Ab Exercise You’ve NEVER EVER SEEN (6 Pack Pendulums!!)

Does Core work mean more work for you? Not necessarily. In fact you can keep your core work very short,
if you’re doing the right exercises. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Core work does not have to equal more work. Why? Because if you could start training your core
and your abs smarter, you’re not going to have to train them for as long. So what do I mean by that? Well, you guys have probably heard me talk
about before, some of the major things we have to make sure we’re doing when we’re training
our abs. And 2 of them I wanted to cover today, so
I could lead into a really brand new cool killer exercise for you that you could start
doing. The fact of the matter is, the way the core
functions, we have to have 2 things. We gotta make sure that we have a control
of rotation, or even a prevention of rotation. I’ll show you what I mean by that. You guys know that you’ve probably heard,
the abs help prevent or cause rotation. You turn your body and your torso by contracting
your abs. But they also for me, more importantly, control
and or prevent rotation. So, you’ve seen me do this sort of chest exercise
before. So lets take the chest part out of it and
sort of focus instead on the abs. When I come here, if I don’t control and contract
hard through here, everything twists. And you can just see, it kind of just lets
go. Alright but if I’m in here and I want to let
this thing go back slow, ok, or if I just want to keep it here. My abs really have to fire to hold that there. So we know clearly that prevention of rotation
is key. Second thing, rotation in what direction? You just saw me rotating from the top, with
a fixed lower body here. We can also look at it in a different way
here. What if the top stayed and the bottom was
rotating? So that brings me to the exercise. Something I’ve been sort of playing around
with. We want to have a challenge to our core. You guys know about planks. Great exercise because it causes a lot of
stability reaction throughout the trunk to engage the abs. But what if we had a way to disturb that. Try to cause rotation that we would have to
prevent. Well that’s where I came up with this move,
where we use just a plate and a band. And all we’ve done is take one of the Elast-X
extreme bands, wrapped it through a plate. However much you can handle, 25, 35, 45, wrapped
it through and then just tie it to itself by passing it through. So what we’ve done here, is created this contraption
here. Now you want to get in between 2 suspended
benches. So, anywhere that you can support yourself
between 2 benches. And you’re going to step through, right here
with both feet in and then in. then you’re going to bring it up here around
your hips. Ok, so watch that rebound guys, it could be
deadly. So now you’ve got the weight suspended here. You’re going to come in and get yourself into
a plank position. Now, what the hell is this weight doing, hanging
down here. Well you want to get it moving, side to side,
side to side, to side to side. Now just like that, people are going to see
that could be a huge challenge for them. Why? It’s hard to talk. Why? Because my abs are not just working in a plank
But they’re being forced to have to resist rotation, left and right, left and right. So it becomes a much harder exercise. What could I do to make this even more difficult? I could raise one arm up and try to do the
same thing. Ok, and the same thing here. Letting it go side to side with one arm up,
it gets really tough. And again you could even turn to the side
plank, here, you can hardly see but in here, and hold and let it turn. Now I’ve got side plank oblique activation
with the challenge of the swinging pendulum plank. Guys, definitely not an easy exercise but
something (oh, pulled the pants off) something you can do that would clearly add a new challenge
and obey the rules that, I say, for ab training. Meaning get your rotation in, get your challenged
rotation and change the relative direction of it. Top down or bottom. So there you have it. If you want to start training your core, it
doesn’t mean you don’t have to start training it more. It means you have to start training it smarter. Guys, if you aren’t already on Team ATHLEAN,
make sure you head to ATHLEANX.COM, right now. Grab our 90 day training program. We give you a complete, day by day workout
program, as well as your ab workouts exactly what you have to do. Again, short, quick, intense in covering these
principles to make sure you’re not leaving anything out. Now before I go guys. Make sure, do me one thing, thumb the video
up if you like it leave a comment. Again, 2 videos a week now, so let us know
what else you want to see. But I do have one other major announcement. Guys, remember the Dorm Room Challenge? We had a lot of guys, that stepped up to the
plate, took a shot at it, and videotaped themselves and included their video response as I requested,
on that challenge. I told everybody on Facebook, if you haven’t
seen us over on Facebook guys, it’s facebook.com/athleanx. We said that we would give away one bundle
pack of our RX Supplements for free to the person who did the best job on that. That’s a $150.00 value. We looked through every one of them. I was the final judge, so if you want to get
mad at me, this is the person that you’re going to have to target it at. But, one guy in particular, HUBNER92. HUBNER92 you can see his video over here,
posted up over here. He did an incredible job, he did 17 reps of
that. Yes there was guys that did more, but HUBNER92
was the only guy to put that belly of his flat up against the wall, each and every time
he did a rep. He did it and It is tough. Believe me those extra few inches as you guys
know when you’re approaching vertical is really tough. If you haven’t seen the Dorm Room Challenge,
then you can click on that here now. And make sure you go over and watch that. And you can even try your best too. That said guys, this is the type of stuff
that we do with ATHLEANX. Challenges, get you involved, give you ways
to measure your progress. And show you right way to train abs. As well as everything else. This is how we start training like an athlete. I’ll see you guys back here with the next
video. In the meantime, have a good couple of days,
especially if you try this exercise.

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  1. Why don't you do one video in which you only use home equipment (like in this video) and one video for the gym, if you are planning to do 2 videos each week.

  2. Great choice Jeff with Hubner 92, what a body as well!! I picked him as well :). I'm already the go to guy and the gym for abs 'cause young and old are jealous of this old man's abs :). Now with this exercise they're all going to think I've lost my marbles. LOL.

  3. I have been ill with ME/CFS for years and miss working and training in the gym but Jeffs videos are like a meditation, keeps me calm to see Jeffs vids, I know I will train again one day.

  4. If that band breaks you're going to end up stuck to the ceiling by your ass cheeks!

    Cool exercise, I'll give it a shot anyway.

  5. READ IF YOU WANT ALL YOUR FAT OFF YOUR ABS – just get 3 plastic bags , then put them inside with 2 shirts and do crunches . YOUr gonna see results , the bags make it sweat even more it worked

  6. you obviously don't know anything about getting abs. Crunches are the worst when it comes to getting rid of belly fat, they are good for building muscle and gaining strength for the abs, not making them come out. The key to lose fat is cardio, clean diet, and calories deficit. You can do as many crunches as you want to, you can have the best abs in the world, but nobody's gonna see it because of the fat layer.

  7. Loved the video! I'll have to use a lighter weight band and hope I dont get launched off when the band breaks.

    Also loving the 2 videos a week. My question is can you make a video that shows how to incorporate some of these exercises into the ax programs? For instance, I know the chest "fly" you do is a substitute for the fly, but you have so many other unique exercises on this channel that I have no idea where or how to incorporate them. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Lol I wonder if it's just me when I feel Jeff has the best physique in the world. This is even after seeing all the top fitness models and bodybuilders(Now I wont name them)coz they all have their on and off seasons but this guy looks super shredded and super dry all year round. I'm like whoa!

  9. I have certainly never seen anything like this. This looks like it could be the best or hardest plank ever. great ab exercises Jeff… BTW got my Blox the other day. They're awesome and well worth every penny.

  10. Great Jeff as always .. you really are an inspiration and thanks for your brilliant advice and motivation… love it ;-))

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  13. I work in a bakery factory and I use it for a work out
    if you took weights a picking them up from the top mid to floor twisting back to put them on a table could you get a good ab work out from that,
    my job is to turn 12 hours to 10 🙂 fast and hard ha ha ha

  14. TheResolvingProject is retarded to say the least….. OMG sweat? Really? Did you warp here from the 70's when they believed vibration caused fat lose with the motorized belts?

  15. I used to get a buddy to kick my torso from side to side to provide that resistance, it's actually a really good variation but it's great to see that similar results can be attained with just a band and weight! Cheers

  16. You have phenomenal videos and information, I am a paramedic and vol fire fighter and try to apply your techniques to my workouts. Especially my home gym setup using bands and many body weight workouts. Keep up the good work and continue to promote FUNCTIONAL exercises! Thanks!

  17. Oh wow! Definitely gonna run it through a 2nd time before AX2. Goal 2nd time through is to score elite or better come challenge week.

  18. yeah i know i'm natural too. I think it's super hard for natties to gain any noticeable size in abs, all we can do is strength-train it 🙂

  19. I did this exercise today I didn't really feel it at first thought maybe 25lbs wasn't enough but if you do the exercise for a minute or more you're gonna feel it. I don't quite understand the RIP lower back comment I did four sets at a minute plus a set and didn't have any pain in my back. I thought this was an awesome exercise and plan to add it to my routine. Thanks

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    I have a question can u do a video showing the right exercises and tips for doing the human flag?

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