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  1. I can answer this, I am in tuned, I have been my whole life, you first need to be intuned to your soul spirit self, you need to look at your inward self through meditation, reflecting all your past relationships, reflecting todays with your past's, if your insightful enough it will come, I have seen all mine, I 'm gifted in many areas, I 'm a visionary. I had many in Egypt (Royal bondage) these patterns follow us with our partners, what energy you send out, will gravitate to you, you need to….

  2. continued 2- to change these patterns by changing your energy, then you will attract new partners. Souls incarnate together, unfortunately, not all that you may think are the ones good for you, such as your enemies even teach you about lessons that you need to learn about yourself to grow. I have reflected into my past lives many times, I have seen most of them. I now stay alone to change this energy reflecting inward to change my patterns, now I am sending out new energy attracting positive, +

  3. Continued 3 – I am now 51 and I don't ever want to marry again, married only once, ran into a past life partner, from Egypt, and it was very dangerous. I stopped dead in my tracks took a long good look at what was happening to me, I do not care to pair up with anybody, and I am very attractive, this matter's nothing to me, my spiritual growth matter's most. I have other plans, my health, my education, my future careers, I have changed my outlook, by staying single, I am on my last life. Peace +

  4. I have read all your books including the last one; twice I attended your seminras in NY. I have been introducing "Many Lives Many Master" to everyone for almost 15 years! I have a question about mental disorders. The answer I read in one of your books but cannot recall which one. Could you please explain what is the cause of bipolar disorder (not the disorder itself but the past influence?) . Can any of your meditation help to ease the problem? Thank you in advance.

  5. I have a confusion. What if you feel attraction with someone and you feel there is some natural bonding of love, there might be connection of past life but the thing that contradict is i am an adolescent of 16, it may be just my crazy attraction because i am not fully mentally matured. After reading two of your books i got that to whom so ever we interact in our life is because of our past life connections but how to confirm that the one whom you love is really your soulmate ?

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  7. HI DR. Weiss: I have a question for you its true we all have a past life? I am very intristing in all your books and work.

  8. Many will be stunned! And rightly so. Imagine a consciousness which has never had anyone rebel against it, or if such did happen it was always able to overcome them, silence them. This consciousness would believe it was GOD. It would have in intuition that "This is God,being like this" and it would continue in its evil ways. But there would come those clues or signs that, actually, they are NOT God, and the more they do this the more the doom themselves. Then one day.. one fine day.. 🙂

  9. from what I gathered the soul must collect different life experiences until it graduates from this cycle of birth and rebirth and returns to the whole cosmic consciousness.

  10. I noticed that the personality is changable. there are cases where the personality stayed the same after the children grew out of the age where they remember there past lives

  11. I think many times we do retain facial features from one incarnation to the next. Also, I just wanted to ask about something you said in a previous video. You said that at first we have no choice but to reincarnate. Until later, then we can have a choice. I'd like to know more on why you say that, please. Thank you.

  12. We retain what we need to re connect with unresolved situations in our past.(spiritual reason for dna).Re choice. The difference is not choice per se, but our conscious awareness of that choice. Example, we may choose a partner that everyone warns us against, not knowing the deeper reason we did so. The paradox is, when we absolutely know there are no mistakes in life, we dont really have to choose. The unawakened consciousness would not choose trauma, but it would still be needed for awakening.

  13. Great question. Ill answer with a favorite saying. "There is little point in being in a heavenly state unless you know you are" You, as a person, has had to go through specific experiences to recognise (become conscious) of aspects of yourself that wouldnt have come about any other way. The journey is eternal. No matter what you achieve, there is always another step. Remember, you are soul having human experiences, so have you ever been at a stage where there was no more need for growth?

  14. There is nothing we have not been through. My suggestion is to see such experiences as "flashbacks" (if you are not suffering specific problems), and simply recognise that once you understand the purpose, the details become less important.

    I have met a number who have continued what they thought was unresolved entanglements, and have completely misinterpreted past events, actually creating what they thought they were resolving. Still valid for those who have yet to learn such lessons.

  15. It is impossible to articulate soul qualities via the mental/language process. Analogies (and Rumi style poetry) are the least inaccurate. An example, in ref to your reply, would be that of an acorn. From a sapling, the oak tree is always in a state of change, but every branch and leaf is "programmed" within the acorn, and if you take it further, each acorn that appears on the tree is also programmed.


  16. Or may not eg. bi-polar illness (which my son has) have a physical cause, not chosen, but also not any sort of punishment.

  17. I feel that we are connected to the light(god) in the sense that originally we were all one, but /we/ split up in so many parts, and those parts diverged, our life is adventure, we forget and are reborn to experience things that an all knowing consciousness cannot feel if it is not incarnate.
    /we/ chose our path but I feel that its possible for souls to stay partially autonomous because if we would completely join with the light every time we die we would be to disconnected from earthy life.

  18. (temporary) forgetting so you can experience things anew. Just imagine this; you have a favorite game, and you've played it so many times already that it starts getting dull. now what if you were to do something totally different for a long time and then and you play it again, you'll vaguely remember only some of it, it'll be more fun again! now imagine doing that many times, and at some point you'll long for a different experience. this process happens at different scales, can you see it?

  19. yes it does, it changes in ways you can't imagine now, because existence without change is dull, perfect conditions get boring, this is an epic game. what games do you like to play? or would you rather lie in bed all day long, while comfortable, not much happens. (which I use as a analogy to existing in the eternal peaceful realm of light and warmth.)

  20. Well, clearly we do forget in the sense that we don't remember things from past lives like we remember things that happened earlier in this life.. I do notice how there are some things that seem to just come natural to me, perhaps those are things I learned in another life and kept with me to some extent..?

  21. wow brought me to tears, I was born very very sick in the 80's with echo virus wasn't suppose to live according to the Dr's but i did despite their claims i was healed all except a lazy eye around 9 i started showing symptoms of chronic illness around 14 i was in chronic pain and walked like and old perosn until i can accros a Dr that fixed me i still suffer but i walk better but i don't know a day without pain or feeling sick my parent once said " i think we chose the life we live" continue

  22. I found that interesting &disturbing but i have always felt that if i did chose this life it makes since i would of chosen a hard road because it fits my character and besides my health this is true for life choices i've made I feel that in past lives i lived in Egypt because i have loved it since i set eyes on it, My spouse is from Egypt when i went to Egypt I felt a since that i knew his family and they accepted me My spouse has also shown me love like no other this video lifted my spirit

  23. I've read your first book back in the late 80's.. it was amazing… Thank you for being brave and for all your teachings. 

  24. Hi Brian, I love your work. I have read many of your books and have all three of your past life regression CD's. Only just discovered that you have these video's on you tube! Just listened to this one and was absolutely fascinated by what you spoke about in relation to autism. I work in an organisation with many people who have a diagnosis of autism, some of whom are non-verbal and display challenging and complex behaviours. I believe that these individuals are here to teach others the life lessons of love, compassion, even patience and humility.

  25.  hi drbrianweiss i have dyslexic so if you read this ??? good luck i can not spell good ok yes your right we all do have  souls i have been sick all my life from this and that ok so i have been in and out of hospitals just about all my life ok now in some hospitals i have seen ghost to times ok and i have herd some ghost ok now in some hospitals the people that work there see ghost and a lot of other stuff but they just do not tell no one about the stuff they see ok  and there is a lot more out there then just ghost and some stuff you can not learn about in a school and some stuff you can not read about in a book ok but as far as ghost go i think ghost can come and go in and out of r world and i think there r ghost all over r world all the time but we just can not see them but some people can see them and here them just like i can a lot of the times ok now i am ok about telling you and other people out there about ghost and about some stuff i know about but i will not tell you r other  people about all the stuff i have see in my life ok i have my reasons ok only some stuff i will tell about on here youtube ok only some stuff ok and as far as learning about ghost and other stuff that is out there the real truth is the only real way to see and learn about some stuff is to go out and look for it yourself just like i did ok but its not just looking for it its how you look for it to ok and at times its where you go to look for stuff ok and a lot of the time you got to feel your way to it ok so some times you got to feel your way to fined stuff out there and then look for it ok but you got to do it yourself and when you do go out too look for ghost and other stuff keep this in mined ok its not all good stuff out there now you may be thinking ok how does joey moran know about this stuff ok so i will try to tell you in a way that you guys can understand ok >>>>> i have been all over the  usa and out of the usa 3 times in my life so far ok and when you go all over the way i did you meet other people and you run in to stuff and you see a lot of stuff out there in the world ok guys <<<<<now its not just meeting other people ok guys its more like geting other people to tell about the stuff they know about to you ok a lot of people out there will not talk about the stuff they know about ok guys but some people like me will talk about some of the stuff they know about ok guys and there is some stuff i will not talk about to ok guys not on here and this is y ok guys some stuff you r just better to keep to yourself ok guys now if and when you go out to look for stuff like ghost and so on this is y you r better off to go look for it by yourself ok because all the ghost they will know if other people r  whit you the ghost know when you r coming r not the ghost know what your going to do be for you know what your going to do ok they know shit how can i say this so you guys will understand ok lets say a tv show on tv that gos out looking for ghost ok guys do you know y the tv shows never really see shit this is y ok guys all the ghost know that they r a tv show ok so all the ghost will not let a tv  show see them the ghost know if your a tv show ok the ghost keep up whit the times to just like we do keep this in mined ok ghost r people to but they r just in a other way of liveing but all the ghost know all about us here in this time ok they know so the ghost r not just going to come out and say hi guys here we r lol ok so like i side the only real way to learn about some stuff is to just go out and look for it yourself and then you can make up your mined and then and only then you will know what is for real and what is not for real ok guys and just know this real always hits home and you will know when its for real because it will hit you like nothing else in your life ok and then you will know its no bull shit its real it hits you very very very deep inside ok guys … good video and i love you all out there goodby….

  26. hi dr hi guys sorry about the big post i did on this videos ok but if all you guys will take the time to read it you may learn a bit more about some stuff ok guys i love you all out there goodby……

  27. Is Autism really a disability and not a corporate control condition? Although a actual disease aren't lot of these labels by a dysfunctional society?

  28. Dr. Brian Weiss, you are very handsome, and your personality shines through and makes you even more handsome and beautiful.  Thank you for all your work.

  29. All that Dr.Weiss explains of our being eternal souls beyond life and death only confirms what has been said in the Bhagwatgita, which is central to Hindu belief. This central idea has been repeated again and again in many subsequent Hindu religious texts. In this context I would particularly refer to " Atmastakam",
    composed by Adi Shankaracharya (7 th century AD)

  30. I just had my first past life regression and I met my Mom and my sister from my last lifetime. I actually didn't recognize the face of the woman but I knew it was my Mom; same with my sister. I asked my sister what year it was and she said a date that was only two years before I was born into this lifetime. Which I think means that I probably died relatively soon after that time in my last life. And I unfortunately jumped back into this new lifetime way too soon, which is my tendency to do – just leap into things without thinking them through. That explains a lot as far as my challenges in this lifetime goes, and I think I know why I chose the lousy circumstances of this life; to make up for some selfish things I did in my last lifetime.

    According to some consciousness researchers, the "people" I was talking to weren't really my Mom and my sister, because their souls have likely moved on to other bodies. Rather, I was interacting with "information" contained in the "past actualized database," which we can all learn to access through meditation.

    Anyway, I need to get back there because I have so many more questions for my "Mom" and my "sister." And I want to find out how I died, as well. I hope I can get back there; I'm just doing this on my own without a hypnotherapist (through the use of YT past life regression meditations and binaural beat meditations that put you mind in a theta state). Cheers!  

  31. This is the fabric of cosmos, it works this way. From the simplest matter to advanced souls EVERYTHING evolves, this the way i see it. Our spiritual frequency determines our level of evolution. Our experience within the physical/material world may affect our spiritual development, thus the evolution of the individuals. In the same way, the development level of our spirit determines where we will be born in our next life. This material dimension is a school and we educate our spirit in the ways we "need", from one life time to another. Again, this is an evolution of the self. When we die we don't actually die, our spirit leaves the material body. We go to another dimension and there we remember all our past lives, the people we love, our past experiences etc etc. We stay there "some" time until we are "ready" to choose our next family in this universe. We are given choices depending on our spiritual development level. If we are advanced enough we can choose to be born in an advanced civilization, if we failed to improve our spiritual state we can only choose to be born in a primitive civilization. Spiritual advancement level affects our brain capacity, higher the advancement higher the brain capacity. This way we can explain the legendary people that help our societies in the hard times (Einstein, Tesla etc etc this people had some kind of "gift" didn't they?). Because i think advanced souls can also choose to be born in more primitive civilization to help them. Perhaps they have some people they love in that society. This is my personal opinion and i have no scientific evidence to offer. Good day to you all!

  32. This resonates with me completely,  especially the part where you state that a person is not going to look exactly the same life to life,   some think bio-matching is proof of a particular person matching up to a deceased person is that accurate?

  33. Dr Weiss is incredibly laid back, as if he's on Valium or something. There is no enthusiasm in his talk…he appears to be half asleep and even worse, all what he says is just his opinion and he can't prove any of it. Not one jot. I've seen a lot of other guys on YouTube who are like him and, if asked the same questions that he is asked, they will all give different answers. So the only way we'll know which of the many versions of this stuff is the truth is when we die. When that happens, either we'll know something or we'll know nothing.

  34. In that case suffering doesn't mean anything?
    So much banality for being born and died like a mosquitoes, are you serious, all the suffering of many people around and the person itself?

  35. So, when I die, I lose my personality and become, for want of a better term, a soul without personality? In other words, no better than a zombie. I think that's just a load of nonsense. I am me and have always been me and I don't think my personality will become non-existent just because I die in the physical sense. Dr Weiss should know that the mind and the brain, while co-existing on this physical plane, are two separate entities. Most people in this field believe that a person's personality and self survives death. Dr Weiss appears to disagree with them.

  36. Your comments about choosing autism are ridiculous! I have aspergers and no one to care for me , I lived in a group home. Most disabled people are abandoned in life so to just make up that statement because it's sounds good to you is disgusting!!! No one from the other side told you that crap. Stop making up stupid shit.

  37. but if all that happens what about all that jesus christ teaches were does he come into the afterlife in peoples past life memories between life

  38. Souls choose to be sick? I don't believe that at all. Autism was very rare before, now one in 40 are being diagnosed. A lot of sickness is a result of our choices.

  39. Read Many Lives Many Master's, and you'll understand a lot better, but yes, this book changed my life, and everything in my life, made sense!!

  40. Disabilities are not the burden of the individual, they are the burdens that society places upon individuals. The labels alone allow society to remain ignorant.

  41. If you see yourself in the eyes of another, your whole world will change.
    If you recognize that we're all one, no matter where you were born, the whole world will change.
    If you realize that you're an individuation of God, and so is every single human being, the whole world will change.
    So start with yourself and accept your divinity, and watch the world change.

  42. Amazing way to look at disabilities, giving the opportunity for other souls a chance to give love they maybe otherwise wouldn't have❤️

  43. Thank you i am weiss to. Anyway thank you this is extreemly ineresting. I remember being shot in the head as an asian in on e life but im obviously in the pic not asian i do spiritualy remember peoples enetgys soul. Im psychic and a healer now but have alot if fear in being open about it.

  44. Emily Rose True Story of Anneliese Michel Exorcism – Real Story
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    Just wanted to know your opinion on it. Don't know weather you are answering your followers anymore or not.

  45. Dr Weiss :I express deep gratitude for you, what u have been doing.
    I am a 25 yr old male in the path of spiritual journey.I ve experienced certain things which I 'd like to share with you, Sir !!!!!
    Can i have ur email id??????????

  46. Dr Weiss I suggest reading: "My Big Toe" by nuclear physicist Dr Tom Campbell Phd. http://www.my-big-toe.com—–> It’s free on Google Books. It will give you so much more insight and understanding of past lives and what happens when we die. No ever dies! We continue on in the evolutionary process.

  47. Thank you, I am so tuned in and turned on and am so grateful there are fellow people who can guide and teach us. Thank you for being alive and sharing your knowledge and experiences with past life regression

  48. It is really is amazing how people pretend to reduce reincarnation along simple mathematics lines for their understanding and then come up with these laws if, then. There are lot of concepts our brains are and will always be unable to grasp because we are not omniscient. Dr. Weiss have always had a scientific approach to his therapy experimenting with his observations. HIs is a therapeutical approach to reincarnation as it has manifested in his patients. Dr. Weiss is offering us an approach to heal by loving not a way into the spirits world to play as some put it. If your vision of reincarnation is to experiment and play and not get bored then you are not loving and that is a personal vision that must evolve into love. The afore is not my point of view at all, the afore are facts.

  49. Since I married to a guy who is from different race and country(I wasn't born here and my English is self-taught.), I have seen several guys who actually married to women from overseas.
    I found that those guys who married to women like me are really mean and manipulative to those. One of them is my husband's close friend. But people think he is a non-racist and philanthropic person since he was married to a woman from overseas.
    I think I found my answer from Dr. Brian Weiss.

  50. Does anyone know if he mentioned whether or not it is known if our personalities are consistent throughout various lifetimes?

  51. Dr. Weiss, what about the incarnation concept that the buddhism preach? That u can reincarnate in an animal or insects if u had been mad in past-lifes…

  52. This makes no sense… that when you finally evolve and learn your lessons you will choose to come back handicapped. Then why are diseases statistically distributed if it's a matter of soul's choices? Also why wouldn't you want to reincarnate as highly intelligent and influential person to spread the lessons you've learned on bigger scale (like you do for example dr Weiss)? It seems more to be just bad luck. Also… if personality is not part of the soul then how changing our personality on Earth (from asshole to kind person for example, or murderer to charity activist even) is supposed to make a difference after death? The subject of reincarnation doesn't seem to me as optimistic and simple as you describe it.

  53. Could u tell me way , I am 38 years old and been told I have a heart of a 68 / 70 your old, I have heart problems from young as 4 and I never was abousive towards my body so I dont understand way I need a 6 hour heart surgery .

  54. When I met my husband I actually felt a shock the first time I saw him, and I thought that might have met he was my soul mate but our relationship has been very difficult so I’m not sure what to think of that. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had that happen? I also see an actual twinkle in men’s eyes some times but not ever in my husbands. Not sure what’s going on.

  55. Yes, one way Souls recognize each other is via the Eyes..lol..I had met (2) past life Soulmates about 4 yrs ago when I was 46 y/o and they were 22 y/o and 18 y/o…These guys were strangers who couldn’t stop staring at my eyes and I had/still have the plainest eyes ever!..lol..They never once checked me out physically (never looked me up or down) like typical guys do..So I thought that in itself was weird..lol..Then as I walked towards them, my eyes locked onto theirs (I was freaking out mentally when this occurred bcuz it’s never happened to me before where I couldn’t remove my eyes from something) and my peripheral view hazed out white & I saw this look of Pure Love from the 1st Soulmate…2nd Eye-lock Soulmate was more intense, I’d experienced Slow-motion, past life image popped into my head (Statue of David), telepathy (heard this Thought that wasn’t mine), saw him starting to morph (I freaked out and turned away when this happened), saw “light” from his eyes (bcuz I saw No Pupils in his eyes) which was later explained to me by someone I met after all this who’d had (2) NDEs that what I saw was his Soul recognizing my Soul and it’s Light emanating from the eyes…I tried to reason all this stuff out logically at first – thinking maybe it’s just Me, I’m getting old, maybe there’s issues with my eyes, etc…But Nothing could explain the basic understanding that IF it was ME, why wasn’t it happening with many other people????..Why just these 2 guys who are physically more than half my age???!!..That lead me to search the Soul books, etc, which lead me to NDEs, which I’d talked to this lady who heads the IANDS division in Santa Barbara, CA and she told me that what I experienced was called Spiritual Transformational Experience (STE)…And I’ve had many signs and syncs from the Universe since my experience which also confirms all this, that we are just really good actors at playing Human..lol

  56. This guy sounds so laid back, he sounds like he's on Valium or something similar. At any rate, he talks absolute nonsense for sure, but even so he's made a lot of money with his books about the subject. The most charitable thing I can say about him is that he knows how to take advantage of a lot of gullible people. Hasn't anyone told him yet that if he was genuine, he'd help people free of charge, or that he can't take his money with him when he goes? My take on what he says is much simpler. Don't love crazy people; psychos or schizoids, as they will turn on you and do you harm. Just give them a wide berth and hope that someone bumps them off. After all, they're totally useless to everyone including themselves. Spirit Guides? We don't need them. Tell them to get lost. I'm 73 and I've never had any and I've been fine without them. Higher Spiritual Beings who force you to reincarnate into a very unhappy and troubled life when you don't want to? I'd tell those bastards to get lost and leave me alone. When I get over there, I'll just tell them that I'm not interested in advancement of the soul. I just want to stay there and be left alone. They're not looking forward to me passing over, because they know I'm a rebel who'll have a go at them. That's probably why they're keeping me down here as long as they can. But I'll have to die one day, then they'll be in an awful lot of trouble.

  57. many mentally ill people live lives of intense suffering without the opportunity for either giving nor receiving love. In fact some people suffering from mentally illness for example those suffering from catatonic states do not have the emotional capacity for love given severe affect blocking. It is quite possible that hindu thinkers are correct in ascribing karmic reasons for certain afflictions.

  58. It’s myopic to think one is only reincarnated into human bodies. The soul manifests into all kinds of forms. One of the many reasons, to love and respect the entire community of life. Peace begins on your plate. GO VEGAN 🕊

  59. Greetings Dr Weiss,


    Is reincarnation a choice?
    Since there are billions of planets in the universe, is it possible to reincarnated on another planet?
    Is it possible to reincarnated in the past?

    Thank you for your interesting work.

  60. Hi Dr. Weiss, I read your book in 1992 and even went to see you in Sarasota Fl. You took my life n a new path that made so much sense, thank you

  61. Hi Dr Weiss. I met you at an Omega program in St John 25 years ago. My question is this. My soul mate was emotionally abusive a narcissistic personality disorder. I had to leave him which was excruciating. I went back with him again 20 years later I think to drive me to learn more to love myself. I obviously needed to learn more on this subject. Once I learn that lesson will I evolve to a different soul mate next time while he may stay stuck at the level he is now?

  62. As a Buddhist for more than 20 years it’s incredible to hear Dr. Weiss hitting each answer on the head of the nail. The only thing that is important to distinguish is the difference between reincarnation and rebirth. The way Dr. Weiss explains the continuity of life after death coincides with the Buddhist concept of rebirth rather than the Hindu concept of reincarnation.
    Fantastic, Dr.

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