45 thoughts on “6 Delicious Burger Recipes You Need To Try Today • Tasty

  1. No offense to the people who eat them, but all of these, except for the Cheesy Chicken Burger (3:43) looked pretty unappetizing to me… I’ll tell you how to make a real burger, though:

    Prepare a hashbrown, Tater Tots, or curly fries as needed.
    Form a thin ground beef patty. Season with McCormick®️’s Grill Mates®️ Montreal Steak Seasoning, freshly ground black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and ginger powder.
    Cook until well done.
    Place on a potato or pretzel hamburger bun. (I use Arnold®️ potato buns or PRETZILLA®️ pretzel buns, both which you can get at Wegman’s®️)
    Top with Frank’s Red Hot®️ and your prepared curly fries/hashbrown/Tater Tots®️.
    BAM! Done! 😁 Best burger EVER!👌👍

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  3. 5:04, why would u need to hide veggies? honestly, why are kids so picky these days? this is why america is fat

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