Advances in Health: Andy Turczak

(upbeat music) – Advances in Health, I’m Rebecca Stewart. We are seeing incredible
advancement in orthopedic care, specifically at the Connecticut
Orthopedic Institute at MidState Medical Center. And joining us now to talk
about it is Physician Assistant, also Director of Operations, Andy Turczak. Thanks so much for being on our show. – Thanks for having me. – So we’re talking about a new pilot, something designed to
better engage patients, to educate. Take us through how does this tool help engage patients. – Sure, so these engagements
at the Connecticut Orthopedic Institute we
feel is really important to make sure that we are engaging patients and educating patients, that overall leads to a better experience. And these tablets provide us the resources to perhaps customize actual videos and educational materials and documents that actually help patients understand their care better, both preoperatively as well
as while they’re inpatient, as well as when they’re discharged home. – And that’s critically important. We do know that patients
who are more engaged, who know what’s coming, they actually do better in
their procedure. Why is that? – They absolutely do better because if they’re more engaged and more educated about their actual care, they know what to expect. They know what type of
problems to look out for. We can get ahead of it earlier. And then obviously also,
if they feel more engaged with the type of care that they’re having, they’re much less
anxious during their care which leads to overall better recovery. – [Rebecca] So as you’re talking,
we’re seeing some of this. What are you going to see on there? – Absolutely, so on the tablets here there are several different,
what we call tiles. And in these different tiles, there’s information about your inpatient care, transitioning home. Like we were saying, customized videos and documentation that patients are able
to not only to see here, but they’re able to email
themselves so they can see it both preoperatively and
postoperatively as well. – Excellent. Thank you so much, Andy Turczak. If you wanna check out these videos and see the site yourself, head to (upbeat music)

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