American Dental Association Family Nutrition

it’ll be first and goal to go now let’s
take timeout as we pause for station identification Good nutrition is essential to health
including dental health. This family won’t eat the right food for supper
tonight and although they visit their family
dentist regularly their poor eating habits have given them a large share of
dental problems, for good oral health don’t overdo between meal snacks eat
well-balanced meals brush and floss thoroughly each day A health tip from
the American Dental Association

7 thoughts on “American Dental Association Family Nutrition

  1. I feel like crying right now. I wished I had heeded those who said, "BRUSH YOUR TEETH"!!!!! Now I'm facing implants, bridges and crowns.

  2. Nice to highlight this PSA.  It was one of many produced by Rick Reinert Productions and Rick's distinctive work could be felt in every one.

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