5 Best Calisthenics Exercises For 2019

(motivating music) – What’s up elite ThenX
athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of
official ThenX. Today, we’re gonna be jumping into 2019
early. I’m gonna be showing you my five best calisthenics
exercises, in my opinion, for 2019 We’re gonna be taking those
moves that you were doing in 2018, and it’s time to put the
boosters on those. Remember, train the same and remain the
same. That’s why we’re gonna take our skills, strength and
physique to the next level in 2019. Every year, we gotta
get whole lot better, faster, and stronger. So for the first exercise I
have to show you guys to start upgrading now, is pull ups.
We’ve been building our reps for 2018. A lot of us have been
doing them up to our necks. 2019, we’re gonna start doing
high pull ups. Bringing it to our chest or up to our belly
button, as high as we can go. So, real quick I’m gonna show
you guys how we upgrade the pull up. Into high pull ups.
(motivating fitness music) Alright let me explain real
quick how I do this, guys. Alright so when you’re doing
a normal pull up, normally you have your scapulas out like
this, you’re pulling the bar right up to your neck, and
right back down. This range of motion. But this range of motion
can only go all the way up to your shoulders. As you
can see, when pulling in this motion. Which is why you gotta
bring your scapulas in front? And from here, you pull,
like a rowing motion. In this motion and with this angle,
you can pull all the way up to your belly button if you
actually trained for it. So when you go to the bar, instead
of just going to the bar like this, being able to pull
up right here. We’re gonna bring our scapulas
forward, as you can see. Lean back so that we keep that
same rowing range of motion. Grab the bar from there and
from here, we’re gonna pull straight up. And as you can see, I keep
that form in my back, the whole range of motion, all the way
up and all the way back down. Even when you’re back down,
if you’re hanging, you should still be in that position. Alright, another good thing
to look out for when you’re doing high pull ups guys,
is the grip. The more of an over-grip you have, the easier
it’s gonna be. Because when you’re coming all the way up
to the top, the higher your pull up is gonna be, the more
your wrist is gonna need to turn. So, already having an
over-grip, your wrist is gonna be in a really good spot so
that when you reach the top, it’s really comfortable. Versus
coming all the way to the top, and your wrist is looking
something like that. And lastly, you want to keep
form while you’re doing this movement. You don’t wanna be
moving around at all. You want to keep your body as straight
as possible, like a pencil. And simultaneously tightening
your core, your lats, your back, your shoulders. Trying
to make your body, basically as still and as controlled as
possible. So one more time guys, it should look like this,
and keep in mind while you’re doing these, you want to start
doing different grips. These different grips are gonna work
out different parts of your lats, different parts of your
back and biceps. Even increase the skill of actually pulling.
Pulling is a technique all to itself. As well as you can see
guys, there’s different gears when you’re pulling. You start
from your scapulas and then it moves in through the rest
of your arms and ends up on your grip. So, when you start
to mix up the different grips and you get used to these
different positions, pulling as a movement itself is just going
to get really easy. So … Let me show you guys what it
looks like. (powerful music) Alright. So next, on our
2019 list, we have explosive burpees. Now, we’ve been doing
burpees in 2018. But 2019, we gotta push it, we gotta
give it that extra effort. Now, like I said in other videos,
burpees to me, in my opinion, are like the laziness killer.
And that’s because it takes a lot of effort, muscle, as
well as a good amount of cardio and endurance. Which is why
this compound exercise is extremely efficient for
getting shredded and building explosiveness. And this type
of training is gonna transfer on into other things that
you’re gonna be doing. You’re gonna start putting that same
amount of effort and power into other exercises that you
weren’t already giving that into, so … We’re gonna put
the juice on burpees right now and we’re gonna try to be as
explosive as possible. So, in 2018 if you were just doing
normal jump and go burpees … It’s time to take those to the
next level, 2019 baby, let’s go. So, try to be as explosive
as possible. Of course guys, go at your own pace, go at
your own skill level. But you want to give this exercise a
sense of urgency and some power into it. So let’s go for
it. (powerful gym music) Whew … Alright. So you guys
get the point. Wanna be as explosive as possible. When
you first start doing this, you’re gonna be putting a lot
of effort, you’re gonna be getting pretty fatigued. But
eventually, it starts to feel a whole lot easier. And so does
everything else after that. Alright so the next move we
have have on our list, is gonna be a push up. And we’ve been racking up these
reps, I told you guys to do 100 push ups a day. 2018,
that’s what it was all about. Well, now we’re gonna take
our push up to the next level. Let’s see if you can do these
100 times a day. We’re gonna lean forward in our push up,
and when we go down on our push up, we want our hands
by our waistline. From here, we’re gonna look forward,
bring up our feet, just for a second. Every time you go
down. We’re gonna hold our entire body weight, when we
get to the bottom, and then we’re gonna put our feet back
down to the ground, and back up to the top. (powerful explosive music) Whew. Alright. So that’s the
upgrade on the push ups, guys. When doing this move, just
make sure that you’re leaning forward enough that your hands
are gonna be at your waist. Because by your waistline,
like I showed you in The Secret to Superhuman Strength video,
this is the center of your gravity. So, pushing from here
is literally like pushing all your body’s weight, literally.
And once you can push all your body’s weight comfortably
and you can do it for reps, well then you’re gonna start
moving on naturally into other harder progressions like
full-planche push ups, 90 degree handstand push ups, handstand
pushups for days. I mean, your holding your entire body when
you do these push ups, for a second, every single time.
This is gonna get a whole lot easier. You’re gonna be able
to do this a whole lot more comfortably. And when you’re
comfortable with your own body weight, well imagine where
that’s gonna take you. Alright, so the next move on our list
for 2019, we’re gonna upgrade again, our pull ups. The move
that I have for you guys is the Eccentric 1 Arm pull up.
This is a move that I use to train my one-arm pull ups.
And in 2018 I know we were building our reps with the 100
pull ups challenge. So, 2019 it’s time to take out one
of those arms and take that pulling game to the next
level. I’m gonna show you guys one of my favorite moves that
I use to train my one-arm pull up. Alright, let’s go for
it. Alright, so we’re gonna grab the bar, like a commando
pull up. The hand that’s on the outside, we’re gonna use
that one to come up on this side. And from here, we’re
gonna let go of that hand, come down, and as soon as you get
down, you’re gonna pull right back up with two hands. (motivating music) So as you guys can see, the
supinated grip is the one that’s assisting as soon as you come
up and you immediately let it go to feel the eccentric portion
of this move. And as soon as you guys get back to the
bottom, you pull right back up. With two arms. So now we’re
gonna switch the grip. (motivating fitness music) Alright. So there you guys
have it. Of course, you want to be as strict as possible when
doing this movement. Make sure your core is tight, you’re
activating your lats, and you’re squeezing. Keeping a solid
grip as hard as you can. That’s probably one of the most
important parts. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.
Especially when it comes to hanging exercises. When you’re
hanging on the bar, all your muscles can keep going, but
if your grip gives out, that’s it, you’re finished. Alright,
so the last move, number five exercise for 2019. That’s
gonna be handstand to negative full planche. You’re gonna be using some
ThenX Parallettes. This is another eccentric movement,
which is working against gravity which is going to increase
your strength and your muscle mass. So in 2018, we were
killing it with the handstands. Now, we’re gonna go up into
our handstands. Time to take them to the next level. From
our handstand position, you want to make sure your arms
are as straight as possible. And you just want to start
leaning forward, slowly letting your feet drop. Hold your
core as tight as you can and keeping that same straight line
formation, you’re gonna try to come down at that angle
as slow and controlled as you can. Now, at the beginning
you probably will be able only to do that much of an angle,
slow and you’ll probably fall the rest. But the more you do
this movement I promise you guys, you guys are gonna
come down slower and slower. Eventually you’re gonna be
able to come down so slow, that you just hold a full
planche down push. This isn’t the only move that you trained
for that’s going to have you get the full planche, but
this is definitely a 2019 move that if you use this move
in your training routine, no matter how slow or fast
you come down, this move is definitely gonna take you
to the next level. You gotta train the things that nobody
does, that nobody never wants to, to get the results and
the skills that nobody can and nobody has. Alright, so
here we go. (powerful music) Alright, so that’s gonna take
months to years to get that move like that, but if you
start now in 2019, eventually you’re definitely gonna get
there. And like I said, you don’t have to come all the
way down to 90 degree and stop like I did. You just come down
as slow and controlled as you can and when you hit the ground,
just kick back up and do it again, over and over and over.
Eventually, the ascension part is gonna get a whole
lot easier and you’re gonna start getting a whole lot
stronger and a whole lot more shredded. So with that said,
thank you guys so much for watching the video. If you
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time, baby. (powerful music)

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