5 Workout & Nutrition Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! (SLOW OR ZERO GROWTH!)

By far the most frequent comment I get is how do I stay motivated to workout? And I gotta be honest guys the answer is usually always the same results are my only motivator and it should be yours, too. Well wearing all my Saiyan gear kind of helps as well not gonna lie makes me think that if I keep pushing myself as hard as I can maybe I’ll turn super saiyan a guy can dream, right? but seriously think about this for a second if what you’re doing yields results and if you can clearly see those results isn’t that all the motivation you need? If on the other hand what you’re doing provides no results. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re still going to be demotivated to keep on doing it even if it’s something that you like kind of like how YouTube tells me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my channel even though I gain thirty to forty thousand subscribers a month every month and the majority of those people never get notifications for my videos, but that’s a story for another day and YouTube shenanigans will never kill my passion for helping others so don’t worry about it. But a problem I can fix is to make sure that you are all making continuous gains by avoiding these five mistakes mistake. Number one your pre-workout nutrition is just off believe it or not meal timing can impact how hard you train take me for example if I eat way too much too close to my workout my body feels like it weighs a million pounds I’m super sluggish and sleepy and it makes sense because your body is literally trying to allocate energy to digest all the food you just ate and lift heavy weight it’s like you’re cutting your energy expenditure in half however if I eat say for hours before my workout by the time I go to train I’m hungry again and my energy levels are okay but not optimal the perfect time for me is about 90 minutes to two hours before I train and guys everyone is different and it may take some experimenting to figure out what works best for you. But what should you be eating? Well, ideally you want to be having a meal that combines protein and complex carbs and an example of that would be something like chicken and roasted potatoes or rice and beans however if you don’t have the time to prepare or even consume a meal like this probably because you’re at work well in that case you can choose to have a meal that’s mainly comprised of simple carbohydrates 20 to 30 minutes before you workout your body will be able to break down the simple carbs much faster and you won’t get that sluggish feeling when you go to Train. It’s not your best option but it’s still superior to lifting on an empty stomach in my opinion a good example would be two bananas or apples right before you workout or a high calorie protein bar would work as well. in fact as you guys know, I train super early in the morning now if I wake up late I basically grab a BSN crisp bar and an apple and just run out the door chomping away as I drive to the gym. So there’s always a solution. Workout mistake number two, you’re training too long. Guys training for 2 to 3 hours at a time is way too long. Granted there are some exceptions. For example, if you’re doing push-pull legs or a powerlifting program where the rest periods are much longer but even still you should be evaluating or always evaluating your workouts to ensure that you’re maximizing your time if your bro split training say chest and triceps as a workout then 3 hours is just too long. You should you could easily hit chest and triceps in 60 to 90 minutes max guys and as a natural lifter your body can only handle so much at once and it will get to a point to where you’re just beating a dead horse. You can only train for so long before your muscles are done, you know getting beaten up in fact I bet if the majority of you cut down your total workout time right now you would see more results so stop checking your phone stop talking to your gym buddies between every single set and maybe even reduce your rest periods to 60 to 90 seconds max in between every single set also remember this as we have talked about it before and I will continue to say it you only need 2 to 3 exercises per body part max. So if you’re training with chest with 7 different movements stick to 5 to 6 sets of the that are for you the most bang for your buck. That means more compound movements and less isolation movements work out mistake number three Program hopping. Now this might be the third mistake guys but it’s usually the number one thing holding back those of you who have been stuck in a muscle building plateau for a long period of time it’s also the reason why beginners drop out of the gym after six to eight months of training. To see results you need to measure progress and you can’t measure progress if you’re constantly changing your program. The only time you should change your program is when you stop seeing results. That could be six weeks from now eight weeks or three to four months. It depends on your level of fitness and how long you’ve been training. So instead of winging it every time you step into the gym. Plan ahead create a program and stick to it to at least two to three months or until you stop seeing results from it I suggest that if you’re a program hopper and still considered a beginner maybe intermediate start with my push-pull legs program it will help you build a solid foundation that will get you ready for anything. And if you’re a bit more of an advanced lifter, I suggest you start with my cheat and recover program there is nothing like it anywhere and it will absolutely destroy your body and rebuild it to be bigger and better. Workout mistake number four guys You’re using momentum the wrong way and now this might seem weird but there are two kinds of momentum there’s the momentum that people use in the gym that eventually gets them seriously injured and then there’s momentum smart lifters use to overload their muscles and spark strength gains like you see in my cheat and recover program. Let’s take pull-ups for example which by the way is an amazing exercise for your overall back and biceps development if you’re using momentum For kipping reps. You’re not spiking muscle growth Okay you’re just getting really really good swinging your body around the correct way to use momentum would be to swing and thrust your body up and over the bar and then control the negative remember that you are not only stronger but break down the most muscle tissue for regrowth in the negative. So a motion like kipping will never yield the kind of results in terms of muscle growth that you’re looking for. Proper momentum is not only acceptable, but it’s also encouraged in many exercises including the barbell biceps curl a t-bar row and even a shoulder press but only as an advanced tool for advanced lifters who’ve hit a plateau or use as a smart tactic for intermediate lifters who are in pursuit of faster muscle and strength gains and this is kind of the foundation as to which my cheat and recover program was built around and the final mistake is listening to the wrong advice and guys I feel like this mistake never really used to exist until the explosion of social media. In the past if a trainer sucked or a magazine gave bad advice it wouldn’t last long or the trainer wouldn’t have any clients, but with social media your knowledge is based on first how you look then how many people follow you and then the actual facts behind the advice that you’re giving. And most people usually don’t make it past the first one which is how you look that’s why YouTubers like V shreds still have an army defending him even though he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about and he ripped off all of Jeff’s content. Also, a lot of you have asked me if I like Jeff and I do he’s really smart and down-to-earth he gets it he has great information. But that doesn’t mean that we have to agree on every single thing. If every trainer agreed on everything there would just be one book of training. Difference of opinion is what helps us all grow as trainers and it should be encouraged, but you need to hold yourselves accountable before you decide to blindly follow the advice of someone online including me. Take a few hours and fact check the things that these people are saying at least this way you’ll know if the advice you’re getting is good or not. Any idiot can take low dosages of testosterone get jacked and ripped call it summer shredding and then try to sell you a cookie cutter workout program and meal plan guys I have seen it over and over again since I started making videos in 2009. And the last thing I want is for you guys quitting fitness because the advice you’re receiving was terrible and you didn’t get any results. So whether you use my programs or someone else’s I am happy as long as you’re getting results. Be sure to smash that like button if you enjoyed the video and it’s been a while since I did anything on nutrition. So I’d love some suggestions below from you guys. We can talk about different kinds of diets like keto, I haven’t really made a video about yet. What kind of food you should stick to, what you should avoid? What foods directly relate to more water retention? There’s all kinds of things we can talk about and the choice is yours So comment below and as always guys more good stuff coming soon. See ya

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  1. Did you all notice the video is 9 minutes and 58 seconds? That's because pushing ads in 10 minute videos will happen from time to time, but isn't a priority. <3

    We all learn by making mistakes, especially me. In fact, I believe I'm a better trainer today because I'm willing to listen and expand my knowledge base by listening to other trainers and even comments from you guys. So if I am ever out of line… feel free to DROP THE HAMMER!! haha FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS! – https://muscularstrength.com/Full-Workout-Programs

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    Monday – chest, shoulder
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    Thursday – same as Monday
    Friday – same as Tuesday
    Saturday – same as Wednesday
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    Every alternate day abs 30-45 minutes

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  36. To sum up:

    Bad pre-workout nutrition
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