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  1. 19:47  is a gift: A big problem we have/I have, is looking for permission. We don't need permission to be a new version of ourselves. We DECIDE to be a new version or ourselves. You commit, then you create.

  2. interesting and funny concepts to think about 😁 but if everything or most stuff is created by the brain why people get driven over by a car or bus? surely the mind can prevent it. And why would the mind attack itself by letting the car or bus hit the person if it's so powerful? is it because of fundamental natural or physical laws? or is there any factors independent from the mind (which mind has no power over) collaborating in it? Very intriguing.

  3. SOOO things just happen? stuff justs emerges and then disappears? the world just happened – there is no reason to argue why and how it happened, it just happened. Right? like what became first? the chicken or the egg? the first chicken just happened like puff. Right?

  4. Congratulations, Leo, for this deep and true understanding of the world. As for those confused, let me break it down to you.

    There is no "outside world", no physical reality outside consciousness. It may be outside of your own consciousness, but not outside consciousness in general.

    And the view that the reality is mental in nature, is a legit metaphysical paradigm, called idealism/nondualism.

    A few comments though:

    1) this has not been the prevailing view for thousand of years. Idealism was the prevailing metaphysical view in the East for a very long time. Materialism and realism took a hold ever since Enlightenment in Europe, when the scientific positivism became the prevailing view, bringing with it realism, materialism and ultimately, reductive physicalism.

    2) All that we perceive is through and IN our consciousness. The idea of an "outside world" is a fabulation. It may or may not be, we cannot empirically asses, but it is critical to understand that from a "proof" point of view, idealism and materialism are equivalent – both plausible. Where idealism "wins" is in terms of parsimony and self-coherence. More info here: https://www.academia.edu/20313118/On_why_Idealism_is_superior_to_Physicalism_and_Micropsychism

    3) No Leo, we don't know that the brain "renders" this. This is a trap to fall into dualism. We KNOW that there is a CORRELATION between brain states and mental states. But we do not KNOW which way the CAUSATION goes. We ASSUME that the brain generates the consciousness and thus they are correlated. But a better explanation within idealism is that the brain is the image of processes in the individual mind. In other words, the mind LOOKS LIKE a brain to a third party, not that it is GENERATED by the brain.

    4) The reality that we perceive is self-consistent because it is shared across all the individualized aspects of consciousness, akin to a shared dream.

  5. Don't believe this? Want some scientific evidence? I'm studying Psychology at university and just came across this seminal paper on the matter. I highly recommend you read it. At least the start: http://www.cep.ucsb.edu/papers/Languageeyes.pdf

  6. i really relate and appreciate this. i remember when i started believing in what other people say reality is. im happy i got my concience back

  7. I had several of such "OMG" moments, and embraced them with little resistance, and following my realizations, I disagree with Leo. Especially disappointed by lack of any definition of "mystical" anywhere. Lots of semantics, little essence. Universe is not only physical, but also extremely simple and boring by its very nature.

  8. I saw this video when it came out, and although I understood what you were getting at from a logical standpoint , "I" hadn't experienced it. Well today I had the epiphany that people don't really exist, I realized that people aren't REALLY there, they're just part of my paradigm. So I basically walked around my school looking at people and laughing because they're not really there. Well this realization led to the question, if there's no one there, and all that's left is my awareness, is there only one awareness? If that makes any sense. (btw: communicating all this at the level of language is fucking hard, props to you)

  9. Reality being mystical is still not an answer though. Also, of the mind created reality why can't we control it? I know you discussed this earlier but I still don't understand the reason.

  10. I came away from this 'rant' with the profound realization that I just spent the better part of an hour listening to the Vince Shlomi of Woo.

  11. I don't think he understands what naive realism is. e.g. He thinks its the same as physicalism and materialism. Basically he's arguing for idealism. He's confusing the having of an experience for the content of experience.

  12. Hey Leo, great Video!! But it would be very useful for us, when you would give us your sources of research. For example you talked about phenomic fields, an idea of Husserl Edmund Russel. If you mention it, it would be great.

  13. Leo, I understand what you mean that we are only able to know the world from our perceptions, and that the "solid" world may actually have no solidity at all, but only rendered so as we percieve it. So the table I am leaning on, may not ne solid at all, but just a bunch of "signals" I interpret. However, what leads you to the conclusions that the signals only exists when being read/percieved? I never understood the whole thing about "does the moon exist if no one is looking at it" question. For example, information burned on a CD, you do not percieve that infornation until you insert the CD into the computer and run it, so it gets projected onto the screen. But the encoding still exists on the CD even if you do not run/play it.

  14. If I told you the chair is rickety and unstable due to excessive weathering you would have something to work with regarding the ‘affordances’ of the chair (J.J.Gibson); namely that you should be wary of sitting on it; using it as a shelf to place a weighty object; as an improvised ladder; a door stop, etc. Alternatively if I told you the chair is sturdy, clean and available for use, you could then appropriate it in the above mentioned ways. Now image if I told you the chair is “physical”. Precisely what difference does that make to any potential interactions you might have with the chair? None whatsoever. Alternatively if I told you the chair is “non-physical” what difference would this make? None whatsoever. The physical/non-physical distinction is vacuous. Nothing but perlocutionary shits and giggles going on here.

  15. what I want to know is, what book did you read in order to know, that energy space time is all created by the mind

  16. So nothing is there when I close my eyes, yet when I open them, it's all there again. So basically it's exactly like it's there when my eyes are closed, so I can just live my life as though it's there because it doesn't even matter.

  17. When a baby is first born, It cries because it is having it's first " OH MY GOD" moment. It is so beautiful that it just cries…….. wait a sec, I just used Naive realism to assume that babies are born lol. But I think you guys get my first point ha ha.

  18. The nature of my reality is not something I ponder and this gentleman has not convinced me that I should.  I do accept that when I change my attitude things appear differently, things change.  Change takes place from the inside though and such change is completely understandable and devoid of mystery when it occurs.  Change has occurred based on my desire.  'Why' things happen is a clear area of concern but 'how' they happen seems superfluous. Just saying.

  19. The problem with all of this is that most of humanity wouldn't even be able to understand what you are talking about, let alone seek out the "truth"… so thats unfortunate for all of them? Is that really the universe you want to live in? Where only the smartest most thoughtful people can attain freedom from suffering?

  20. This sort of philosophical woo-woo is entertaining but essentially hot air. Here's why: If somebody poisons your coffee you get sick or dead whether you're aware of the poison or believe it's physically real. Get run over by a truck or take a bullet and it hurts just as much whether you accept or deny its physicality. And a good meal is just as satisfying whether you consider it real or mystical. You're a physical being in a physical world – at least for the present. You can deny it but you can't make it go away

  21. I hear you Leo, but since humans can create stuff into reality (cars, planes etc) Then why can't something have created stuff as the sky or trees into reality. Would be great if you explain this to me. Great video

  22. "Reality is comprised of your sensory field."

    I would recommend you read some philosophy if you are interested in learning about the topic as that statement is just a very very simplistic rehash of empiricist philosophy (Berkeley, Hume, Locke, etc).

    If your argument is that reality is not physical because reality consists of your "sensory field," then you're simply assuming the answer you're trying to demonstrate. This is very poorly argued.

  23. I think I understand what you're saying Leo, but I have a question. So I'm with you that when I leave my house than it is just a concept and it really doesn't exist in my perception. But if I would leave my pets alone for example 10 days without giving them food or water than they sure would starve or die with time. So after these 10 days I would found them dead, so aren't things going "behind the scenes"?

  24. Hello my friend. Fields has the less evidence of reality atm. What you talking about is the wave/particle dualism. So reality is relative to the observer n stuff.
    Your reality about any given person or object is what you can actualy observe…. That is not "the" truth, that is not "the" reality

  25. A different perception "of" reality is NOT that same as "different reality".
    Its all very well to invoke Cartesian skepticism but to use is as evidence in favour of solipsism over materialism or visa-versa is quite silly…. usually reserved for those who are so startled by the lack of a solid proof either way that they get confused.
    Present your evidence for one or the other or stick to the pursuit of utility as the only escape from solipsism like the rest of us do and take the bottomless mystery like a man 🙂

  26. +Actualized.Org Please answer this question as I really want to respectfully understand you . How do other minds play a part in "Naive Realism"? I'm assuming that you're not perceiving me at the moment as I'm typing this but It still it does seem that I exist.

    Everything else, I understood sir however, I am very curious in how other minds play a role of existence and non existence.

  27. 22:32 – 22:56 I can't explain this to anyone, LITERALLY NOBODY understands me. I just can't use language to explain it, when I try it gets so frustrating.

  28. Reality is what we sense or focus on, and therefore can feel or seem physical. Actuality on the other hand is beyond the physical and has the intelligence balance codes for any reality and physical manifestation

  29. so the Actuality rephrase of the last part of this video title is "Reality makes things SEEM Physical" "Actuality is a Numb State"

  30. Actuality is a Pure Observer, Numb, etheric pool of possibilities, causes and effects, Intelligence Field State

  31. Actuality is Supreme God Intelligence or in the Awareness and Flow as God being All, and a Balancing Act

  32. Two ghost hands can't pass through each other even if they were ghost hands anyway. Two objects must be into different realities or two seperate illusions in order for that to appear to happen.

  33. What I found after doing 1P-LSD trips is that reality is just THAT AWARENESS, infinite unity. But we like to divide that awareness and label it as taste, sound, thoughts, etc.

  34. Leo you blow my mind with this subject, I am thankful to have this awesome channel to listen too. You can move me and this is priceless! 🙏🏽💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  35. It seems that we experience our world with the help of mind/knowledge. It seems to me that without thoughts there can not be an experience of reality. Does the knowledge create the experience or does perception give rise to knowledge. I’m kind of confused here by UG Krishnamurtis views on this. When I as thought vanish then my separateness in consciousness also go and there can not be any experience, because what would tell me anything about the experience if not thought?

  36. Except that:
    1. reality is not just insular, it is both personal and collective (and not neccesarily as a social construct)
    2. It may be true that our perceptions lay out the physical world, however if we percieve something is real, act like it's real, and it has the characteristics of something real… It is, by deffinition, real
    3. Scale… most people do not live or think of time in a geologic sacle, nor do we think of measurements on the plank scale therefore though these conceptualizations are real in the abstract, however they do not dictate our experienced life
    4. Reality only has one data set… we cannot compare our reality as defined by personal and shared observations to that which we cannot observer or infer from something that by its definition is abstracted from measurement
    5. Argument from ignorance… just because we don't know (or able to explain) something right now, doesn't mean that we will never will
    6. Why are you scared to just say I don't know?
    7. This is a God of the gaps argument… you simply use "unknowable mystical phenomena" instead of the term God.


  38. Leo, if reality is infinite and unlimited, then why do you deny that reality could be both mechanistic (causal) and mystical (acausal) at exactly the same time? Why can’t there be two contradictory frameworks in place? Why can’t there be an infinite amount? To say there is one, which you say is mystical, seems almost as stubborn as a hardline naive realist/materialist. Perhaps it’s all there all the time, and we both tune into and influence reality. Thoughts? Also, perhaps most of reality is mystical, but perhaps some of it is mechanistic.

  39. so deep, so fundamental, thanks Leo for opening the gate to understand that it is possible that being hallucinations of God he invite us to hallucinate with him and create reality. I love you Leo

  40. Leo, at around 37:50 you say "There is a very good reason you're sweeping it under the rug." Meaning the "Oh My God Moment." Can you tell us what that reason is? Why would the ultimate Self want to forget that it's doing everything? That it's mystical? That it's all there is? Why Leo? Why does the Self (or no Self) do this and forget it's the one doing it? Is it because while I am experiencing reality as a human that all I have is what the brain has experienced? I would love to know why Leo. 😀

  41. Your proposition,..though very enjoyable to listen, to is unfortunately totally ludicrous. Perhaps these physical properties had to be "Created" however your mind did not "create space",..it did not "create time",.or energy or matter or the physical world" anymore than your eye created light from the red to the blue electromagnetic spectrum or the honey bee created the flowers that their little bio-sensors attract them to. Your mind is simply aware of it, organizes it, remembers it and reacts to it. Your mind is a very sophisticated electro-chemical machine interconnected to your body, both consisting of one unit of thousands symbiotic colonies of cells which perceives the physical world around it of which it interacts with and is part of. However, just because reality is real,.this should most definitely not reduce that "Holy crap I'm alive,..what is life?" magical moment sensation you describe. However,..when you die, your perception of the world will and "Reality for you" probably end,.your brain last active neuron will initiate its last signal from the last active dendrite shortly after your last heartbeat and breath. Your description of Atheists are wrong by the way, atheist merely proclaim that they are A-theists,…or (Non-theist) and do not see the evidence of gods or a god. That is all. Beyond that claim atheists & agnostics come in many flavors.
    Thank you for your video,.you are enjoyable and entertaining to watch!

  42. We definitely need to challenge our societal beliefs. Leo talks a bit about quantum mechanics which, to me, looks like it may be in the process of being debunked, it's just theory anyway. Personally I had an OMG experience myself a few years ago that I attribute to a vision of an equilateral triangle. In my mind it explains things well enough and reconciles rational thought and spirituality. It also jives with Leo's concepts of non-physical reality. Once I saw things in a different light I could not go back to the old way of thinking and would not want to, especially after seeing all the absurdities of the old paradigm. Like Leo says though, if you really care to know things you won't take it from us, do your own research and thinking.

  43. fuck, Leo, your videos grab me to the state that is alike to taking psychedelics. just pure confusion, not knowing what the hell is going on, but feeling like at home nevertheless. thanks so much, I love you.

  44. I wonder what percentage of the human population ever even thinks about these concepts, yet alone starts to grasp their significance.

  45. got to 10m and it's so abundantly clear you've never read any of the literature on naive realism or perception; stop using this as a platform for shower thoughts which are straw men of the ideas of much smarter people

  46. I still don’t understand what you mean by physical. You always try to define concepts by defining them against other concepts.

  47. This video has changed the course of my life since I first watched it a year ago. It resonates with every cell in my being.

  48. bruh, don't you see the loops you're talking in? Let it all drop, bro. "The brain renders it" but "the brain does not exist".. Can't have it both ways dude. I get the part you're saying, like what we experience is a rendering and not actual reality, but dude… that is where it stops, you can't derive from that that there is no such thing as reality. The holographic theorem suggests that the universe is 2D and that through the way (quantum) gravity works it becomes this holographic image of the essence of reality.

    BTW, be more specific. I get that you mean "not actually there, but a rendering of information" with non-physical, in your hand example

  49. I like the idea, but you made it seem like all science other than quantum mechanics is pointless?

  50. If I leave my house you say it's not there, that it's nothing. But what if my wife calls me from home and tells me she's there? Or I get home and post has arrived? How do we explain this? Also, if I close my eyes I can still touch whatever was in front of me. I have faith that within the illusory construct of time I'll get to the bottom of this…and realise there is no bottom

  51. This dude is talking out of his ass. Of course a snake doesn't call a hand a "hand". These dudes with bald heads and pale skin fool the shit out of people and leave them trying to grasp total bullshit.

  52. Odyssy of Ascension says we're living on a holodeck. Or in a bubble of consciousness. Anything outside our vision doesn't exist. We create what we need in the moment. And since we believe there is a world and things are outside our vision– so the illusion of time and space is created.

  53. After doing some self actualization work for a year, re-watching these videos reveals so much wisdom I had trouble understanding before. This is truly a goldmine.

  54. This is so great.. he's bashing thousands of years of Science and speculation and ideas and it all makes perfect sense it's so mind boggling this illusion huh? I just wonder if we will ever see when we died what all this is really..

  55. You are criticising mechanism/determinism on one hand then applying a similar deterministic label/category to the singular base of reality….mysticism/"the nothing". The ancient greek transported to year 2000 may appear to witness magic but we could inform him of the underlying processes that facilitate this 'magic'. In the same way you don't advance the case for answering the question by substituting 'nothing' for quantum theory you've just created your own theory. The answer to 'what's under the turtle' could well be a cycle of creation and entropy that has always existed and may be infinite it could be a function of the 'many worlds theory' or a simbiotic relationship between space and black holes. To discount these possibilities as reductive or infinite regress is to criticise your own theory…..in the same way you may ask 'well if the universe has always existed then who created the universe?' we might ask 'if there is nothing underlying reality then who created the nothing'. At some point we will understand the reality of existential beginning…… How do you answer this criticism?

  56. I think for an enlightened physicalist, things exist provisionally in your perception field, but you don't live in a world of things. Things may exist, but they don't matter to you except as a concept. What your mind calls 'reality' is a conceptual model of objects, phenomenon and events to allow you to function and solve problems in a manageable 'problem field'. 'Facts', 'Goals' and 'Truths' don't affect reality, they are the tools to shape your conceptual model. You mind actually works by eliminating perceptions and streamlining 'reality' to the point you don't become paralyzed in a combinatoric explosion of infinite perceptions. For reality to be 'physical', your mind has to process infinity, and it just can't do it. Paradoxically, 'reality' is only possible because your mind filters out practically all of it and the small little bit of it that is left is your perception field……..

  57. Challenging topic nicely tackled! Way to go. Complete agreement here, even before your presentation. I agree totally with what you've stated about this being a highly emotional revelation–it changes everything….EVERYTHING.

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