Are Eggs Healthy or Unhealthy?

– Nutrition information
can be so confusing, and as advanced as we are
medically and scientifically the question remains what foods should we eat to achieve good health? Believe it or not, in the
1950s, sugar was actually touted as an energy and weight loss aid. In the 1990s the fat-free craze took over, and in early 2000 carbs became
the biggest threat of all. When it comes to our overall health, we've been given mixed messages as well. Eggs were once the
villain, and now they're seen as a great protein source. And it was just a generation ago that tropical oils, including coconut oil, were deemed a serious
risk to hearth health. Doesn't it all seem very hard to swallow? And how do we determine
the health from the hype? So what should we be
putting in our bodies? The two things on the hotplate today? Eggs and coconut oil, and we're joined by cardiologists Doctor Andrew Freeman, and Doctor Michael Miller, coauthors of a controversial new
paper about our diets, who join us with their findings cause what I love is we'll start with eggs. Are they good, are they bad? Some say yes, some say no,
and I love that you two as cardiologists came
together and were looking into foods that we should and shouldn't eat, but the two of you don't even agree on eggs which is fascinating! – Yeah it's an interesting thing. We actually went to
breakfast this morning, Michael and I are friends
but we do have different viewpoints.
– Did you order eggs? He had eggs, I had oatmeal, but what I will tell you is that the U.S. Dietary Guidelines
for Americans came out just at the end of 2015, and
they now say that you should consume as little cholesterol as possible and the average egg has
about 200 milligrams of cholesterol, so that's one right there. Some very large studies and
some meta-analysis which are studies of studies show
that when you eat more eggs you're more prone to
developing diabetes or worsen diabetes believe it or not. And so it seems that eggs
are the most concentrated source of choline in the American diet, and that choline in some
studies from Harvard appears to be linked to prostate cancer, in other studies seems to
be linked to colon cancer, and there's a whole
body of evidence that's now emerging on all the
different biomarkers and precursors in choline in particular. – Don't we need choline?
– Yeah, exactly. – [Doctor Stork] I eat
eggs for the choline. (Dr. Freeman laughs)
– I mean some people are seeking choline when they eat
eggs, and then maybe Doctor Miller you can speak to this cause I know you have a differing
view of eggs, and so … – I have a much different view on eggs, and as it turns out, first
of all the egg whites have a lot of protein, and
vitamins, and really good … But it's that yolk that
contains some cholesterol, but what we've come to
appreciate is that the amount of cholesterol in an egg
has been reduced by about fifty percent over the course of the last 30-40 years for a number of reasons. One was the way cholesterol
was measured in eggs was not as accurate as
it appears to be now so in effect the recent
study came out to show that cholesterol content
in an egg is somewhere closer to 150-160, and
that continues to improve. It was about 200 maybe
about 10 years ago, and was close to 300 back in the 1970s, but I think the other important point to consider is the egg yolk,
so you have choline in there. You also have vitamins,
really good vitamins. – And you're actually
saying choline in there is a good thing but, and that's what … – [Doctor Miller] So I'm
saying choline is a good thing. – And this is where the, and
so continue cause this is just if you weren't confused enough,
now you're more confused because Doctor Freeman is
saying, "Okay, Choline…" – Well I think it goes back to some of the studies though, right? Because you can cherry-pick
studies sometimes and you can find what you're
looking for and I think there's so much controversy about … – I would comment though
the choline content in a lot of these foods you
can get choline from a lot of sources, this is a
very concentrated source. You know, a study out of
Harvard just two-and-a-half eggs per week raises your risk of
prostate cancer by 80 percent so wouldn't you want to get choline from something else in a lot
less concentrated source? – There are other studies that
don't show the same thing. – I was gonna say that I think
that's my concern is because I feel like as physicians
we try to keep up with all of the journals, and
we read but it seems like every month there's a new
study that comes out that might contradict a different one. – The big pincher is The World
Health Organization right? I see them as sort of the
body of the bodies right, and so they have done
surveys and analysis. The last one was of 34
countries, and they show that people who consume
large amounts of choline typically in the form of
eggs have much more cancer, particularly colorectal cancer. – Back to you Doctor Miller, we'll have a little back and forth here. – So the egg yolk also helps
to improve both our vision, so eye health, brain health, and choline is a mood enhancer so there are a number of factors that in effect promote good health with eggs in moderation.

23 thoughts on “Are Eggs Healthy or Unhealthy?

  1. So I’ve been eating 4 eggs a day for breakfast for about 9 months now …………………… am I going to die from this

  2. So with all the information and technology we have today, we "still" can't figure out if eggs are good for you. What's up with that action?

  3. Why is it the old timers ate steak, eggs, and bacon all the time and lived well into their 80s and 90s?

  4. Whaaaat a bull shit discussion, everybody in the audience and listener and those are watching are being confused by your did not answer the question..bull shit.

  5. Eat healthy and drink healthy, so you can die healthy!
    If the docs don't agree on any matter, why are they even bothering to show it!

  6. Eggs aren't legally allowed to be called healthy,
    Low fat, good force of protein. The Fda knows eggs are bad…

  7. Everybody that was saying “now I’m more confused” or “they didn’t even answer the question” (and yes this isn’t the full episode) but they were saying that there are so many studies out and it’s difficult to determine what is the best answer at this point at least of what I got. The whole thing about eggs whether they are good for you or not may still be a work in process. Sometimes the doctors on this show can’t answer every question with an direct answer cause sometimes there’s only so much they either know or can find out by research

  8. How can "doctors" be so ignorant of what whole foods are all about? I am 72 years old and works on a 3 acre farm on a daily basis putting in at least 2 hours of sweaty work. I eat 3 eggs fried in coconut oil and eat rolls made with coconut oil in them and I don't take a single tablet or capsule for health maintenance or cure..cannot figure you guys out. By the way it is 3 am why I was able to watch this. Start of my day.. cheers.

  9. cholesterol is bad for you, this is why the body produces the amount of cholesterol an equivalent of 15 to 20 eggs a day, because the body is suicidal and wants to die

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