7 Tips to Reduce Hand Arthritis Pain (Physical Therapy Approved)

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  1. I use the speaker phone for my land line so I don't have to grip it; plus, I can hear the person talking! I told my son about this wonderful revelation and he just sighed.

  2. 3:55 "I just got this cold hand syndrome…" Is that Raynaud's? I'd like to hear about that.

    I have bad arthritis from a childhood frostbite injury 40 years ago, with swan-neck deformity in most of my fingers, so this is very helpful.

  3. 1. Eat strawberries & blueberries everyday.
    2. Use large joints like hips and shoulders to close doors, etc.
    3. Use wide handled utensils.
    4. Get a Rechargable hand warmer.
    5. Use traction on your joints. Pull on them.
    6. Avoid over-using your hands.
    7. Don't grasp mobile phone. Use speaker phone.

    Honorable mention: apple cyder vinegar.
    My personal experience: Tumeric and MSM may also be helpful.

  4. My two favorite physical therapists on the intermet… la la la…. you guys are crackin' me up… "don't grocery shop" and "don't go to the bathroom". That's like my physical therapist telling me not to haul firewood… as I drag my bad leg behind me.

  5. What happened to holding a warm cup of broth or tea? Heck, I'm a young old timer. I wrap and sleep with heated bricks, sit with hot water bottle, hold my tea cup.

  6. Do you have exercise or devices/suggestions for foot arthritis..dealing with large boney prominence on dorsal surface of both feet…affecting shoes worn?

  7. Be careful of anything that makes your mouth sting…eggplant, tomato, melon … avocado (oddly enough).

  8. Sometimes I don't want any1 to hear my conversation so I wear a scarf around the head n neck a bit tight n use it as hands free
    So I put in by my ear n scarf over
    Most of my friends are thanking me for that idea

  9. If you know of any hand stretches or massages or techniques to help with hand stiffness and pain, that would be great. I personally like to pop my hands and fingers and that helps relieve a lot of pain but if there's other things I can do to help my hands that would be great. Massages on my hand also feel very good when they start hurting.

  10. I have osteoarthritis. My problem was caused by to much salt Intake. Since i cut that out.
    My pain is gone. No more meds.

  11. Aloha, Thanks for the info. My thumb and wrist gets pretty upset too!
    What do you know about weather changes and body pain? I have read some research on it. But if the barometric pressure is changing and a person gets headaches and bone, & body aches, what can a person do?
    We had 2 hurricanes come in 2019 and the body pain was off the charts for myself and my family. This past couple of days high wind and heavy rain is coming. Us achy people are all needing to be nestled in our beds! What can be done?
    Also, do you run across chronic pain sufferes with Dercum's Disease or Adipose Delorosa ever? I have that and Lymphedema.
    Mahalo! Just Kai, Hilo Hawaii

  12. I have Degenerative Arthritis and tried the traction on the joints. Only took one time trying this to realize is a NO-NO. In arthritis I think you move them or lose them…. just don't pull on them.

  13. Hey brad and bob have you got a email address to be contacted I have a few problems with my back and have had them for 5 years I’m now 27 and depressed thanks

  14. Apple cider vinegar has been making a big difference for me since starting at the beginning of January. 2 tablespoons every morning 😝

  15. I used apple cider vinegar years ago and it does work. I had forgotten that. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll start that again today.

  16. Keep watching Dr. Greger at NutritionFacts. The sugars from fruits are VERY different from added sugars. Fruit sugars are not an issue like added sugars. Eat Fruit!!

  17. Fructose in whole fruits is not the same as regular sugars. Fiber and water bulk helps with glycemic response. Whole food plant-based low/no added sugar/oil/salt cured my arthritis. Actual had bone deterioration in my hand. I couldn’t open a jar with my hand. 3 months into WFPB SOS I could do push ups again.

  18. I have advanced hand arthritis..gentle finger pulling does help…I run very warm water over my hands when I first get up in the morning..as for the blueberries and strawberries, great, except this is winter and there aren't any. The frozen ones are expense and nasty. Great tips, though…I'm always looking for new ideas.

  19. I can't overstate how much I admire these guys. I discovered this channel recently looking for some relief from my neck-based tension headaches, and the tips and advice given here have been so helpful. You guys are providing such a great service with this channel and I hope you know how appreciated you are. There is no greater gift than to help someone be free of their pain.

  20. Ohhhh, the hand warmer sounds really good. Lol, Bob, those grocery service fees may not sound like much to you, however, they are too much for some of us. Need a better fix for the grocery shopping blues.

  21. Can you talk about tendonitis and tendonosis? As a mail carrier, I have tendonosis in both forearms. When I go to OT, they use the Grassick technique which is amazing! But, I can’t go to a therapist as often as I probably need to. What can I do at home to help keep my tendonosis at bay? Stretching helps, but I still have daily pain.

  22. Turmeric/ curcuma stops inflammation and is very good for you all around. Look up “ golden milk recipes”. Castor oil rubbed on stops pain and inflammation almost instantly and lasts a few hour per rub. Also very healthy. Moringa tea or powder is also great. You can try any or all three, or alternate them, depending on what is available. Chin up!

  23. Also I tip to those who clench your fists while you sleep, wearing a wrist brace with the metal insert will keep the hand open while you’re asleep. I went through a time where at my job I had to roll fiberglass so I used my dominate hand for months to do this on top of sleeping with my hands closed up. Once I slept with a wrist brace on, it made an overnight difference in the stiffness and pain I was feeling.

  24. Grapefruit is the food that works for me. I also stretch all of my joints w yoga. I need the utensils for sure. I carry one of those rubber things in my purse to open water bottles when I am out. The purse needs to be on the shoulder if it’s heavy. Mine damaged a nerve carrying it on my lower arm. I got a small cart to carry my groceries. Great video! Love you guys!

  25. Hey Bob and Brad……………if you want to know how to kill pain of all kinds…………..learn and teach about Grounding to earth.

    There is nothing like it in the world. Look up Grounding/Earthing and go from there. It works miracles!

  26. I loved your ideas about the arthritis in the hands as I deal with this daily. I would love you to expand your video to include some exercises or some other things that you would suggest. I'm really struggling right now and intend on purchasing the hand warmers. are the hand warmers just to keep the hands warm or do they actually help the arthritis? I love to watch your video's!

  27. Okay, I'll admit it. I do sometimes sit on the toilet to do my business. It's all very quiet though, and I don't think people know I'm doing anything. I don't flush until I'm off the phone, though.

  28. food is medicine, very true. portion sizes are key as well. one arm and leg always cold from stroke, that hand warmer looks interesting!

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