5 Foods to Help You Lose 5 Pounds

five five foods lose five pounds sounds too good to be true right well actually it just maybe there's some research behind these so-called super foods and how they can help you lose some of those last few pesky pounds here to tell us more about it is nutritionist Keri Glassman and Keri before you that you think we should be stocking up on why okay so the concept here is that these five foods all have some sort of related specific weight-loss benefit aside from all their other health benefits but one of the complaints I get from people all the time is when I start to eat healthy I buy all this food and it all goes to waste so I'm looking out for your waste time and your wallet here because these five foods can also all work together the first one pomegranates is one of my fave pomegranates have seven grams of fiber so they help keep you full they also have a couple grams of protein which also we know adds to satiety and also they're loaded with about 30% of your vitamin C needs so actually vitamin C also can help reduce stress which we know when we're too stressed we gain weight the next one here I want to get through all you some peanut butter these sugar snappies loaded with water and fiber volume okay so they're gonna fill you up but specifically soluble fiber that soluble fiber can is gonna help keep you full but also help control your blood sugar levels and the crunch alone can keep you really satisfied sometimes when you want a bag of chips really all you need is the crunch so go for that okay my next favorite this group is peanut butter peanut butter has protein and fiber similar to the pomegranate seeds but in the opposite proportion I'm gonna start dipping in here but that would not be able to speak so anyway but lots of protein in there will keep you satisfied also some fiber we know almost no sugar and the monounsaturated fatty acids in the peanut butter have been linked to reducing belly fat so another reason we love the people a huge fan of butters are you are you a crunchy or a smooth guy I'm into smooth I love I love peanut butter almond butter cashew butter and now I like snapping exactly okay a teeny bit itself their most important is you don't want the hydrogenated oil so when you buy the peanut butter make sure it just says peanuts and maybe salt if you do have to have the salt okay next one ginger love ginger because it helps settle your stomach it's good for digestion good digestion is connected to a flat belly and ginger has also been linked to reducing appetite so that's actually some really interesting research they're having some ginger tea after dinner and it's cool cuz the ginger lasts a while in your refrigerator that's not the thing that goes bad first and you know you can you can you take a spoon and scrape the ginger right off just put that water in hot water and just let it steep by the way and saute it with some sugar snap peas right there and you've got a wonderful snack okay so then steak loaded with protein and we know when you eat enough protein it's going to help reduce that white weight cycling that you know gaining weight losing weight gaining weight losing that you really need protein first state ID I know everyone said well I just need a little bit of steak and a whole lot of veggies and I'm super satisfied in what schools we're gonna have some exclusive tasty recipes on our website that incorporate all these foods and if you've never tried it those snap peas and the butter peanut butter there's they're fabulous now I'm done IQ of women's health magazine on stands now where you can read the full story of buy five drop five as well as our own doctor Berman's article and everyone in the audience is going home with a one-year subscription to Women's Health magazine you

22 thoughts on “5 Foods to Help You Lose 5 Pounds

  1. In their other video they literally talked about how unhealthy peanutbutter is and how it slows ur metabolism

  2. “Like who doesn’t like peanut butter?” Raises hand I’m elegiac to peanuts so, I hate peanuts and peanut butter cause like one peanut or one spoonful could kill me in seconds.

  3. Even people that eat meat have to know steak is VERY unhealthy. I stopped eating red meat and lost weight…

  4. i really wish these doctors would also add health tips to those who have acid reflux or digestive issues and foods to eat to help with that and how to lose belly fat as well while dealing with issues like these

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