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hey guys so whilst I've got a spare five minutes I thought I'd come on here and it's actually been highly requested but I'm going to be talking about the 5:2 diet and how it's worked for me and how much weight I've actually lost sits doing it so if you're not already aware the 5:2 diet is and it's very simple very easy and it's basically out of your seven days you fast for two days and then for the other five days you eat normally now I wouldn't say you know go out and binge and just eat pizza and takeaways you can eat normally and you can eat you know what you what you want but in moderation for the fast days for women it's 500 calories and for men it's 600 now you're probably thinking oh my lord how am I going to survive on 500 calories a day and I was like that when I first started but you know what it really is simple and you can actually get a lot out of 500 calories the first week I'd say when I started the 5:2 diet was a nightmare I really didn't enjoy it I was eating the wrong foods and the two days I was fasting I was just rappin if I was so hungry and come like seven eight o'clock my stomach would be rumbling because I didn't fill myself up on the proper food so now what I do to make my life a little bit easier is I I know it might be a little bit boring a bit monotonous but I actually stick to the same foods on my fasting days because I know what color is they are and I know I can actually eat quite a lot of it and be really full and not think about food you know come six seven o'clock so normally for breakfast I have a cup of tea I skip breakfast all together and then I normally have my lunch around about half 11 so sort of like brunch and on that I'll either have soup or I'll have a load of fruit or I'll have salad and then between lunch and dinner I'll snack maybe on some dry through again fruits and I make sure I drink loads of water at least ten cups because water fills you up and sometimes you may think you're hungry but in retrospect you just might be really thirsty and then when it comes to dinner I well nine times out of ten I will just have a massive plate salad with chicken and a little bit of mayonnaise and that totally does the job when it comes to soup I like the Covent Gardens and the one I tend to stick with is carrot and butternut squash or 700 gram carton it's just shy of 200 calories so sometimes what I'll do is I'll have half my lunch and then I'll have half of my dinner but I'll just split it and then keep it two separate occasions on each day and just have salad for my dinner and when it comes to salad I like to buy the pre bagged salad because normally in a full bag it's around about 40 calories if that and then on top of that I'll choke on some cucumber I'll choke on some peppers tomatoes and I'll also use the packed the precooked chicken slices and it's normally chicken thickened because it does give a little bit of flavor and for half a pack it's about 170 calories so normally dinner wise I probably don't go over anything than 250 calories and then lunch it's 96 so that's like 350 calories gone if that and then I then got 150 calories to play with and like for a cup of tea because cup of tea is roughly around 15 calories and then maybe some fruit so that's generally what I eat on my fasting days and then on the day that I'm not fasting I'll eat normally I'll have breakfast lunch and dinner and then I'll have the obviously the snack and at night time if I fancy chocolate or I fancy ice cream I'll eat it so generally I do eat what I want but I make sure I don't go over 1,200 calories I have been doing in the 5:2 diet now for this is my this is coming onto my six-week I just think and I started at 130 point six pounds and five weeks on cuz I just weighed myself on Sunday I was a hundred and twenty one point eight pounds so I've lost I think about seven pound in five weeks which to me is absolutely amazing because I've really struggled to lose the weight due to having an underactive thyroid I'm on medication from underactive thyroid but every other diet I've done it hasn't worked and exercise wise I have to workout as twice as hard before the 5:2 diet I I was working out and I was color accounting I was watching what I was eating and I wasn't losing anyway I was at a standstill with my way and it wasn't going anywhere I'm just really happy that I am down to the way I am and to be honest I really didn't believe I could actually get to this way I haven't been this way since before I had Josh and that was that's nearly seven years ago and I know I'm not overweight but I know that I'm not happy and I do want to get back down to a happy weight where I was before I had Josh so I think 121 pound is around about eight stone ten eight stone nine I'm really unsure I am looking towards getting down to round about eight stone which I think's maybe in the 110 and I'm really not sure before I started the 5:2 diet I did actually do some research and there are health benefits towards it it may help prevent conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia also diabetes and fasting for a short period of time can actually help your digestive system we don't actually need to eat every single day so fasting for two days and can actually give your digestive system a little bit of a rest studies have also suggested that it may increase lifespan and then as you're probably aware intermittent fasting can help towards weight loss now that I'm on to my sixth week I actually feel that the 5:2 diet is not much a diet anymore but more like a lifestyle change I will probably continue to do this for the foreseeable future and I really really love it and I feel better within myself I feel more refreshed and even on my fasting days I've got still loads of energy I'm not tired because of my fasting days I've noticed that on my non fasting days my appetite level has reduced which is really good because before I used to par my plate with so much food and not even eat all where now I only just ditched myself out a little bit and if I'm still hungry I'll go back for more I cannot recommend the 5:2 diet enough and if you do give it a go first couple of fasting days you will find challenging you will get hunger pangs then eventually you quickly get used to dealing with that and I I just totally love it I really don't know why I didn't do it sooner and the only downside about losing weights is now that majority of my clothes do not fit me they just look ridiculous on me so baggy and so I've kind of got rid of my old wardrobe and I'm now limited to what I can wear I have told Ricky that I don't yet want to go out and get clothes because if I buy clothes now and I still continue to lose the weight I'm going to have to put them away or give them to charity and fork out for more clothes so yeah I'm limited to what I can wear and then hopefully within maybe another month or month and a half I can go out on a massive splurge and treat myself because you know what I totally deserve it if you might be asking the question well what happens when do get down to my ideal weight what happens then if I stop altogether then yes probably I will then put back on the weight but because I'm now looking at more of a lifestyle change what I'll do is instead of fasting for two days or probably only fast for the one day and that will still help me to keep the weight off and actually maintain my weight level good thing about the 5:2 diet is you will slowly see results and you'll slowly lose the weight which is good because slowly you lose the weight then the longer the weight stays off rather than if your yo-yo dieting that is pretty much it I think I've covered everything or explained everything at least if not and I've missed anything out or you've got any questions do not hesitate to ask me I will happily respond to you I hope you have found this useful and I will see you in my next video bye

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  1. I’ve been watching your keto video and this one too… I am about to start 5:2 and give it a try as I do need to lose weight! Which one did you prefer?? I know with keto it probably helping to stabilise your blood sugar levels but I don’t think I could eat and buy all the protein. Xx

  2. It's time to get back to this life style diet…it's the only one that's ever really worked for me as well.

  3. Thank you for your video, I'm a bit overweight and need to lose over a stone. I've just got a book on this diet and will start soon.
    It sounds like the sort of diet that is pretty straightforward. Knowing that it really works is helpful, thank you.

  4. This may be an old video, but if you still check comments, is this diet right for me? I’m 15 so calories could vary for me.

  5. Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see you created this video in 2014 and its almost 2019 now. Are still doing it? How has it been.
    I really want to try this but want to know if its sustainable and what happens if you keep doing it for longer. I would really appreciate if you share how everything has been for you during these years

  6. im skeptical that i will loose weight and belly fat .im 52 male and have stubborn belly fat , about 40 pounds over weight and have tried a lot of things including diet exercise and fasting .ive done a 5 day water only fast 2 times this month alone . i know young and healthy people like this girl are seeing great results .just as i did 20 or 30 years ago ,but not seeing results any more

  7. 7 months back when I started Keto diet I was 117 KG today I am around 99 KG more to go. I have target to loose 15 KG more. I have stated 16:2 coupled with 5:2 let's hope for the best

  8. The thing is you should eat tons of veggies which are low calories which will help you feel a bit full. Especially like cooked cabbage

  9. Exactly right, it's not a diet, but a lifestyle change, (sorry pub) not even fasting really. I'm hoping it will help with cholesterol too, thanks.

  10. Jessica,,,,,,,,, if your fasting for 2 days fasting means abstaining so fasting for 2 days means you dont eat anything for 2 days you are having 500 calories this therefore can not be a fast,,and you say your clothes look ridiculous and baggy 8 lbs weight loss surely wont leave your clothes that baggy its once youve lost just over a stone you lose a dress size,,, but well done yes splash out on a new wardrobe when you reach your ideal weight

  11. Wouldn't it be easier to not eat on the 2 days? Or just have bone broth? When I start eating I can't stop, but for some reason I can go without eating for days with no problem.

  12. you shouldn't have calories at all on your fast days. the one study they did on this dirt showed their patients resulting in emaciated people.

  13. Do you count the calories in fat or just calories
    1gram of fat has 9calories therefore it's would be easy to eat over 500

  14. Just thought I'd share my experience: I started 12/1/17 its now 3/1/18 and I've lost 12 lbs. I started at 127 lbs though, so not over weight which does make it harder to shed but I like have a 6 pack now! Point being, it's also great way to turn your kinda-fit body into a fit AF body. I also feel like I opened a different part of my brain: I'm not scared of being hungry nor do I experience hunger the same. It's awesome and I'd recommend it for anyone.

  15. Have you maintained this? Thanks for posting. It's nice to hear from someone who only wants to lose a bit. Many of these videos are from people who need to lose a lot of weight and they don't give a good idea to someone like me who wants to lose 15-20 pounds.

  16. On the Fast days, if you stop eating at 7:00 pm and fast until 11:00 am the next day (16 hours). I add a HIIT work out in for 20 minutes and then hold off eating for another hour after the workout. (That's a solid 17.5 hours fasting) Does the 5:2 diet suggest that after a 17 hour fast that one should still restrict the fast day to 650 calories for the remainder of the day on a non-fast day?

  17. There are three factors in fat reduction – exercise, diet, and motivation. One place I found which successfully combines these is the Alinn diet plan (check it out on google) without a doubt the best diet that I have ever heard of. Check out the before and after pics and incredible testimonials.

  18. This is a fantastic video. I'm trying to lose 14 lbs of baby weight and I hope this is the diet for me. Have you managed to lose anymore weight and if so have you managed to keep it off?.

  19. I've been doing this for about nine months and have lost a LOT of weight.  My friends think I have an eating disorder, but this is something that I didn't hear about but just wanted to try.  I had no idea the 5:2 diet existed until today.  Here's to labels on potentially unsustainable self-injuring routines that make you feel better about yourself.

  20. I need to lose about as much as you weigh! Haha! But I just heard about this 5:2 diet and want to try it. I have both diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, both of which will benefit greatly by losing weight and eating healthier. My sugars are high enough that I'm not worried about fasting with diabetes at this point. Thank you for this testimonial. My BIL lost weight with fasting and I thought there might be something to this! 🙂

  21. it's a great idea. Good job. Most people cheerfully can accept that their clothes have become much too big, and look forward to those sorts of problems.

  22. Wow Congratulations you look Good i was only told about this diet today from my Doctor and he highly Recommends it!!.. so I'm so looking forward in trying it!!

  23. 😱Last 7dys I've tried I.F. I would fast 13 h wake up … eat one meal at 4:00pm and goodbye till next day. That's what I understood.. No snacks nada! I think I screwed up? Explain it to me please

  24. So 18 months down the road how are things going with your diet? have you been able to reach your goal and maintain it with the 5.2? Can i ask too,What webcam are you using? Its very clear, almost as if you're chatting across my desk

  25. Omg gonna definitely try this I've got an under active thyroid and really struggle to lose weight so hopefully this will help thank you xx

  26. Hard boiled eggs, boring perhaps but 72 calories each and very filling. Also hard boiled quail eggs are only 14 calories each, great to fill in those last remaining calories.

  27. Meal replacement shakes are the answer. You can have three, and they are filling. Do NOT drink protein shakes.

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