Avoid burnout and improve your wellbeing

How to avoid burnout &
improve your wellbeing. The World Health Organization
believes that by 2020 the biggest health concern for all of us is going to be burnout and stress. There are 16,000 e-mails being sent a day, and that is the equivalent
of the work of Shakespeare. That attention needs, demands attention, it’s screaming at you,
and what buzz we get, what a hit of satisfaction we get when we answer those e-mails, it’s a drug. It’s almost an addiction. It is chronic stress
that creates a burnout, and this blog will help you to understand what to look out for. What’s
creating chronic stress and burnout, and of
course very positive tips and strategies to help you to avoid it. My story with stress started in London many, years ago, and if you want to find out more click
the blog and find out. Remember, it’s not just
the long term stress, it’s that peak of stress
that I talked about in last week’s blog
that can have an effect on your health, including
your heart health. Cortisol affects the pumping
chamber of your heart. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and it also increases your blood pressure, so those peaks of stress like
holidays that we discussed last week, increase
overall level of stress. But your crash, or whatever stress levels that you’re looking at, can be accumulated through your work, or maybe even they’re
cyclical in your family, something that your mother
and your grandmother did. If they aren’t looked at,
if they aren’t viewed, then they’re going to
lead to chronic overload. Maybe the stress that
tips you over the balance, maybe the peak can be from a poorly child, or maybe you’ve got an invalided parent, or perhaps a holiday as I’ve discussed, or even a promotion, or a book launch. They can all cause these peaks in stress. But real chronic stress, burnout stress, is when you look put
for weight fluctuation. If you become really overweight, or underweight? It’s the fluctuation that’s interesting. What about getting excessively irritable? Or very frenetic, very
frantic in your day? The small tasks seem insurmountable. And then there’s the
physical aspects of stress, it could be that headache,
that low grade migraine, or your body’s inability to
cope with aches and pains, or your hormones go out of whack, you’re disinterested in sex. Or your energy is incredibly low or it effects your stomach,
or even your chest pain. Stress effects your immunity. You cannot fight off coughs and colds. Stress is interesting. Interesting how it effects your body. The amygdala is where the fear and anxiety is created in your brain. And what that does in your brain, in the precortex of your brain, it’s the newest part of your brain, is it shuts down unnecessary functions. And increases glucose production. You know what glucose does? Glucose gives you energy. But it also reduces your digestion. You stop digesting food
when you’re really stressed. It effects your immune system and interestingly, your brain function. Now your body has the
same response to stress whether you are running
wild from a Wildebeest, or whether that Wildebeest
is just your boss asking you to finish your
report or maybe even a client. Stress in your body has the same effect from modern times to ancient times but the effect on your
body can be disastrous. Your brain shuts down. Yale University did a study and they found that the prefrontal cortex
effects your blood pressure, it effects your heart rate, but it also effects your ability to plan, your ability to concentrate, and your ability to
make rational judgment. Stress also effects your body through illnesses I’ve discussed, but the psychological effect
of stress is interesting. Being worried about being stressed can have a huge impact on your body, so that’s something to be aware of. So how do you create balance in your life? Well my suggestion is you start now. Start small and simple. Create habits. You know I’m big believer in habits and the great bust-stressing habit that you can start right
now, is getting outside more. Feeling the earth under your feet. Making and setting the intention
to overcome your stress. Setting your intention,
increasing your awareness, and making sure that you feel
that you’re on the right path. That can be enough. Something small, something little, that will change the rest of your life. #WinTomorrowToday. I Love that hashtag. You can do things to your
nutrition that will help your overall stress levels. For instance reducing sugar. It will have an effect on your body. Increasing your fats and proteins will help to steady your day and ensure that you
don’t get highs and lows. Enjoy your life and be kind to yourself. The way that you speak to
yourself is really important. You know that, you’ve seen
my book, you’ve read my book, if not you can grab a copy, It talks about how you speak to yourself and how you can get out of your own way. Then it looks into the most
up-to-date nutritional science, and the most up-to-date
physiological science as well as physical science It’s all in: Gorgeous! How to look and
feel fantastic every day. It’s a number one
international best seller. But I’m interested in you. I want to know what your stress story is. Have you had peaks and flows? What’s happened in your
life that’s brought you to where you are now? Why don’t you apply for some time? Apply for some time, create
some space in your diary, my online schedule is on
the blog, and let’s chat. Let’s find out what’s at
the bottom of your stress and let’s create a plan to eradicate it. I’m Adele from Get Gorgeous, I look forward to speaking to you soon. Bye!

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