3 Rookie Fitness Mistakes Everyone Makes | ESPECIALLY YOU!

What’s going on Nation? So someone recently asked me this, if I had to pick three mistakes that I see beginners or intermediate athletes making when it comes to losing fat or gaining muscle, what would they be? Well if I were being perfectly honest, I merely said that’s impossible because there’s just too much dumb shit circulating the interwebs these days. I mean it’s getting to be a bit ridiculous. But I am here to help my community make them natty gains and continue to make gains So I decided to cut the list down and start with my top three huge mistakes to avoid to help everyone get on the right track, but before we get started be sure to click that notification bell so you never miss a new video upload from me. Mistake number one training to failure everyday so back when I was a newbie gym goer I had the heart of a lion and I was ready to kill myself daily, if it meant growing big muscles to beat the crap out of my bullies at school. Okay, just being real with you guys I took the saying no pain no gain quite literally and while that’s true to an extent it doesn’t quite apply to training as a natural athlete now guys do not get me wrong I have nothing against training to failure. In fact my most recent program cheat and recover heavily relies on going past and beyond failure forcing neuromuscular adaptations, or as I like to call them gains. Having said that cheat and recover is not a program you should be doing year-round it is a tool for advanced athletes and it should only be used for a limited time like six to eight weeks for example in order to overcome a plateau if you were to keep pushing your body like this you would eventually break down or simply stop making gains, but if complete failure is wrong for training all the time. What’s the answer? Well, this is why full body programs are so effective for natural lifters for example if you take a look at this study by the NCBI and I’ll post that link below so you guys can see it it concludes that training to failure is not necessary for maximal increases in strength or hypertrophy. In fact, if you go on and read the details of the study you’ll find that they also concluded that failure is not useless either. In fact, it works almost as well as not failure, but here’s the problem this is not taken to consideration the fact that not going to failure most likely allow for more frequency and better recovery. Think about it guys if you can work out the same muscle group more times during the week You would be doing more volume and you would be facilitating non-stop protein synthesis throughout the week. I mean this doesn’t mean guys that programs like push-pull legs or five base splits are bad Okay, we’re not saying that it just means that if you’re trying to grow as fast as possible they might not be the most optimal for you as a natural lifter. So in a nutshell what matters most is progressive overload and keeping your anabolic window wide open if you can do that strength gains will come consistently and muscle gains will inevitably follow. Mistake number two thinking more is better. Society today is all about instant gratification we post on Instagram and we expect a hundred likes and 50 comments as soon as possible and when we go to the gym we expect the train for a week and look like Arnold but it’s not gonna happen guys and what what happens when that doesn’t happen? Well, we immediately start looking for a new solution. We do more sets more cardio different exercises create new goals and stay longer in the gym. But the opposite usually happens from all of this very little or zero progress and let me tell you that mentally, this is a fast track to self-sabotage frustration in some cases even depression to be honest this is the exact reason why so many young teens are turning to gear. There is no patience or understanding that results take time you need to think quality over quantity and this is something that I tell you guys all time and all my videos you need to pick a program from a trusted trainer and don’t spend more than 60 to 90 minutes in the gym per workout get in get out and do it again and again and again. And if you don’t see significant gains in the first few weeks you guys can’t lose motivation it can sometimes take up to 8 to 12 weeks for your body to make big changes and that’s okay. Eventually, your body will get the memo respond to what you’re doing in the gym and begin to understand it can live and thrive with what you’re putting it through and mistake number three thinking that more cardio equals more fat loss. Guys all new and a lot of regular gym goers run over to that cardio area when they want to lose weight or get cut it has just become such a societal norm that cardio burns fat period and while that’s definitely true ninety minutes of cardio pales in comparison to how many calories you could burn during a 20 to 30 minute session of high-intensity interval training and that’s for two reasons number one most compound exercises utilize almost the entire body which leads to more calorie burning and also as you fatigue and break down your muscles those muscles will have to recover and how does recover happen well in order to recover your muscles need to burn calories for energy to recover and grow. So even after your training is done your muscles will still require a steady stream of energy to recover and be ready for your next workout and reason number two and this is a big one guys. Muscle mass is a high maintenance tissue. That’s why our bodies generally prefer not to add too much muscle mass unless there’s a reason for it each pound of muscle tissue you add increases your body’s energy requirements dramatically that’s why someone like me requires about 3500 calories just to maintain my weight while some of what the same body weight is me but much less muscle mass would probably require more like around 2200 calories to maintain there shape. So remember this nation muscle burns calories at rest. Meaning that for every bit you add you become a more efficient fat-burning machine So that wraps up my top three mistakes and there are lots more where those came from guys such as taking too many supplements training with too many isolation type movements skipping amazingly beneficial exercises because they’re weird or embarrassing to do meal timing myths and the list goes on. Actually, I would love to hear some mistakes from you guys and if this video hits over 3,000 likes I think it would be awesome to make another video and give shout outs to those of you who comment below with your mistakes So be sure to smash that like button and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  2. My biggest mistake was dropping proper form to lift more weight, or ego lifting. this only led me down to unexplained pains and some injuries until i started again at lower weights with the proper form

  3. Biggest mistake I made when I first started lifting was maxing out almost every week, my old workout partner was “enhanced” shall I say, and we’ll me being natty my joints and ligaments couldn’t keep up. After about 6 months of workout out with him I finally had to call it quits when both of my shoulders were constantly in pain and my knees as well. Now I hardly EVER max out, maybe once every 6-8 months. I now train smarter and make gains without the pain! 💪🏻😁

  4. Just a minor comment Scott, the study you mentioned about failure is not by "ncbi", it is published in "Frontiers of Physiology"…ncbi is just the library of most published research out there 🙂

  5. Hi Scott, hope you are enjoying the weather in Florida! You left those of us in Boston to shiver our assess off this winter. I have posted many times that you are easily the most respected and knowledgeable natural bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber. You have been doing this for years and have never deceived your audience with nonsensical broscience while using gear. However, one tip that I see from time to time that I take a lot of issue with is advocating for HIIT among beginners. This is actually really bad advice. HIIT is great for someone like yourself, who is experienced, knows how to effectively perform HIIT, and uses it intermittently. HIIT cannot be used with high frequency and markedly increases the chance for injury, particularly among beginners. You spent the first portion of your video describing the reasons training to failure with anaerobic exercise may not be ideal among beginners, then do not apply that same logic to aerobic exercise with HIIT! Please consider. I am not trying to criticize you, I am just raising this important point as many young beginners watch your videos and follow your advice very closely.

  6. Probably a rookie mistake but I don't squat. I'm not coordinated enough nor do I trust my own feet to remain on them as I try. Any advice on how to get rid of the "I'll fall" attitude?

  7. One of my mistakes was doing 3 sets of 10 for each exercise. I started doing 5 sets of 8-10 after seeing one of your videos.

    Since I’m feeling generous, another mistake was only performing muscle isolating exercises using weight machines. Once again, after watching your videos, I stick with compound movements and stay away from most weight lifting machines.

  8. My biggest mistake was not concentrating hard enough on form and going straight to adding weight. I cannot tell you HOW MANY TIMES I thought I was doing well on an exercise for a couple weeks only to come back and check out perfect form from Mr. Scott and have to retrain myself with no weight. Love the content I keep coming back for more!

  9. I've been doing cheat & recover for a while now. It got me absolutely shredded, but I've definitely plateaued. I'm not seeing the same gains as I was several months ago. Any suggestions? Thinking of setting up a skype call to discuss everything further with you. It scares me to go away from something that was working for me so well for so long.

  10. I typically only watch Scott & Athlean X, especially because the information they share helped me shape my BREAKDANCE conditioning regimen. And I must thank them both on the emphasis of proper conditioning & nutrition. People recommend me calisthenics & cross-fit for conditioning, but the things they make teach could lead to injuries which is terribly awful for dancers. So thank you!

  11. This generation is fucking cancer and is only good at a few things which are:
    1.Being impatient
    2.being sensitive and assuming that
    are being trash talked behind their
    3.Taking the easy way out(steroids)
    4.Males and females switching
    5.Talking about topics they don’t even
    have a clue about(tryhards)
    That’s why teens are turning to gear rather than working hard and getting what they want

  12. Hey Scott. Just wanna say I really love your videos. I recently just started college and I am looking to bulk up after years of being skinny and not confident in my own body. I have tried to workout consistently over the past couple months but there were periods where I really slacked on going to the gym. Since I have been at college for the past two weeks, I have gone to the gym every day for no longer than an hour. Anyways, one question I have is should I be drinking a gainer shake along with a consistent workout and meal plan. I like to think I have a pretty well-balanced diet and I already have an app to make sure I am eating enough calories. I just wanted to ask if a gainer shake that I have been drinking is helping or hindering my progress?

  13. 6:18 not true
    "Each pound of muscle tissue you add, increases your body's energy requirements DRAMATICALY."

    There has been a small amount of evidence showing that activity increases muscle’s RMR slightly, but most evidence clearly shows that there is no increase. For example, in a 1985 study, researchers analyzed the difference in metabolic rate between obese and power lifters of the same height. The difference in bodyweight between the groups was only 3 lbs. However the difference in LBM was a whopping 39 lbs! Despite this enormous difference in LBM the lean group only burned 250 calories per day more than the obese group. That works out to just 6.4 calories per l pound of muscle. 250 calories per day is quite significant but these were highly trained individuals with abnormally high levels of muscle mass. In another study of bodybuilders vs non-trained people the bodybuilders had 20 lbs more LBM. There was no difference between the groups RMR.

  14. In my gym in the UK I keep seeing half reps everywhere with big weights, not full range of motion and they walk out the gym all happy like "oh look at me look what i just lifted" and i just giggle to myself bacause I know from you that if they utalised full range of motion they would not be able to lift that weight

  15. Biggest mistake 1. depending heavily on supplement meals vs an actual meal program
    2. Lack of knowledge when it comes to anatomy.
    3. Lack of water. Stay hydrated new fams.

  16. sucking my cock while doing a sit-up. thought there was a sufficient amount of protein in my jizz. found out there isn't.

  17. My Mistake and sometimes still my mistake, Is not eating enough in general. I'm a skinny guy and It's not easy to shove food when your not hungry, I Eat very little, but Because of that I Don't have energies for the rest of the day. Still trying to work on it and it's much more easier after Watching Scott's Tips.

  18. I think you forgot the simpler one, Scott. Go to the gym without any plan. Like when you just go to the gym, hit the machines that are empty, then next day, you hit the empty machines again, whatever those might be. So yoy could either doing same training for consecutive days or just training for the sake of training, for example, lat pulldown, then if the chest fly machine is empty you hit those, then you hit the leg abduction machine, then back extension, then deltoid lateral raise machine.

  19. 1. Not doing full ROM. The amount of newbies who do not understand you should move the weight more then an inch or two is unreal.

    2. Not doing free weights and sticking to the machines because free weights are too "scary" and "dangerous"

    3. Not consuming any good nutrition after. Yea your body needs to refuel people maybe eat a chicken breast or something. That way your body can actually recover and grow.

  20. I hate it when someone (beginner) is doing the exercise wrong and when you tell him an advice he hates you and take it offensively and think that you just wana make fun of him just bcz you're big or have a good physique.

  21. My biggest mistake was training legs to the point where I couldn't physically walk. I did this for almost 3 years of my lifting and in that time I virtually lost all strength gains and had to start from scratch.

  22. I took this no pain no gain to the max. My I found out my wrist was fractured a month ago as I got an X-ray 2 days ago, and I’ve been working through the pain each week…

  23. Hey Scott, I've become a big fan of your channel, I actually had lost 90 pounds and gotten into fairly good shape, partially thanks to your videos!! Anyway I've recently been struggling with motivation and had a hard time pushing myself to the gym, any advice??

  24. Biggest mistake… naming my nutrition a diet… total mental block… nutrition is nutrition and it becomes a way of eating and a way of life not a “diet”

  25. My biggest mistake was doing sit ups in my bed, the floor was hurting my lower back so I needed something softer, mattress seemed like a good place, it's not.

  26. Biggest mistake I see is people are ego lifting. Lower weight with 100% proper form makes my muscles hurt twice or three tiems as much than double the weight and shitty form.

  27. I don't know if this is a mistake but I'm just 150 pounds, when I work out I try to give my all and go until I can't do anymore. Problem is only my legs are feeling the workout, my chest and arms barely feel anything the next day and I just can't add anything to my routine because I'm already tired… Just no idea what to do

  28. Hello Scott, i need your help, please respond or make a video as this is an issue with many people like myself. I have a skinny fat body and always wanted to loose fat, gain muscle and functional strength. I have been hitting the gym in past for like a couple of months and than stopped because I got no gains so i lost my motivation and it has happened several times, i have always follwed the bro split, Monday: Chest, Tuesday: Back, Wednesday: Shoulders, Thursday: Bicep, Friday: Tricep, Saturday: Legs (that's the only program all gyms preach in my town). Once, while trying to rep till failure i injured my shoulder which look a long time to recover. However, I am hitting the gym again and i want to do it right this time. After a lot of research over the internet and watching several YouTube videos, it feels like, compound exercises only with some cardio is the answer to my problem. But i don't want to do something stupid and injure myself again, my gym coach and gym mates are strong advocate of bro splits and they are telling me, i will ruine my joints with 4 or 5 days a week compound movements. I am confused and need a direction. I have low lifting strength, bicep is my weakest muscle and chest is the strongest. What kind of workout should i follow? Should i go heavy or lift less than i can?

  29. My only big mistake i still do is sleeping after midnight like 2, 3 maybe 4 in the morning for more or less hours depending if is schooltime or vacation time.And i know is very bad as it affects hormonal functions and biological clock but i simply can't remove this bad habit because i am video game junkie and addicted youtube consumer.And i know sleep rest matter very much to the progress in the gym yet nobody talk that much about these components, so it would be nice if you will do a video in the future talking about how to change sleep habits and how different sleeping schedules can affect your gains.

  30. I'm loving this channel. Keep up the good work! The education behind the videos are the real deal. Understanding what's happening in the gym to our bodies is only half the battle!

  31. Liked…. My ultimate biggest mistake was going on an eating holiday to Thailand… 7 days to go…..

  32. Guys with no chest doing cable crossovers/using the pec deck, instead of bench pressing. Girls with no ass doing cable kickbacks instead of Squats/Deadlifts/Lunges.

    Like ordering a steak, throwing it away then trying to eat the plate instead. Nonsense.

  33. My biggest mistake I made at first was not pushing myself as hard I can on every rep. You have to contract the muscle as hard as possible and sometimes this may require a pause in a rep or slower reps. You don't need to leave anything in tank for later sets.

  34. So, how often during the week should we go to failure? and ofc i understand that going to failure on a bicep curl doesnt affect the nervous system like going to failure on deadlift or squat

  35. Just started college, and everyone is talking how they are getting the freshman 15, what’s the best way to avoid this and actually start losing fat?

  36. Man I never comment but got out military in 2010. Railroad worker since. Always been active and physical labor. I have worked out now off and on for four years. And my biggest mistake too much cardio. Cause I liked the runners high but I’d say Da** where’s my mass ?? And not enough protein avg 100 has max a day thinking I’d grow. Shyt we learn the hard way !!

  37. So can i do
    15 min hit
    Pullup to max everyday
    100 sit up and pushups

    Time Handstands handstand pushups
    2 musle group gym workout daily
    Too much right

  38. My top 3
    1: Ego lifting, this just wants to recruit additional muscles to help out and not work the actual muscle you want to work.
    2: Not eating enough / nutrition not right
    3: Sleep / rest.

  39. Main mistake for me was too much dieting at like 1500-1800 calories so muscle gain was low cos my.muscles weren't getting what they needed and I would always struggle to stick so I would always break my diet eat for like a week and put.on fat again. I got quite lean which I felt at the time was good but actually lost muscle weight as well

  40. Big one for me is neglecting the glutes, because all the glute isolation movements looked too weird or girly. Once I incorporated more glute work, stuff like foot position on leg press, different squat variations.. even my BENCH PRESS started to skyrocket, because your body architecture is designed to have glutes as your strongest muscle and solid base for lifting.

  41. What about Martin Berkhan's (leangains) sentiment about HIIT:

    "So in conclusion, HIIT is great if conditioning is high on your list. And no, you can’t have fat loss, optimal strength maintenance and conditioning all high on your list. Something has to give. Since most people, at least the clients I deal with, are interested in fat loss, HIIT is vastly overrated and the frequency to which it has to be integrated in order to create a substantial caloric deficit will cause most people to crash, and their lifts to plummet. Which is why I rarely recommend HIIT for someone that just wants to get lean, while keeping their strength up in the gym. If you aren’t concerned with getting your resting heart rate low, and just want to look good naked, think twice before jumping on the HIIT bandwagon."

    There's so much frickin' information out there, people saying Jeff is a fraud, Richard is, and Scott, you're a natty, so there's nothing wrong with that. But you guys are all living proof that whatever you do, is working, (maybe Jeff is more roided idk), but there's a wide variance of opinions.

    I mean clearly there's no "one-size-fits-all" to fitness, as everyone is biologically different, but what the hizzle should most do then? Jon Calvo was obese and he managed to get himself all the way down, and I'm knocking on the last 40lbs door.

  42. I changed to a power lifting program for strength gains and each gym session I hit prs on all my lifts, slow and steady wins the race cheers scott

  43. I have never thought about failure i train for 2,5 3 hours a day. Swarznegger is my biggest motivation i train and live like him so i am heavely considering sarms

  44. One of my biggest mistakes was not doing any form of a pull up!!! Thanks to your "2 most important back exercises video" that changed, and over the course of two month I went from being able to do only 4 or so body weight, to doing 35 pound weighted wide grip pull ups for reps. Really helped me to build that mind muscle connection that I so desperately needed to grow my Lats. The reason I point this mistake out specifically is how much having stronger lats has helped me in every other lift. I feel way more stable and in control during lifts like dead lift and overhead press. Thank you so much for all the incredible advice, I'm always recommending you to anybody I meet in the gym.

  45. Something I’ve noticed is a weird link with fat loss and weight loss, a lot of people including myself in the past seem to think that losing weight means we’re losing fat, we’re not our weight is EVERYTHING our body is, I could be the same weight I am now, except with a leaner fitter body. Best thing to do is not bother with counting the weight loss if you’re trying to lose fat, just wait it out till people notice, that’s a good sign that you’re making progress.

  46. Getting enough calories and subsequently proper nutrition

    I know some people who were lifting for 2 years and you could not see any change whatsoever, then they started eating properly and a few months later… Overall nice body, visible sixpack etc.

  47. Biggest mistake- not having a healthy diet

    you can train as hard as you like but if you eat shite you'll look like it!

  48. Another big mistake is once ppl are past the beginner stage and there already moving some heavy weight they sort of plateau and don’t realize that you need to add more weight to get more gains, otherwise your body gets used to the weight you were pushing and doesn’t get bigger.

  49. I've been gym-going for 3 months now, and it still surprises me how few other people show up near the lower body focused equipment. The busiest I've ever seen it has been 4 other people in the area, and one of them was a trainer.

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