ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS | what I eat every week

– You’ve probably noticed by now that most of my recipes are veggie heavy and prioritize fresh, wholesome ingredients
except for my deserts and that’s because after
four autoimmune diagnosis, I’ve learned how to really nourish my body with simple, anti-inflammatory foods. So what exactly are
anti-inflammatory foods? They’re just ones that
have been well-studied to reduce inflammation in the body. They are the items that
nutritionists and doctors all agree that we need to get more of because not only do they
reduce inflammation, but they have a whole heck of a lot of other health benefits as well. In today’s video I’ll share
eight anti-inflammatory foods that I eat every week and
give you a few different recipe ideas but remember
that you can always find the full, printable recipe on my website. All right, let’s dive in. Berries, whether they’re
blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries all contain antioxidants
known as anthocyanins and it’s the anthocyanins
that give berries their vibrant, blue,
purple, and redish color. While all fruits are generally
high in antioxidants, berries really are the super stars because they have so many
different chemical compounds that are great at fighting
inflammation, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Now here’s the cool part. Not only do berries reduce
existing inflammation, but they help to train ourselves to respond better to episodes of future inflammation as well, and that’s why eating them regularly is always a smart idea. A few of my favorite recipes with berries includes my blueberry smoothie, my berry spinach salad,
my raspberry vinaigrette, my strawberry banana
smoothie, and my acai bowl. I’m sure you know that leafy
greens are good for you, but do you know why they’re good for you? Spinach, kale, Swiss
chard, dandelion greens, and other greens are not
only full of antioxidants, but their alkalizing to the body. They’re packed with
nutrients including foliate, fiber, vitamins, A, C, E, and
K and a variety of minerals. While some jokingly refer to leafy greens as rabbit food, including my dad, there’s a reason why all animals in the animal kingdom
prioritize leafy greens and that’s because they nourish our bodies on a cellular level. Leafy greens prevent cognitive decline, they keep our microbiome in tip top shape, and they reduce overall body inflammation. Some of my favorite
recipes with leafy greens include my wild rice and arugula salad, my shrimp, asparagus and avocado salad, my garlic sauteed Swiss chard, my post workout green
smoothie and my kale chips. Salmon and other fatty fish such as trout, sardines, anchovies, and
mackerel are all high in essential omega-3 fatty acids, and these are essential because
your body can’t make them. You have to get them from your diet. If you have an autoimmune condition, omega-3s are even more important because studies have
proven them very beneficial for a wide range of autoimmune conditions including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, type one diabetes, psoriasis,
all sorts of colitis, multiple sclerosis and so many others. Omega-3s are also
critical for brain health, and interestingly enough, those who consume fatty fish regularly are less likely to be
depressed or anxious. In short, omega-3s are one of the most well studied nutrients
and studies time and again show the massive anti-inflammatory effects that they have on the body. Some of my favorite salmon recipes include my Dijon baked salmon,
my orange glazed salmon, my salmon patties, my
smoked salmon frittata, and my salmon avocado salad. When most think of avocados, they think of healthy fats and that’s good because avocados are full
of monounsaturated fat which is the good fat that
helps reduce cholesterol and it reduces inflammation of the joints. Healthy fats like those from avocado are needed for energy, blood clotting, brain development, absorbing
fat soluble vitamins, and limiting inflammation. The various nutrients in
avocados have also proven beneficial in preventing
neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and I’m always investigating
Parkinson’s research because my dad has Parkinson’s. Alright, fun fact about avocados is that they actually have
more potassium than bananas. For a three and a half
ounce serving of bananas, you would get 10% of the
recommended daily allowance of potassium and in the same
serving size of an avocado, you would get 14%. Some of my favorite avocado recipes include my tuna stuffed
avocados, my avocado egg salad, my avocado dressing, my
carrot and zucchini pasta with avocado cucumber sauce
and my baked eggs in avocado. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, bok
choy, and Brussels sprouts are jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins and phytochemicals. Broccoli is rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and fiber, but it’s the sulforaphane that
makes broccoli extra special. Sulforaphane is one of the most studied compounds in broccoli
and studies show that it has protective affects against cancer, and can detoxify harmful
chemicals in the environment that would otherwise trigger
inflammation in our body. Some of my favorite broccoli
and cruciferous veggie recipes include my broccoli salad,
my steamed broccoli, my whole 30 chicken broccoli casserole, my garlic ginger bok choy, and my cauliflower rice tabbouleh. Garlic has been used for centuries for it’s medicinal properties
and numerous studies time and again show that it
has both cancer preventive and immune boosting effects. Of course Garlic adds
enormous to any recipe, but it’s, it’s wide-ranging
health benefits where garlic truly shines. Garlic contains
anti-inflammatory chemicals such as quercetin, which
naturally inhibits histamine, and sulfur compounds that
stimulate your immune system to fight disease. If you have arthritis garlic
may be your best friend as well because garlic has proven
to reduce the inflammation, pain, and cartilage damage
associated with arthritis. Now it’s hard to pick just
a handful of garlic recipes because I use garlic in
so many different recipes on my website, but I
love my zucchini pasta with lemon garlic shrimp,
my mashed cauliflower with garlic and herbs, my
garlic sauteed Swiss chard, my sweet potato fries with garlic aioli, and my poached chicken
and winter vegetable soup. So ginger, just like garlic, has been used for
centuries around the world for it’s healing properties. It’s well known to help
reduce motion sickness, reduce pain, and reduce nausea. Ginger contains substances
known as gingerols that reduce inflammation and turn off the pain causing
compounds in the body. In terms of digestion,
ginger supports digestion and helps with motility which just means that it moves things more
quickly through our intestines, and in fact it’s been
shown that ginger can move things through twice as fast which is key if you struggle with constipation. Because of these digestive benefits, ginger has been proven to
help reduce colorectal cancer and to boost the immune system. Now remember that about 75
to 80% of our immune system comes from our gut so
anything that helps the gut like the ginger, obviously, is gonna help our immune system as well. Some of my favorite ginger recipes include my scallops with citrus ginger sauce, my carrot ginger soup, my golden milk, my cucumber melon gazpacho
with ginger shrimp, and my asian cauliflower
rice with ginger shrimp. Alright, lastly we have chia seeds and while chia seeds are
known as a super food today, in ancient times they
were a dietary staple most known for providing energy, and in the ancient Mayan
language the word chia actually translated to the word strength. In addition to all of the vitamins and nutrients in chia seeds, they also pack a hefty dose of fiber. In fact, they’re one of the
world’s best sources of fiber and all of that fiber is great for helping to balance blood sugar and,
of course, good gut health. Chia seeds along with flax seeds are loaded with antioxidants and omega-3s and the antioxidants fight free radicals and the omega-3s reduce inflammation just as I mentioned with the salmon. Some of my favorite chia seed recipes include my chia seed
pudding, chia seed jam, my ultimate seed crackers, my peanut butter and jelly chia pudding, and my coconut chia mango popsicles. Now there are many more
anti-inflammatory foods than these eight I mentioned today. These just happen to be the ones that I eat most frequently and you probably noticed
from all of the recipes that I just tend to mix and match all of these ingredients
to create new meals, but the quirks of all of this information, and I think this video in general today is the question, can
changing your eating habits change your overall health? And the answer, you bet ya. It’s never too late to
adopt healthier habits and to improve your overall wellness. I hope you guys enjoyed
today’s video and if you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below what your favorite
anti-inflammatory foods are. As a reminder, you can
find so many more recipes over on my website and I’ll
be working on a new recipe later this week to bring you next week. So I’ll see you guys again then. (upbeat music)

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  1. I'm back!!! Sorry for the long break as I've had lots of work travel over the last month. I hope you enjoy this new video and all the gems of knowledge on healthy, anti-inflammatory foods. Do you eat all of these foods? Which are your favorites? xo – Lisa

  2. I like you’re recipes and healthy information a lot. Thank you so much for sharing. I cook with a lot of similar foods and was wondering if you have a recipe book or channel where you can show us how you make your salmon. This is one I definitely need to cook more of and am looking for a very simple recipe. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for this video, very informative. I usually make golden milk with a teaspoon of turmeric, about a teaspoon of oil or small knob of butter, and of course a pinch of black pepper.

  4. Ditch the commercially raised factory farmed fish and seafood and you’ve got an outstanding list! Now add beans and rice and we are getting there! Thanks.

  5. Avocado has higher amount of potassium than banana and very good fruit.
    But there is disease that needs to avoid high potassium food.

  6. 6:38 'so many recipes…" ? "Honey – you ain't Italian!" – Robert Loggia /Innocent Blood My point? I put it in just about everything!

  7. Fructose Intolerance, causes huge inflammation in my GIT, Avo causes Fodmap issues, Sulphur veggies cause too much grief to me – your info is top class for those with limited gut issues

  8. I prefer flax seeds to fish due to all the pollution and trying to become vegan. I grind them up and blend in smoothies with the avocado!

  9. Here's an idea. I use an isolate protein drink after my gym workouts. I add a spoon of my own powder mix, which contains: Raw cacao, moringa, spirulina, chlorella, camu camu, and cinnamon. Create your own based on what you want/like.

  10. Thank you for not going extreme, like some of your commenters, and telling people they need to cut out all animal products. Incorporating more eggs and butter (but not milk or cheese) into my diet allowed me to drop my total cholesterol by 20 points.
    I do still have improvements I can make regarding anti-inflammation, so hopefully I can incorporate some of these. 🙂

  11. It’s ok talking about salmon being healthy but there has been a lot of talk of poisons / pollutants being in the fish.

  12. Love those foods. Difficult to get them certified organic for reasonable cost in Australia. Berries taste yucky as sprayed and give…fast digestion. Salmon full of Antibiotics and what not..big bloated inflamed intestines. Can't find wild caught salmon, but plenty fish from Asian Countries. Hmmm… never know what is safe to eat. Frozen Veggies that come from NZ really come from China. Even cert org pills and powders have China ingredients.

  13. My food sensitivity list (as in foods that trigger inflammation in me) sadly included onions, soy, ginger, avacados, dairy and garlic. Kill me.

  14. WOW as I am an actual integrative and functional med practitioner. you DONT understand the treatment of Autoimmunity. Plants contain oxylates, phytates, lectins saponins and glutens all of which INCREASE inflammation and autoimmunity. PLANTs are the 1st thing removed for the diet of an person with autoimmune diseases. you nutrition info is stuck in the last century. Parkinsons is due to WGA attacking the brains stem. There's your freebie. Also learn the genetic connections in autoimmunity or youre totally wasting time.

  15. I find myself being overwhelmed with the time it takes to create this lifestyle. Especially having kids , grand kids , pets , school etc. self healing is a job in itself . So thank u for some tips. But I’m sitting here like “she’s Wonder Woman “! A clean kitchen , takes all the time to make these and share them with us and still have time to do everything else. How do u do it all! That’s the vid I think we need . What’s your day to day routine ? Do you ever have to tell the kids , MAMA need a break ? If so how often ? I think one main thing is having support for others while self healing . Also the cost can be the reason some have to make due with what they have . But again , you are encouraging and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say ‘ YOUR HELPING US JUSY BY LOOKING LIKE A PICTURE OF HEALTH , SMILING AND SHARING WITH US❣️

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  17. A really great source of Omega Fats (6 & 3) in perfect ratio is raw cheese. I am not sure that every raw cheese is as good as the high altitude unpasteurised shepherd's pecorino cheese, yogurt, milk. It also has natural probiotics and helps fight cancer because it has a high source of CLA (conjugated linoelic Acid). It helps to fight osteoporosis where milk products that are pasteurised leach calcium out of the bones.. It has so many benefits.. I know I am forgetting something. Also I like green smoothies everyday which incorporates 2 or 3 that are on this list. A big green smoothie everyday dramatically reduces inflammation. I am not certain about some of the foods that you are mixing together and or cooking.. The way they are being cooked and or mixed together with other foods might make them ineffective and not bioavailable.

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE! this RICHLY USEFUL INFORMATIONAL VIDEO!! Well delivered and jam packed with great info!!!

    (Traditional Chinese way of writing (vertical)!). 😂. 🙏☮️☯️🕉️

  19. Awesome video! 🥰 Thank you for sharing this valuable information 💕
    I looked on your website, under Shop and didn’t see the cup you used for your smoothie. (@1:18) would you mind linking it?
    Thank you so much!

  20. And what about the oxalate level in these foods?I'm highly sensitive to oxalates (which are in ALL veggies) as they attack our bodies in various ways.

  21. Thank you so much for your help with eating what is good for immune diseases and foods with anti inflammatory properties. My husband and myself have autoimmune diseases and I’m trying at age 60 to learn and cook in a way that is healthy and helps with inflammation. I’m so grateful to you.

  22. I avoid red meat and pork. It has tremendously reduced my arthritis pain. My favorite go to food to curb hunger is oatmeal. I also love flaxseed muffins. *Just discovered your channel and will truly enjoy seeing and learning more.

  23. It's nice to find a video that teaches about being or getting healthy, not just losing weight. Also I like that you still include some sort of meat in your recipes. Thank you for all your hard work on researching foods that help our body's to heal itself.

  24. Odd question, but do you have any videos on food NOT to eat for the same problems?

    I have Type 2 Diabetes, suffered from arthritis, venous insufficiency in lower extremities, and an immune disorder called IGG4 related. I also NEED to lose weight. Lost 40 pounds in 2 months largely by sticking to a diet the hospital put me on (Low Cal, Low Carb, Low Sodium). My personal targets are 2000 cal, a carb diet my diabetes nutritionist gave me, and 2000 mg daily limit for sodium. I treated myself like an addict and went through my entire pantry and pulled anything off the shelf that didn't comply – and took it to the nearest food shelf. (I think I missed a few things, but I can fix that easy enough.)

    In a few days I make some changes at work that will keep me from sitting so much and have me getting exercise. So that should help. I already eat most of the foods in this video, so that was good. But I am always looking for more good advice I can follow that won't tempt me to break my diet.

  25. Cactus salsa is one of my favorite staples, it goes with just about anything. I get it cleaned, chopped & bagged at my local market and boil it for up to 5 minutes then just add what you your normally create for your own salsa.

  26. I have an autoimmune disease and was told not to have strawberries as they are a night shade and can worsen inflammation. V hard to get information that isn’t contradictory

  27. I tried the smoothie,as I have Severe Fibro, CFS, CRPS , RA , but when I went to specialists he said watch
    Forks Over Knives on Netflix.
    The Bleeding Edge on Netflix.
    The Devil We know Documentary’ on DuPont,Netflix.
    I tried the fresh berries,frozen berries, I keeled over in agony.
    The specialist said both meat and dairy are extremely unhealthy as is oil .
    He’s one of the top Cardiologist out there . He told me 100% No.
    I’m so confused.
    The chia and Metamucil almost took me to the ER.
    I have Gastritis . People get it from smoking, Alcohol, Grains are not good for kidneys.
    He said kale ,ginger,garlic are all excellent. However Zantac, all prescriptions ,Tecta, etc .,Losec, Nexium, Tagamet , are all huge contributors to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Probiotics are really important,but so are digestive enzymes. The mercury in fish is horrendous.,
    All seafood,fish is a huge No No .
    See Forks Over Knives. IDDW but meat dairy, and sugar ,processed foods , were and are beyond shocking.
    See Dr STASHA GOMINAK on Vitamin D3 and the gut .
    The above movies are amazing.Go to top and I’ll put some excellent sites up .

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  29. Your recipes are super healthy and delicious. Thank you so much 🙂
    Besides, I love the way you go with the flow explaining everything so fast and showing us the perfect way.

  30. I juiced beets carrots ginger apple and celery this morning. I have been really ill this past week. I have a doctor's appt in the morning. It is bad for me to actually go to the doctor. I don't take their pills. Drinking this juice has helped. Thank you for sharing your experieces.

  31. My Father has Huntington’s so I am in the same boat as you & completely understand the importance of healing and preventing neurological disease’s with healthy foods.

  32. Im sure this person doing this video means well but…Im surprised the doctor didnt say below in comments that not all foods are for everyone. And even the healthiest can be flammatory to sensitive people. But doctors are pill givers never fixing problems. People be smart your skin and how you feel will tell you alot of fruits and vegetables are flammatory sorry thats a fact. And i love produce my body doesnt i break out in hives everytime so listen to your body and not strangers. Be smart not a sheep. Side effects ringing of ears due to high salicylate all herbs alot fruits and vegetables, purines, lectins, hish histamine producing foods , and so much more

  33. Thanks for this video. I have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I am going to try your recipes. I am so happy I came upon your channel 😊 I am subscribing to your channel now!

  34. Dr William Li TEDxBismarck,Can we eat to Starve Cancer.
    Dr Neal Barnard TEDxBismarck, same ,excellent Dr .
    Dr Leonard Coldwell, Cancer Cure Cover Up.
    Dr Burnitski, The Cancer Cure Cover Up Conspiracy Documentary.
    “ How Joe TIPPINS beat terminal lung cancer with $7 dog dewormer.” It’s got wild mustangs horses in the background,and blue sky.
    Not only is FENDBENDAZOLE/ Pancura working for Cancer in dogs , it’s literally helping people go into total remission,who were terminally ill. I’m talking,tumours that we’re huge ,small cell sarcoma, that the cancer had spread to his organs, but his bone marrow as well .
    It’s been 4+ years and joe is still Cancer Free.
    A Dr had a lot of mice , and they all had cancer, as fate would have it,they all got worms,so she treated them all, and she’s wth is going on here, as the mice all of them were cancer free now after the FENDBENDAZOLE.
    Unfortunately 3-4 weeks later she the Dr was also told she had weeks to live and she needed to go into hospice asap.
    She went home after several opinions,and said I have nothing to lose here ,so she herself decided to experiment on herself.
    She did 3 days on, and 4 days off . She was 100% Cancer Free from Brain Cancer in 4 months.
    One man talked to his Dr at a gala ,and behind closed doors he says yes ,we’ve known about this for a while , but I cannot legally tell people this .
    I am not endorsing anything here, but….it’s working.
    People in Ireland ive heard are using repurposed drugs . Doxycycline, Aspirin Statin Drugs and FENDBENDAZOLE sister drug,which was created for humans .
    However I know people now that are terminal, dying and up shopping after 14 weeks ,taking it with Essiac Tea,from Rennie Cassie,Tumeric/Real Curcumin,not the 5% kitchen stuff,and intermittent fasting is key .
    Go to James Templeton Wellness Center interviewing Joe TIPPINS above on utube.
    Tumour Tales is also another dad young trying this .
    One top model in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 has severe Brain Cancer and it’s working,and their trying to say no her . So she said she had to have it for her dogs anyway.
    Please check out Joe TIPPINS story.
    (“ My Cancer Story Rocks)” .
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  36. starcg fish grains are not good for anyone fish brings parasites strawberriesare bettersmashed through a screen so you dont eat the seeds in any fruit or veggies lookwhat dr gundry says about how the seeds and the peels of veggies and fruits are not good for you and you can get essential omega 3 fatty acids from other stuff not just eggs and fish best thing for depression is to tale 35-50 percent of hydrogen peroxide and take an eye dropper and put 7 drops in a gllass thats 16 ounce glass cup that you have filled with distilled water the peroxide is 13 dollars at health food store and the distilled water is 2 dollars and the peroxide will give your dads parkinsons good bye because it gives oxygen to the brain and to the whole body the blood the heart that is what peroxidedoesit oxidizes the water and it hits your veins heart everything the brocoli and spinach and walnuts and carrots and avacado and feta and grapes and tomatoes and almonds and ginger and lemon juice and pickles and cucumbers and fresh herbs and pink hima layan salt and black pepper is good for you garlic is not good to eat regularly if you eat garlic only once in a while rarely then it is good for you but only foods that add positive pranic energy to your body will prolong your life meat is not good neither is yellow cheese and neither does meats bread starch and more water is best for any kind of digestion issues

  37. when you try this kind of salad plus maybe some expensive italian salad dressing or whatever it will be amazing so you could do chia and hemp hearts and flax seedstoo if you added the to a salad plus i forgot kiwiw oranges strawberries try a salad like that and see that you will not have felt ever better formm any food unlike a positive pranic salad

  38. if you want please test what i am saying and here is where i learned it and i have a really ahrd time quittung starch but i am working on it

  39. autoimmune disease and eating dairy and fish…. hmmm? most fish are high in micro toxins and plastic due to the living in water. They are no where near as nutritious today as they were 20- years ago. This video doesn't really makes sense to me regarding inflammation. Much better options…plant omegas give less stress to the body and immune system so again that makes no sense to me….

  40. the amount of nuts and seeds I can think of that gives you all the fats and omega's you need….well virtually no negative affect on the body, compared to farmed salmon.

  41. Thank you for this video. My wife suffers from MS and fibromyalgia, and I know these very simple dietary suggestions will help her ( and me too!) ! Bless you.

    Crashed garlic relases enzyme called Allicin or Allium sativum
    Which contains anti flamattery and anti oxidant properties
    I normally crush my garlic 20 minute before my cooking starts
    and should not be cooked no more than 6 or 8 minutes otherwise loosing all the properties which makes garlic what it is
    Lisa Bryan great program love what you do healthy and informative and if I may say very sexy 😚

  43. And where do you get the proteins? Lentils, soyay, tofu apparently increase inflammation, so does too much fish or meat, especially from the discounter. Dairy is also a bad idea, so how can I get my 150g of protein then?

  44. Thanks for putting this out there with anti-inflammatory foods/drinks. Sorry to hear about your 4 auto-immune conditions. Way to beat it.

  45. Dr. Gundry says to have almond butter instead of peanut butter and stay away from Chia seeds. Read more on plant lectins or his Plant Paradox book. Your recipes sound delicious. Have a great week.

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