4 Tips on "How to Grow Healthy Organic Bananas" with Brendon McKeon

in today's video I'm gonna be given you
4 Tips on How to Grow Healthy Banana tip number-one fertilization a lot of people think that
you actually don't need to feed or fertilizer banana plants and in reality
this is true you just might have been an let it go it will produce a rack of bananas but if you want
a really healthy the rack of bananas you want a really healthy plants that is going to
resist disease then you need to feed it what we do is about every six months we
do a top dressing compost and NPK nitrogen
phosphorus potassium in the early stages a banana
growth you wanna go heavier on your nitrogen
and once you see a rack of bananas actually forming then you wanna start going heavier on
your potassium and phosphorus phosphorus helps with the fruiting of the plant I'm it's really important to do
this on a regular schedule and then we also do monthly or bimonthly
we do a nice NPK foliar spray of course we're always
using organic here on the farmer make our own fertilizers but by yourself some
nice organic fertilizers and do a nice foliar spray once a
month once every other month this is really going to help with the
healthy of your banana tip number two leaf cleaning your banana trees are constantly going
to be producing brown leaves there is two reasons why
this happened one is it's a natural process you know as
the leaves continue to grow from the center the older leaves start to die off and
fall away we want to keep these clean off the plant obviously the more cleanly
keep the plant the more energy it's gonna have to give to where we want to
go which is our fruit the other reason
you're to get browning in the leaf is from some type a disease I'm one of
the most common ones is called Sigatoka what happens is your leave start
browning from the tip and they turned a brownish
yellow color anytime this disease is present in your banana plant it really affects
the energy output and really sucks a lot of energy away from the plant and it's not going
in your for production what we want to do though it's really important to keep
our leave as much intact as we can because the leaves are our solar arrays right they're collecting
the sun's energy they are turning that energy through the plant and they're creating our
beautiful big rack bananas so anytime we see the tip at the leaves
start to brown yellow from the Sigatoka we want to come along and we just wanna
clean the tip just the part that brown and leave all
the green part of the leaf intact and you're gonna you're gonna cut
it right along with stem you just get a nice sharp on blade on
the end of a stick you hit that stem that tip of that leaf
will come right off tip number three removal baby banana plants want to plant a
banana your clump is going to continue to grow
and expand and its gonna continuously put of babies these are called the hijos
here in Costa Rica the thing that we want to keep in mind
is we want to keep 3 healthy banana trees per clump of so one good way to remember it is Son Father Grandfather okay and so anytime
you see your fourth hijo aur baby coming up you want to
remove that what that's going to do again is your banana plant only has so
much energy you put out right so if you start having too much
competition between too many banana plants in one clump you're not going to get big healthy
racks so when you see your fourth banana emerging you come in there what you want
to do is come on inside closest to the clump and you want
it with that a nice sharp shovel all and you just kinda cut and down motion
like you're gonna dig it out and you cut that come underneath it and
just pop it out okay now it doesn't matter if you cut
the the little roots that are going on that
you can actually remove those routes before replanting happen and in another
location you want to dig that out you clean it up
clean up the bass replanted another spot and you can have
a whole nother other banana plant tip number four removing banana fingers so many explain
a little bit about the anatomy other banana rack I'm basically we have I long stem that grows down and all you're what we
call hands are growing along that stem now a trick we can do in order to you
really get your bananas to plump out and get more weight on them is we can go down to the very bottom hand on that's damn over India's we're
gonna remove all the fingers the fingers are the bananas or remove all the fingers except for one
finger what that's going to use its gonna take
all the energy and send that up the stem and all those other hands
on it and you're going to end up with much more weight and quality for your bananas a couple
tips on how to know when to do that basically what you want to look for start observing your bananas are gonna
start of really curled at some point in their life cycle a
starter straight out we want to cut those fingers before that
straining happens I'm another way to do it is when your
bananas are growing their growing the hands are continuously
growing along the stem when that final hand grows the stem
itself is just gonna continue to a long gate below that want once you see that happen cease
your final hand come out about three weeks after that is the
perfect time to cut those fingers thanks again everyone for supporting us thanks for helping us spread
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48 thoughts on “4 Tips on "How to Grow Healthy Organic Bananas" with Brendon McKeon

  1. Suggestion: at 01:12 of the video where you are talking about leaf cleaning – I'd recommend to keep the old brown drooping leaves on the plant. Starting with the premise that Nature knows what she is doing, sjhe must have a good purpose for the old hanging banana leaves. That purpose is to keep the stalk shaded from direct sun. The banana flower is working its way up the stalk, and Nature wants to keep the trunk shaded, keeping the developing flower cooler.

  2. Also, u an use the small leaves from the suckers as a plate in your home. It makes every meal so much more delicious. And then u can throw the leaf plate back inside the ground where it will decompose and give more energy to the soil.

  3. very good video. In my zone I have beautiful banana plants. I keep them cleand very good. no brown. it does not produce babanas in theis zone. but I do enjoy the plants. they are beautiful plants and they make a good privacy fence . thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Bendon , GREAT JOB ! thanks so much for the ytube clip it’s really informative ,clear and concise . A few questions if your making a follow up would be regarding when you removed the trunk of a Banana tree that you have harvested , Wnen and how and also if it’s ok to use the old trunk as compost around the new growth .
    Also love the recipe for the fertiliser you use that you make your self for Banana Trees .

  5. Nicely explained within a short time. Can you tell me how to protect the fruit bearing plant as if often falls down in weight !!

  6. When I get a musa basjoo to survive here in UDA zoe 6b I'll try that pruning tip i the chance it evev flowers. Growing even a non-edible banana plant here in Utah will shock the city enough, let alone flowering.

  7. thank you for video sir and big help for me.. I hopping make more video for metaining babana tip and caring banana

  8. I only have 3 "hands" that are growing. Below them each petal of the flower will start to grow a new hand, but in about a day, maybe two, I go out and the petal has fallen off and the new hand is gone. Why is it doing that?

  9. After you harvest is that tree done and should be removed and let the smaller ones grow to size?

  10. Do you cut down whole tree every year after harvest? (people do in India, and plant whole new plants every year). We are planning to plant, hence asking. Thank you.

  11. New leaves of my banana plant grows with an unhealthy n reddish in clr….plz help..what should i do to get healthy growth??

  12. "Once you see a rack of bananas actually forming then you want to start heavier on your potassium and phosphorus. Phosphorus helps with the fruiting of the plant." I'm sorry but that was completely backwards. You need to give them the proper amount of phosphorus BEFORE they fruit so they can form a bigger bunch with a larger banana count, NOT when it shows up. At that point you cannot increase the count, just the plumpness of the bananas. So at that point it's too late.

  13. I have beautiful bananas this year on 3 tree's I didn't know what that huge bulb was until it opened and I started to see the little bananas but then the ants came and they just won't leave them alone they eat new each row that opens up, I tried pepper peppermint oil nothing keeps them away and all I got was the first row of bananas the ants eat every new row I don't know how to get rid of them??

  14. I ‘m a home grower here in Florida. I have 3 trees in my backyard. I’ve been trying to grow bananas on my 10 -11 ‘ trees for a couple of seasons now. I am going to try your growing tips. I have found all the fertilizers you recommend. The only thing I don’t know how to do is make the NPK spray, could you please give me some advice on how to accomplish that. I’m so determined to successfully grow bananas. Your trees and fruit are amazing. Any advice on making the NPK spray would be truly appreciated. Thank you!

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