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Today I want to talk to you about ADHD and here are four new facts that you need to know. So, like I said today I’m going to talk with you about ADHD. And I am going to be reading you some information from the new DSM 5. And that’s what I meant about “new facts about ADHD” These four facts will come straight from the DSM-5. Now, they diagnose, or describe the diagnosis of ADHD as follows: “A persistent pattern of inattention and or hyper activity/impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development.” Now, what that really means is that if we struggle with ADHD, we really struggle to complete tasks, to stay on task, to stay focused. It’s really difficult to sit still and to remain calm during situations. We often fidget a lot, feel really restless. But something that I want to talk about as I go through these new facts about ADHD, know that if you worry that you struggle with this, please seek professional help and find someone who works with it specifically and can test you appropriately. Because many of the symptoms can be very similar to those with depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, there can be a lot of overlap, so we want to make sure that we’re getting properly diagnosed, so please seek professional help. So the first new fact about ADHD is that symptoms can now occur before age twelve. So onset can be before age twelve, whereas in the DSM prior, it was before age seven. So what that really says to me is that they understand that there are more people struggling and it can take longer for ADHD to develop. Because if they’re saying, “Now we’re giving you until age twelve to have the six symptoms for six months,” (Which is part of the diagnostic criteria) It means that they find people are still struggling with ADHD when they’re young, they’re just not getting to the diagnostic criteria by age seven. The second new fact about ADHD is that they have changed the criteria to say now that several symptoms must occur in two settings, rather than there just being some impairment in two settings. So, my guess would be that they did this because they felt that ADHD might be something that was potentially being overdiagnosed, or diagnosed too early before all the criteria that they felt needed to be met was actually being met. So instead of just having some impairment, now several symptoms in several different areas of our lives have to be present at the same time. The third new fact about ADHD is that they have kind of increased the information that’s available to us clinicians in the new DSM-5. And what they’ve added is new, more lengthy descriptions about what ADHD will look like as people get older. So, what that says to me is that they felt that a lot of adults struggling with ADHD weren’t being diagnosed because it appears different in adults versus children. Which, I can tell you is very common among a lot of different diagnoses. Kids will say, “I just feel really irritable” and you know, they’ll be really lashing out and they actually struggle with depression. Where we know many adults are really lethargic and kind of quiet and withdrawn. So, different diagnoses can appear differently depending on our age. And so they’re definitely making that very clear in the new DSM for ADHD. And the final, fourth new fact about ADHD is that they have changed the diagnostic criteria for those of us who are older and being diagnosed with this. So, for any of us age seventeen or older, they are now only requiring that we have five symptoms persisting for six months, rather than the original six. So they’ve made it a little bit easier for us to meet the criteria. And my guess on why they’re doing this kind of goes back to the fact I talked about before. When they’ve added in new descriptions for adults because it presents differently. So they probably took away one because they understand that it kind of presents a little differently than it does in children. And so therefore we only need five symptoms for six months to be diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Living with ADHD isn’t something that’s going to hold you back. People lead wonderful and successful lives and you can be another one of those people doing that. So we just want to make sure we get all the information so that we can get treated properly. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I put out videos every Monday. And please leave your comments below, if any of you have struggled with ADHD, or have helpful tips or hints or anything like that. We’re a community working together to help one another. And you can find me all over the web, I’m on Facebook, I’m on Tumblr, I’m on Twitter, I’m on Instagram. Any place on the web that I should have a profile, I most likely do, so you can find me there too. And don’t forget to like this! Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Hi. I take ritalin 10 mg because I am being diagonsed with ADHD. But dont know why ritalin is working?

  2. Question: I have a friend who constantly interrupts me when I am trying to tell her something. She might ask questions about my story or add something to it instead of letting me finish saying what I have to say. Is this a symptom of ADHD in adults or is this person just rude?

  3. I have manger mood swings because I get bord with one task and then start another. Then my husband gets upset with me because only some of the house chores are done.

  4. We have a strong suspicion that my fiance has ADHD and we're wondering exactly how we should go about getting her properly tested.

  5. hi, I have adhd and I just wanted to know if you could do a video on adhd getting worse with age? I'm starting year ten soon and I was diagnosed in year five, and I have not been able to keep calm at all, I argue with loads of people, I swear at them, but because they'll start on me, and when I do get angry most of the time ill punch a wall, I don't really want to talk to my parents about it though.
    Can you please help??? xoxo

  6. I hate having ADD it makes me procrastinate on important tasks. I forget quickly, and am now prescribed 15mg and it does wake me up, be alert, but I still procrastinate on doing things. Why is this? Is it because they have to up the dose?

  7. My hunch is that lowering the diagnostic requirement for adult ADHD was a way to offset pharma losses when they decided to raise the minimum diagnostic age for children. We all know the DSM-5 was compiled with industry executives behind closed doors.

  8. I have ADHD but didn't find out until I was in my late 30's. I knew I was profoundly dyslexic and assumed all my problems were from that. I have a huge, huge struggle staying on task. I feel it is one on the main reasons I have never truly succeeded in business. I hear everyone saying that both Dyslexia and ADD are a gift. Well, frankly it is a gift I am willing to pass on or live without. I am like your guest on one of your interviews said, it is like a thousand different things/tasks shouting at me to get done, but I get so frustrated I just quit and put it aside and often never return to it.
    I would love to hear you talk with folks about ADD/Dyslexia and memory or the lack of it. Also about organization. I find typical schemes or ideas to help people organize don't really work for me. I get off task to easily. I have used Metadata and it helps, but living outside of the US getting drugs is almost impossible.
    Sorry, just felt like venting. It's become a huge issue lately. By the way, the talk and diet and how it effects ADD was excellent and really helpful. I have been eating eggs for breakfast for the past few years, I figured that one out myself. 😉 Didn' realize I need to drop the toast!

  9. "Difficult to remain calm during situations" needs a qualifier… during everyday, no -emergent situations, yes; staying focused (different than "calm") is difficult. However, we EXCEL during crisis. We are amazing First Responders, please be careful. Thank you.

  10. I have ADD and it's pretty similar but not the same thing. Usually listening to music helps me focus but it doesn't help everybody

  11. When you have ADHD on top of so much else, even me having ADHD and Hyperhidrosis disorder, on top of MANY other issues :(…….. But why do people act like people just, grow out of this? It doesn't just get cured?

  12. Thanks Kati. I'm in my mid-40s and my therapist think I may have ADHD-I. This and your two Adult HDHD videos with Mark Suster are great in helping me better understand it. I am wondering if there are environmental factors that may contribute to it become more obvious later in life such as protracted substance abuse – or is substance abuse potential linked to ADHD?

  13. Yep…watching a movie all the way through is not the easiest thing to do… multitasking makes us miss crucial moments or wears out the pause button. : /

  14. Kati, Can you please make a video about the possible efficacy of neurofeedback towards ADHD? Please

  15. My Dad has always had ADHD and when he noticed I was quickly following suit, he told my mother that they weren't taking me to the doctor about it because he didn't want me on medication (our school required medicating ADHD students). I always thought he was crazy, I'm a girl, I can't have ADHD. Now that I've finally explored the possibilities, I recognize with almost every single thing relevant to ADHD. I'm 26 and female, so I'm concerned about being taken seriously and where to find help

  16. Off topic, but what is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist ? Thanks for the post Kati .

  17. It isn't real. I was diagnosed with it somewhere between middle school and elementary school, however…I just have a gifted brain compared to those whom have a normal brain. I stopped taking medicine for it during 8th grade. In my head I think of everything in musical terms.

  18. I'm pretty sure I have ADHD. I have pretty much all the classic symptoms and relate a lot to others with ADHD. I looked at my old school reports and every class, minus music and art which I loved, had "doesn't concentrate, if she tried a bit harder she would do really well, talks a lot, relies on others for understanding, easily distracted". I told my doctor and all I got was a smirk and a patronising "I doubt you have ADHD". She referred me for diagnosis in May and still haven't heard anything x

  19. I have ADHD I have had it all my life atleast as long As I can remember I hate The meds but They Help cant go A day Without it though I cant eat for 2 hours after taking it I dont eat lunch If I dont Get asked too loved this

  20. This is fantastic! I've lived with ADHD my entire life, and am now a daddy with an ADHD child. We're going through some big challenges right now just trying to find what works for our girl. I recently launched a youtube channel of my own with a very similar heart behind it; to form a community of people who want to organically learn, chat, and grow together. THANK YOU for providing content like this!!!! I am excited to tap in to more and learn everything I can!!!

  21. Thank you for spreading information into ADHD. I’m 72 and have had it all my life – I’m now an ADHD life coach with the mission to help educate and teach ADHDers – my channel covers everything (or as much as I can)

  22. I still struggle with ADHD. I find myself Judged by people that are supposed to be helping me like a job coach said "We all have ADHD" My face turned red. Obviously he's never been around someone who REALLY struggles day to day with this condition and has a lot of trouble. That was through the Department of Vocational Rehab too! They're supposed to be out there to help us, instead I get comments like this!

  23. I am 37 and was diagnosed with ADHD and LD at the age of 6, so i know i have a full case of it! I been on many different meds because of it i stop taking meds like 20 years ago, because the meds i was talking mad me feel like no myself! so I learned how to function with out meds, I still struggle to this day but i get by! You might feel like everything is wrong or you dont fit in! you dont need to feel that! you are special, and not in a bad way! I really mean this! we see this differently! we usually are more compassionate towards people, most adhders have huge hearts from what i have met! we are loving and caring to all even those who dont deserter it! Stay Strong, your not alone! keep fighting day by day, you can find me on facebook or email at [email protected] thank you Katie for talking about this, i have watched alot of your videos and they have helped me alot! so know that what you are doing does help alot of people! keep up the good fight! we love you and you help more then we can tell you!!! Thanks again!

  24. Was diagnosed ADHD-I a year or two ago,Im 28,almost 29. Ive been diagnosed LD My whole life,but this only AFTER struggling to finish My GED. On Adderall now,after going through a few others. Im happy to be diagnosed,but now what? What Therapies will help Me ?

  25. How does one go about finding a therapist who deals with adult adhd? I'm an organizational- motivational – noon rising sensational.

  26. I know this is an older video, but the two settings criteria, is that why my daughter who presents in both school and home was denied a diagnosis because it is not inhibiting her teacher who is an experienced special education preschool teacher. My daughter presents all the signs of her older brother who has a diagnosis but was told her behaviors were likely purely sensory related. While our youngest who is not old enough for me to feel comfortable getting evaluated for ADHD has his brother's therapist saying they would diagnose him in a second. He also struggles with SPD (which I know I know is not in the DSM5). Why would they do this to one child and not to the other who have identical sensory evaluations and act like little clones of their bigger brother?

  27. This is great Kati but could you please do one on taking meds for ADD/ADHD and if it's worth it?

    Thank you for your vids 🙂

  28. If you don't get someone who is an adhd specialist and you are an adult female with inattentive type adhd, they will tell you you are bipolar, then not listen to you even though you have had adhd and mdd for 24 years. Let me tell you, it's real neat.

  29. Why don't people talk more about how adults can cope with adhd as children face different challenges to adults with adhd

  30. This is really awesome actually. I feel as if diagnosis and treatment for ADHD in adults is UNDER diagnosed, while in children boys it is being OVER diagnosed.

  31. I am in my first week of medication, the fog that has been with me all of my life is lifted while the drugs are active. You may not want your child on a drug, but I bet you didn't want them to have a mental illness either. If the chemical reaction inside the drug can help the child do life, then surely it is the least of the two devils. Go utilise it, find the gift in the child or adult and bring it out! 🙂
    Do not let them turn out like me! Help them early.

  32. I find it very, very irritating you never hear a word about adults who have it found in a brain scan.

    The meds will make you really sick and when you ask how long they say "Not long." "How long?" "Oh, a few weeks…" and in the trash (or back to pharmacy for proper disposal) those suckers go.

    I HATE never saying the right thing when I really need it. Like around someone I'm interested in…it's honestly NEVER happened.

    I hear I do the right thing, say if someone dies or something…my bursting into song isn't a bad thing during a cousin's funeral; during uncomfortable coffin-moving silence. But I've had THE GUY end up walking away EVERY time, thinking something's wrong with me and I can see why people give up and shoot themselves in the face at some point. I mean, famous singers, very successful and handsome men act interested (they approached me and started conversations) until the second I say anything.

    I truly hate it but I HATE feeling VERY VERY sick every second from the meds more.

    I'm going to resign myself to pathetically inadequate relationships (the ones where you are glad to not see them much) and hanging out with my dogs. Maybe someone will leave me some money and I can just go away for a long time.

  33. Hey my name is charlie knight and i suffer with ADHD and im on medication for it im on concerter 54mg.
    I only got diagnosed with it when i was about 20 years old

  34. i think i may have adhd however where i live it's being really hard to find a psychologist and the only psychiatrist i know works at the mental asylum (hope you understand when i say i dont wanna go anywhere near that place) do you know of any way i can get help.
    i live in antigua and barbuda btw

  35. I haven't been diagnosed with ADHD but I've had two therapists tell me I might have it, and I really wouldn't be surprised if I did. I think I'm going in for a psychological evaluation next week, but I dont remember the details.
    It's impacted everything. I don't even remember why I started typing this comment to begin with…

  36. I'm 45
    I was never diagnosed.
    I struggle every day with symptoms of ADHD.
    As a child retroactively had every single symptom of childhood ADHD

  37. Can you please do a video explaining the different types of ADHD? I have been diagnosed with "ADHD combined" at 30 years old, but I dont really understand what that means

  38. Thank you wish I lived in USA near ypu – you are great! I suffer and no one cared enough to notice how I felt and why. I akways felt flawed and a bad person because of the bad choices I made, lack of focus, bad decisions, not good at managing money, lose interest quickly, chatter too much, don't think things through – the list goes on. Totally only realised when I read an article about ADD and hey presto I recognised myself! I have never felt normal from a young age but couldn't explain how it felt abd affected me. Just felt dumb as I appeared to be although I am I tell identify. Help! 😢

  39. I had diagnosed ADHD since I was a kid and I need to get rediagnosed for college accommodations. And then the psychiatrist I met says o don't have ADHD anymore when I am still suffering from the symptoms everyday…

  40. I have adhd since the age of 7 , it was caught off by a junior school teacher who referred me to a specialist , parents won’t that keen to put me in any Med , so have never been medicated until 3 years ago , by then I was 32, my whole life was a huge mess , inattention , hyperactive which is a combined type . One obvious sign of adhd was the inability to control anger outburst and interrupting people during conversations.I don’t take my medication all the time because when it gets me focused on task , it gives me anxiety once the medication starts to wear off. I am seeing a psychologist at the same time to better manage my condition. Most adhd people ( I don’t like saying that we are sufferers because I don’t see it as a disorder ) has an uniqueness in us. Embrace it and work on it, with medications ( don’t depend too much in it) and some efforts, it is manageable.

  41. I noticed part way through the video ur camera was moving around a lot. Im wondering, did you do that to specifically make this video easier to watch for adhd people

  42. I have adhd and odd I got diagnosed when I was like 6 or something and it sucks cause it really affects my depression and anxiety.

  43. Why are so many things we diagnose in mental health given new names and symptoms/traits, even if it was not criteria not long ago? ADD/ADHD I would say is an example. Even other science/medical things like eczema/dermatitis? (It having two names, if they are indeed different.)

  44. What are some of the medications that you are on for adhd and which ones do you think work better?

  45. Ah I struggled with ADHD since I was a kid but didn’t notice symptoms until I turned 10. But I never got diagnosed, my mom believed I didn’t have it because my grades were consistent up until I was 10 and I was also dealing with anxiety and depression. I’m 17 now and I was officially diagnosed but now my life is all over the place. My GPA is super low because I could never focus, I struggle to still do daily tasks and my ADHD is at its worst. I’m finally taking medication for it so I hope I can get better soon. Wish me luck!

  46. I worked all my life, but when I applied for disability for ADHD and severe scoliosis combined, I was turned down. At age 60, I could hardly walk, needless to say, work well with others. And yet young addicts were
    getting disabilty, no problem. I know that in the U.K., it is considered a real disability, but not in the U.S.

  47. Nearly every video I watch about ADHD misses the mark on what it is actually like. And there seems to be this massive over simplification of the illness. I struggle with it severely, sometimes it takes me 30 minutes to leave the house AFTER I am ready. This is because if I walk past nearly anything say.. a cup. It triggers a new line of thought and I forget I was even leaving the house. After doing this a dozen times J finally make it to my car. "Fidgiting' is caused from extreme anxiety and frustration…. That is caused from having so many racing thoughts each of which seem more important than what you are doing. Not only this, but because our sense of time is so abstract, we feel a fear of running out of time, to do these things. iF you can't see into the future but have 50 equally important ideas to act on and are being forced to sit still…. What do you think will happen!?

  48. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 27, and not until I figured it out myself and ran to my doctor with the idea and we did some evaluating. It had been buried under all my bipolar problems for so long that it just never even came up. God I wish I'd been diagnosed early, like… things would be so different

  49. Holy shit
    These changes were made a year before I was diagnosed and I could have been diagnosed earlier if these were around a year before.

  50. A short film dedicated to all person living with autism. Showcasing awareness to people living with disability and making them part of our society. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib3X9A8uW-4&feature=youtu.be

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