– Whoa. – That's good.
– Not bad. – Not bad. – You lick it. – Oh my gosh. – I'm out. – You have to eat it like this. This is how you eat it. – Yeah, I'm not eating it like that. This cake is beautiful. Can we take a picture? – Yeah, selfie, selfie. – Alright. That's wavy. – Yo, cheers. Hello, hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello, hello. Hobs? Hobs? – Oh. I fell asleep just
listening to your voice. – Oh my gosh.
– Somebody has some stuff. What's going on guys, I'm back. The best ASNR– Oh my God. The best ASMR channel on YouTube HunniBee, you
know, HunniBee ASMR. – You know. – Banger channel. Dr. Hobs just started doing ASMR too, so come to my channel and you will enjoy a lot of ASMR and behind
the scene of Hunnis Bee. – Yes, guys, so we are doing a video on his channel, so I will leave the link in the description box. – The description box is called the bio. It's a bio. – It's the same thing. – Sure. – So, today we are doing the
highly, highly requested video. – Very, very requested
collab, me and HunniBee. I know you guys request
me, you love Dr. Hobs. I'm back to eat some weird– What are we eating today? – Weird stuff. Alright, so, I don't know. – I need to look at what I'm eating. – Okay, fine. Alright, so we are doing a galaxy… the most popular ASMR
stuff galaxy edition. So, we have a cake that
I made, we have some… – You know, they would
love you at Area 51, you'd be a very good fit. – I know, I know. Guys, I saw these at the candy
store and I had to get them. – Yeah, she made me
wear green, she wants me to be her alien; it's weird, but… – I told him to wear a different shirt and he didn't want to, so. So we have these Nerd
ropes, we have some jewels, jewel thingies.
– Juuls? – Jello. – Oh, I though Juul like the Juul pods. – What are you talking about? – You've never heard of a Juul? – No, okay. – Oh my God. – Okay, I have one. I have two. – Wow, does your dad know about this? – No. – I'm about to tell him. – Okay, and then we have a galaxy Samsung. One for him and one for me, obviously. – No, they're both for you. – And then we have macaroons and then some Magnum ice cream popsicles. – That's mine, I'm eating
the Magnum ice cream. – And then we have, I think
this is Aero, an Aero bar? And we have honeycomb. And HunniBee has never done
honeycomb before on her channel. I have no idea why, I
just haven't done it yet. So, you're gonna be doing all of that. – Say what, I wasn't really focused. I was looking at the beautiful ice cream that I'm going to be eating. – You're eating the honeycomb. – Honeycone? – Comb.
– Why am I– Who is the ASMR guru in this, you or me? – You know what, you
want to be an ASMR guru, so you need to measure up. – As much as I love ASMR,
as I am all about ASMR, this cone looks weird beard. That's super weird and I don't know. I'm not ready to eat
it, but we're gonna see as the video progresses. – Okay, let's just get started. Where should we start? I think the ice creams,
'cause they're gonna melt. – Ice cream looks like a fab. – You take that one. – I take this one. – Alright. – Okay, so–
– Mine looks amazing. – Mine kinda looks muddy. – Alright, ready? – Cheers. – Some ASMR fabs. Do you like what you're doing right now? – Okay. Do you like it? – I actually love it. What the hell is this on top? I don't know what I'm eating
but it's something delicious. Do you know what we call that? – What? – We call it fabs ice cream,
'cause it's really good. Oh my God, you finished? Oh, then okay here we go. Big bite. Fabs. – I feel like I'm gonna save this because we have a lot of
other stuff that we're doing. – To be honest, guys, I'm on a diet. I'm only doing this for HunniBee. Fingers are about to become
the galaxy. Is this ASMR? I'm licking fingers. – Yeah, like. – Okay. – It's weird, but let's go. – What should we do next? – Um, what about the macaroons? – The what? – The macaroons. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, I'm gonna take this one. – Alright, I've got this one. – So I think this one is strawberry and this one is blueberry or something. – Mine is blueberry. – No, yours is strawberry,
mine is blueberry. – Okay, do you wanna cheer? – Yeah, cheers. (crunching) – That's a big bite. Here we go. Let's bite it together. – I'm like almost done mine. – Oh, well yeah. – Yours is the same as mine. I thought yours was different. – Oh, sorry, lemme switch it. Here we go, the strawberry. – Strawberry galaxy. I like that one. – But that ice cream was better. – Yeah. – Let's try those cubes. Blue ones. – Oh the (stuttering noises) blue cubes? – What is this shape? – It's like… – Octagon? – Jewel, I don't even know. – Oh, jewel. The Juul pods. Oh, oh, oh! – Cheers. How'd you like that? – That actually went down so fast. – It's been sitting for a bit, so it's like really soft. – I still like that ice cream the most. – Yeah, the ice cream was good. – Those atoms, they look like atoms. You know what's an atom? – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, these are.
– 'Kay. – Ooh, what are those? – Wait, I licked that one. – Listen to this. – That's good.
– Not bad. – Not bad. – Ready? – Ready, cheers. You have to eat it like this. And then you like eat it like this. – Yeah, I'm not eating like that. – Come on.
– I am not eating that. Nope, no, no, no, no. Yup, yup, amazing. Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna eat
it in a different way. – That's my favorite. – Do you feel that, your mouth is popping. – I feel like because it was… oh yeah! Guys. – Oh yeah. – Try it. – I'm actually scared to try
this, it sounds so powerful. – It's fun, try it. – Oh my God. Are you sure it's edible? – Yes. – He's never had it before. – Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. My whole brain is going off. – Stop. – What the hell is that? What is it called? – PopRocks. – Yeah, I know. Wow, those are crazy. – What do you wanna try next? The chocolate bar? – Yeah, yeah.
– Well, go. – Whoa, that's wavy. – Wavy. – Are you riding it on waves? – Yeah, I love it. Okay, that's all you. – All me? – That's all you. – Fabs, here we go. – Oh my God, look at my tongue. Are my teeth white? Oh my God.
– No. Okay, I am gonna try this cake. Actually, you're gonna try some too. No, I've been trying everything. You eat that cake. – You can have a bite of it. – Okay, you start. – Okay. – This cake is beautiful. – Isn't it? – Just like me. – Alright, guys. Cheers. – Is it good? No, really, it's all you. You love cake, you keep eating. – Oh my gosh, you need to try it. Please. – Getting bamboozled every time. I'm trying. – Pick it up. – Give me this cake. Alright, here we go. This steak fabs…I said steak. Cake fabs! Ew! – What? – What the hell is that? – Are you joking me? Guys, this is fire! What are you saying? – Okay guys, thank you for tuning in. We will see you in the next video. – 'Kay, stop. We still have so much to do. – This cake was gross. – Guys, don't listen to him. It was so good. Okay, let's do these iPhones next. – It's an Android. – Frick, Samsung, I mean. – If you have an Android or a Samsung, you're playing yourself. And just chuck it.
– Stop. – Buy yourself an iPhone. – Cheers. – ASMR fabs. – Can we cheers again? Cheers. Wait, tap on it. Tap. – I have no nails. Wait, wait. – Wait, go like this. – Are we eating this? Yo, yo, it has a camera in the back. Fabs. Can we take a picture? – Yeah, take a picture. Selfie, selfie. – Alright. – Let's take a bite. – Together, okay? – Yeah. Oh my gosh, that was good. – That was actually good. – Okay, another bite? – Uh-huh, yeah, let's do it. I'm gonna eat the camera. – Oh my gosh, that is so good. At least I think it is, he might not. – I… what are you doing? Are we done with this? – Yeah. – No, you are done with this. See, now it's a nice Android. Vabz. Vabz!
– That was good. That was actually good. – Now, the part that probably a lot of you have been waiting for, the honeycomb. I'm kind of scared. – You are eating it. – No, you are eating it. So, I don't even know how to go for this. – I've never seen this before in my life. – I don't even know how to do this. Oh my gosh. – I'm not… I'm not touching this, I'm not. Ew. – I'm trying to get a good… Oh my gosh, it's dripping everywhere. Okay, you need to…
– No, you. – Oh my gosh. – I'm out. – If I'm doing it, you have to. – I am out like a light. Not touching this. – You have to.
– Alright, give me this. Holy hell. Yo, yo, yo, ew! Yeah, I don't think they wanna see this. It's not fabs. – Do you see me crying? Literally crying. – Yeah, that… Yeet, chuck it. – No, I have to take a bite, wait. – You don't wanna take a bite. – Okay. Oh my gosh, I'm scared. – No it's really… It's delicious. – Okay, that's not that bad. I'm gonna take another bite. That is enough of that. I need to wash my hands,
so I'll be right back. So I just washed my hands, and I still have honey all on them. – My teeth… I'm gonna get
cavities just from this video. – That's kind of true. Last thing guys, is we're gonna do… – Lollipop! I'm down with that. Can you fit both in your mouth? – Lollipop. – Yo… – He's so excited. 'Kay, try and bite it. I don't know if we can, but try it.
– Bite? I don't wanna break my teeth. – Try it. – You try it. – I am not biting the whole lollipop. – Try it. Don't be a wussy. – I swear to God I'm trying to bite it. How the hell are you eating that? – Try it.
– I mean, look! – Okay, so, we can't really eat these. – Yeah, it's not meant
for people to eat it, it's meant to suck on it. – But usually, I'm pretty good at breaking through those things. But today it wasn't happening. – My dentist, if you're watching this, I'm very sorry man. I'm paid to do this, I'm very sorry. – Alright, well, we hope that you guys really enjoyed this video. And if you wanna see more
collabs with Dr. Hobs, let us know in the comments, and we could probably make that happen. – What if we go on a date and eat on a date in a restaurant? Some weird– – Probably not, but… – Actually, probably not. – Anyways, I love you guys so much, and I'll see you very soon. Stop! – That's wavy. – Wavy. 'Kay, that's all you. – All me? Vabz, here we go.


  1. Hey guys!! Make sure you check out our video on Dr Hobs channel 😂🙌🏼 (non asmr lmfao) love you guys !!!

  2. I dont like him he sorta ruins everything.

    Him: "No I can't bite the lollipop idw to break my teeth" says nobody

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