Al Pacino Accidentally Inspired Ray Romano to Start Exercising

So everyone knows you’re funny. And you had this
long-running sitcom. And you’ve been
doing these movies now that you’re playing
these amazing characters that are so– you’re so good. I mean, you’re– The Irishman is a Scorsese film. To get in that is amazing. You’re in scenes
with Robert De Niro. There’s Joe Pesci. There’s– Pacino. –Al Pacino. I mean, what a cast. I can sense– what
I’m about to say. I can’t believe it either. It’s amazing. I don’t know how– you know, I got very lucky
that there was a show, Vinyl, that I got on. And it was on HBO. And Scorsese directed the pilot. So once he likes you and you
get in that little rolodex, he uses a lot of
the same people. And so for this he just
offered me the role. And it terrified me because he
saw what I could do on Vinyl. I sent a tape in. And this one, he’s
just offering it to me. How do does he know? What if I suck at it, you know? Yeah. You didn’t suck. Didn’t get fired. No, I didn’t get fired. But it was very– you know, I’m
sitting across from De Niro, first day, and we’re
in a restaurant booth. They yell cut. So it’s going to be like a
half hour before we go again. And I hadn’t said
anything to Mr. De Niro. And so I’m like,
all right, I’m going to get up and go to the
craft service, I think– I mean, in my head I’m thinking. And he doesn’t move. So I’m like, can I get up? Because I don’t want
to be disrespectful. I’m in a mafia movie. Yeah. But he doesn’t get up. So I’m like, all right, I’m just
going to stay till he gets up. And I’m telling you– six, seven minutes. And he’s not saying– you
know, he’s very quiet. Yes. I’m like, holy crap. I’ve got to stay here. I’ve got to just stay here. And finally he gets up. So I leave. And I’m like, this is
going to be a weird day. And then the next
take, we do it again. And I just finally think
of something to ask him. I ask him about his
movies, and he directed– And once I asked him a question
he was so warm and wonderful. He made me feel totally
comfortable for the remainder. But, you know– Yeah. He can seem like he’s just
miserable to be there. He has a face that
when he’s not smiling, he just looks like he’s angry. And he’s the nicest guy. Once you talk to him, yeah. Yeah. That must have been
so awkward, though– Oh, it was great– –really weird. –Pacino too. Pacino actually inspired
me, accidentally, to start exercising. [LAUGHTER] Well, here’s what happened. You know, they aged me up. Like, I was 40 in one
scene, 70 in the other. Right. So when I was 70, they
put a little fat suit underneath my shirt. OK. So we’re filming out of order. One scene it’s when you’re 40,
the next scene– blah, blah, blah. So we go to lunch. We come back from lunch. And me and Pacino have a scene. And we’re sitting across. And I could see he got
scared that he lost track of, am I supposed to be 40 or 70? Because he looks
at me and he goes, Ray, I didn’t know you
were wearing the fat suit. And I went, I’m not, Al. [LAUGHTER] Ooh. I was bloated. I just came from lunch. Ugh. And I made my New Year’s
resolution right there. Oh no. Yeah. God. That’s horrible. It’s like the male
version of asking if– If someone’s pregnant. –a woman is– when are you due? You’re not due. Right. No. That’s horrible. Well, you look great. So The Irishman
is in theaters now and on Netflix November 27th. We will be right back.

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  1. First view first like first comment ❤ Ellen I love you please notice me 😍😍😍😍 love from Pakistan ✌❤❤❤

  2. Hi Ellen, i really lke you…You my mentor and source of inspiration…I really wanna see you and if i had one wish is to see you….I promise you that once i make it or before i leave this world will come to see you cause i really love you and the way yo treat people…The humble in you make me wanna be like you someday …Am your biggest fan from Africa though is had to come from where i am to there but am struggle to come visit you ellen..Hail the the queen and the icon that everyone should look upto..Love you big time❤❤💋

  3. Ellen Degeneres Hipócrita! A classe Burguesa Artística apoia, sigilosamente, Crimes e Violência de Estado.

    "Justiça" UNILATERAL: a patética justiça dos PRIVILEGIADOS.


  4. Loved Al for years, but he seems to have alot to say about Trump, nothing about his mate Harvey and also our dear Al's allegations regarding what went on in Paris.

  5. Bruh it’s so awkward watching Ellen interview 🤦‍♂️ “you’re so good” literally days that to everyone 🤷‍♂️

  6. I agree Ray really is a wonderful talented actor..his role in his Raymond show did him no justice. He is awesome. I first saw him in a more serious role in parenthood and wow he blew me away

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