5 Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in Just 4 Weeks

Five simple exercises to get a flat belly in four weeks Almost every woman dreams about a flat and well shaped belly when she can proudly show off on the beach well Let’s be honest men. Also secretly dream of losing that annoying fat around their waists Yeah We do how to get that you might ask the answer is simpler than you think with these five simple exercises you will get your dream belly in just four weeks Without any significant efforts and exhausting training all you have to do is find only five minutes in your busy schedule Ideally in the morning when you are still fresh and full of energy Do these five short exercises with us, and we promise it’s going to be fun and easy just do it every day You don’t even need to start your watch. I’ll account for you Exercise number one playing hey, we’re going to make film and walk the pink no captain just get on the floor iron Alright lie down on your belly on the floor Raise your body on your elbows and toes and keep it horizontal your body should make a straight line head the heels Breathe normally you need to keep this position for only 20 seconds. Let’s give it a try ready go Plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning It strengthens your ABS works your glutes and hamstrings supports the proper posture and improves balance Okay, a bit more captain keep your bottom low oh You’re doing just great Nineteen twenty and now three seconds more you can do it Three two one wow you’ve done it Alright, let’s move on to the next one exercise number two left side plank turn to your left side and put the left elbow Directly into the shoulder make sure that your legs are straight now push your bottom and waist up Hey, you’re doing great Catherine now balance yourself on your arm and feet until your body makes a diagonal line breathe normally Keep this position for only 20 seconds and up we go Cliff side plank makes your abdominal side muscles stronger and keeps your waist thin captain don’t sink your shoulder oh Just a few more seconds five four three two one well done Exercise number three backwards push-ups We’re sport chops all right who’s parrot baby mine Okay, find a pert somewhere anyways backward push-ups turn to your back in a sitting position Prop yourself up on your hands and feet slowly push your bottom up and down by bending your elbows Only three times let’s go three Try to keep your body straight Too don’t forget to bend your elbows, that’s right one. It wasn’t that hard right? ready for the next one exercise for bright side plank Doing okay captain are you all right turn to your right side and put the right elbow? Directly under the shoulder make sure that your legs are straight now push your bottom and waist up Balance yourself on your arm and feet until your body make a diagonal line breathe normally 20 seconds start now You’ve already done this exercise on your left side so this time It should be a piece of cake if you want to achieve more prominent results next time try to straighten your arm One arm well do the best you can inhale exhale? You’re almost done. See it’s not that hard 3 2 1 You are amazing and last, but not least exercise number five situps. Oh Situps Oh Davy Jones locker come on you can do it lie down on your back Start pushing your upper body up and forward with your arms straight in front of you to a semi setting position Strain your abdominal muscles as hard as you can Hey, good timing lie down and repeat okay one last effort three times only go three Every bend makes the muscles of your upper belly stronger two up down What you’re almost there? Woohoo. You are my hero. Ah Thank you so much All right, here is your four week workout calendar increase the exercise intensity every week And you will get the belly of your dream in just a month time I think so absolutely captain week one plank 20 seconds left side plank 20 seconds Backward push-ups three times right side plank 20 seconds sit-ups three times Week number two plank thirty seconds right side plank thirty Seconds backwards push-up five times left side plank thirty Seconds sit-ups three times Week number three plank 45 seconds right side plank 45 seconds backwards push-ups seven times left side plank 45 seconds sit-ups seven times and Week number four plank one minute right side plank one minute backwards push-ups ten times left side plank one minute and sit-ups ten times Hey captain. Where did the parrot go by polygon? She has many sides All right keep performing this set of exercises and watch your belly get flatter every day Have you ever tried these exercises before how did they work for you share your experience in the comments below? Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to stay on the bright side of life

100 thoughts on “5 Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in Just 4 Weeks

  1. List of exercises:
    20 second plank(targets abs, hamstrings while improves proper posture and balance)
    20 second left side plank (targets abdominal side muscle and keeps your waist thin)
    3 backwards push-ups
    20 second right side plank (targets abdominal side muscle and keeps waist thin)
    3 sit-ups

    Week 1:
    Plank———————–20 seconds
    Left side plank———20 seconds
    Backwards pushup–3
    Right side plank——20 seconds

    Week 2:
    Plank———————–30 seconds
    Left side plank———30 seconds
    Backwards pushup–5
    Right side plank——-30 seconds

    Week 3:
    Plank———————–45 seconds
    Left side plank———45 seconds
    Backwards pushup–7
    Right side plank——-45 seconds

    Week 4:
    Plank———————-60 seconds
    Left side plank——–60 seconds
    Backwards pushup–10
    Right side plank——-60 seconds

  2. I hope bright knows this doesn’t help at all. I did this for 2 months and it didn’t work, then I did other exercises then I got a six pack in 1 month

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  4. Happy New Year!!! (I replied to a bunch of other people's comments but forgot to leave one of my own.) I've given this a try and have posted the results on my blog: https://12stepfellow.com/not-quite-a-step-post/ (password=flat belly) See you there!

  5. Well don’t think the little amount of exercise will actually do this I’m going to vlog it so follow my channel to see what happens!

  6. These kind of exercises should always be supported by real videos and not graphics. Especially the Exercise No. 3 in this video was not supported/ explained well. People can get hurt by trying to.listen and do the exercises

  7. I really want a flat belly, I'm improving my diet, no more chocolate or alcohol! A flat belly will remind me when I was in my early twenties! LOL


  9. diet –
    3 meals make them kinda small
    breakfast-maybe some toast and jelly or a pancake bc we all know that we need pancakes and some iced coffee or a tea or juice try to cut off hot drinks but tea is good

    do the workouts after breakfast on the weekends but during the weekdays do then when you get back home from school

    lunch- it's fine to eat a sandwich but make sure that the bread is whole wheat or if you don't want that and if you want pizza rolls or something gets only 5 pizza rolls and drink water!!!

    dinner-yes you can eat whatever your mom/dad/guardian/yourself makes but only eat a little but, not 5 plates only eat one plate drink water. and before you go to bed to the workouts then you'll be tired and get a good night sleep

  10. Hello everybody. I will be starting this tommorrow and will try to remember to update you every week. I will be following this calander along with trying to eat better and stopping myself from eating when I’m not even hungry. Check in soon!! ☺️

  11. im going update & do it twice a day !

    day 1 : it doesn’t seem very effective at all. my heart rate didn’t even go up. it just felt like it was way too easy. definitely don’t think this is going to work but i guess I’ll keep trying. and i lost no weight at all. not even 1kg. definitely not sure about this.

  12. someone thats actually tired this and went through with it without stopping half way hahah; let me know if it worked

  13. I’m gonna do this workout along with another video 2 times a day morning and night. Should I track my progress on here?

  14. I’m on the keto diet and I’ve been trying to find a workout that doesn’t seem too difficult that I can do at home to make me lose weight faster. So I’m gonna start this today and I’ll try to remember to update you guys on how it’s going!

  15. Okay, after week one of doing these exercises and also 50 squats a day, and drinking more water I have lost 8inches off of my stomach ( im focusing more on my stomachs apperance rather than how much i actually weigh, hence why i am talking inches and not weight) I understand it might not sound too much but i believe if i carry on doing this i can reach my goal! I guess what i am saying is don't knock it till you have tried it!

  16. My balance sucks. I almost fell. My arms hurt and my elbow feels odd (I broke it when I was 9 and it’s not in the right spot but is still bendable/usable it’s just some nerve problems and tendants that had to be rerouted around my elbow.)

  17. Plank 0:54
    Left-Side Plank 1:49
    Backwards push-ups 2:35
    Right-side Plank 3:13
    Sit-ups 4:05
    Week 1 4:59
    Week 2 5:10
    Week 3 5:26
    Week 4 5:40

  18. Hi this is my personal experience that i have lost 10 kg so far if you want to do flat belly so do it for once will really impressive. http://bit.ly/2FTBqx9

  19. The easiest way of losing weight I found. I lost 27 pounds within a short period. Very helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiUFG3weA6s

  20. Im on day two right now. I'll tell ya'll my results after 4 weeks. Just some advice for those trying it to would be to EAT HEALTHY. This is not going to work if you're eating chips and drinking soda. Because then its like a positive and negative. (They cancel each other out) . Also I think it depends on where your body is already. For example, if you don't need to lose a bunch of weight, but want to be toned, these are the right exercises for you.

  21. I'm like turning 15 this June 22nd and I want a flat belly like so so bad for my birthday ik that ain't possible but I'll work hard and avoid junk food as much as I can until my birthday😭

  22. The exercises seem small and effortless, when actually trying it I’m exhausted lol. This better give me a flat stomach.

  23. So, I did this two months ago, and I did all four weeks, it made my stomach look smaller and I was starting to get abs but that was when I finished the whole workout, I'm thinking of doing the fourth week one as my normal workout now, I'm not sure tho

  24. this is gonna be some work since my arms aint that strong, but this looks fun! im gonna get started today and see what happens!

  25. Edit- I will post this on daily basis and every morning
    Day 1 (29 June, 10:50pm) – very hard literally dying.
    Day 2 (30 June, ——)

  26. i've read an article about these exercises when i was just 14, so i tried it and did it every single day. but it just made my belly hurt so i stopped. i'd always make fun of it and say that my abs are hurting but i'm not really sure if i was doing the right thing or not. i know nothing better before, i just want to exercise and be healthy. but if your belly hurts, is it a good thing or nah?

  27. Trying this. I’ll let y’all know how it goes 🙂
    I’ll try to do a weekly update. Also I’d like to mention I’m going on the keto diet. I was on it before but I hopped off of it.
    Week one my current weight: 172

  28. I was 220 in May when I started working out, now I’m 199. Stomach isn’t flat but a it ups and planks really do the trick bc it has gotten smaller, but haven’t done it this way though. But I’m gonna try this too

  29. I'm starting this exercise. I'll try to update every day, but I might forget.

    Date at start: Oct. 7
    Weight at start: 106 lbs
    Height at start: 5 feet
    Age at start: 11 years, 2 months

    Day 1: My stomach feels just a little bit sore, since I am kind of used to doing these exercises. No visible change.
    Day 2: My stomach feels the same as yesterday, except that I have a horrible cramp in my stomach!! I just ate dinner before doing this workout (bad choice…). Again, no visible change.
    Day 3:

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