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Angamardhana Angamardhana is a phenomenal process. Anybody who does this.. it’s just a 25-minute process as it’s being taught today by us. In terms of health and well-being, it can do miracles. It’s so complete, no equipment, all you need is a six by six space. Your body is everything. Even if people want to look at it is an exercise form, it will definitely pass the test. Angamardhana, as a system, has many dimensions to it. One is pure physical culture, to bring fitness into one’s life. To be fit is not about showing off your
muscle. To be fit means, to be able to go through life in such a way, that your body was not even the issue. The body was never an obstacle in your life. Whether you want to run up the mountain or you want to sit here absolutely absorbed
into your meditation or you want to transcend the very physicality and go
elsewhere, whatever you wish to do, your body was never the hurdle or the obstacle in your life. That means, you’re fit. If we want to look at the benefits,
to have a body which is not a nuisance, to have a body which cooperates with you
no matter what you wish to do,is a tremendous boon. Most people don’t even know what it means because if they sit, their ankles are hurting, if they stand, their hips will hurt and back will hurt, if they lie down, of course back will hurt, if they have to sit up and do something, their head will hurt. Whatever they try to do, something will hurt. Angamardhana is a beautiful way of preparing the human mechanism to a higher possibility. In terms of health, in terms of its aerobic exercise that it creates for a person, and also the muscle tone that it brings about without bringing rigidity into the body, without you becoming like a toad, to have the necessary muscle but without becoming
rigid in the body, angamardhana is a beautiful tool. This is an ancient system which has many levels and dimensions of practice attached to it. Experience and Expressions It was like the perfect practice to prepare for asanas. For me, traveling – that was always a
dilemma. Alright, where is the next gym, you know, does the hotel have the gym
that I can do my workout you know, get my workout done in the morning and it was a hassle. With angamardhana, I can just be, you know, I’ve done it in on the beach, on the streets, in my hotel room, and it’s it’s very convenient, very
effective. Your body builds up in a great way and you can just see amazing results in
such short times. I feel very like very energetic after doing it. It brings a certain stability to the mind and body, so I’m able to focus much better at
whatever task I’m working on at that moment. Definitely a cardio aspect
as well, so it’s a very well-rounded balanced workout. Angamardhana is the perfect warm-up. Regular practice of angamardhana revitalizes the body in many ways, strengthens the spine, skeletal and muscular systems, Builds physical strength, fitness and tenacity. Takes years off the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom. Prepares the body for Hatha Yoga.

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  2. WoW! Guru ji, i ampractising shambhavi soon i ll complete all stage and i come to this.
    sadguru the man in this "era"

  3. the prescribed teaching of yoga are for the able persons what about for the disabled ? other the breathing exercises certain chair yoga have to be developed . advanced courses are effective only for the able persons, disabled persons with locomotive problems cannot do surya namaskara angamadharan, or any other advanced courses like hata yoga, sooniya suriya kirya sathaguru may please provide a maarga in this area

  4. @sarthakrocker how are you receiving your Isha yoga instruction? do you get it online or from a teacher, or did you go to an Isha school??

  5. Angarmardhana is amazing .. keeps you very alert .. energy vibrant .. please do gym to keep ur muscles strong … Angardhana is my fav yoga practise among all the isha offerings .. pls do it ..

  6. There are many positives like looking and feeling younger, a lot more energy, amazing flexibility, to have a higher perception and know things almost instinctively…
    Its a great yogic practise bur i have a few things to ask after doing angamardhana for an year..

    – It gives me this excess energy and people are not able to look at me in my eyes , as they cant take the intensity
    – My spine became weaker , before i never any spine problem
    – The nerves are not at rest , if i just touch my hand i can feel they are jumping .
    – And somehow it drives away the girls not sure, may be because of intensity..

    Does any else experience the same, or am i fdoing something wrong ,, or what is it …

    I do angamardhana and shambhavi … now i am doing alternate days angamardhana and surya kriya along with the base of shambhavii …

    Any comments are welcome ..

  7. Can anyone tell me the name of the background music used towards the end of this video? It seems to be the perfect music for angamardhana. I have been unable to find this online. Thanks!

  8. Amazing and Mesmerizing.. Really its on the best thing what i learnt . Truly Transformed by the practice. Lots of Gratitude and Love from Myanmar(BURMA). The experience is irreplaceable.

  9. Angamarthana is an awesome session, I undergone. its doing miracles in my health. perfect practice. No need do any other exercise for weight loss, thyroid correction, pics, etc. just do it regularly (atleast 90 days continuously) and see the physical fitness and mental alterness… thanks to sadhguru.

  10. I do not have any knowledge about yoga. I want to take class from Isha foundation for yoga. So what kind of course will be suitable for me?

  11. I’m doing Angamardana for 2 years now …been doing advanced Angamardana as well …the thing here I want to share is …
    My chest,triceps,traps and legs are in perfect proportion by doing Angamardana

    But my biceps and shoulders are not well developed

    This may be genetics or I’m doing Angamardana wrong

    Anyone can answer

    Because I’m not finding any exercises for biceps and shoulders in Angamardana

  12. Does one need to do the Inner Engineering program first, or can one directly learn Angamardana from Isha foundation? Thank you 🙏

  13. I am on the fourth day of angamardana class.. looking forward 😊

  14. you put an awful lot of marketing in the way of accessing actual tutorial videos: just create one space where all such videos are available – it's not rocket science!

  15. I am doing the practice from last 2 months. Can’t explain in words. Lost weight and have had good body structure. Lot of glow in face . Lost almost 7 kgs in 2 months.

    I have learned it from Isha teacher. She charged 4500 INR for 3 days.

  16. Isha Yoga Centre, London: four-day Angamardhana training (7pm-9:30pm) was not enough to memorise the movements. videos shown at classes are not released. no pictures booklet is available. paid £150. was told I can come back to volunteer and attend further classes to consolidate what was taught. feeling scammed.

  17. Can anybody send me all the excercise sequences of angamardana. I have done the course but due to discontinuation forgotten sequences

  18. Nobody tells about the steps of this angamardana yoga. Kindly perform it step by step so that people learn and perform it. All just talk about its benefits.

  19. Pls suggest whether there is any yoga to reduce belly due to 2 siceriens. I am 34 yrs and a practitioner of shambhavi

  20. What is the difference between Surya Shakti and Angamardana in terms of physical fitness? If I increase the number of cycles in Surya Shakti do I need to learn Angamardana?

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