A peek into my journaling practice (+ special giveaway)! | Wellness Wednesday with Kris Carr

– [Kris] Hey Guys! Happy
wellness Wednesday! Good to see you. Hope you’re doing really,
really great today. I’m very jazzy and very
snazzy and feeling quite zesty because I want to give you something. (laughing) And that’s always fun to do. So, I don’t know if
you’ve checked out my blog this week over at KrisCarr.com. I was writing about my
journaling practice, which we’re going to talk about today, and also I shared that I have these two beautiful journals that I want to give away
to five lucky winners will win both of these, which I’m
going to tell you all about. So, one says (mumbles) “Make Magic” and the other one says “You Got This!” and these are journals that
I create, I don’t sell them. These are journals that
I give away to friends, and my family, and my colleagues. I usually give them away
at the end of the year, so I’ll order a batch around the holidays and I just give them out with love notes saying “Thank you so much
for being in my life, I hope you had a fantastic year, and I hope you have an
incredible New Year, and that these journals serve you well.” Because I love journaling so, so, so much that I want to share it with other people and encourage other people
to write down their thoughts, and their dreams, and their
wishes, and their health goals, and to track their health,
just like the wellness tracker that I created for you guys. Um you know, that the
wellness tracker was born, I think, in this journal. I think that all my notes
for the wellness (mumble) tracker are in this one
and then it became a PDF that I created for you and it’s becoming something even bigger! Which I’ll tell you about soon. Making something special for you. But, anyway I was up in my attic, I need to clean my attic out. There’s a lot of stuff up there, you guys. I need to have a tag sale. Uh, (mumble) I need to simplify, I need to Maria Kondo my life. And um, so, there’s some extras. I want to give them away to some of you. I can’t give them away to all of you because I think I have close to six hundred thousand
followers on Facebook. I don’t have that many journals to give, but there’s a good number of them. So to find out more about it, click the link in this post or if you like to type, if
typing is your thing, if typing tickles you, then you’re going to go to
KrisCarr.com/journalgiveaway I’m reading that so I get it right. KrisCarr.com/journalgiveaway
and if you tag a friend, you can tell them about this giveaway. Maybe you would want to
give one of those journals to a friend like I said. Go ahead and tag them in this post. Maybe they will get a chance to win too. Maybe you’ll both win
and you can both share and then you’ll both have both journals. Does that make sense? Is
that the math? I’m not sure. Anyway, so let me tell you a
little bit about why I love it. I’m going to start with
my, my journal (mumble). Hello everybody! It’s so good to see you. (mumble) Look so many people logging on. Hey. So great. From all over the world, Michigan, Canada, New Zealand.
Wow, hi guys. So great. Welcome, welcome back to our wellness Wednesday time together. So, I started journaling
when I was sixteen years old. You know, give or take, around that time. And back then, because I still
have some of these journals I was very focused on boys and ballet. That is what I wrote
about for the most part. There’s some other juicy
things in there too. But boys and ballet
were my jazz back then, and um, (laughing) my (mumble)
and what I wrote about has certainly changed
a lot over the years. In my twenties, I was introduced
to this book by my mom. My mom has shared so many great
books with me over the years (mumble) it’s called the
“Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. This is an oldie, but goodie. This is an OG book. This is the real deal. This is my copy from the nineties. Right, so I’ve had this one for some long. It’s yellowed. It’s dog
eared. It’s highlighted. Um, the exercises in
here that I have written, It’s unbelievable what I was focused on. It’s really awesome to see. And, um, I’m actually
looking at some of my notes that I wrote to myself in
my twenties in this book. So, this totally took
my journaling practice to the next level and um, what does it look like today? Well, it’s really simple.
It doesn’t take long. I do it first thing in the morning and it helps to ground me. It’s part of my morning practice. Right now, I track my wellness, I talk, I really talk to myself in my journal. I will ask myself questions. I focus on my mindset. I focus on my dreams in my journals. If there’s something that’s troubling me, or stressing me out, or
if there is a problem I want to work through, I
rough draft it in my journals. And so, that’s what it looks like. It will only takes me
maybe ten, fifteen minutes, if I have a luxurious amount of time, then I’ll spend more time doing it because I enjoy it so much and the benefits, I think,
are pretty fantastic. Not only does it help with your focus, it helps with your mental clarity, it helps with your memory, and there’s some great studies that say that you’re forty percent or
over forty percent more likely to reach your goals if
you just right them down. It’s as simple as that. So you’ll get to know yourself more, trust yourself more, get in
touch with your gut wisdom. How many of you have
ever asked yourself like, “What do I think about this?
How do I feel about this? What does my body say about this?” It’s quite amazing to ask
yourself questions like that. Because again, not only do
you get to know yourself, but I was (mumble) on Instagram earlier, one of the prompts that I use is, “How do you feel today?” Just saying that to myself or
just writing that to myself is so nourishing. It’s so wonderful. Just writing it and reading
it makes me immediately think “Oh, isn’t that nice. You
care about me so much. Isn’t that so wonderful that
you would take the time to ask me that question, me? Thanks!” (laughing) and that feeling alone changes your body’s chemistry. When you know you’ve got your own back, and you’re curious, and you’re concerned, and you’re so loving to
yourself, changes everything. It really does. You develop that deep,
radical, ferocious, fantastic friendship with yourself and I think that’s a big part of what
happens when you commit to a practice like this. Um, so let me talk to
you about some prompts that you can use because so
many people have said to me, like “what do I say?
If I’m new to this and I’m really interested about this and I just don’t know how to say, (mumble) I don’t know where to
start, what to write, if you’re not going to
guide me, what do I do?” So over at the blog, I wrote a blog, I published a blog, um that gives you seven journal
prompts, seven ideas. So I’m going to share a few of them here, I’m also going to share,
I have a fly joining me in this wellness Wednesday.
I cannot shake this fly. Last week, my first guest was Brian and this week it is this fly. So if you see the fly on me, just know, featured guest on this show, really difficult to buck, but we go him or her here. (mumble) Dealing with the manager of
this fly was a nightmare. The fly only likes green
m&m’s in the fly’s trailer, but whatever we just made it happen, so maybe you’ll see the fly. (laughing) Okay so, lets talk about some prompts that will help get your
creative juices going so that you can enjoy this practice of checking in with yourself
because that’s really what it is. I shared one, my favorite one, “How are you feeling today?” Wow, told you all about
how that one makes me feel. “What can make this day even better? What could you do today to
make this day even better?” Well, first and foremost, to
put you in the mindset of, Oh! The day is good, Number one. Number two, the day could be even better? What would I need to do to
make the day even better? This is not a big deal. It’s not like, well, “I need to be in a Ferrari. You know that would make
the day even better”, right, okay, not for me. That would scare the bejesus out of me. Um, but, it might be, “you know what? I need to have
that difficult conversation, that’s what would make
the day even better.” Or “I need to call my best friend and say, Hey, good luck today. I
know you have a big meeting and I’m thinking about you.” Because that makes me feel
good and makes her feel good, and so on, and so forth. (mumble) What could you do today to
make this day even better? Or what can make this day even better? Um, what does your body say about this idea or this decision. So often, we have so
many decisions to make or like ideas or decision
pez dispensers, right? And that’s where this (mumble), um, this phrase or this, I don’t even know what you call it, I think, decision fatigue
comes from, right? Because we’re bombarded with decisions, and so often, when we’re in our heads, when we’re approaching
decisions from a cerebral place, we’re not really connected to our bodies, we’re not connected to our hearts, we might be connected to our
shoulds or our get it dones, or our, you know, just
like grit and bear it, hunker down, (laughing)
get it done mentality, um, we just might say
yes to people pleasing, so forth, and so. But when you stop and ask
your body or your heart, “how does this feel? Will this tire me or
will this inspire me?” Get ready for the wisdom. You may not like the wisdom,
you may not act on the wisdom, and that’s okay, maybe
you’re not ready (mumble), maybe you’re, you know,
you’re still feeling like, “oh God, that would really feels so uncomfortable to speak up for myself, like to say that right
now,” and that’s okay, so maybe the next time you will, but at least getting clear about it, about what you actually
want and starting to, perhaps have the dialogue
with yourself in your journal, okay, “I’m not willing to
make this boundary right now, but why? How could I? And, What could I do to start
to thaw around that idea and start to take action in that direction and the direction of
standing up for my life of showing up for myself
and doing what I want, not just what everybody else wants.” So you can see how this
practice starts to drill down further and further and further into the heart of what
matters to wonderful you. Okay, so here’s another good one, What’s not working? What’s not working? Just asking that question,
if you’re honest, it’s amazing what will come up. “What’s not working?” or “What lesson can I learn
from this experience?” (mumble) I always go
live on Instagram first. It’s like my dry run for y’all! (laughing) I was sharing how, um, when I ask myself, “What
lessons can I learn?” I am less likely to be
intimidated by trying new things. So, I don’t ever set the goal or intention to crush something, to um, you know, to be the best at something. I always set the intention or
the goal to learn something, because my focus is about growth. I don’t focus on perfection
when I can help it. We all, I think, we all
fall into these traps, but when we really encourage ourselves and we challenge ourselves
to focus on growth, I think, we’re so much more
open to what comes out way. We’re more open to the
learning, to the teaching, to the trying, as opposed
to being so fear based. You know, “I don’t want to do
it because what if I mess up?” or, “I don’t want to do it because what if I humiliate myself?,
“I don’t want to do it because what if I hurt somebody’s feelings?” and then you don’t do anything, right? You just, kind of, hang out. So, “what can I learn?” as opposed to, “how can I be perfect?” or “how can I be the best at this thing?” Chances are if you focus on
what can you, what can you learn you might end up becoming the best. Hello! (fingers snapping) Boom! (laughing) Okay, let me share one of the prompts that I didn’t share on the blog and I’m going to check in
with you in a little bit, but let me just remind you that there are some journals in my attic that would really like a home. They are going to come to you with um, a love note from me, I’ll be signing them, writing
a little personalized note. You get a chance to win both of these. You can give one to a friend. You can keep them both for yourself. Go ahead and tag your
friends in this post. Tag the friend you’d like to
give this to in this post. Let them know, “Hey, if I win this, I’m going
to give this to you, friend.” And maybe they’ll enter to and also check out the, um, check
out the link in the post and if you like typing like
I said, you can go to KrisCarr.com/journalgiveaway
and just enter to win. Okay, so one prompt I
didn’t share was this, “What’s really going on?” “What’s really going on here?” I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get myself in a lather, I
get worked up about things, or maybe, maybe I’m moving so quickly that I don’t realize that I’m feeling sad, or maybe, somebody said something to me that hurt my feelings and starting to, I don’t know, just burrow under my skin and create some sort of
festering situation. Never good. And when that happens,
sometimes we react in a way that’s poorly, we act out, we lash out, or we shut down and our
behavior starts to change and you’re like, “wow, what am I doing? This isn’t me. What’s
really going on here?” When you ask yourself that question, the answer comes quite quickly, I find. Um, maybe you have to
ask it multiple ways, if its coming slowly for
you or multiple times, but what usually comes is, “I feel hurt”, “I feel
sad”, “I feel insecure”, “I feel judged”, “I felt like what he said
was really judgemental and that hurt my feelings,
made me feel bad about myself.” Right? So when you get clear on that, you can heal that. You can clear it. Get clear on what’s going on and you can clear it out of your system, “Oh, I see. See that triggered something in me that’s super old. It’s not about what that person said, its about an old boo-boo that I still need to just
put some love on top of”, or its about, “You know what, I bet you that person didn’t mean it this way, but I need to come clean with them so that I don’t hold some sort of resentment and mess up this relationship.”, or “Maybe I’m just making assumptions. Maybe I’m not following
the four agreements and I am making assumptions
all over the place. I’m just like (spitting noise) assumption, (spitting noise) assumption and that person didn’t mean that at all, and if I’m just brave enough
and loving enough to say, “Hey, I took this that way. Is
that what you were thinking? We can clean this right up, right quick.” So, you can see, as I go through these scenarios, these, you know metaphoric scenarios, how just one simple question that you ask yourself when
you’re willing to sit still and answer, can lead to a
treasure trove of opportunities for growth, for joy, for success, for healing, and so forth, and so on. Okay, so a couple of
questions came in on the blog that I want to just address
and then we’ll wind down and you guys, make sure that you register to win
these two cutie patooties. I only have a few left. This is a limited time. You can’t buy them. I don’t sell them, but I
am making something special for you in the coming months, but we’re talking about this right now (mumble) got to clean out the barn. So, you want to go to
KrisCarr.com/journalgiveway or click the link in the post. Get all of the details.
You may be able to win (mumble) both of these cuties. Okay so, two questions that came in that I thought were kind of interesting, well not kind of, they
are interesting was, “What if something happened to me, and what if something happened to me I wouldn’t want people to read, how do you deal with that?” How do you deal with that fear, right? And so, my answer and I hope this doesn’t sound flip, is to let it go. (laughing) Because all of that fear is going to do is stop you from connecting with your divine,
precious, wonderful self. Right? What other people think about you is none of your business,
as the saying goes. A saying my therapist, Carol,
says to me all of the time. Hey Carol if you’re watching.
See you tomorrow morning. (laughing) But what other people think about you is truly none of your business. If, if you are gone and
they are judging you that is on them, not you. And what matters is what
you think about you, how you connect to you,
how you champion you, how you stand up for you, how
you show up for your own life, how you share your love,
how you shine your light, that is what matters. Not what other folks think. So again, I would let that
go because I feel like that’s just something that’s
going to get in the way of you doing magical work with yourself. Um, and then another
person was talking about, “Well, what if somebody
reads it here and now?” like this person has been
having fantasies like “I’ve gone on, what do I do?” And by the way, one of the things that I’m going to do, and haven’t put this in any of, you know, my final
will and things like that, is I want to burn my journals
and I periodically burn them because I’ve written so many, you know, written in so many of them. I have a small attic. There’s only so much room up there. So I’ll have a huge celebratory bonfire and I just burn my journals
and it’s fantastic. So, you can also put plans
in place for when you’re gone and what you want to have
happen to your journals. Maybe your dear friend and your besties will have a beautiful bonfire for you and celebrate your life, so you know, lots of options, lots of ideas. And for folks who are
currently in situations where there living with
a partner or a spouse and they’re nervous that somebody or a roommate,
would read their journals, I would just have a strong
conversation about boundaries. Saying, “Look, I write in journals. Journals are very important to me and I really, these are incredibly private so, I know I don’t need to say this, but these are for my eyes only.” And if anybody would read your journals, after you make (mumble), even though you shouldn’t
have to make that boundary, that’s a bigger conversation. Are these the type of people
you need in your life? Um, if they’re friends, maybe not. If they’re roommates, maybe not. If they’re family members, maybe
there’s some family therapy that needs to happen
or some deeper healing that needs to be put in place, so that trust can be a part
of your relationship. Um, so we can go, we can have a whole wellness Wednesday about
that topic, my friends, but those are my responses
to some of those questions. And let’s see here, that’s about it. Let me check in with you
and see how you’re doing. And don’t forget, check
out the pinned comment, check out the link in this post. Enter to win these two beautiful signed
journals from me to you. And, let me say hi. Okay, hi yes burning the journal ritual, Jenny loves that. Hey Dee! Uh, Yep, its very liberating, Chris
says, to burn your journals. (mumble) Oh, to begin a new one even
though there’s a time lapse. I just keep going. I keep going until I finish the journal itself and um, then I move on until its done and I always date them at the top and then I can look at all of my journals and be like, “Wow! This
was the spring of 2014. (laughing) What was going on?” Right? But I do like to finish them. Okay, lets see here, (chuckle) I’m about to write a book to
inspire and encourage others. Bless you, that’s so wonderful. Guys, my lights just flickered, so I’m probably going to lose
power because we have a storm, so I should wrap up soon. If I stop, its not because
I’m just quitting on you, its because I lost power, so I’m just giving you
the heads up right now. Love you. (chuckle) “My first time to join
in. I think I’m hooked.” Hey! (chuckle) That makes me so happy. Uh, “have you been spying
on me, reading my mind.” (chuckles) Hey! (mumble) Unicorn minds think alike. “Love you. Love journaling.” Okay, great you guys! Well, I hope that this
was a fun topic for you. Again, go ahead, I hope you win. I’ll send you a love note. Maybe I’ll send you
some added clutter too, if you don’t mind. I really
do want to clean things out. (chuckles) I’m kidding.
I won’t do that to you. I hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll see you next time! Until then, take wonderful
care of your beautiful self. Okay, bye.

11 thoughts on “A peek into my journaling practice (+ special giveaway)! | Wellness Wednesday with Kris Carr

  1. I love journaling, too! I have a bullet journal, a commonplace book, watercolor journal, date book type journal and also a morning pages journal. My first journal was gifted to me at 10 years old and it was lovely – a soft puffy type from the Hallmark store that was light blue with clouds, rainbows and a unicorn – definitely the type I love…lol. Thank you for the journal prompts!! (And thank you for being so positive and so joyful to watch. I also love choosing one of your Love Notes each day!) xoxxo hugs 😀

  2. I am learning to journal but am still not totally comfortable with “looking back” at what I write😬. I am getting there though.
    Your house is so darn cozy !!

  3. Wish I had your outlook on life.. I do write down my hopes & dreams and Love your stories, I have been disabled since August 19th. 1991 from an Automobile Accident with an Illegal Alien Driving Drunk. People say put it out of your mind and move on. When I live alone, live in chronic pain every day how do you put things like that out of your thoughts. My life stopped in a minute, it brought my life to a screeching halt.. Seven Herniated Discs, Both Shoulders need to be operated on, and the Pain med's I am on are terrible with side effects… I Do write allot but in weeks I shred everything. I am an Artist, Photographer and living in an apartment, and can't afford to do anything. No Friends, No relatives that live close by. only depresses me more….

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  5. This is so helpful, love your tips!
    I now have your LOve Notes and pick one a week to have in front of me , to read several times a day with their wonderful advice. Thank you!
    As Lydia commented, the room behind you looks so calm, peaceful and inviting.

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