Au Passage: Modern French Cuisine in a Comfortable Environment

heavens ii of booboo new area in paris people from everywhere in paris and people around the world now comes here it's a good area to have a lot of fun food and drinks there are so many new chef our restaurant is on just a little street it's like a big dog with nothing around when we open this restaurant we really like to create an atmosphere that you are at home we are not very pretentious it's just food and wine like a bistro style you are coming on my restaurant I'm going to be friend at the end of the meal because we asked people to share everything so am i what did you pass about four years ago at that time they just had the small plate and they had lunch all dead we ordinates and we share it with the with a table of total strangers we put the tables together we started reading the land it was beautiful it's big it's tough with my crown and Burberry or Swedish mayonnaise and cheese okay well so this is what I loved said you share these small plates and cuz you don't come here you don't come here for the decoration no yeah we go to many more all efforts you've spent on the food what is this that's Carl barley but it's been cooked and dehydrated and right there are loads of chefs that were well behind the scenes and don't care whatsoever mercy from England when we opened this place with some friends and my boyfriend's at the beginning we didn't expect to have a so good chef when coming up with ideas we normally just go to the market and when we see stuff there we kind of come up with the ideas I would never have expected this on our plate can you see carrots minton in black rice love it don't do that if that's ridiculous nobody's having most restaurants in London don't they don't get market produce we pick up fresh stuff from any defaults turnips oh yeah if it's older than three days old it will die if the vegetables are beautiful and not just you know because I walk here on waitress I can clean the glass and I do a lot of stuff but for the food I've got a chef and we leave him to the side what's going on on this kitchen and I think they do well the blinis are so good the blood had salmon DS and FS 50 times never liked that Sun scary this is why I love this place it's hard to define this restaurant the French restaurant in the sense that it's using French ingredients but it's good by a British F there's like some serious garlic in here yeah it's so good it's way beyond the typical French white wine garlic yeah this is look French at all no but it's using crunch ingredients so in some senses it is French this is the new French cuisine do you think this is traditional I don't I don't think it's traditional French food at all I've never seen this in any contrast but what do you think in the restaurant maybe this is personal overall like I care about what goes into my body French egregious scene from another I liked its sexy beauty do you Greg you eat with your head this restaurant perfectly reflects how I like to eat I'd like to be able to go where I don't have to get dressed up where I can sit there eat with my hands and no one really looks at me like I'm a pig in a trough the manure exchanger every day people come to eat the food that we want to serve and we're living kind of like the chef's dream this is the raised rabbit make bacon the only reason why tourists actually come to you never is actually the food scene this is such an interesting or indeed my visit you have these really talented young Chefs who couldn't afford the high rent in the middle of Paris before five years ago would ever dream of coming through the 11:3 the events was it was nothing more than anything I want someone to come in sit down and have a have a good meal but have a really good time so like the atmosphere comes into it food comes into the staff comes into it so I wanted to bring you here this is like it feels Nicole when I come here at least once a month massage is the perfect snapshot Oh French cuisine right now so how many times you think you guys have been almost once week four years so what is the thing it was so close to each other that people start talking to each other you cannot not talk to your neighbor and share your food experience with him they make a lot of friends eating here oh wait especially you Joey and I not that much but you what I'm I'm very proud here it's to continue to have fun because it's like food and drink and famine when you are real what you give to people it's real and it's a an S what the French see it's here and it's a cool place

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  1. under watched video. never thought i'd be into french cuisine as i thought it would be typical european but it looks very diverse and dynamic.

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