100 thoughts on “3 Exercises Better Than Sit Ups

  1. He is always emphasizing on arching your lower back while activating abs, hips and shoulder blades. And it's compulsory in every core exercise, something I have to remember. Remember it man!

  2. It makes sense. Try "THE SPARTAN WALL" great fitness tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VhoeerI4Dk

  3. I really think that people who dislike this videos should state what's wrong with it althou we all think differently.

  4. OK ok. But I really need to know if this car parks fee is cheaper than the fitness studio fee. God heavens, look at all the instruments in this car park 😉

  5. Why do my abdomen hurt after I do sit-ups? Am I doing it wrong?? I'm doing 90 degrees with my leg straight

  6. Ive been working out for 3 years and ive done everything almost correct. Still I have a lot to improve so thanks for these vids

  7. 1:47 basically every senior I see in the park do this “exercise” which baffles me who popularized it. (I call it “senile swing” because it looks incredibly silly and pointless.)

  8. i CANT do ANY OF THEM, cuz my left arm has a bone thinning cyst in it, so im not gonna be able to do any hard work with it till im 17 and do surgery on it

  9. Somehow after doing these my arm muscles are the only thing that feels like I really payed attention to, my abdominal muscles feel like I did nothing for them

  10. It seems to me that hanging knee raises are even less effective than the crunch since it's a hip-flexor movement mostly. And, given that most people's hip flexors will tire out WAY before the rectus abdominus gets effective workout. For the knee-to-elbow plank, at least there's movement, but the forearm plank would seem the least effective of all of these as it's purely an isometric hold with zero lengthening/shortening of the rectus abdominus.

  11. Great superb advices! 👍no blah blah blah concise right to the point with the very detailed and clear depiction of what should be avoided to be injury free 👍🤗

  12. You asked a question on the live- when ones life has been transferred from the matrix and can no longer engage with the sequence of the program that has been scripted to either deregulate or regulate an individual, you’ll know. Once you awake you see thru everything. The average person the sequence of life the rhythm of nature. Your cognitive skills will ultimately run faster then the script to identity the irregularities.

  13. What is wrong with working the hip flexors, though? I like that part as it eases tension in my hip joints and strengthens the supporting muscles. There may be better hip exercises, but sit ups are more fun.

  14. I really can't help but listen to what this guy says word for word. I mean not only does his voice sound trustworthy but he also has the results to prove he knows what he's doing

  15. When i was doing these, i did't have the correct position

    Made my body way too tired and took more time to rest my wrongly strained muscles(which are shoulder muscles hurt worse than expected) and make less proggress for my abs

    When i was doing planks instead of my core muscles get worked, my lower back always start to hurt (even if i engage my core)

    But thanks to the video it gave me the perfect form whilst being comfortable and have enough time to rest and do it again as scheduled

    I can feel all my core muscles get worked and nothing else bad happens

  16. when i said to my parents "i'm going to do a workout"
    they said "don't waste your time, just sweep the house, clean the dishes, etc, and u will gain muscles"

  17. Guys can you help me? I don't know how but one half of my abs are a little bigger than the other. And that can be seen with eyes.

  18. In the "second part" of a sit up (as defined in this video) the abs are still contracted and engaged. Also, where's the data/evidence suggesting that properly executed sit ups are bad for your spine?

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