Australian of the Year: Zibeon Fielding,fundraiser for indigenous health #AOTY2020 #ausoftheyear

You can’t just wake up and say
‘I wanna to run a marathon’. Well, wake up and say ‘I’m gonna run a marathon’. There’s a lot of training and
commitment and dedication it takes
to run a marathon. I guess the first 31 kilometres
is the easy part, but it’s what’s after
the 32km mark where the struggle, the moment when you’re
depleted of any energy, you just want to give up. I need to say to myself ‘why am I here
and what’s my purpose?’ What it is, is
I do it for my people, I do it for my family,
my loved ones. It’s all to prove and
to be a role model in the community for them. The challenges
my family has faced, the chronic disease we have
at young age, and dying at a lower
life expectancy. We don’t wanna be numbers,
we wanna drive and look towards a brighter and healthier future
for our mob so that we can enjoy
the little things in life. Being with our families,
connected to country, having our culture, and having that
connection with our people, on our lands, with our loved ones
for a longer time. That’s why I run marathons.
It’s to show that we are resilient and we are strong, independent people. To push through those,
that hard, the hardship. The real, the real part
when you’re depleted of anything. My message to my
people in my community is to run, sweat, and to be inspired.

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