Alumni Reflections from the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy (SPOT)

“I was lucky to have a Physiotherapy professor I really admired.” “Not only was she a fantastic teacher, but her passion and dedication to the Occupational Therapy profession was contagious.” “The engaging teaching style and emphasis on hands-on learning provided me with both a foundation and a passion for physiotherapy.” “She always made everyone feel very comfortable when she was teaching.” “No matter what time of day, she was always available for us.” “She transmitted practical clinical reasoning which is key to my practice today.” “His professionalism and subtle sense of humour made every course more enjoyable.” “What impressed me more than her attitude in class, was her involvement in their community.” “She was an important mentor for me as a student, and I’m sure many students would say the same.” “He had a commitment to helping his students that often went far beyond regular teaching hours.” “In my professional career, I can always count on her for clinical advice when I need it.” “17 years later, I am still inspired by the involvement of my professors in the field of rehabilitation.” ” Fair but firm ” ” Encouraging ” ” Open-minded ” ” Compassionate ” ” Dedicated ” ” Engaged ” ” Resourceful ” ” Experienced ” ” Knowledgeable ” ” Committed ” ” Inspirational ” ” Researcher ” ” Scholar ” ” Mentor ” “I feel proud to be a graduate of McGill’s School of Physical and Occupational Therapy.”

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