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  1. I’ve done 18 hour fasts. I know people that have done the 72 hours. My personal opinion is that’s a little Extreme. I really enjoyed your videos. Thank You!

  2. Ok so using the word Wardrobe instead of Closet seems to be a British thing! Sorry if that confused anyone! 🇬🇧

  3. I want to try a longer fast but I can not complete my time goal without braking down and breaking my fast. I guess fasting is like training. You need to practice and build yourself up to achieve your goal!

  4. See you next Tuesday is amusing. I have been fasting 18 hours per day for two weeks and eating protien and vegetables during a two hour window. I'm not losing weight but I've noticed my physique getting more defined muscular. I do not feel hungry at all. My libido is through the roof?

  5. I did 3 months of continuous OMAD in 2018. Recently was successful in getting a 2,2 mmole/L ketone reading. Want to try a more than 24 hour fast this year.

  6. I do 120 hour fasts once every quarter. After day 2 it is easy. I could easily go longer but don’t see any real point. My only advice is to increase your intake of salt with your water, black coffee or tea as it stops you getting dizzy, which will happen if you don’t add salt. I use a blend of Himalayan Rock salt and diet rite salt ( potassium) and add a small pinch to anything I drink.

  7. Dr, have heard about the publication in the New England Journal of Medicine? It concludes IF is a medicine! I’ve been fasting for 24 hours and sometimes longer for my diabetes. I’ve lost 11 lbs. I don’t yet know my HbA1c. I’m due for a test in late February.
    Keep Smiling :)) 🌺

  8. As you obviously accept the theory of Evolution as a proven, scientific fact how can I possibly trust the wisdom of anything else you champion as being a helpful practice during my short mortal journey to the grave?

    Be it known unto you that the origin of life is unknown to science. It remains nothing more than a Theory promoted by people who are unable to accept the reality of a Divine Creator and sustainer of life.

    The Law of Biogenesis observes that life ONLY comes from life. Dead bodies or inert chemicals or gases cannot produce life. An accidental mishmash of amino acids and diverse chemicals CANNOT produce life as the theory of Evolution supposes; not even a single-celled life form which over millions/billions/trillions of years could miraculously evolve into the myriad of life forms, including humans, which populate the earth today.

  9. i did three day water fast a few years ago – i felt very good after. recently did a 32 which was ok and i am going to regularly try the 24 maybe monthly?

  10. I generally eat once a day and keep my carbs around 30g (always under 50g) and have been eating like this for nearly a year now. Once every few months I do a 48 to 72 hour fast. I am just wondering if eating only once a day has benefits as I actually rarely get hungry during the day and don't really want to eat for the sake of it. I have noticed this winter that everyone around me has had a bad virus, cold, flu etc but luckily I have dodged them so far (maybe just gave myself the kiss of death with that statement lol). So my question basically is, does your body get used to only eating once a day and are the benefits then minimal?

  11. A few weeks ago I got some nasty GI infection, and I've been doing a modified alternate day fast to kill it off. I say modified because I haven't been really consistent. I've been matching it up with my ever-third-day lifting. I got the idea from Thomas Delauer's channel, where he brought up alternate day fasting for a gut reset. I was already familiar with the practice from Dr Jason Fung's books.

    So I've been fasting on my lifting days until after lifting, then immediately having a collagen shake, followed by my first meal, zoodles and shrimp. About 90 minutes later I'll have a steak and some asparagus or cauliflower, or broccoli, etc. The next two days I'll either fast or do normal keto on one or the other, then I'll fast again on weights days.

    I think I've finally killed the thing off (normal keto with time-restricted eating hadn't done much in a couple weeks) and I've actually both increased my lifts and burned a bunch of fat, so I'm pretty sure it's working well. I'll probably end the cycle after the weekend.

  12. Since beginning of January I've be been fasting 18-6 hour on the keto diet. I stop around 6pm and eat my next meal around 12pm.
    Don't even feel hungry, and it gives me more time in the morning to have my coffee ☕and relax instead of filling me up because we were told it was the most important meal. 🤔I had about 17 pounds to lose already lost 7. I feel good and energized. It really works 👍

  13. I do 16 to 48 hr fasts 2-3 times per week…feel great doing them.. I use sea salt, pottasium, and magnesium supplements during the fasts…low carb on eating days

  14. 20 hour fasts are my norm during the week. I’d like to do a longer possibly 72 hour fast just to see if I can. Especially now that I see the health benefits.

  15. I'm 20 days into a 21 day fast and your videos have been very informative and interesting. This is the longest I Have ever done, and so far have not struggled as much as I thought I would. I have lost just over 1,1/2 stone. ( I live in Devon UK so stones and pounds are my language) I have had an amazing journey. I only found your videos last week. I'm hoping that I've not overdone the autophagy. Love the wardrobe analogy. Fitted me to a T.

  16. Would a daily fast of approximately 20 hours, be considered as too often? E.g. Would be better to do a 20 hours fast only for 6 days in a week and have 1 'normal' day of eating?

  17. At 68 after a week or so of 18 hour fasts I need to eat breakfast by the 15th hour because I am weak and a little light headed. Don't want to fall down the ladder I am using while I am building my new stairs!

  18. My wife and I do OMAD and fast on mondays and Friday for health and longevity. Just finished an 11 day snake juice fast, down to my weight when I did The Ironman triathlon in 2004, just turned 54. All my blood work is perfect, just retired, selling the house and going to travel Europe with the wife.

  19. I do 48-72 hour fasts drinking morning coffee with cream plus Himalayan salt/No Salt water throughout the day breaking fast with OMAD. It eliminates heartburn, joint pain, fatigue etc.

  20. Dr Dan I fast everyday and have just completed a 48hour fast! My lifestyle is clean and healthy knowing the benefits of fasting and eating OMAD. I could never go back to my old lifestyle of three meals a day, sugar and carbs. The science of fasting is amazing, the body heals itself though fasting. Thank you for your videos!

  21. Just finished a 49 hour fast and I feel great! I'm 20 days into Keto, and down 15 pounds! I eat all my food between 12pm and 6pm, it's working well for me!

  22. Currently IF-ing in a 18-6 fashion (incl 2x low carb meals).
    Seriously thinking about a 72hr fast to clean my body with Autophagy too.

  23. Couple 72 hour to 96 hour fasts/quarter, eat keto, eat when I'm hungry once or twice a day, mix it up. Fasting glucose drops to 75 from just over fasting impaired. Do a little HIT.

  24. I do understand the value of fasting and for the last three months have done "intermittent fasting" for about 18 hours a day, and two meals a day within a 6-hour window. However one day I had only one meal because of a scheduling problem, and I did not feel good that day and into the next day. From that, I concluded that I need to get healthier before I can attempt a longer fast.

  25. Just finished a 40 hour fast. I do it every Monday. Monday is a no eat day. 6pm Sunday till 10am Tuesday. Then usually 18-6 or OMAD till Saturday. I’ve dropped 60 pounds since last May. IF works!!

  26. For the longer fasting periods, would anything then water break it? Tea (no sugar) or such is not ok to do? Rather new to this. Doing 16-8 for a few months

  27. Yeahp, ……autophagy. That ´´a´´ at the end is somewhat ´´deaf´´, but hey, tomato (to-mei-to), tomato. I'm59 yy and I do IF for some 8 years. Many culture do fasting for 3 days (Indus and Muslims) and they know better, as it even is described in the bible, strangely Christians are not encouraged to do it, and that book is about everything except religion……Great video.

  28. Apparently you can activate autophagy on a daily basis by fasting for 16 hrs and eating 2 meals in the remaining 8 hr window. Siim Land has lots of info on this topic, worth checking out. After a year on keto and pushing forward my breakfast I am now doing the 16/8 with no problem. Longer fasts? Worried about losing muscle mass on those.

  29. So 16:8 will not induce autophagy? If It only starts at 18 hours fasting, then even 18:6 won't induce any real benefit? If you did 20:4 then you'd get 2 hours.

  30. It was a GREAT analogy!

    I've done 72-hour fasts and love the way I feel when I finish. But I need to be well nourished before I start or I won't make it all three days.

  31. I've been on Keto since 6th Jan. Did a 51 hr fast on the 10th and been 20/4 since, and am now again on the 51st hour ending it at 52hrs at 8pm UK time and have never felt hungry on either. My timing kinda sucked I am prepared to keep going but have a gig in Glasgow tomorrow night and if I end it on 72 hrs on the train at 4pm I know that after eating there will be a (diarrhoea)bowel movement shortly after- can't risk it happening at Monster Magnet lol…I considered running it to 96 hrs as back 4pm Thursday but as it's early days on my new path I'll end it tonight….I know I can do the 72hr now anyway so will better plan that. Never felt better in my life, the monkeys banging the cymbals in my head on the carb/sugar rollercoaster have gone and for the first time in a long time I feel at peace with myself and life looks good….wow….and I've lost 5kg/11lb

  32. You speak the truth. It's that simple. I am an invalid with severe whiplash since I was 17. After a lifetime of 'official' advice' I found fasting and Keto. Proof? . . . I am now 64, my photo was taken 1 year ago.
    I lost weight easily and quickly and naturally stopped at a healthy weight. Eating a keto diet made it stupidly easy as did the (now) optional pain.
    Critique . . . . any Dr who denies this works needs to go back to school.

    PS I love my wardrobe!!!

  33. I plan to do longer fasts once every two months alongside my everyday intermittent fasting. Last time I did a 36 hour fast that left me much drained, but I had not prepared well for it.

  34. I did 4 days the fast first time and I got scared because of 3rd and 4th day I felt like on heavy drugs (I never tried them that's how I imagine them) but actually, later I learned it was just transition from glucose to ketones for food for brain so that splash of clarity and short sleep cycle was normal. Later I figured out that was actually good so I wanted to do 21 days fast and ended up doing 15 days fast. I loved it. Besides dropping a good 30lb of weight it gave my stomack rest, total reset of the immune system, reduction in inflammation and allergies and just because of intercontinental travel and I missed to take salt I felt I should start broths and liquid food after a bit over two weeks. Recently I did 6-day water fast and this time I was having about 3-4 grams of salt per day and my fast went without headaches, no keto flu and I felt great. After water fast OMAD feels like feast doing it for 2 weeks already and feeling great staying in keto.

  35. I currently and doing 16 hours of fasting…basically a killing breakfast and it’s been good so far (2 weeks). I’ve never gone longer than that though. I can’t really imagine what not eating all day would be like. Sounds kind of scary to be honest.

  36. Just became a subscriber.
    I fast daily 18 to 22 hr. I had IBS or CIBO (constant diarrhea) a 75 hour fast
    with herbal antibiotics + activated charcoal cleared it up. I do 72 hr. twice a year.

  37. I have been alternate day fasting since April '19 and eating clean keto on my eat days. Down 80lbs and feeling great!! Keto has helped with my depression immensely, and fasting has helped me shed the pounds. I just got a gym membership so will be throwing exercise in also. I started keto in august and worked my way up to alternate day fasting. I can't believe how easy it is. Eating keto keeps you fuller longer which makes fasting longer, easier. At this point I rarely get hungry, and when I do I tell myself that I ate yesterday and I will eat again tomorrow, suck it up buttercup!!

  38. Thanks for the info Dan, last year I did a four day fast and on day 3 I had the best nights sleep I've ever had. I am going to do another 3 day fast at the end of the month, I'm hoping for a repeat of the wonderful sleep 🙂

  39. I’ve been alternate day fasting (ADF) 8hr feast 40hr fast for about 3 months now I love it!! It took me bout a year starting with 8/16 gradually increasing the time to OMAD to ADF ADF allows me to eat larger meals and get fully satisfied on my eat days and just not eat on the fast days I have found if I keep my meals high fat medium protein and low carb It minimizes my cravings on my fast days

  40. I started with l keto – some weight loss, then plateu – went to 16/8 – then to OMAD, some weight loss, then plateu. One evenig I had no hunger. So I ate nothing for a whole month, not really hungry, but with very clear mind. Ths way I lost 60 pounds in three months. I think I got my good share on autuphagy too. This was last year. From then on I made a three or four days fast about every month.

  41. I appreciate how you break all this down and make it so clear and easy to understand. I’m in the process of reducing my IF window from 16/8 to 18/6, and I’m definitely going to plan a 3+ day longer fast in the next couple weeks. I’m thinking the best way to do it would be at the end of each season, as a quarterly fast, or at the end of winter and summer, for a bi-annual fast. It sounds like you’re saying more than that would be counter-beneficial.

  42. I have a question that has been on my mind since I started fasting:
    Sometimes it takes quite a while before my stomach is empty, even up to going to bed. So anywhere between 1-3 hrs after starting my meal (meat specially takes a while). Does the fasting actually start once my stomach is empty?
    So if I have the first meal (breaking the fast haha) at 10am, that means I should eat not much later than 4pm, to start the fast at around 6pm, to make a clean 16hrs. Is this correct?

  43. I eat in two windows of one hour each (12-1 and 6-7). I wonder if this is enough to produce autophagy. I’m also concerned about doing things to keep longer telomeres. How do these two relate?

  44. I am doing 40 to 48 hour fasts every second week. I would like to increase the time to 72 hours 4 x a year.
    Once my body is ok with the 48 hour fasts I plan to extend the time progressively for the benefits of optimum autophagy as well as stemcell production! I am 69. Doing this to stay healthy. Weight-loss is a wonderful bonus.

  45. Hi Doc. Love the way you dealt with your mispronunciation of Autophagy 😂👍🏻
    Just a bit of feedback. I have at noon today finished a 72 hr fast.
    There’s been a couple of hunger pangs and this morning was hard. Probably because mentally I knew the end was in sight.
    Having eaten now and not hungry anymore, I can honestly say that I feel amazing.
    The fasting is hard but afterwards the mental clarity and vibrant feeling make it all worthwhile.
    Not sure if you’ve covered this yet but it is important what you break your fast with.
    I had a Keto style avocado salad.
    Others suggest bone broth.
    Definitely don’t consume carbs or you’ll have undone your hard work.
    Great channel. So glad I’ve found you
    You must have lurking in the ‘wardrobe’. 🇬🇧
    Looking forward to more videos. 😁

  46. Great video! I do 2x 60 hour fasts a month – it’s brilliant and works. Can’t compare it to how I would otherwise have been, but I’ve noticed improved energy, mental clarity, skin tone and vitality since I started this kind of intermittent-fast cleansing.

    It’s not easy and takes some getting used to. But it’s definitely worth it in my experience. I have lots of friends who do this too and they all recommend it.

    (If you have long standing medical conditions/are pregnant, then it’s important to speak to your doctor first.)

  47. Hi love your vids I did a 7 day water fasr in July and have been doing OMAD for last 2 years I plan to do another long term fast soon I have lost 133 lbs in last 68 months; got 40 to go …

  48. For those who don't want to fast with no food at all, try the Master Cleanse. Google the latest book on it and learn that the nutrients on this semi-fast come from organic dark maple syrup (direct tap from tree – it's dark because it's the last from the tap and nutrient dense), lemons (live active enzymes that are alkaline in the body help with digestion and breaking down plaque in digestive system) and cayenne pepper (as hot as you can take it. It also helps to break down interior digestive plaque and passes through along with toxins you area eliminating). You are not hungry during this cleanse because each drink you mix is 100 calories. I'm only 132 pounds, so I need about 6 drinks per day. A larger person may need to double up or adjust to get adequate calories. I just finished a 10 day cleanse and I feel great. Last year I did 21 days and lost 18 lbs. I've kept the weight off and now my body clears out toxins much quicker due to doing this 3 or 4 times per year. Don't expect your traditional MD to understand nutrition or natural ways of getting rid of toxins. Research via books and you will find a wealth of info. The Master Cleanse also increases autophagy. When your body is putting out little effort for digestion, it frees up macrophages to eat up decaying cells. Best wishes for good health to all 🙂

  49. Dr Dan are you aware of the see you next Tuesday euphemism?! lol After subscribing to your channel for a fair while now, I have only noticed today that you say this at the end of your videos!

  50. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since 1970. Reducing carbohydrates and usually eating a single meal a day has helped, but I’m still overweight. Tempted to fast for several days running, but I’ll have to be be very careful with insulin and willing to eat glucose (and possibly nothing else) in a pinch…

  51. I did 41 hours fast, (36 to 48 hours category). In my first attempt, I felt hungry, tried and constipated. I did it only once a week combining with other IF methods. After 3 weeks, I felt much better, actually felt great and more energetic. I did my short weight lifting and one hour yoga section in my fasted stage, prior to breaking the fast. It is getting easier each time, constipation is getting better as I increased my fibre intake. There is not much change in my total weight but I felt my body fat is reduced as I look a lot slimmer. (currently I am at my goal weight). But, I do not mind to lose a kilo or two of body fat.  With this longer hours of FAST, I believe autophagy is activated as my skin looks much younger and brighter.

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