7 Best TRX Exercises

and in this video today I’m going to
show you my Top 7 TRX exercise science like to do we rest are from easiest the hardest the
sovereign get pretty hard but hope you enjoy it our as in the
first exercises a squat with the paula is a great moral
exercised really easy just gets the blood flowing guess what paul pretty simple and I
should have a problem with that next one is a classic t-rex body room I he rubs brained the straps right to you my armpits next I’m gonna
try just balancing with one leg which makes it a little bit more difficult you finally I’m going to go closer to
the acre point which makes it harder so that my body is that in lower angle to the
ground next up is reverse fly this is really
great exercise arm for a lot a busy professionals who
work on a computer because the chances are your shoulders
get and forward it is really hot open additional years and increased range in
the middle of your back on here I’m going to make he also makes
it even harder and this very issue should definitely
try next up is jump squats this is my go to jurors exercise from my
favorite of all it’s great because it’s relatively low
impact is still high intensity I recommend using an weighted vest to
make in March and June next up is a single leg squat hearing on
Fri far down just for dance version almost national diversion we’re not
going quite as far down here again this is something you need to be
really careful with and Tunisia no me han whatsoever here I’m showing up push-up with the play bringing my knees into you my chest and it’s great because you’re
really work your whole upper body and and your poor significantly this is
not an easy exercise and definitely something to you give it
to you to give a try when you get a chance the last exercises by far the hardest and its killer didn’t
work out this is like a birdie with one leg so you can see here is pushing up and is
using a single layer at a time using my left leg here this is a tough one after attending
these are gonna be tired so we gonna show you from he’s is the
hardest and all the t-rex I don’t think it replaces dumbbells are
kinda bills are barred owls this is one extra tools I can make your
workout more than Amica I know it %uh strength coaches Chris whereby this product so hope they
gave you some ideas you can as you work out and I’ll see you
next week

98 thoughts on “7 Best TRX Exercises

  1. I really don't think you should do this using a sosser goal… say "don't do it at home" at least 🙂 Not every soccer goals are as stabil as yours, it could be f.ckin dangerous. Nice vid by the way, i just came to trollin

  2. Far from rubbish, I found these and other TRX exercises terrific. After 5 spine surgeries, yet not wanting to live a life sitting on a couch all day, these are a Godsend.

    Really helpful video- thank you.

  3. Suspension training exercises are great to add variety to a workout program, but the TRX equipment is way to expensive.  You can get similar equipment on Amazon for a lot less.  

  4. Hey, someone may have pointed this out already…. but the atomic push-up you're demonstrating @1:50 has a crunch, not a pike.

  5. Interesting! But I guess I could make my own TRX with a long rope? Those reverse flies look only deceivingly simple.

  6. Huh, I was just introduced to TRX through my cousin who is doing it.  The last two moves are legit and I'll be adding those to my repertoire, but the rest are things I would almost do as a warm-up.  I'll definitely be looking into this more.  Nice video.

  7. 01. Squat Pull
    02. Low Row
    03. Back Fly
    04. Squat Jump
    05. 1 Leg Squat
    06. Pike Pushup(Atomic Push-up)
    07. 1 Leg Burpee

  8. Don't forget to experiment with different anchor heights and separate them with lower level or floating bar. An anchor at waist or ground level adds new options like overhead press.

  9. ma se non sei capace tu di fare gli esercizi, come pensi di poterli insegnare ad altri ? but if you 're not able to do the exercises , how do you teach them to others?

  10. Nice video but totally wrong to say that it won't replace dumbells, etc. I'm 53 and have been weight training since I was 12. I now do strictly body weight workouts, including TRX, and feel stronger than I ever have in my life.

  11. You are obviously NOT TRX certified. Take the course before you teach others so you don't put out bad information and use wrong form…. both of which you did in this video.

  12. 골대가 들썩거리는거 보니 위태위태하네요. 저러다가 골대가 사람쪽으로 넘어지면 큰일 나는데 말이죠.

  13. Very dangerous football frames, people die with the head smached when the frame falls down. Irresponsable example

  14. OMG!!! People who are saying this is dangerous have no idea what they are talking about. I swear one of the best ideas the Navy came up with .

  15. This a very bad idea for goals keeper as he is limited in movements. In my countries goal keeper not allowed straps Anyways. Also adding very dangerous for attackers or defender players as could get caught in straps in during the game and have injuries

  16. As a man married to a fitness professional and who sees personal trainers about 5 days a week, I can tell you that the form seen here in these videos is not up to par. I also just bought a TRX for home use outside the gym, and have the manual in front of me. 🙂 But most (95%) of this stuff I'm pleased to say I didn't need the manual for, I just listened to my excellent trainers.

    First things first: the goal post is shaky and should not be used as an anchor point. You've got to use something solid that doesn't move and that post was swingin! Second, he's on wet grass–not the most grippy surface ever. Can't make out the shoes, but they probably don't have cleats. 🙂 Don't do that. Sometimes you've got what you've got, but if you can help it, find yourself an area with a solid floor and anchor point–and get some grippy shoes if your "gym floor" at home is nothing more than linoleum.

    Anyway, at 0:33 he's straight as an arrow; shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are properly aligned. It's really hard to critique, actually, because he only does one rep of each and at the end of each rep he switches to something else… so from a learning perspective for someone trying to emulate, this is horrible and more a "what's possible" video than anything else, especially teaching proper form to prevent injury.

    At 0:45 when he moves closer to the anchor point, he's performing a mid row but at the extension of each row, he rotates his hands toward center instead of keeping a neutral grip.

    At 0:58 for the reverse (Y Deltoid) fly, he actually takes a dip back to generate some momentum like a pendulum (never do this!) instead of using tension to raise up–and then he leads with his pelvis when he should be stacked (shoulders, hips, knees in alignment), drawing the body forward with his arms, letting the upper back and deltoids do the hard work.

    Could go on, but it's bed time. Recommendation: save yourself the time and money lost on an injury and join somewhere like Orangetheory Fitness or anywhere else that gives you access to personal trainers. They'll show you how to correctly execute exercises so you don't injure yourself later, which could have a permanent effect on your ability to exercise certain muscle groups.

    OK, one more. At 1:51, he didn't take care to level out his feet in the straps, so he's got his left leg higher than the other, throwing off his muscular balance as he executes the pike. You can see how his right hip flexion is able to go farther than his left, through several reps.

    The moral of the story: focus on your form. Don't sacrifice form for speed or anything else. You want to live to see another great workout and not sit it out on the sidelines because you weren't paying close enough attention. In general, maintain good posture (engage core, keep hips, shoulders and ears aligned at all times), and keep tension on the strap at all times (remember: slack is whack!).

    Good video to demo some different things the TRX could do, but irresponsible to not first check that he's got the proper form for each of these so he doesn't teach people how to injure themselves. If he's not a professional, he should simply say so in the beginning and advise that his form may not be perfect on each of these but the goal is to show you what's possible and start a discussion about what's your favorite and why.

  17. You don't show in the video how you load your feet into this thing. I used one of these at the gym for the first time, and getting my feet into it is a pain in the butt. I'll check other vids to see if anyone shows a good way to do this.

  18. TRX seems like bullshit. I can do some of these exercises on the floor. What's the point of holding these when doing hops?

  19. I’m stating this tomorrow. Is it possible to get good results in just my body weight? Do you recommend push ups and pull ups using these as well? Thank you.

  20. Thats not called a push-up to pike it's called an atomic push up, a pike is a different move entirely, cool video though.

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