100 thoughts on “Anxiety is more than worry – 10 Scary Physical Symptoms

  1. Starting this month I had my first panic attack it was so scary and I had three so far but I haven’t told my mother yet I don’t want to tell her because I am scared to go to the doctor and I don’t really know if it’s panic attacks but I’m pretty sure and today I had one and I’m scared to have them again or get embarrassed in front of my class

  2. Can anexity cause seziures ? Cause im scared and my symptom uncontrollable im so scared please someone tell me my doctor told me im fine though but i dont want to keep worrying??

  3. She also forgot nausea and vomiting. My anxiety physically manifests as a feeling of a giant beehive in my gut. Quite often, after the attack has passed, my body will need to vomit to shake off the physical tension. And then I feel better. Stress puking is a big one for me.

  4. Everytime I hear a lane I think that 9/11 is going to hash again indont even I've in New York. I can't fall asleep at night I'm scared a my friends are going to die.
    I don't ember what it's called but I have that thing we're you can dream things that will happen lAter in life.
    That really messed me up

  5. I experience all the physical symptoms, but especially the lump in my throat. I actually have it right now (its been like this for about 3 days now).
    Anyway, I always explain it as having the sensation that someone is physically putting their hands around ny throat and squeezing it just hard enough where I have a hard time breathing and swallowing, yet not hard to the point I am literally gasping.
    Its chronic and definitely scary.
    Also, when I drive, sometimes my legs go numb. That's also a scary one.

  6. What about facial ticks and uncontrollable shouting or grunts. I've experienced this along with chest tightness, especially while driving when my anxiety gets real bad. I find listening to meditation music at work and while I'm driving makes the symptoms go away.

  7. I've had thousands of panic attacks in the past 28 years. If you're wondering if they kill you, the answer is that no, unfortunately, they don't.

  8. Also, there's no symptom of anxiety that I could hear that would shock me at this point. After having spoken to tens of thousands of people with anxiety disorders over the years I can so that Dr. Tracey's video here is probably the most well written and presented that I've seen on youtube, offering many symptoms that other educated content providers won't mention. I am of the mind that if you can imagine it, you can get anxious about it. But, hey, at least that means we might be a extra-creative people.

  9. I experienced so much of it. I'm so glad recognises this inability to swallow among all the others as well. Kind of you your body cannot operate this swallowing function. And so many doctors wdnt understand all that. I ended up with severe acute ibs and bipolar depression.

  10. >>>I am suffering from sumat that started in 1991 yea 28 years ago but there were many many years wen I was well And many times wen I wasn't it all started from my brain/mind in 1991 and it honestly felt like the illness has developed in my body or best way to put it THE ILLNESS FROM MY BRAIN/MIND HAS CONDITIONED MY BODY so now the illness feels real inside me ive had many many hospital tests scans and all my result are All clear..
    And the past 14 months ive been extremely extremely poorly its rocked me to the core !!!! It started in April 1991 after stuffing my self eating mums cooking then I was so so full that my mind/ brain kept racing and saying SHIT I CAN'T BREATHE WHAT SHALL I DOO those strong thoughts continued for around 10 mins then all my body went extremely warm then it honestly felt like sumat burst inside my body/stomach that was it I just had no air to breathe I was traumatized by it I was only 13 in 1991 I went to bed but next day I was still the same my dad took me to the doctors but doctor sed ther was nothing wrong with my breathing..
    I automatically healed as every day passed but it was a long process and by July/Aug I automatically healed. .
    1992 I was perfectly well .
    Then it happened again 93/94/95/96 all those years it lasted again many months. .
    1997/98 I was perfectly well in good health. . Then again 1999 it was very bad it lasted full 12 months and from 2000 to 2011 full 11 year i was perfectly fine in good health. . Then happened again in 2011 very bad lasted again 12 months.
    Again in 2013 lasted 3 months. .
    And now from may 2018 to now this present day July 2019 I've been totally bedridden it's been the worse ever even the previous years wen it happend each day that went I cud honestly feel getting healed but these last 13/14 months it's so so bad I just domt know what to doo I cry my heart out asking God to help me…
    Prior to 1991 I found 5 cigarettes I was age 12 and all 5 i smoked em in the space of Less than 10 min then immediately after that I felt weak all over my body and brain my brain / mind honestly felt really really really unstable/uncomfortable and weak and now wen I think back to what has caused this I realise This cigarette issue definitely caused it so basically that meal I had in April 1991 I felt the same weak in body ans and brain and this cigarette issue must have caused all this I've had so many hospital scans in my home city Leicestershire and all have been clear. I've not had a brain scan yet I think that is the main priority now for me I've had many people tell me my brain has a serious disease or some functioning not circulating right ..
    It's easy to say affirmations >>> I AM WELL
    But me personally my mind has gone so so deep into that state of being /saying I am unwell that no other information is relevant to me
    Ive stop evolving i cant create anything new cos my emotion is keeping me tacked into the past I've lose interest in any other thing that is not related to the emotions that im facing no info can enter my nervous system that isn't equal to the emotion that I'm experiencing cos its not relevant!!!!!
    Exactly how I feel because for 28 years I've had this in my mind always that I can't create anything new in my mind to over come my illness and snap out of it..I've been doing affirmations for a month saying it loud saying >> I AM WELL I HAVE NO ILLNESS I AM WELL I HAVE NO ILLNESS but its not made any difference to my health

  11. Sorry for my english, I tried my best😅
    I had a panic attack 2 days ago and since than my left eyelid on my left eye feels so weird. Its hard sometimes to blink, and it looks weird from the outside. It looks like I have triple eyelids on my left eye.
    Did anyone had that? What did you do? Please help me if you can, I dont know what to do

  12. Ahh 15 and have had the throat sensation for about a year now, super tough to go through school always having to step out of the class and calm myself down 🙃

  13. I had labrynthitis which caused one bad vertigo spell. Once that all went away I still feel disequilibrium and am highly sensitive to weather changes and sinus pressure. I also have high anxiety and panic attacks. I had these before the labrynthitis. Now it's hard to tell if the dizzy feeling is panic or anxiety or the lingering effects of labrynthitis.

  14. Hi. I went to the doctor when i didnt know i had anixty i throught i was having a heart attack , stroke or a seizure. Went to the doctor & told him how i was feeling. Then he test me & said i was good i just had anixty. Now i have new body physical symptoms & even tho my doctor said im good i still think he miss something & that im having a heart atttack stroke or a seizure. Whos eles struggles with this illness of anixty.

  15. Thank you so much for making video on YouTube channel this me because having anxiety issues a lot lately.

  16. First of all I have anxiety and there's this day when there was a big storm so I got really scared I couldn't sleep well I slept really late but kept on waking up because of the storm and was also using phone I was literally over thinking so the next day I had headache but it healed.The next night also I slept really late and the next morning I had headache at the back of my head ,I had headache I whole day,I also felt drowsy,my headache was at the back of my head,my heart beats fast,I have cold feet,fatigue,weakness in legs and I've panic attacks.Please help me.Sometmes I feel better but headaches and drowsiness and weakness in legs wouldn't go. Please help me.

  17. Thanks Dr. Tracey this is me! The comments are also helping me understand. I was on Ephexir for years.If I missed a dose I was a mess. I took a year to slowly get off.lost my job recently and stopped smoking pot. Only a couple weeks. I have many symtoms and pain you discribed

  18. i feel preassure in my chest and i can feel my heart beat, i dont know if its right, but its kinda hard to swallow, like i dont know how to say it but i can like feel when i swallow

  19. Hi Doctor, I am taking Lexapro, and I don’t recall putting something in the mailbox but I know I must’ve done it because it wouldn’t be gone from my envelope system. Could this be caused by Lexapro?

  20. Two days ago I began feeling the lump in my throat… I don't even know why. Yeah, I've been somewhat stressed, but I feel like I handle it well. When it started I was sitting on the couch doing math–I assumed the uncomfortable feeling in my throat was from the way I was sitting but it hasn't gone away. It feels like I have a "frog in my throat" (like when you're about to cry) all the freaking time. It makes me feel like I'm suffocating. I just want it to go away. Any advice?

  21. Thanks for the content. I’ve struggled with a number of symptoms for about 6 years. It has never manifested itself into an illness or physical diagnosis. I’m very productive at work and home. I often don’t notice the symptoms when I’m busy or engaged in an activity. I usually notice the symptoms when I’m relatively in a calm state which has always baffled me. My goal is to get a bit healthier each day emotionally, physically and spiritually. Work in progress

  22. I had my first panic attack about 2 years ago and since then they’ve been constant. I’ve been to the ER at least 18 times thinking I’m dying, I’ve left business meetings I. The middle of a talk I was giving and called 911 and I’ve nearly crashed my car out of fear that “this is the real thing this time” only to have my symptoms dissipate on their own quickly.

    Lately, however, after going nearly 4 months without an episode my anxiety has come roaring back and I am struggling more with physical symptom than before – in particular my vision is blurry, my right eye twitches, and my chest hurts slightly right in my sternum but the pain is relived when I run it and tends to come back when I don’t.

    All either I’m just a wreck waiting to crack at anytime …. are there any helpful tils or resources that anyone would recommend to help quickly settle my fear that I’m having an anxiety attack vs a real problem like a heart attack?

  23. I had a swollen armpit lymph node and thought I had cancer. It turns out I didn’t. But unfortunately ever since I thought I had cancer, I’ve had terrible health Anxiety. Palpitations, Burning skin, Numbness, Lump In throat, shortness of breath. I diagnosed myself with brain tumors, MS, Leukemia and everything else.it sucks. God bless everyone 🙏🏻

  24. I wanted to know if what im experiencing is possibly . When ever I'm anxious my symptoms are similar to a person who suffers from ocd. Can my anxiety induce ocd like symptoms or can it actually be ocd or something else

  25. Thank you for saying “medical problems should be ruled out first before saying it is anxiety “. A lot of doctors I visited tend to blame anxiety for my issues before doing medical examinations”

  26. I had them all and more: burning skin, when i fall asleep the breathing stops, choking. Waking up choking. Brain zaps, the heart totally out of its ritm, feeling like flying away. The soul going out of the body. Feel like passing out. Dizzy. Uggg its so very hard to deal with it. Mine caused by hormons, thyriod disease and stress

  27. Friends,buy shyness and social anxiety book by Sean Cooper…it has the best natural & permanent solutions to our problems,the author Sean himself used to have anxiety and I feel nobody better know our problem than him…am personally using and was able to see changes in me in just a month…

  28. I am glad I saw this. Yesterday I was in a cleaning mood and my entire bathroom got a complete cleaning and it felt great seeing the results with not a mark on the mirror, sink or counter top. The bathtub was spotless and the toilet from top to bottom was like brand new. So I continued my way to my daughters room and I started cleaning her window to her room and I decided to open the window and step outside the house and hold on to the window so I don't fell 2 stories down on to concrete which would be my driveway. All of a sudden my cat got out and he just was right there and before you know he had the courage to just keep on going on the roof and when he went around the corner I could not see him anymore. My kids went outside and said, 'Oh there he is!!" So I went back to cleaning the outside of the window and my heart started to just go fast and then it went faster and faster and that dump of adrenaline came upon me like is if I was in a physical fight with another person or I was being robbed. I take 2 medications every day and funny thins is just 20 minutes before this sinus tachycardia took place and the adrenaline/cortisol was released at full speed into my system, I had taken at 12:00pm Tenormin ( Also known as Atenolol ) a beta-blocker that I take once every 24 hours and I took Klonopin 0.5mg both at the same time. I am actually not and never have been afraid of heights and fell off of trees and once landed on my back and my neck went backwards when I was a kids and the back of my head hit the concrete. I still am NOT afraid of heights like many millions of people are. I am putting that out there because some people would say, "Well no wonder you got a panic attack all of a sudden because you were actually putting yourself in harms way by cleaning your daughters window and you were on the ledge." But I had my balance and was secure as there is a roof and not a drop like there would be in an apartment building for example. This is just another one of those cases where I had in the past for example was watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and I was laughing my butt off when it hit me during his monologue before he brings out his guests. My heart that one night got too 184bpm. Yes, that Tonight Show will do that to you, NOT!!! Panic strikes millions of people even in their sleep and I have been there and done that. The the thing is that when your heart is racing so fast, one would think that you did something to get that also known as "Cause and Effect". If you put your hand on a stove that is not on, nothing will happen obviously but if it was on and very hot you will burn yourself. Well, if there is no cause, if you didn't do something that was so horrific, you didn't see a dead person in a car accident or witness a murder, then why the heck does the body just release this dump of adrenaline when you're in a good mood?? See if I jumped off an airplane and I was tied to the instructor my adrenaline would be going I am sure but I would be smiling from ear to ear as so many people do when they jump from the feeling of exhilaration one gets of going over 100mph towards the Earth and that feeling must be so amazing. Yet, I am sure no ones heart is beating from 55 to 75 when doing such an activity. So of course you can take deep breaths, drink cold water, crouch down to help with the heart palpitations or that feeling of doom come at you, there is always the opportunity for self-talk to say that this too shall pass and that the anxiety or the full blown panic attack has to run it's course so if you move a little more than just sit around the faster the adrenaline will dissipate and the faster you calm down. You can also take a Xanax like I had to and also an extra Tenormin but that is just controlling the symptoms and I moved on. But the fact that a rush can come when you're doing dishes, taking a shower, driving, or you're at work, in an elevator, you ate lunch and now you can't burp and you ate too many carbs and the vagus nerve is touched and the cycle of hell starts and you have nothing but your mind to help you come back to reality to be able to tell yourself that this is just all anxiety related and that you're actually not in any true danger though it surely feels like it every single time. I apologize for the super long post reply. I had a long day and the meds knocked me out so I am up late and wanted others to know that no matter how bad it is in the moment, the anxiety/panic and all those intrusive thoughts MUST end. Even if you were on an airplane and the panic attack lasted for 75 mins but the adrenaline and cortisol has to leave the system sooner or later. The panic seems like it will never end but I thought I would die on so many occasions and I never had a heart attack, or a stroke and thank God I have never died from a stupid panic attack, then again neither has anyone else, not just in America but the entire world. Scary mental disease for sure but thank God that it doesn't take lives if that makes you guys feel any better. Thank you for reading this half a book I wrote, LOL.

  29. Could anxiety be so bad until it takes your appetite… because I can feel so hungry to only get food in front of me and only eat one maybe two bites and be extremely full. but the worst is the dizziness I would just give anything for this dizziness to go away. Not to mention I’ve been prescribed meds but I’m so afraid of the side effects that I won’t take them… but today I just accept the fact that I can’t shake this without some type of medication. It’s beginning to be so overbearing but I’m not giving up I’m gonna beat this. Plz be careful how much time u guys spend on the internet self diagnosing yourself because that’s all I was doing and now it’s like the anxiety and panic has went into overdrive.. because I have had so many labs done on me and the doctors keep saying I’m completely healthy… and I truly think since I was so convinced something was wrong with me health wise not that I don’t wanna be healthy. I’m just really beginning to believe its the anxiety making me think I’m just so ill are I have so many illnesses.😢 I wish all u guys the best and I hope and pray all of u including myself feel better soon take care everyone.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  30. I feel like I'm fighting to regain control like I'm gonna pass out or worse, hard to focus, heart starts racing like it's struggling to pump, difficulty swallowing and catching breath, heart palpitations and chest discomfort and odd arm or body sensations. It just started a couple weeks ago and has happened 6 times! Some drawn out, some starting and stopping,Though recent ones have been more in control then the first one because it's in my head. I hope.. In fact I think I've had them before and didn't realize it, once before it was heart attack fear because of odd chest pains and arm ache. I've also had other odd similar sensations before that could be anxiety, sudden muscle tensing, heart racing, shaking, whole body heats up, or focusing too hard on something a leading to sudden wave of heat, nausea and the shakes. I'm trying to get to a doctor for anxiety issues though I'm pretty sure these happenings are related. A trigger seems to be caffine, but they've happened without it, I think it just makes it worse and more likely.

  31. I'm diagnosed with G.A.D. once again BRILLIANT! Where do you have your office I would like to have you as my phy. Doc. Lately since March 2019 on my birthday i have a new symptom i constantly feel like I'm on a Boat swaying BACK and forth daily every day been to an ear specialist she claims it's inflammation in me ears so she gave me a shot in my right ear ( steroid) didn't work and she still wants to do the left ear, is the feeling of swaying BACK and forth ,severe vertigo a symptom of severe ANXIETY? I can't take this anymore…

  32. Don't forget rib pains and left arm pain, left arm weakness, left arm uselessness it can become  so tight, so tingling, so full of pain that its function goes down to the point you can not use the arm, and lung palpitations as someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety this is also some symptoms. You can also have voice issues due to the chest tightening and breathing issues.

  33. I stress about everything until I go mad with ocd I obsess about everything and then go bed exhausted every day and I can't stop it

  34. Good video Doc. I work with a woman who has constant anxiety. I don't think her medication isn't working. Keep up the good work with the vids.

  35. You look like my maths teacher. The same level of calmness, patience and confidence in the eyes. You always remind me of her.

  36. Man, I remember when I got into high school around 10th grade, that's when I went through the worst cases of anxiety. I was eventually diagnosed with it, but out of it, I only had three panic attacks. The first one was from when I was in 5th grade, and I didn't have anxiety but when I watched videos of chuck the killer doll or saw fan art of dark edgy characters as monsters, they didn't scare me but for some reason I had a heavy feeling in my chest. And when I watched chucky videos, I only had a panic attack for like 3 seconds and had to stop. I guess at the time the subject of matter I was watching or looking at was too much for me to handle. And that was it. I had no anxiety after that. it was only just a very short moment, until high school.

    My second panic attack happened at the dentist. I had to get a tooth removed, and I still felt heavy pressure when removing my tooth so I asked them to inject more of the numbness in my gums. During all this, there was no anxiety building up, I was pretty calm. Till after the procedure, my mom and I were checking out, then out of nowhere my head started feeling heavy. It was like an incredible dizziness. And then I panicked. I was laying on the couch as my mom was trying to calm me down, and the doctors went to get laughing gas. As I was panicking I was asking, "Am I dying?" I was aware that I wasn't going to die, I just didn't know how to stop it. I then needed to throw up, so the doctor gave me a trash can and I threw up, and immediately felt better. The paniking stopped, and I was exhausted. I learned that it was because of too much numbness injections, my head felt so weird. After that incident, slowly but surely, my anxiety started to get worse. (I'll explain my third panic attack later.)

    Around summer, I remember going for five days with horrible, horrible anxiety. No panic attacks involving, but my anxiety was me trying so hard not to have a panic attack. It started around 4pm, (when I still drinked caffeinated coffee) I drank a small amount of cold coffee, and after that drink my chest instantly felt heavy. I didn't know why that was happening, but I went to bed hoping that tomorrow it would go away. I then woke up in the middle of night walking around frantically with a heavy feeling in my chest and head. I then woke up my mom, and we went outside for me to calm down. I calmed down but that heavy feeling in my chest didn't go away. I don't exactly remember how it happened but I remembered waking up and all day everyday, I had this heavy feeling in my chest that would not go away, it was in my mind all day, and all day I was basically just trying to breathe. There were a few times late in the afternoon, I asked my mom to take me driving around just to get fresh air. It didn't really help but I didn't have medicine at the time, so I didn't know what to do. For the past few days I had to spend the night outside in the backyard sleeping in the trampoline, because I just couldn't sleep in my room. There was no fresh air, and my room felt claustrophobic. Sleeping outside really helped, but once I woke up, I'd feel great for a few seconds until I remembered the anxiety and it went straight back tto my head and the weight of my chest as well, as my breathing. After sleeping outside, I had to sleep in my room (cuz I guess my mom said so) she offered to sleep with me to help my anxiety. And then I woke up in the middle of the night just breathing frantically. I was sucking in air a breathing it out from my mouth and my body was shaking really bad. Not the kind of shaking from when your cold. And I don't how but I eventually went back to sleep. I didnt wake my mom though. Like I said, after five days it just went away like, and I never really experienced that again, but that's when I knew I had an anxiety disorder.

    And for my third panic attack, I'll keep it short and simple, but I had one because I was so hungry, that I started to freak out. After that though, I did learn that throwing up helped get rid of my panic attacks. It felt like letting everything out of my body.

    Not too long ago though, I had stopped get anxiety for no reason. I did get diagnosed and prescribed, but after not taking my pills for like 6 months, I felt fine. My anxiety has stopped, (for now at least) and I felt great. I think that anxiety was a big phase of struggle for my life, but it was real, my anxiety was real. It was like how you described it in the video. But overall, I think it was just huge phase of what was going on with me. And I hope I'll never have to face it again.

    I will say though that last month, my family and I went to a rock concert but I had to leave, cuz I was feeling shortness of breath. But I was okay, no anxiety, but I mostly left, cuz I was already tired and my mom and I just went back to the car to relax.

    Well, that was everything, sorry this post is too long, I just had to share my experience with you.

  37. I’m a severe hypochondriac and I watched your video on it. I have constant anxiety about having multiple diseases at one time. And every time is a different disease. Can Hypochondria cause serious symptoms based around a certain diseases to convince your body that, that is actually happening. Or do I actually have these diseases? Because I have so many physical symptoms that most people don’t address when talking about Hypochondria. So I was wondering if it can produce specific symptoms.

  38. So many people are going through this like never before why. Something is going on. you wonder if it is by design or something more. I have never seen anything like this on such a scale it is bizarre and it makes you wonder. It seems that so many people that I talk to are experiencing this as well as depersonalization derealization what does all of this mean. I so appreciate and welcome any comments or answers

  39. While I do have anxiety and worrying thoughts, the more I learned about how to manage it the more somatic it becomes in situations where it would be normal to be anxious (for example my father having surgery). I become super aware of my breathing and have a strong feeling that it's not a reflex anymore, like I need to really concentrare mentally in order to breathe normally, otherwise I would just stop breathing. Very weird, but I'm learning to deal with it.

  40. Its adrenal fatigue, and an imbalanced gut. You don't need a doctor to "fix" it. Hell a doctor can't fix it.

    Ashwagandha, fixes the adrenal fatigue, and probiotic and prebiotics fixes the gut.

    I have fixed mine in this way.

  41. Yet the root of the anxiety is the hidden feelings of getting caught. The secret people who hold secrets of things they doing…..the weight of the lie. Typically in the back. Also, the spine gets out of alignment, and needs readjusting. It goes crooked. Thoughts hidden take root and the brain and form a bush instead of a tree. All this from linear thinking in a single moment through the day. A mis-look and a momentary attachment 2 lust. A betrayal and an ill thought. Biblical For if one thinks of another, tho they be betrothed or wed.
    Yet there is a process and a reprogramming that can be implemented as wELl.

  42. I started feeling this dropping feeling like the light flicked for a second for months before the big event. I got chest pain in my left side that ran down my arm. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to food……

  43. I am 43 years old now and I've been in therapy counseling and all that since I was 14 years old and all the symptoms that you have just described to me was told to me that it is a panic attack not anxiety disorder, where anxiety to me is almost like a very uncomfortable electricity going through your body, when you think of a situation that upsets you or disturbs you.

  44. my hole body throbs in pain
    have had all blood tests
    in the past i have had three different fevers
    i have got cfs
    but my pain is getting so bad i can hardley walk
    can anxiety realy cause this much pain when its bad its 10/10 all over my body
    i have seen five doctors and still no answer

  45. This is my life for the last 3 years.. I started using steroids about 6 years ago, and thought I was having a heart attack 3 years ago, and was rushed to the hospital. I was told nothing was wrong, and keep on trucking.. I was rushed to the hospital 7 more times after that with the same attacks, and finally was diagnosed with anxiety. Started seeing a therapist, but she opened pandoras box about my childhood.

    I can barely even leave the house anymore, and I'm constantly in fear from made up scenarios in my head. My life has hit rock bottom, and I don't know how to climb out. I'm afraid of asking for help because of the judgement, having a son and wife..

    I need help, and I dont know what else to do. I turn to youtube, and typically i type these up but never actually post. I'm not even sure as i type this if I'll post it. I dont like pitty, and I feel like as soon as I start talking that's all that comes out of my mouth.

    I have a lot of childhood trauma, from being severely abused by my stepfather to being molested by 3 adults (2 of them being family members).. about 10 years ago I was jumped, and it pretty much turned my whole life upside down. I became extremely introverted, and started pushing everyone away. Decided the gym was my only escape.. Well you read above how that ended. I'm starting to ramble, so.. here goes.

  46. True I'm over worrying..I can stop thinking and asked why me?? Yes short breath or hyperventilate ,chest pain sweating Cold hands and feet.dizziness ,also blurred vision…I can't go to mall or joining in many people..

  47. Wow… I had anxiety that I didn't know was anxiety for 6 months after losing a loved one and started working a stressful job (which I quit)… Shortness of breath that gets better with yawning, high pulse (90-120), high, often fluctuating blood pressure (and constantly checking them, especially when I was outside) and of course fear of death. Even though my cardiology results (and I did about everything except a stress test) were ok except for an insignificant MVP, and hypothyroidism – all which I had before this and felt nothing like this… I keep looking for that one thing that could cause my symptoms… I can't just settle with the fact that it is anxiety and that it CAN present with symptoms even when I'm "relaxed"… I spend more time in military medical facilities than in college classes…Thanks for the video, I really understand that these symptoms are entirely plausible from anxiety.

  48. Your video about anxiety and the hypochondria has helped me calm down and understand that I am fine. Being a Medic, I should be able to calm myself down, but the anxiety attack I had today was too much. Thank you for these videos.

  49. i have not had anxiety so i cant really claim to 100 percent understand. but ive heard from people with anxiety that cbd oil help alleviate some of the physical symptoms. good luck to anyone suffering. it must be difficult.

  50. When I start my anxiety when. I'm. In bus I feel hot then I feel nervous then start I can't breath when doctor check up me all normal I relax my self only and he give me. Inderal. But everytime. I'm in transport bus I start my anxiety I feel scared also for the summer I feel Anxiety.. thank you it help me your video

  51. No prescriptions for the last 3 yrs & haven’t seen a P-doc in 10yrs. I’ve had most of the anxiety physical symptoms but don’t have them now. Always had anxiety. Sleeplessness beyond insomnia for the last 15 yrs. I had asthma & used the sprays but don’t need them anymore. Did I find the “cure” for asthma? No. Did I grow out of it? No. Psychosomatic? No. Relieving inflammation by natural means took a few months. Inflammation isn’t just the latest catchword. It’s a big deal physically & mentally. I’m skeptical of both natural & mainstream but functional MD’s seem to have been on the right track for a decade which isn’t saying much.

  52. Hello Dr. Tracey Marks. I love all your videos.

    Can you please help some of us understand the difference between an obsessive thought and hyperfocus? When I start a new project for example, I cannot stop thinking about it all the time. Even when I’m at work. Until the project or assignment is completed, it’s all I think about.

    Even if it is work related such as, fixing a clients computer, I cannot relax or rest until it’s completed. I’m trying to understand the difference between an obsession and hyperfocus.

    Hope to hear from you.


  53. One of the best things my therapist did to help me with my anxiety, was to explain to me that it's been with me my whole life and I have simply just routed it directly to heart issues. For some reason it just opened up everything and made me realize it's just a part of me. we all get anxious and it's all right for me to open up and let my anxiety be in more productive areas of my life. It has helped me tremendously I'm still a bit agoraphobic at times and have a little social phobia however I just tell myself it's okay to have the anxiety and allowed to have its own time and acknowledge it. Good luck with everyone

  54. I have every symptom you described plus insomnia. It is extremely debilitating and putting a strain on my marriage. Been dealing with this for years, some days fine, some extremely difficult. I do understand that I have health anxiety, but sometimes it just takes my body over and I think I'm having a stroke or heart attack. I'm a 34 year old male in decent shape, but now I cant play sports with my friends because I'm worried my heart will stop or I'll pass out while playing.

  55. I told my Dr. that I felt like I was having a heart attack and he said oh that was just anxiety and I get these attacks at all hours of the day and night even when I'm in bed resting. I feel severe pain in my chest and it feels like it goes all the way through my back. I don't think I've ever felt pain this severe with anything else but I've been having these attacks off and on for about the last 15 years and if it was heart attacks I would be dead by now I guess. I'm on some meds for it but sometimes I still have these attacks. I just wondered if anyone else had pain like this with anxiety ? Great video !!!

  56. For me, as a diabetic, my first Impulse is to check my blood sugars because my anxiety attacks feel just like a very bad hypoglycemia, then I realise it is not lol

  57. Dr. Tracey, I've recently moved from Chicago to Tennessee a year ago. My Dr. in Chicago diagnosed me with GAD, but the Dr. Here in Tennessee says that diagnosis was wrong. She says I have panic disorder. I don't understand it. I'm anxious all the time. I have heart palpitations everyday. I've been in the ER feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack through out my life and the Dr there would say I just have anxiety. I worry about everything. I have a hard time sleeping at night. I'm exhausted all the time.

  58. Dr…my symptoms are head pressure along with the feeling I have bugs crawling all over the top of my scalp…headache and body tremors too…is this normal ?

  59. I’m not sure why I’m doing this but I’m a new member of the anxiety disorder world. I had my first attack a few weeks ago and it was terrible. I have constant chest pain which leads to more attacks. I thought I was having a heart attack and I truly felt like I was about to die. I never understood this disorder until now. It’s a terrible thing and no one should ever be embarrassed about having this. I now know what people go through, I hope myself, and every single person going through this makes it through.

  60. I still have heart palpitations and trouble swallowing. I’ve been almost a whole year without a panic attack which is a step in the right direction. I don’t think I have an anxiety disorder though, definitely some anxious symptoms though.

  61. I just found this channel and I have to say thank you from the bottom of my tired heart. I really felt like I didn't know anyone else who was experiencing anxiety like I am. I'm so glad I found my people 😅😓😥😫😵

  62. With my anxiety my stomach cramps really bad and no matter what I eat I never ever feel full and my stomach can just churn and rumble but I’ve had blood tests and everything comes back clear? Do you know if that can be a symptom of anxiety at all as it’s quite literally worrying me sick and ruining my life
    Thank you

  63. I was diagnosed with anxiety (general and social) I experience it with, dizziness, pain in my chest, I don’t get headaches to much anymore, I also get very red and hot, I feel like I can’t breathe a lot and sometimes I breath VERY heavily, and don’t even get me started on weak legs. I also have blurry vision sometimes, and I tend to blink A LOT.

  64. Its all in your head! THE other Side of THE coin is than you build Up dreams of a party weekend over THE top or move to L.A & make it big. THE is positive illusions. Most People just ends Up in between mountain High & river deep. Just dont be fooled Ed Powers anus dont taste that great that its worth licking and David Dukes opinions aint that Good that its worth listen to. Life is Beautiful & smelly thats why a bottle of Glow might help even THE most smelly dude.

  65. its so funny that I get symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar and anxiety for few day every time I stop smoking. My partner call it PWS. post weed syndrome.

  66. Am I the only one who's having chronic dizziness, a sensation of walkibg on a boat pkus constant pressure on back of the head and neck. I've done my overall heart check up with, 2d echo Doppler, stress test, 24hr holter ecg monitor and everything is normal. I've been like this for 9months I don't know what to do.

  67. I always wondered what that pressure was on my chest every time I get It I feel like I can't breathe and it always happens when I'm nervous
    When I went to the doctor this year I thought I had to get a shot and I know a lot of people do get nervous if they are getting a shot but they told me I wasn't getting one and it still took me long to calm down because of the pressure and my heart beating in my ears I was also shaking really bad 😕

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