Another Entirely Homegrown Meal From Rob Greenfield's Front Yard Garden

[Applause] alright guys back here in Orlando for part two of the cooking series with Rob Greenfield and tonight we're gonna have a sweet potato pumpkin and carrot soup all from the garden of course Robert harvested the carrots against about a week or two ago we're gonna get the last of the sweet potatoes right now he's got the pumpkin already inside and storage I think you guys are gonna love this one – so whole pie hey you here for dinner yeah I'm hungry it is [Applause] welcome back hey hey we're here again just passed that six-month Hill right yeah oh yeah today's day 186 of the year so coming along and the garden has grown a lot since the last time you're having in the last two weeks it's just blown up it's nice to see so today we are making sweet potato Seminole pumpkin carrot soup with a coconut mouth base so it'll be creamy well blend it up and then some fresh greens and herbs from the garden as well so let's grab sweet potato last year I planted these two rows of sweet potato just like you see I'm doing something you're not supposed to do which is planting the same crop twice in a row but I'm doing it anyway but anyway from this stretch right here I got about 400 pounds of sweet potato last year so I'm hoping to do that again and then there's a few sweet potatoes left over on this side and that's what we're gonna harvest right now so these have been a great sweet potato I don't know what they're called and I think no this is a white one they are oh oh they're big I was getting four and a half pound potatoes potato jam that's a small one actually okay there's another piece so far you've got that that and that from the one plant so that's that's probably two and a half pounds or so oh there's another there's another one ooh that's a good one there we go all all this is coming from the same plant so pretty productive let's dig up one more though should be good because there's this nice big vine oh yeah there's a nice one right there oh that's a good one there's a good one that's that's what I've been dealing with for the last well I ate about I ate about 400 pounds of sweet potato and there's there's some more down there I think but we'll go with this just to keep things easy I'll come back here a little bit later but yeah these three potatoes have just been definitely an absolute blessing I mean the abundance of these things like I said maybe 400 pounds from this little patch here we'll add some greens in this salad or this soup I'm not in the mood for a ton of greens tonight but gotta throw some greens in almost every meal it's you know where the nutrients come in the sweet potatoes the yams the yuccas are not super high in nutrients and that's really where the greens come in these are you know greens are some of the most nutrient dense plants on earth especially the Moringa which I'll throw some of that in there but so this this is where the you know the nutrients really come in from from the greens and it's getting to be the end of the year so end of the end of the spring that is so these he's kale and gonna last forever and while you can but that's when in future videos you'll see this chaya and New Zealand spinach and this summer it'll be perennials all right what else little celery munch on some of that some plant hago or broadleaf plantain gar some medicine in each meal tea Leafs in hats and then most of the herbs were gonna use tonight are actually back in the kitchen already but I will throw some African blue basil in there I love plants that are just ridiculously abundant and just won't die and this is one of them I think every house in Central Florida and wherever it can grow should have African blue basil during the day this thing is just buzzing with hundreds or thousands of bees so African blue basil and then I'm gonna grab some some standard Genovese basil or however that's pronounced Italian basil grab some of that I'm gonna grab some garlic chives right here grab some of those these are pretty abundant they've been popping up this spring pretty well those are really starting to get established and spread which is nice little Cuban oregano here as well this is starting to really pop up now at the spring rain and the heat that's a good one don't mind the dirt you know that's the way it is sometimes in the garden okay anything else you think we need fall on your feet think we got some stuff man we need some help from mister what's ripening here okay yeah what yeah guys look hurry if I haven't really utilized that yet you can see this is the last year's chunk it's starting to 2.2 rot about that and this I guess this must be new stuff baby I'm not sure hey nice catch hey people play football some people catch sweet potatoes oh there you go business today's yam harvest you said you were working hard today we're joking figured you had to I'll see this and definitely do a future video on yams but just to show you for today this is die Escorial a lotta the wild yam it's an invasive so when you're harvesting this from nature you're actually doing the the native land a service and we were harvesting this setup I reserved today and they were happy to see us there this one yam right here is what do you think and that's that big one and we and a big chunk is off of that so this is a 25 pound yam probably so with three buddies we harvested probably hundred to a hundred forty pounds of yam in a few hours so that's some serious sustenance right there definitely been putting in the digging of tubers all right cooking time oh this is where the magic happens huh yeah great plan hmm little variety also harvested the first elderberries of the year found some trees they're starting to put out which is very exciting this is a super important medicine so I've come on in we're gonna grab herbs tonight it's kind of nice I've really gotten my self situated where I'm not always having to get every meal directly from the garden and I can actually save some time so since last time you all were here with me I have created a lot of dried herbs so we're gonna add some thyme a little bit of dry tumeric in there few chips of that garlic is our latest harvest I'm still harvesting some even after what you saw so it's it's many fifteenth and I'm still harvesting a little garlic and then lastly Oh salt sea salt from the ocean this says what Pete and I harvested this weekend so this is fresh made six up and then some red peppers so that is what's going into this soup these are the pumpkins so I think I'll throw one or two pumpkins in there so we're gonna make coconut milk for the base to make this a nice creamy blended soup and I forged these coconuts from trees in South Florida along the coast and some people might think that this bike is dangerous but it's only because you're behind the camera and you can't see it the spike is not dangerous at all I mean you might be thinking oh he's gonna poke himself in the balls but just to give you an idea this isn't sharp at all like I'm rubbing my cheek and my chin right now this thing's not a sharp point it's blunt at the end and this isn't a coconut tool I found this in the backyard here but it certainly works great I thought about spending like 80 dollars on a sweet tool but then I really thought about it I realized it only takes me less than a minute per coconut with this tool so there's really no need for me to spend the money if I was making a business about being coconut milks or coconut I would alright so a lot of people probably don't know but coconuts have husks and then you have the shell then you have to break and break open this shell one way to do that is with a heavy machete it's kind of the most common way I see I don't have that I have this night and then I mean you can hit it on a rock or you know anything hard but just go like this and just kind of work around it alright I'll just crack the seal so there's the water and there you have the nice meat inside and it's this meat that you can use for making coconut milk and this water you can blend right in or just drink it definitely one of my favorite little treats and then it's just a matter of popping the meat out I like to use a dull knife for this job no reason to use a sharp knife and there's all sorts of ways to do this but this is just how I do it that's how we do it in this kitchen oh wow came out in one piece all right so I've got my purified rainwater the coconut meat just thrown that in there and then all I'm gonna do is blend this up and then I'll have a coconut milk to distrain so these are harvested about fifty pounds of carrots this spring and I've just chopped them up and I can just take them out as needed and add them to soups and stuff this will go so this is the pumpkin seeds and the pumpkin guts just blend it up and this will go right into the soup but I'm gonna wait to put it in the soup until towards the end as to cook the to cook the seeds less because there's so much nutrients in there that I don't really want to cook that on high heat so I'll throw that in towards the end alright so let's go ahead and throw most of the ingredients and now we've got the sweet potato this is turning out to be a large soup we feed in the neighborhood tonight we are feeding me for many meals many meals all right.we I do want to do a community dinner at some point but I just have not put in the energy into feeding others but that is the idea of getting people to grow garden so they they can feed themselves so pumpkins in and sweet potatoes in and now I'm going to throw carrots in frozen carrots I started this project off with no food processor just doing everything with a knife and a cutting board and I had one small pot this I started the project off with this pot and that pan thinking that this was gonna be enough and boy did I ever realized I just I couldn't do it you know I'm a minimalist at heart but trying to be you know pretty much self-sufficient growing and foraging all my food I'm just constantly finding any those bags are pretty Epicure those reusable for you too bad yeah these are these are called nito's and the other reusable and washable and media are not they're not designed for freezers but you can use them for that you can use them for dried goods like oatmeal on rice or freezer or go into the store whatever I will look for an Amazon link put that in the description yeah it's my friend's company they're not in LA they're made in the United States good company awesome throwing all those herbs in just tossing those in there we've got the red pepper here the Cuban oregano from the garden garlic from the garden oh and then of course the sea salt Oh fresh salt this is the fresh fresh salt smells like ocean mmm add a little ocean to this meal I don't know how much so this is a pretty big meal this is probably like five to ten dollars like the three of us tonight and then another five dinners gonna throw in these garlic chives so I left you can see on the bottom here I left that blended pumpkin seed mixture in the bottom so I didn't even cook that but I'm just adding that in to the hot soup and it'll slightly cook it now that's how we get our pumpkin seeds into our body the greens some basil so no recipe just throwing things together really you mean they can't get the Rob Greenfield cookbook or something it's not something that's in the plans yeah so salt makes everything better we're running out of daylight Rob I think we put in some work here tonight what do you think Matt I think it's pretty darn good yeah yeah it's definitely warming me up I like it it's definitely healthy no doubt about that we aren't gonna get fat eating this or that lacks in taste that makes up for more enough more than enough and health nutritional value yeah all right shutting it yeah thanks Rob see you next time everyone all right guys I hope you enjoyed this other epic cooking venture here at Rob Greenfields we're gonna keep this series going with at least one maybe even two more soup was pretty epic I hope you guys enjoyed it if you have not subscribed please be sure to subscribe to the channel you gotta hit that Bell to stay notified whenever I put up a new video and most importantly pounder

32 thoughts on “Another Entirely Homegrown Meal From Rob Greenfield's Front Yard Garden

  1. Hello everyone!
    So glad to have become friends with Pete this year and to get to share these meals from my garden with you all.
    More coming and both Pete and I are excited to share them with you!
    Today is day 255 of growing and foraging 100% of my food.
    Health and happiness to you all,

  2. PETE! I am Crazy ENVIOUS. I absolutely would be beyond grateful for an invite to the next cookout, either on or off camera for the channel!

    If a donation is required, I would hands down pay top dollar for this Michelin starred organic meal!
    I'm only a six hour drive by car….

    Shoot me a text,
    -(619) 315-7488
    Will bring a 12 of ORGANIC hard Kombucha or beer.
    Accompanied by a couple bottles of wine or Mezcal.

  3. Please use the sweet potato leaves as greens. They can be cooked like spinach, and they are slightly sweet. Great video as usual.

  4. This just in : It's super easy to be an substance farmer in an tropical climate.

    Try it in New Hampshire for an real challenge.

  5. As kids, I and my brothers planted sweet potatoes mainly for their leaves, which my mother would boil, and add a dressing to, to serve as a cooked salad. So we never ran out of sweet potato tops (the young leaves) for our greens. Then one day, my brother noticed a tuber sticking out of the soil. To our pleasant surprise, our sweet potato patch had produced a bounty of the tubers. We of course dug them all up, and replanted the patch with fresh cuttings (from the old, dug up vines). We missed not having sweet potato greens for quite some time, but only until the new cuttings thrived well enough to withstand frequent harvests of their tender tops. So if you haven't tried cooking the sweet potsto tops, you're missing out on excellent nutrition.

  6. My question is how do you keep the animals away? Beautiful garden by the way! Crazy amount of sweet potatoes you got just from one plant πŸ™‚

  7. Bro, #pete.. can i put you a reasonable question? Can you come to India if there's a great farm that you can tour and make videos?😁😁

  8. Rob's adventure on this journey is an eye opener and impressive! Rob should write a recipe book with short stories on all the meals he came up with! Just an idea…….

  9. Amazing that soup looks great. I wish I could find random 20lbs yams. I'm getting close to being able to do 100% off my own land but after the corn and potatoes run out by the end of the year that will drop down to 30%.

  10. I will start planting my own sweet potato thanks to you πŸ€— we also eat the young leaves of the sweet potato as a salad 😁

  11. Looks amazing!! What kind of environment do you find the yams growing in (pine, scrub oak, other oak…)? I've been searching for them, mainly in pine forests but can't seem to find any.

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