American Vs. Filipino Fast Food

jollibee is a religion there's two religions in the Philippines actually like three we have Christianity we have a few Muslims and jollibee is the third I'm American I'll be on Team McDonald's and I'll be trying geology for the first time I'm Filipino American and I am Team Jollibee I'll be representing McDonald's today I was born and raised in the Philippines moved here when I was 19 Jolley beat is everybody's ride-or-die so Jollibee is a very popular filipino fast-food chain obviously started in the philippines but it's like becoming more of like a global franchise I've never had jollibee it's been like a long time on my bucket list I've never even heard it really until today yeah well you're in for a treat oh my gosh it is a full-on meal its casino egg and rice garlic rice it looks more like to me like a lunch or like a dinner because it has like a side of me it has the rice and the egg but this also looks really delicious this is a sausage McMuffin with egg it is one of McDonald's breakfast staples it's like basically just like a biscuit stuffed with like ham egg and cheese and delicious it's sort of a testament to American efficiency it's an entire breakfast packed into any package okay let's swap this is like my first taste of dollar days I'm like overall this seems a bit more like a like a complete entree sandwich does it's really good with the garlic rice this is a good McMuffin the muffin part is a little bit dry but what what they expect the biscuit always has a very unique mcdonald's taste to it so when I go there I'm not expecting to eat off then take food I'm just expecting to eat McDonald's I'm not really a fan of Egg McMuffins in the first place so I would still go with this this was pretty good I like the format the presentation and then the taste good at the end of the day I got to go at the nick muffin it's more compact it's better for Alma go for a breakfast I would rather have something that like really quickly and this is just like the perfect bite because in America we eat breakfast in the car alright so here we have the quarter pounder with cheese and fries this is my go-to lunch order at McDonald's and this one looks really good check that out it looks best ones I've seen so we have the burger steak meal so it's basically the burger patty that Jollibee uses with gravy mushrooms and obviously rice it also comes with extra gravy Filipinos love gravy so like KFC in different places with that have gravy as like a side they'll serve it and like a freaking pitcher okay like KFC and the hope inside like unlimited gravy and you can like get them in like a pitcher so you can like pour them all over your rice and go straight for the meat I want to eat that bird it's a McDonald's quarter pounder I like that it has double the meat to quarter pounders when I go to when I do go to set McDonald's this gravy is bomb no wonder you have pictures of us rolling crap I'm still going for the McDonald's it's a balanced diet got your vegetable here what you got a pickle in there that's that's like three servings I have mad respect for the quarter pound of cheese but I think what this in front of me I would just go with this one for lunch yes oh is that my favorite hell yes chicken McNuggets girl girl this is to me like the holy grail of like McDonald's yeah Moe's it is the Jolly spaghetti with chicken joy looking at it I don't feel like my brain computes cuz you got it like a piece of like fried chicken drumstick yeah I think you also got like a plateful of spaghetti and that's like a combo together there carrots in that it's hot dog this is a thing this is like a combination that's actually made yes I'll sometimes have this on my birthday I feel like this will be a little bit well of all the things I've tried so far this one tastes the most like homemade like I really did enjoy this this tastes like something my mother would have made this is Filipino spaghetti this is not Italian spaghetti it's like very sweet there's hot dogs this is the dish I think Americans would enjoy because it has a very familiar flavors try then that gets in the gravy yes you know what this is the winning combination okay jollibee gravy if you're comparing these two this doesn't really come like it's not yeah it's not as diverse it doesn't feel like a full meal I only use chicken nuggets asides but this is something I could eat for lunch this is the Jollibee peach mango pie and this is the McDonald's apple pie you wanna treatise this breading is already different it looks oh yeah right like comparing the stuffing is still really good like from my childhood that's really sweet this one too is very Apple II I need to take a bites like from it so it's for me to compare it right like my god yeah crunchy yeah and like buttery yeah it's just great it even has like little chunks of mango and peach inside I wasn't expecting that it looked like it was just jelly filled yeah I'm definitely going with the peach mango pie too how did you like that Omar as far as fast food is concerned it already tastes pretty good the menu has a lot of variety I feel like I'd actually sit down to eat it but if I ever went back I definitely go for the spaghetti I could totally see myself going to Jollibee for that like breakfast rice bowl and then also for the gravy like I just want to go through the drive-thru just to order like gravy as a side and I would definitely head up jollibee for desserts cuz that peach mango pie was wow this is why all Filipinos are obsessed with jollibee but I will drive some McDonald's just for the fries but anything else Jollibee ask my heart

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  1. This video should be titled American Mcdonalds vs Jollibee… because jollibee isnt the only fast food here nor is it the best…FOR ME, Mcdo has the best burger steak, chowking has the best rice, mang inasal has the best grilled chicken, greenwich has the best lasagna and the list goes on. Its sad that jollibee gets most of the attention and fame, yes its famous but its not the best, theres other more to try from, seriously buzzfeed.

  2. Only apple pie serve at america's mcdonald???.. Just wondering coz we had everything pies in malaysia or in any other country😋😋😋😋

  3. Does no one remember that the apple pie used to look like the Peach Mango Pie??? When McDonalds had the fried apple pie, that stuff is actually the GOAT.

  4. Lol that dude is sucking all my life energy. 😂😂😂😂 Is he even still alive? I think he need to change his battery already.

  5. People may not know but Hong Kong McDonald’s have fried pies they’re the best way better than the McDonald pies in U.S

  6. my family is mostly Filipino and i was born and raised in north america and the first time i heard of jollibee was when i was a young child and ive wanted to try it ever since

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