises
I’ve found for training your Chest, especially when you lack a Cable Crossover machine at
home. You guys know how I feel about Flys, well
we still need to adduct our Arms to get full Chest contraction. That Cavaliere Crossover that you guys called
it after I came up with the Dumbbell version, actually is trumped by this Barbell version. Because we not only get a nice smooth adduction
at the Shoulder here which is going to get our Chest going, but it also allows us to do a little bit of
a lift as well so we get this upper inner movement that you get here from this Barbell
Arc. It’s really smooth, it feel great and above
all, it gets a really good contraction of the Chest, right where you need it the most. Finally one of my favorites here, it’s Crush
Grip Pushup. And the only way we really have an opportunity
to do this is with a Barbell. You’ve got to put a plate on the end to get
the Barbell off the ground. And then from there all we’re trying to do
is actually Crush the Barbell between our hands which is going to activate the Chest
in the middle, again getting more of that horizontal adduction
which is a great component of a fully contracted Chest, a necessary component of a fully contracted
Chest. We’re going to go down into a Pushup, let
our elbows flare out to the sides, and as we come up we’re trying to squeeze, almost as if we have hedge clippers in our
hands, I want you to have that same feeling of squeezing on every single rep. Very hard to duplicate this in any other version
of the Pushup because your hands usually stay fixed somewhere towards the outside. But now because they’re hand over hand, you
can see the grip that I’m using here, with this hand over hand grip we’re now able to kind of recreate that same
contraction on the inner Chest as we come up and to the top. So another really cool exercise and a way
to actually train our Chest with a Barbell we may never have thought of before. So there you have it guys. There are 3 exercises that you can do with
that Barbell that you never thought you could, to start training your Chest. You don’t necessarily need a Bench. Do you
want to incorporate Bench Press for your chest? Absolutely, if you have access to one, you’ve
got to start bringing those into your workouts as well. But if you don’t and you’re at a loss for
what else to do? Pushups alone aren’t going to cut it. Start incorporating these 3 exercises into
your home workouts and I guaranteed you’re going to start seeing better results. Guys there’s never an excuse here not to train
with ATHLEANX. We’ve overcome the excuses by providing you
with plenty of options to get your work done. If you’re looking for a program that leaves
no excuses and leaves no stone unturned? Head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and get our
ATHLEANX Training System. In the meantime if you found this video helpful
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. When you try these exercises, I want to hear
your feedback too. I’m sure you’re going to find a contraction
that you maybe haven’t felt in a long time with especially a couple of these. I’ll see you back here again in just a couple

100 thoughts on “3 Chest Exercises You’ve NEVER Done! (CHEST WORKOUT)

  1. i've found the landmine pres to be the best upper-clavicular-sternal chest builder. so awesome. Specially if you slightly abduct your arm. My only gripe is that it's very taxing with the front delt, specially if you like doing a lot of OHP

  2. if i could work out in my socks i would instantly become stronger, its a fact. just like how washing your car makes it faster haha.

  3. Hi Jeff, may I ask if I have only two dumbbells which are both 22 pounds like this:
    How can I use them to exercise my chest at home?
    It's a pity that there is no gym near my home, and also no space for me to put a barbell in my house 🙁 Thanks!

  4. take a look at this awesome equipment and support this inventor on Indiegogo. I hope your next video will feature you using this QiziQ stuff. I loved it !!!! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/qiziq-gym-weights-reinvented-customizable-fitness/x/16689961#/

  5. the last exercise can be done with a thick handled parrelette bar so you can get a bigger range of motion on it.

  6. I love your videos, just so embarrassing trying to do it at the gym, I'm like fat and trying to do this…. The people there know I watch YouTube too much ugh 😭 but love your videos

  7. Gracias Jeff!!
    My chesticles have always been the hardest muscles for me to train with bench presses, but I'm going to try these moves today.

  8. Are all barbells the same length? Cause I’m like 6’5” and I have to kneel like kapernick for the first workout you displayed 😅

  9. i tried this landmine incline press today..and i just loved it …its way more safer than just
    performing traditional dumbbell press..thanks man!!!….its just incredible

  10. he is absolutely a nonsense, he himself built his body by traditional ways and just to flaunt his knowledge he is suggesting irrelevant n useless so called workouts, beware of him

  11. I put the end into an old shoe then wedge it in the corner so the shoe protects the floor/wall and the rubber sole keeps it from sliding around on wood floors etc.

  12. You are by far the best on you tube. You keep it simple, and real. Keep it up man. Great job.

  13. That first exercise i do that too but i feel the flex and burn in my shoulder not my chest and thats the way u do it. But i push it to across the interior of my chest then i feel it in my chest.

  14. those crush grip push ups are EVERYTHING. really fucking feel that shit in the middle and it blasts your triceps. THANK YOU

  15. I had a question. Kinda off topic. What do you think of A Bowflex Revolution for to kind of shock the muscles compared to free weights and for more of a cutting routine. I know a regular Bowex is crap, but I wanted your opinion in on the Revolution. I thought you might like it since it's continuous tension.

  16. Hi Jeff, I know this is an old video and i recently started to work with the landmine press. Will you do another video with it targeting the whole body? Full body workout so I can explode

  17. What do you think about this exercise: lie backwards on the floor, grab a barbell by underhand grip, start with staight arms being perpendicular to the floor, now lower the barbell holding arms straight until they are parallel to the floor, hold this position for 2 seconds, then raise your straight arm and bring them back to the starting position so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Repeat this movement so many times as possible.

    This exercise looks a bit like frontraises done in lying position.

  18. Jeff, my boss is an old school body builder and doesn't believe in anything on the land mine. I try to explain it to him by letting him know that the body parts work in tandem with the rest of the body. His biggest question was how does the land mine chest press not inflame the anterior capsule of the shoulder.

  19. Received my landmine today,can’t wait to try these 3 exercises,I can already feel the push-up while grabbing the bar.I think I’m going to superset by going right into a chest press.Jeff,I may have said this before,but you are the best of the best.Thanks for your posts

  20. I injured my wrist two times by doing the landmine exercise so be careful when you put the weight down.I do it on my knees so now I place a stool under the weight so I don’t have to lower the weight all the way to the floor.hopes this help.

  21. I do exercise #1 for shoulders. Is there a different positioning for shoulder and chest versions of this?

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