Are you as well as you could be? Discover your Wellness Score and live an Evergreen Life

How are you? Fine. Fine. Yeah, I’m fine. We’re always… ‘fine.’ Aren’t we? I eat my five-a-day. That’s not supposed to be pizzas. I go to the gym regularly. Once a month is not regular. And if this twinge doesn’t get better, that’s what the NHS is for. Is it?! Evergreen Life stores all of your health and wellbeing data and through your Wellness Score, you can discover, track and improve just how ‘fine’ you really are inside and OUT! And that can help everyone. I’ll be fine… won’t I? Don’t leave it to chance Live an Evergreen Life. It’s all about you. Download the app to discover your Wellness Score today and take control of your health and wellbeing.

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